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One brand that you may have encountered in the past while shopping around for dietary supplements is Zima. This is/was a company that offered at least nine different products to aid with issues like muscle growth, weight loss, and joint health. From what is gathered, it appears that Zima supplements sold for anywhere from $11 to $28. All of these products were once available without a doctor’s prescription.

As you likely know, it is important to fully examine the ingredients and potential side effects of a dietary formula before taking it. However, this can be difficult when they are not revealed. It is difficult to find many ingredients pertaining to Zima products at this time. However, some of the products they did offer were as follows; Joint Health, 6 Keto, Adipo 6, Creatine Supermax, Glutamine Supermax, ZMP Supermax, PerfectCarb, Green Tea Absolute, and Zima Thin. Both Zima Thin and Adipo 6 were to be used for weight loss.

List of Ingredients

Not available on an official website.

Product Features

Zima is one of many companies that specialize in dietary supplements. However, it appears that this company is no longer in business. Regardless, Zima apparently did their best to provide customers with quality supplements at affordable prices. This was essentially done by eliminating costly advertisement campaigns. Anyway, Zima appears to have developed supplement formulas for fitness and weight reduction. One product in particular was called Zima Green Tea Absolute. As you may have guessed, the core active ingredient in this formula is Green Tea Extract, which is a stimulant and diuretic. It is claimed to boost energy levels and assist with speeding up the user’s metabolism. However, since Green Tea Extract is loaded with caffeine, it may cause the jitters and draw water off of the user’s muscles. It does not look like an clinical finders were presented to support the claimed effectiveness of Zima supplements.

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  • Zima offered dietary supplements for both weight loss and muscle building.
  • This company claims to offer quality products at lower prices than most others.


  • Zima does not appear to be in business any longer.
  • There is no official website for this supplement brand.
  • No clinical evidence is provided to support Zima products.
  • There are no reviews from past users.
  • No money-back or satisfaction guarantee appears to have been offered with Zima supplements.


Unfortunately Zima no longer appears to be in business. This could be for a number of reasons regarding their products’ ingredients or the stiff competition these days. Regardless, there are plenty of other weight loss supplement companies out there these days that offer formulas that heighten thermo genesis, burn off calories, and suppress hunger to encourage fat reduction.

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