Zima Nutrition Green Tea Absolute Review

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What You Should Know

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We are constantly promoting the health and weight loss benefits of green tea. Green tea is proven to boost metabolism and benefit overall health in a variety of ways, but there is more to weight loss than just boosting metabolism. Zima Nutrition Green Tea Absolute contains 500 mg of green tea. Zima Nutrition does not list products for sale nor does the company offer insight into where the products are sold, from the product description page.

List of Ingredients

Green Tea Extract (500 mg).

Product Features

Zima Nutrition picked an effective ingredient to use in their Green Tea Absolute weight loss supplement. Green tea is clinically proven to increase metabolism and may boost weight loss, but there is a slight problem. When metabolism is increased, the body burns more calories. What happens when calorie burn increases? Hunger becomes a serious problem for the dieter as the body signals hunger to replace calories burned. Zima Nutrition Green Tea Absolute does not include an appetite suppressant to fight off hunger. The dieter will feel all the benefits of green tea and ECGC, but they will also feel increased hunger.

Green tea contains caffeine, but we have no idea how much caffeine is supplied with the 500 mg of green tea per serving in Zima Nutrition Green Tea Absolute. There could be too much caffeine for the average dieter in one serving of this supplement, let alone three servings as suggested every day.

The lack of pricing information is another problem with Zima Nutrition Green Tea Absolute. How is the dieter supposed to purchase a product if there is no reference to where the supplement is sold or how much the product sells for online or offline?

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  • Ingredients are listed on the Zima Nutrition website.
  • Green tea is proven to boost metabolism and energy.
  • There is more than enough green tea in the supplement.


  • No pricing information.
  • The supplement contains no appetite suppressant.
  • No mention of caffeine content.


Zima Nutrition Green Tea Absolute has the potential to be the perfect weight loss supplement, but the company stopped short of perfection. Green tea boosts metabolism so it will boost calorie burn and appetite. The supplement needs a strong appetite suppressant like chromium. Chromium works to balance glucose levels to suppress appetite. Despite the body, burning more calories that decline in glucose that signals sweet cravings and carbohydrates is balanced out so the dieter can make healthy choices. We wish the company included additional ingredients or, in the least, a price so dieter know how much the dieter is expected to pay for 500 mg of green

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