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Zepherine claims to be a hardcore fat burner. When we come across a supplement that uses the word hardcore in the product description we are immediately prepared to red flag the product. Hardcore typically means high caffeine with tons of stimulant ingredients. We were able to find the supplement for sale online via the official Matrix Nutrition website in the UK.

List of Ingredients


  • Bitter Orange
  • Caffeine
  • Green Tea
  • Guarana
  • N-Acetyl-L-Carnitine

Product Features

Just as we suspected Zepherine is a hardcore supplement in every sense of the word. There are four stimulants in the formula out of five ingredients. The company is transparent in that the amounts of each ingredient are listed in the product description, but in this case those amounts are irrelevant because of the strong stimulant base.

Bitter orange is synephrine. When ephedra was banned synephrine took the ingredient’s place in stimulant supplements. There is no clinical support for synephrine like the support that existed for ephedra, but there are claims of horrible side effects like jitters, shakes, nervousness, anxiety and racing heart beat.

Caffeine is the old-favorite everyone looks for in a fat burner. This supplement supplies 117 mg per tablet. The suggested dose is one tablet twice daily supplying more than 200 mg of caffeine.

Green tea is another proven ingredient, but Zepherine only contains 20 mg of green tea. Clinical studies suggest doses closer to 350 mg for optimal metabolism support. At 20 mg you might as well drink a cup of hot green tea.

Guarana, another stimulant, is often added to supplements as a source of caffeine. There is no indication that guarana is standardized for caffeine, but even without that information guarana is still another source of caffeine. Guarana will increase the total amount of caffeine per dose.

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  • Zepherine lists all ingredients online.
  • Caffeine and green tea are clinically proven to boost metabolism and support weight loss.


  • Synephrine is associated with negative side effects.
  • 80% of the ingredients in Zepherine are stimulants.


Zepherine is a hardcore fat burner, but that is not a good label. The ingredients in the formula are mostly stimulants and that means some dieters should skip the supplement as it could cause dangerous side effects. We love the fact that caffeine and green tea are part of the supplement, but there is not enough green tea and the guarana adds an unknown amount of caffeine.

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11 User Reviews about Zepherine

  • 1

    I’ve been taking this and have actually shed a few pounds since starting and haven’t had any of the side effects that anyone has said the ingredients could cause. I don’t know whether some of these people are just too set in their ways or too skeptical. The ingredients may effect people differently but I can say I have had a positive result from them.


  • 2

    How do you take the tablets as in when do you consume them?


  • 3

    tried the tablets, developed itchy spots and red marks on my face and pin like feelings on my hand, arms, face and legs.


  • 4

    I took the first pill today.. I feel pretty high… shaky hands, fast heart beat.. and i need to drive in 2 hours.
    Wont be taking it no more.



    talking crap because you’ve read things like this the placebo effect has done that i have been taking zepherine for some time and never had any issue other than on the first night when i took the pill late i found it difficult to sleep


    Chris Cross

    Just because you didn’t have any side affects doesn’t mean someone else wont have side effects you muppet.



    I have had the. same side effect, just googled to see if any one else had, knew nothing. about them,my sister just said take them. got anxious, sweaty, felt high {was actually googling. to see if. there we as speed in them) Could not. be a placebo effect. as I had no idea of these things till after I started feeling weird and Googled.pick up a different brush man!! I was only on. day 2 and really excited about them as my appetite was gone!!!

  • 5

    I have come up with itchy little lumps /spots since ive been taking it I did carry on taking it but they have got worse and spread
    I stopped yesterday has this problem happened before all do I need to take any think to get rid of this side affect ?


  • 6

    Great!!! Zeph [i like to call it that] is great! Thanks


  • 7

    That’s all i need to know about Zepherine! Many thanks!


    Your Name

    Does one of the side effects involve bad headaches??