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Zima Nutrition Thin 7 will help the dieter lose more fat and fight the effects of Cortisol. Cortisol is released in the body when the dieter is stressed. Cortisol is supposed to cause an increase in fat stores around the midsection, so reducing Cortisol could stop additional fat storage, but that does not mean it will increase fat burn. There is only one ingredient in this supplement and that ingredient will not boost metabolism or decrease appetite, two of the most important problems during weight loss.

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There are plenty of health benefits associated with 7-Beta-Hydroxy-DHEA, including decreased depression, improved cardiovascular health and even a possible connection to reduced cancer risk. These are extraordinary benefits of 7-Beta-Hydroxy-DHEA. However, the link between 7-Beta-Hydroxy-DHEA and improved weight loss and/or physical endurance and performance, has not been proven. A randomized study testing a placebo and 7-Beta-Hydroxy-DHEA actually proven no increase in lean muscle mass, testosterone or strength in participants. According to one report published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine, 7-Beta-Hydroxy-DHEA is promoted to bigger boundaries than science has proven.

We also found that exercise induces DHEA production naturally in the body. That means taking a 7-Beta-Hydroxy-DHEA supplement is a moot point if the dieter is exercising regularly to lose weight. 7-Beta-Hydroxy-DHEA comes with serious potential health risks including heart palpitations.

Zima Nutrition makes unreal claims of reduced fat and improved fat loss when taking the supplement. These claims are not proven with clinical research in animals or humans and no links are provided to support the claims, so why is the dieter supposed to believe any product claims from the company? Any product that comes with a potential threat of heart problems is one the dieter should avoid.

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  • Ingredients are listed on a product label image.


  • 7-Beta-Hydroxy-DHEA is clinically proven NOT to work as claimed.
  • Potential health risks associated with 7-Beta-Hydroxy-DHEA outweigh any benefits.
  • DHEA is produced naturally during exercise.
  • No product testimonials are listed for Zima Nutrition Thin 7.
  • Thin 7 is not available for sale from Zima Nutrition.
  • We could not find a price for the product.
  • No appetite suppressant is included with the “fat burner”.


Zima Nutrition missed the mark by a mile with Zima Nutrition Thin 7. 7-Beta-Hydroxy-DHEA is not a safe ingredient for dieters with heart problems or increased blood pressure. The supplement is created with an ingredient clinical studies have disproved, so there are no weight loss benefits to be assumed. While there are medical reasons to use 7-Beta-Hydroxy-DHEA, a doctor would likely work with a patient to assess proper dosage and duration of treatment in those cases. This is not a weight loss supplement.

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  • 1
    Maureen Dunn

    I have not been happy with the “thin 7″ vapor I received. I have not lost any weight after numerous opportunities. I would like to return the product and have my credit card account adjusted accordingly. Please sent me the address for the return and I will mail it promptly. I am disappointed but I understand that not all things work for all people. Thank you for your time, Maureen Dunn


  • 2
    tom gray

    Have used it for 60 days, and no results. Tried to get a refund after 30 days, and was asked to use it for another 30 days. still no results, and now I’ve misplaced the customer relations phone #. Would appreciate it if that might be available. Thank you.


  • 3
    michelle Doyle

    I purchased Thin7 it does not say Zima Thin 7 in fact my local news paper raved about it and it’s success. Is there a difference? Please email me back. Thank you


  • 4
    Dortha Taylor

    I took thin 7 for one month I lost 8 lbs then it just quit


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