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Zerona is a laser liposuction surgery to remove excess body fat. The surgery is FDA approved and must be performed by a licensed physician. Unlike other forms of liposuction, Zerona does not bruise tissues under the skin, reducing recovery time. The official website for Zerona provides before and after photos of successful fat reduction. These photos do not depict spectacular changes in size. In some cases, bloat is reduced.

List of Ingredients

Laser-aided non-invasive lipo.

Product Features

Despite being called a lipo procedure, Zerona does not break the skin. A laser heats fat cells causing them to collapse. The body naturally flushes the collapsed fat cells out of the body over time. Six sessions take place over a two-week period before results are noticed. Additional treatments may be scheduled as needed. There is no recovery time or bruising after the procedure. Patients walk into the office and walk back out to continue daily activities as normal.

Zerona may help slim the look of the body, but there is no mention of weight loss in official literature. We did find testimonials from patients who lost three or four pounds after six or more sessions. Healthy eating and exercise are important because overeating after a series of Zerona treatments will lead to weight gain and the results will not last.

Zerona only works on subcutaneous fat. Subcutaneous means under the skin. Visceral fat, located behind muscles closer to body organs, will not be affected by the treatment. So, dieters may have a slimmer waistline, but the effect will not improve health. Large amounts of visceral fat can lead to healthy issues and illness.

The total cost for Zerona treatments will differ from one doctor to the next. The typical cost of a series of treatments will be around $2,800. The treatments may reduce area size, but the results will only last if a healthy diet and exercise plan is adopted and maintained.

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  • FDA-approved treatment for fat loss.
  • Will reduce number of fat cells under the skin.
  • Non-invasive.
  • No bruising or cuts in the skin.
  • No time off work.


  • Effects will only last with life changes.
  • Patients must reduce caloric intake and exercise regularly.
  • The cost is much higher than a weight loss program or proven fat burner.


Zerona is a viable option for the dieter with a bit of extra stubborn fat. It will not, however, help the dieter lose 10, 20, 30 or more pounds without diet or exercise. The effects of Zerona are dependent on dieting and exercise. Removing fat cells may temporarily reduce body weight, but fat cells can expand so eating an unhealthy diet means weight gain even if Zerona is successful.

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  • 1

    I spent my bill money on this…it didn’t work…so sorry I was believing this would work…had to drive 30 miles for treatments…what a waste of time and money ..


  • 2

    It wasn’t worth the money or all the time. For $2,000 I lost 1 inch off my waist. Or did I? The lady could’ve just pulled the tape tighter. I felt like a schmuck for falling for the sales pitch. Wish I had spent the money on lipo.


  • 3

    I did six sessions of zerona, and followed up with body wrap session each time. made sure to walk everyday for 30 minutes and exercised 4x a week for an hour each time. I removed caffeine and sugar in drinks or sugary drinks and switched to stevia with caffeine free tea, cut down on bread, pasta and rice and including more healthy options and smaller portions. it’s been 2 weeks and NO results in inches and No results in weight loss. When they did the inches again (which btw i went ahead took pre and post at home and haven’t lost any), they tried to tighten it more to show i lost half an inch and i called them out on it. I kept track how how loose they took measurements to each area, so please watch out when it comes to that.


  • 4

    I spend about $2800.00 for 3 months treatment for my son.
    And I was promised results.
    First they asked him to drink a lot of water then he wasn’t loosing inches so they asked to stop drinking as much water then when treatment was finished they said sorry………
    I could have a nice all inclusive vacation with my husband instead of it.
    The worst thing is that my son is still overweigh and after this treatment he refuses to try other products……..
    It is very sad to see this.
    Zerona has a great advertisement and he was really hoping that this will help him.
    I also can’t get them out of their list so I am constantly reminded of my mistake.
    It is up to you to do this or not.


  • 5

    I am thinking about doing it, are you please now



    it did not work for me i just finished my 12 session not even 1 inch i exercised 1 hr a day 6 times a week nothing keeped well balanced meal nothing waste of time and money july 12/2013


  • 6

    I hope my treatments, exercise and watching my intake of food, will change my weight and inches.Im giving this 110%, so it better work.



    I’m thinking os trying Zerona. Did it work for you?



    I am doing Zerona, at a reputable clinic, in a very reputable city known for their elite education system.4th treatment and nothing has happenend literally! I had a waist of 28 inch and it still is 28 inch, and it really doesn’t make scientfic sense as any MD will tell you. I have thrown away 2G’s! Last year with Accent XL, i lost another 1800 dollars with NO results.



    Zerona did work for me. I exercised 2X a week and followed instructions to drink a lot of water. This, however, worked against me. I drank too much water which depleted my body of Potassium. I blacked out. I dealing with some additional health problems. I lost 15 lbs.


    I started the zerona treatments on Monday. I’ve been doing everything they’ve asked of me. So far I’ve lost 1.5lbs and hoping to lose more. However, I’m not sure of the inches because they took measurements the first day the next two days they only took my weight. I will inform you all later if there is any progress in the future.

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