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Zipfizz Review - Does This Energy Drink Work?

By Summer Banks on Nov 06, 2016
Zipfizz Review

I’m here to cut through the noise and get you to the bottom line on this energy drink. Our in-depth review put the spotlight on Zipfizz side effects, ingredients, clinical studies and quality of customer service. Furthermore, we examined hundreds of user comments posted online. Then, we summarized and condensed to give you the info you need.

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What is Zipfizz?

First off, Zipfizz is a powdered energy drink mix. The ingredients are caffeine 100mg, green tea, alpha-lipoic acid, guarana seed, green coffee bean extract and grape seed/skin extract. You’ll add one packet to water and drink throughout the day. The product supposedly increases energy levels and promotes overall health. One benefit is that the small bottle is portable. [1]

Zipfizz was released back in 2003. You can purchase it on the official website and through trusted retailers. We like the low price and that we found some positive customer comments, but read on…

Unpleasant Taste – “Yucky?”

The first concern was the poor taste of Zipfizz ingredients. [2] “The beverage is available in grape, orange soda, pink lemonade, citrus and berry,” said our Research Editor. “Those are supposed to enhance the flavor. But this may not be the case.”

One customer commented, “Terrible taste. Very disappointing.”

According to another user, “Not to sure about the other flavors but grape is terrible!”

Not everyone disliked the flavor of Zipfizz. “This one had a crisp citrus flavor. I’m looking forward to trying the others,” said a user.

Artificial Sweeteners – “Watch Out!”

Customers are complaining about Zipfizz ingredients containing artificial sweeteners.  [3] One customer stated, “More artificial sweeteners. Tastes like cough syrup. Yuck.”

Another user offered, “The sugar used is mostly Splenda. This is my biggest disappointment in the product quality.”

We found some users that didn’t mention the use of artificial sweeteners. [4]

“Xylitol a natural sugar made from the birch tree, and used in Europe for over 100 years,” commented a customer.

There are no artificial sweeteners in it,” said another.

Our research shows that when any part of an energy drink is concerning, like the ingredient list, long-term success could be limited. There’s an issue if customers are complaining about Zipfizz containing artificial sweeteners. [5]

The Science – “Valid?”

We picked apart the Zipfizz website and concluded that there’s no solid-science supporting the energy boosting claims. It contains caffeine, which may boost metabolism, but there’s no connection to this formula. At DietSpotlight, scientific research is critical to the review process. We become skeptical about it when there are no studies. [6]

The Bottom Line – Does Zipfizz Work?

So, will Zipfizz give you that extra kick? Well, we like the low price and the longevity of the company, but the lack of research backing the claims leaves us concerned. We’re also hesitant about this one because of customer complaints about the taste and artificial sweeteners. [7][8]

For those who want to trim down and lose those extra pounds, we suggest going with a supplement supported by clinical studies, doesn’t contain artificial sweeteners and is backed by positive customer reviews.

Among the best products we’ve seen in 2016 is one called Leptigen. This supplement contains four clinically-tested ingredients that have been shown to help ignite metabolism and enhance fat loss. We haven’t seen any talk of harmful side effects and user feedback shows people are seeing excellent results.

Also, the makers of Leptigen are so confident in their supplement, that they’re offering a Special Trial Offer.

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About the Author:

Summer Banks is an ISSA-Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist and has reviewed over 2000 diet products. She has years of nursing training, experience as a manager responsible for 15 supplement brands, and completed coursework on Food and Nutrition from Stanford University. full bio.

How Does Zipfizz Compare?

Previous Zipfizz Review (Updated November 19, 2014):

What You Should Know

Although you have not found an effective weight loss product to help you meet your fat loss goals, keep in mind that there are plenty of others to select from. One supplement formula that is easy to find is Zipfizz. This is a unique powder formula that comes in individual serving size tubes. You basically pop one open, and then add it to water for a fruity beverage any time. Zipfizz comes in flavors like grape, pink lemonade, berry, citrus, and orange soda.

There are actually many products on the market today that bare a resemblance to Zipfizz powder. While they may not come in the same fruit, fun flavors, they do offer the user a variety of vitamins and minerals. The primary purpose of this product is not to assist with actual weight reduction, but rather to give the user a boost of energy and immune system support.

List of Ingredients

25 Nutritional Ingredients:
9 Vitamins: Vitamins C, E, All the Bs, and Folate,
8 Minerals: Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, Zinc, Selenium, Manganese, Chromium, Sodium
Electrolytes: Magnesium, Potassium
Amino Acids: Arginine, Taurine
Antioxidants: Green Tea Extract, as well as Vitamins C and E.

Product Features

Zipfizz is a flavorful energy drink mix. It comes in the form of a powder, and is stated to be all natural. The purpose of this formula is to fuel the user’s body without using any artificial stimulants. Once you mix Zipfizz powder with a glass of water, you can drink it down to potentially receive a sudden burst of energy. It is loaded with amino acids, vitamins and minerals that can be beneficial to everyday immune health. However, this formula is low on carbohydrates and calories. Dieters can consume Zipfizz before or after a workout. You can also take this product any time for a jolt of energy. It is claimed to contain 30 times the amount of electrolytes found in common sports drinks. A multi sampler pack sells for $8.99, while a tube of 20 (one flavor) sells for $37.99.

See Our Featured


  • Zipfizz comes in five different flavors to suit different preferences/tastes.
  • This product can be acquired from common stores like Target, Rite Aid, and GNC.


  • There are no ingredients found in Zipfizz that burn off fat.
  • Customer testimonials are not presented on the primary website to support this formula.
  • This supplement does not aim to suppress hunger.
  • Zipfizz contains a form of caffeine, which is a stimulant and diuretic.


One of the first things you may notice about the ingredient list for Zipfizz is the Green Tea Extract. Like in so many other dietary supplements, this component is added to boost the user’s energy levels. However, it is loaded with caffeine, which pulls water off the muscles. Keep the Zipfizz Side Effects in mind too. If you are serious about shedding fat, you should be sure to check out some of the other supplements on the market today.

Zipfizz Questions & Answers:

We looked at hundreds of dieter comments and user reviews about Zipfizz and summed everything up into this helpful FAQ.

What are the side effects of Zipfizz?

Zipfizz side effects may include gastrointestinal issues, nausea[1], vomiting, sleeplessness, headache, irregular heartbeat and jitteriness; according to some users.

What is in Zipfizz?

Zipfizz ingredients are grape seed extract, vitamin C, potassium, ginger, magnesium, green tea, B vitamins, sodium, ginseng, vitamin E, chromium, taurine, arginine, selenium, zinc, calcium, caffeine, xylitol and sucralose.

What is the active ingredient in Zipfizz?

The active ingredient in Zipfizz is vitamin B12[2].

Does Zipfizz work?

The vitamins and minerals in Zipfizz are good for overall health and immune system support. The caffeine acts as a stimulant to improve alertness and boost energy levels. It may work, but there’s no research supporting the claims.

How much does a bottle of Zipfizz cost?

A bottle of Zipfizz cost $1.12. The official website sells a case of 20 for $37.99.

How do you take Zipfizz?

You take one Zipfizz tube, pour the contents into 16-20 ounces of water, shake and then drink. It should be consumed 15-30 minutes prior to exercise or physical activity.

How do I contact the Zipfizz customer service department?

You can contact the Zipfizz customer service department mailing letters to Zipfizz Corporation 18303 Bothell Everett Hwy Suite 140 Mill Creek, WA 98012, calling 877-947-3499 or emailing info@zipfizz.com.

Can I contact Zipfizz through social media?

Yes, you can contact Zipfizz through Facebook and Twitter.

Can I take Zipfizz if I have a health condition?

Women who are pregnant or nursing, people under the age of 18, those taking prescription medications or people with health conditions should consult a licensed doctor before using any dietary supplement, including Zipfizz.

What do users like about Zipfizz?

Some people like that Zipfizz is available in nine different flavors. Other users appreciate that this product contains some vitamins and minerals, and it can simply be added to water.

What do users NOT like about Zipfizz?

Some users do not like that Zipfizz contains artificial sweeteners.

Can diabetics use Zipfizz?

Although Zipfizz does not contain any actual sugar, if you are diabetic, it’s recommended to speak with your doctor before using Zipfizz.

How much caffeine is in Zipfizz?

Each serving of Zipfizz contains 100mg of caffeine.

Does Zipfizz come with a guarantee?

There’s no mention of a guarantee with Zipfizz.

Do you know of any special deals or discounts on Zipfizz?

There are special deals and discounts on Zipfizz. The official website offers a clearance sections with discontinued products.

Zipfizz User Tips:

7 Top User Tips

Over the years, it has become obvious that Zipfizz drinkers have a lot to share with the world. We read thousands of reviews and comments and selected some of the best tips to help you learn more about this drink mix.


“They are a bit of an acquired taste at first, since it is a little different. Some of the flavors remind me of ice pops I would eat as a child.” Jacob


“It doesn’t fizz too much, but you have to be careful at first because it can cause the drink to overflow.” Jason


“It tastes best when super cold!” Mary


“If you put this in plastic bottles, make sure you leave a little extra room due to the light carbonation. Otherwise, when you open your bottle, you’re going to get wet.” Daniel


“My only issue with it is I wish instead of sucralose they would use good old cane sugar or none at all. I hate the taste of artificial sweeteners.” Chelsea


“If I drink it in the afternoon I have a hard time sleeping.” Kendal


“I have to dilute the grape a little more than the Hawaiian punch but it isn’t bad if I add enough water.” Terry

Zipfizz Side Effects:

Whenever one uses a weightloss product of any kind, the possible side-effects need to be considered. In the case of Zipfizz, users have reported numerous negative side-effects. As with all over-the-counter products, one should consult with their physician prior to use.


Every person experiences the discomfort of nausea from time to time. Nausea is a sensation that the stomach is at unrest and often is accompanied by dizziness and headache and is likely to trigger vomiting. Nausea can be come and go quickly or last for hours.

What causes nausea?

There are many causes of nausea ranging from slight to severe. Many people experience nausea from motion sickness or as a side-effect of pregnancy. Other causes include a stomach ulcer, obstructed bowel, constipation or cancer. People also experience nausea as a result of consuming alcohol, contaminated or spicy food or by taking medications or nutritional supplements of various kinds. [1]


Any pain in the head region is considered a headache regardless of where it originates or presents. Headaches can be centered on either side of the head, in the front, back or in the middle and have been described as splitting, throbbing, crushing or excruciating.

What causes headaches?

Most headaches are brought on by stress or anxiety. Others can be result from the consumption of food, alcohol, medications or nutritional supplements. More severe causes for headache can be brain tumor, stroke, heart attack or other problems in the circulatory system. Pain does not stem from the brain itself, but in veins, arteries or nerves that are being agitated.


The inability to sleep can be a temporary problem or a more severe case of insomnia that actually become life-threatening. Sleeplessness can mean the inability to fall asleep, stay asleep or waking too soon, prior to getting needed rest. Sleeplessness is often a trigger to stress and depression.

What causes sleeplessness?

There are several potential causes of sleeplessness including poor sleep habits (taking naps, eating before bed, etc.), travel, a lack of a routine and effects from taking medications and nutritional supplements. Other sleeplessness could result from depression, anxiety, fear or from more serious conditions such as a brain tumor or other health concerns. [2]

Sometimes weight-loss products can have nagging side-effects. In the case of Zipfizz, there are several that should be considered prior to usage. And as always, a physician should be consulted with, too, to avoid potential unwanted outcomes that could result.

Zipfizz is a powdered energy drink that packs vitamins with stimulants to offer a "healthy" punch. The product is not necessarily aimed at weight-loss, but there are some tested ingredients shown to help in that regard.

Zipfizz Ingredients and Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 Tube
Serving Per Container: 1
Amount per Serving % DV
Botanical Antioxidant Blend 205mg *
- Caffeine (anhydrous and guarana) 100mg *
- Green Tea Leaf Extract * *
- Alpha-Lipoic Acid * *
- Green Coffee Bean Extract * *
- Grape Seed Extract * *
- Grape Skin Extract * *
Vitamin C 500mg 833%
Vitamin E 15IU 50%
Thiamin 0.75mg 50%
Riboflavin 0.85mg 50%
Niacin 10mg 50%
Vitamin B6 1mg 50%
Folate 200mcg 50%
Vitamin B12 2500mcg 41667%
Pantothenic Acid 5mg 50%
Calcium 60mg 6%
Magnesium 100mg 25%
Zinc 7.5mg 50%
Selenium 35mcg 50%
Copper 0.25mg 13%
Manganese 1mg 50%
Chromium 60mcg 50%
Sodium 75mg 3%
Potassium 950mg 27%

Other Ingredients: None

We dug deep into the Zipfizz ingredients to give you the details you need.

Guarana Seed Extract

Gaurana[1] seeds come from the plant of the same name. It is a source of caffeine.

What is it Supposed to Do?

The extract is used for weight-loss. Because it is a stimulant, it can also be used to reduce fatigue, and enhance athletic performance. Some people use it to treat chronic fatigue syndrome, and low blood pressure. In the food manufacturing industry, it is used as a flavoring for candy and beverages.

Clinical Research

According to a study published in 2007 issue of Food Chemistry, “seed extracts of guarana possess strong antimicrobial and antioxidant properties, and they can therefore be used as a natural additives and food, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries.” This shows it may help fight free radical damage.

Green Coffee Bean

Green coffee beans are on unroasted coffee beans. The roasting process reduces the amount of chlorogenic acid, which is thought to be responsible for coffee’s health benefits.

What is it Supposed to Do?

Green coffee beans are supposed to help with weight-loss, diabetes, high blood pressure, bacterial infection, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Clinical Research

According to a 2006 study published in BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine, the use of green coffee beans helps to reduce visceral fat content and bodyweight in mice. “GCBE is possibly effective against weight gain and fat accumulation by inhibition of fat absorption and activation of fat metabolism in the liver. “


Taurine is an amino acid. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, which is a building block of muscle. Taurine can be found in the brain, heart, blood cells, and retina. It can also be found in meat and fish. It is not an essential amino acid, because it could be manufactured by the body.

What is it Supposed to Do?

Taurine[2] is supposed to help with exercise performance, diabetes, and a number of other health conditions.

Clinical Research

Few studies have been done on humans to support taurine and its role in weight-loss. However, a 1985 study published in Advances in Pediatrics, shows that taurine plays a biological role in many functions. “In cardiac tissue alone, taurine levels of 20 mM or higher may be found.”

Ginger Root

Ginger root is a naturally occurring plant native to Asia. It is commonly used as a spice in global cuisine.

What is it Supposed to Do?

Ginger it Is often used to treat a variety of stomach issues, such as nausea vomiting, gas, diarrhea, and morning sickness. It can also be used as a pain relief option and may be useful in the treatment of diabetes.


Sucralose is an artificial sweetener, which acts as a no calorie sugar substitute. You may be familiar with its brand name – Splenda.

What is it Supposed to Do?

Sucralose acts as a sugar substitute to provide sweetness to food and drink without the calories of regular sugar.

B Vitamins

There are several B vitamins: B1 or thiamine, B2 or riboflavin, B3 or niacin, B5 or pantothenic acid, B6, B7 or biotin, B12 and folic.

What is it Supposed to Do?

B vitamins help the process your body uses to make energy from the food you eat, and helps in the formation of red blood cells. You can find them in fish, meat, poultry, dairy, eggs, leafy green vegetables and legumes. Many commercial breads and cereal are fortified with B vitamins.

American Ginseng Root

American ginseng root is different from Asian ginseng. It is native to the United States.

What is it Supposed to Do?

Similar to Asian ginseng, American ginseng has been used to help treat diabetes and prevents the common cold and flu.

Green Tea Leaf

Green tea is made from the camellia sinensis plant. The leaves are dried and used to create teas. It can also be found in supplement form.

What is it Supposed to Do?

It is a stimulant because of natural caffeine content and therefore it is thought to help boost metabolism.

105 User Reviews About Zipfizz

Leave comments below (moderated by Pronabolin)
  • 1

    I have been drinking zipfizz every morning for over 3 years and absolutely love it! I usually have a second one around 11am, but my work mornings start at 4am. Really gets me moving in the morning and I have since lost weight from drinking more water than I normally would. Love the grape flavor. I have not noticed any kind of negative reaction from taking zipfizz. I also have not been getting the usual common cold as much as I used to and I just feel the vitamin intake has helped.


  • 2

    Have used Zipfizz on and off for years, the pink lemonade is great! It is strong but I just dilute it with a bit more water, it’s a great way to get in more water during the day..


  • 3

    I drink one tube mixed in water every day, like some people drink coffee in the morning. I have been doing this for about 8 years now, and have not suffered any ill effects (that I can feel) I feel great. Granted, not much nutrition, but some is better than none. I also play pickleball 5-6 days a week after my morning “coffee”.


  • 4

    I love the taste and the fact that you are getting your vitamin intake. I use to get B12 shots. My question I have is this safe while breastfeeding?


    Anna (Editor)

    Hello. All users are different and can experience different side effects; please make sure to consult with your physician before taking this product.


  • 5

    After taking zip fizz for a couple of months i developed kidney stones. After passing the the first kidney stone, I continued to take the zipfizz and in two weeks developed another one. Zippfizz was the only thing different i had introduced in to my system. I stopped the zipfizz and have not had another kidney stone and thats now been about 18 months.


  • 6

    I like the Orange cream. I do have BP issues and yes I take meds everyday. My question is one bottle only has 65 mg sodium which is much lower than most other sports drinks. I only use this before I workout so I would think it wouldn’t effect my BP since is contains potassium lowers your BP


  • 7

    Laurie. You sound like me to be sensitive to caffeine. Caffeine in the am will put me out.Don’t drink and drive.lol. if I drink it on the way home I have to sleep for a hour or so then I’m up half the night. I hear it acts like the speed/ Ritalin they use for ADD with kids.


  • 8
    Barbara Wrigtht-Kirby

    My husband says that when he drinks Zipfizz, it burns his throat like it has some kind of acid in it. I’ve noticed a scratchy throat after drinking it too. Has anyone else had this problem?


  • 9
    Marie B

    I tried zip fizz several months ago at Costco and I loved it, I drink it everyday. I don’t take more than one tube a day but certainly first thing in the morning and throughout the day as needed. I have introduced it to friends who complain about being tired and it keeps me going as well. I have never had any side effects other than feeling good, I never felt any crash like with other energy drinks, as I said I drink it everyday. There are a few different flavors to choose from and I like that to.


  • 10

    I’m a man in my mid-fourties. I take weekly shots of testosterone. Also have sleep apnea and use CPAP machine. In addition, I’m on a antidepressant and I have extreme fatigue. I promise you I’m really just an ordinary guy whose health went south last year. I was desperate to find a solution to my fatigue and I can honestly say zippfizz helps me more than anything. This is a great product and I could not function without it. All the mixtures taste fantastic except for the blueberry/raspberry one (it is disguising, if it was their only product mix I would suffer through it for the benefits alone) but the orange cream is amazing. I hope this helps someone with the same fatigue issues I have. I take 2-3 a day.


  • 11
    Maggie Ramos

    I love drinking a lot of zip fizz everyday


  • 12

    I LOVE Zipfizz…couldn’t live without it, but I am having a medical procedure soon and I can’t drink anything with red dye in it. Do all of the flavors have red dye?


    Anna (Editor)

    Hi Cathy. They might have red dye. Please refer to the ZipFizz website to find out more information on the ingredients.



    Checked the website… No artificial colors. They use beet skin for the red and beta carotene for the orange. I love this stuff, absolutely no question it gives me a nice lift, and I love that I don’t crash out after.. just steady and clean.


  • 13
    Kathleen Hunter

    I’ve been drinking Zipfizz for years. I drink it first thing in the morning and it gives me a boost. I like that you have to mix with 16oz water. Not a water drinker so it forces me to drink more water. It my daily dose of vitamins, there is 900mg of potassium which is more than anything else. I swear by this product and I’m very picky. I’m very much into nutrition, and am an RN and I keep up with the latest research. .


  • 14

    “it doesn’t look healthy at all”…really? I agree there are a couple of ingredients that are suspect, but it is loaded with healthy ingredients. We need to be careful when reviewing products that we don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. Most people live nowhere near 100% when it comes to healthy eating. Just look around. To get someone off of Diet Coke and onto Zipfizz would make a world of difference in their overall health. I have a personal goal and habit now of living 75% healthy, knowing after years of research that 100% is impossible…I figure this is a reasonable way to live. Most of what I do is centered around Paleo (I ended up here not knowing it was Paleo) and it wasn’t much of a change as I like meat, eggs, cheese, good oils, etc. I guess what I’m trying to say is that for most of us there is a transition period from sloppy eating/lifestyle to healthy living and for those of us who’ve made some strides, a little grace should be offered when visiting this subject.


    Your Judy

    I agree that a 75 healthy rate is what I’m after. Before, I was drinking 3-5 diet sodas a day and I felt terrible, but needed the “boost” to get through the day. I now drink 1 zipfizz when my energy wanes about 3 p.m. and it allows me to finish work, get through an hour commute and still help my kid with his homework. I also find I am drinking more water (even without zipfizz in it) because I buy bottled water to make the zipfizz. It also makes me take my vitamins, something else that my tired self often forgot.


  • 15

    I tried a sample at Sams and i’m not too crazy for the taste of the different flavors i’ve tried ( grape, strawberry and blueberry mix) I’ve learned to place it in the freezer and take it out before it freezes. So far I enjoy this product because it gives me enough energy to last all day long, before when I would get home all I wanted to do was lay down and nap. After taking the product I’m able to do more things at home and not be constantly complaining I’m tired and have no energy. Plus I just noticed my fingernails are growing after 10yr. I’ve been taking Zipfizz for about 2 months.


  • 16
    Tammy R.

    I found that this stuff works! Do NOT take it before bed. I was really thirsty and wanted more than water. I was up till 3am. Then had creepy dreams. Did the same thing again to test my theory. Nightmares!


  • 17

    Is there some reason that Zipfizz would make me extremely tired? I have been drinking it at work, and within 20 minutes or so I am so tired I can hardly keep my eyes open. A few of my co-workers drink it daily, and swear by it, so what’s wrong with me? lol


    Adrian (Editor)

    Hello Laurie. All users are different and can experience different results; please make sure to consult with your physician before continuing this product to make sure its safe and effective for you to use.


  • 18

    I use the powder when I’m thirsty. The shots when I need energy or when I drive. I don’t love all of the ingredients, in fact…. the sucralose is the only part I don’t like. For me, it’s a healthier alternative to my soda and coffee combined. I actually enjoy the taste too. Especially if it’s cold. I’d just like to know if it’s vegan.


  • 19

    Blend it with ice and water! It’s like a ice. Yum!!! Red and pink are the best.


  • 20

    Tried a sample in Sam’s Club and then I purchased it. I love it and it really works. I find that I get a burst of energy that lasts for hours. I’m 73 years old and I can use the lift. The taste of the orange Zipfizz reminds me of the old Mission soda we drank as kids. I didn’t bother trying the other flavors because I am quite satisfied with the orange. I would recommend it highly.


  • 21

    I tried Zipfizz for 2 months and loved it! It not only gave me the energy I needed but it helped my anxiety! I stopped taking it because I couldn’t afford it. I’m thinking about buying it again and taking it every other day.


  • 22
    Herb Young

    Bought a 30 tube box of Zipfizz at costco after a taste test. Didn’t find the taste objectionable. Drank one 16 oz bottle after a 30 mile bike ride in the Arizona heat. Felt little difference than before I drank. Probably will be able to give a better review after I use the product for awhile.


    Your Name

    Hey Herb try using about 15 mins before bike ride.


  • 23

    I tried it for the first time 1 week ago. I like the grape and the orange flavors. I had to stop drinking diet coke because of the aspartame and the carbonation, which was causing horrible muscle cramps, as well as memory issues.
    So Zipfizz is a good switch for me, and I have not had any more muscle problems at all!!! I actually have lost some weight also.


  • 24

    I do hate the grape, But the orange is great with three drops of sweet leaf vanilla cream stevia! The punch flavor is also good with 3 drops of berry or reg. stevia. And definately make it with very cold water!! About 10:30 everyday I seem to become sleepy and it gives me the energy to keep going! It’s subtle, I am not jittery. I didn’t realize it had anything to do with dieting. I haven’t lost any weight.


  • 25
    Health and Nutrition

    The longer I live the less confidence I have in drugs and the greater is my confidence in the regulation and administration of diet and regimen. ~John Redman Coxe, 1800


  • 26
    Edwin Pinckney

    So far so good. .. first day trying the product…


    Your Name

    Me too, love it!


  • 27

    Can anyone tell me what it is that does not dissolves and settles to the bottom of the bottle. I’ve recently read a article about artificial sweeteners that turn to formaldehyde after reaching a certain temperature. Also that the body is unable to use it and you have to detox to get it out of the body. anyone heard or have any information on this. I have found it being addicting.


    Stephen (Editor)

    Hi, Lesha. Thank you for informing of this occurrence. Please tell us more of you experiences.


  • 28
    Barbara Best

    please email me the amount of taurine that is in this product. I am diabetic and wanted to use your product everyday but the fact is if there is a high amount of taurine in this product it would not be wise to expose my heart to it. thank you


  • 29
    Your Name

    No, a nuraw that works with me is taking the same medication and she drinks zipfizz daily


  • 30

    It seems after I drink my Zippfizz it makes me go to the potty and I have to go really bad. Even though I love the taste and the fact the it gives me plenty of enerygy….it makes go to the restroom. Why is that?


    Joann Carlson

    Is there anything in zipfizz that would cause diarraha.I really liked the taste and prefer this to gaitarade.


    Your Name

    xylitol, a sugar alcohol found in fruits, but marketed as an artificial sweetener, is what is doing that. you can still drink Zipfizz, just keep it down to 3 or less a day. Although you may need a couple days to detox first…



    I love this drink and drink 2 a day for several months. I have IBS and have developed chronic diarrhea. Could zip fizz aggravate IBS?? I have cut back and only had one yesterday out of 3 days. Was fine until today. Very confused since I read caffeine can cause this problem.



    I don’t have ibs and it gives me diarrhea and nausea


    Adrian (Editor)

    Hello. All users are different and can experience different results; please make sure to consult with your physician before continuing this product to make sure its safe and effective for you to use.



    it’s like it says it contains a more powerful form of caffeine which is a diuretic. Kinda like the same as taking a water pill. thats why youn pee alot.


  • 31

    Why don’t you provide Zipfizz in a more environmental friendly packaging. The single tubes are a lot of plastic waist.



    The ZipFizz Tubes are recyclable. If you’d like you can save up 100 tubes to get a BPA Free Water Bottle, if that helps.



    Yes, but there’s a catch. During a “tasting,” a Zipfizz rep. told me they will be thrown out if you put them in your co-mingled recyclable container. The reason he cited was that the plastic tubes contain a polymer that needs special treatment. This is why the company encourages you to send in your spent tubes.



    I agree. I stopped buying due to the irresponsible packaging. Why can’t they go to something similar to Emergen-C. What’s the point of collecting your 100 to send in when they will in all likelihood be tossed.



    I second, irresponsible packaging! And I’ll add, misleading by calling it “healthy” when it contains a harmful artificial sweetener–Sucralose.



    Is it safe to take while breastfeeding?


    Stephen (Editor)

    We’ve not encountered conflicts with nursing moms but ask your doctor to be safe.


  • 32
    Your Name

    It has suclarose which is basically Splend


  • 33

    My question is how is zipfizz for pregnant women?


    Your Name

    not for pregnant or nursing



    My doc said half a tube is fine. Been the only thing to help my nausea.


  • 34

    My husband and I have been taking Zipfizz for well over 2 years. 1 a day nearly everday. I love the benefits from Zipfizz. I do not understand all of the negative comments on your website. My husband is a truck driver so his health is extremely important. Several years ago he would experience occasional prehypertensive levels. When he started drinking Zipfizz, he immediately seen and felt a difference. I had low vitamin B12 levels. Now my B12 is optimum and… Oh yes did I mention… I HAVE LOST 65LBS TOO?!?!? I do not attribute all of my weight loss to Zipfizz, but I surely know it helped. Also, the one that commented about the settling in the bottom of the bottle…. if you drink it down and taste it, you can clearly tell it is a mix of the flavor coloring and vitamin that do not disolve as quickly as others… hmm now how can that hurt you?? My doctor can also testify about how this product has helped me… Now. Here are some pointers… 1. If you are a member of a grocery warehouse, buy them there. Trust me… A Lot cheaper!!
    2) It has a much better (even desirable) taste when mixed in super cold almost slushy water.
    3) If you like orange cremesickle then you would love the orange with 1 individual serving of french vanilla creamer.

    Flavors aren’t for everyone just as is the same for many other drink mixes out there… to me it has the best flavor out of all of them…

    If you really want to see how it helps, you really need to give the product more than just one day. Oh and lastly, how can you write a review based on what you have read without esting and developing your own opinion as well??


  • 35
    Peggy Sears

    I take blood pressure medicine and have A-fib. Is it safe for me to take ZipFizz? Thank You



    I am 60 years old, I have high blood pressure but controlled through excersize and diet, I have afib will zipfizz harm me



    I tried it and my bp rose 25 points and so far it been 2 days and it still hasn’t come back down. It did give me an immediate boost of energy. The choice is yours. Mine is going back to the store



    I have high blood pressure and have trouble controlling it, but by blood pressure was actually lower this morning after taking it for 3 days. But I do not have A-FIB.


  • 36

    it also comes in fruit punch.you have to drink it with ice cold water.don’t forget about the 41000 b12..tastes great a lot of energy.Sam’s Club carries it $20 20 tubes.don’t drink two tubes within 6 hours of each other..or five or six hours before you go to bed.why spend $3 for a 5 hour energy when for $20 you can get 20 tubes.plus there’s easily 10 times more vitamins n zip fizz..


    Ruth Your Name

    I have used 60 is for four years. I only use it when I am doingZipfizz.


  • 37

    I need to know how much potassium is in one serving, I have hypo kalmia and want to use zip fiz as a supplement thanks



    950 mg


  • 38

    is it safe to drink zipfizz while pregnant?



    Consult Your Doctor


  • 39
    rodolfo duruin

    i just want to ask where can i buy zipfizz in the philippines, thanks


  • 40

    I have taken zip fizz for 1 year no w. The last 3 months I have had 1 daily. I have never exercised until recently. My BP has always been around 110/73 even while pregnant (4 kids). I have had anxiety lately and high blood pressure and heart flutters. My blood pressure jumped to 128/89!!! I have been off zip fizz for 2 weeks now and my BP is now 120/80 but I want it to back to my normal BP. Does anyone know how long this will take or if I have screwed up my BP permanently?



    I have high blood pressure from emotional stress, which a lot of high blood pressure is caused from. When your anxiety level is low again it should go down. I use Zip Fizz and it doesn’t change my blood pressure, if anything it is lower. I think it is the B12 that helps.



    I strongly caution AGAINST taking ZipFizz. I have been using ZipFizz daily for over a year. I have no history of heart disease, no family history, etc. Recently, I noticed changes in my heart. I have PVCs (premature ventricular contractions). When I first discovered this problem just over 2 weeks ago, I didn’t have even ONE normal heartbeat, every one had a flutter to it. Normally, I try to avoid all artificial sweeteners, but just got lazy about reading the entire ZipFizz label. It contains Sucralose, which is sugar that has been modified through chemical processes. Sucralose has a number of reports of causing abnormal heart rhythms. I’ve now been off of ZipFizz for 15 days, each day my heart sounded a little better, and now my heart is finally contracting normally again.


  • 41

    can zipfizz prouct is past effective date


  • 42
    Susan Shetrom

    I have sleep apnea. One of the symptoms of sleep apnea is being excessively tired during the day. My days were battles to stay awake. And that was depressing. My sleep doctor has given me Modafinil but I try to limit the amount. Zipfizz has made a huge difference. If I have a busy day with no time for a nap, I drink Zipfizz.



    Susan Shetrom, you know what’s interesting? I have sleep issues. One day while at Costco, I got a sample of ZipFizz and drank it down. That night, I had the best sleep I’ve had in a long time, so I bought a case of ZipFizz. There are a lot of other benefits I’m seeing!


  • 43
    John Feld

    xylitol is a natural subsitute for sugar. This is will be used in all drinks in the future. I represent a chemical company that will be supplying the world with five other high valued chemicals in thier chemical refinery. If you wish to learn more. Call John at 360 831 3897



    the only thing to watch out for with xylitol is that too much of it can cause diarrhea. therefore, too many Zipfizz’s in one day can have the same effect. one of my good friends works for Zipfizz…



    Xylitol is exremely liver toxic to dogs. Keep any product with it far from dogs. I speak from scary experience after my dog got some gum..


  • 44

    Is there aspertame in zipfizz or any other ingredient that is like aspertame? What makes it sweet tasting? Just wondering. Thanks 🙂



    It contains sucralose.



    what is sucralose? I see a lot of people say its like splenda. Is splenda safe? is sucralose safe? I just started taking zipfizz 4 days a go and I really like it. I feel like I have more energy. I just don’t want to continue if its not healthy. thank you…


  • 45

    ZipFizz is more Fizz and does Zip. First impression, it was like drinking flavored Alka-Seltzer. I didn’t feel anything after taking 3 tubes of drink powder (I bought from Wal Mart) during a 12 hour period. My level of productivity and alertness pretty much stayed the same, as if I just drank normal Gatorade. I even fell asleep at my normal time without any problems.

    The drink was suggested to me by a co worker who nags me, when she sees me drinking a bottle of NoS energy drink.

    The only positive thing I can say about Zipfizz is this… Unlike NoS, it didn’t cause me to belch or toot after each chug I took. Which if I think about it, maybe that’s why my co worker begged me to try ZipFizz in the first place? 🙂

    Silliness aside, I will just drink Gatorade G2 if I want flavored water to re-hydrate. And you pay a buck at Wal Mart for a 32 oz bottle vs. 5 bucks for 48 to 60 oz of ZipFizz.

    If you are taking it for the vitamins and minerals, One a Day has plenty of supplements that can give you even better nutrient content for much cheaper. Still can’t wrap your head around it? Ok, 1 bottle of One a Day averages 10 bucks for 60 tablets? Each holding near equal or more nutrients than a tube of ZipFizz. So let’s see. 60 tubes of ZipFizz = 100 bucks. 60 tablets of One a Day = 10 bucks. Do ya see where I am going?

    As a suggestion, I would encourage you to stop wasting your money on the hype. Spend some time with an actual dietitian or your family doctor, to get the facts about these “new” energy drinks, or just shop around.



    Zipfizz is sold at the wholesale stores such as costco and sams club for around .93 – $1.00 a tube


  • 46
    Gloria LaRoche

    I have to say….I adore ZipFizz. I put it in Starbucks passion iced tea that I make everyday. I would hate to quit drinking it! I just LIKE it! I only allow myself 1 vial every day. I use half at a time.


  • 47
    Ron S

    My wife and I love Zipfizz, so much that we use 3-4 tubes everyday. Is there a way we can buy it in bulk and save money?



    Sams Club or BJ’s 🙂


    Your Name

    got mine at costco. 30 tubes per pack. plus if you’re a member I think its free shipping.


  • 48

    I really like zipfiz especially when my energy level drops about 2-3 in the afternoon. It really helps me through the rest of the day. My mental abilities improve as well
    The only thing I have found is that after a using for multiple days in a row, is I stop using my legs and joint seem to ache for a couple days. Not sure why, but overall great energy booster and like the flavor orange best


  • 49

    Is any ingredients in Zippfizz bad for a 13 year old? He plays on two hockey teams and bball five days a week and does not want to quit any of it. He is always tired



    It says right on the box not recommended fo children. Please turn to healthier alternatives such as rest, exercise and a healthy diet. We do not need to be teaching our children how to resort to stimulants and unnatural means to achieve anything. Look at the bigger picture please.



    If you want your kid to achieve, he or she needs the tools to do so. If kid is playing 3 sports, he is tired and definitely needs electrolytes and potassium.



    If your 13 year old is always tired it’s because he is doing too much. I’d be more concerned about the cause of his symptoms than trying to mask them. He is growing and his body needs to rest and repair itself. Try being a responsible adult and do some actual parenting instead of trying to be his friend. Guess what Vicki, if your son never gets mad at you then you aren’t doing a good job as a parent. Tell him to pick one sport. Chances are he isn’t going to get an athletic scholarship or ever play professional sports, so have him start focusing on his academics now.



    PB you started out with great comments but then went totally downhill after the third sentence. Why personalize and be so judgmental? Such comments take away the impact of your thoughtful analysis.



    Try being a responsible adult and offering sold advice and encouragement instead of insults and beating other up. How ugly.



    I think it’s awesome you spend that much time in letting your child play all the sports he wants. Maybe just try to force him to eat certain healthy foods if he wants to keep playing. These other parents on here are just jealous because their kids are probably lazy and sit around playing video games all day. Your doing a great job keep it up.



    for low energy I would take a look at his diet. We are what we eat. Eat good healthy food feel healthy. Eat fast food feel sick and tired. I would recommend a diet high in raw food. Theres a reason you can run a digital clock off a potato or apple, because there is energy in that food. Cook it cant run the clock. Dead food dead body live food live body. That energy is taken from the raw food. You may remember this quote, do not destroy the trees, for in the trees is life so that man might live. There is a life fore in food. The right foods and if you don’t get enough life foods, you run out of llfe or health. good luck God Bless


    Mother of 2

    I give zipfizz to my 2 teenager boys.. it has more antioxidants than airborne or emergency.. when they play sports it does way more for them than gatorade. and the B12 has helped with their focus in school.. under 16 use half a tube not a whole one.


  • 50

    I totally love zipfizz! I got it since I was low on my B12 and other electrolytes in my system. I get migraines often. I discussed with my doc. He also loves it, I really enjoy the grape and the orange!


  • 51

    Funny thing about Zipfizz- the Corp. not the product, is that they claim to be all “healthy” and “NATURAL” while the President and CEO that founded the company is a complete STEROID FREAK.



    hey, please tell me more…I’ve always thought that was an odd company


    Peter Mehlman

    Can zipfizz give you a feeling that you are “drunk” with excessive energy?


  • 52

    How much caffeine is this loaded with? I have recently quit drinking Pepsi because of the caffenine. I did have withdrawls, but stuck to it. I don’t want to get hooked again. Will this make me get hooked like Pepsi did?



    Aspirin isn’t good for children under 13. Does that mean as adults we can’t use it for our heart. Come on. There’s always someone with negativity in everything. I personally think all these things a garbage until I tried this. Gave me the energy I needed. I absolutely have no side affects, no jitters and no crash and burn. This is nothing like coffee. I would enjoy seeing your PHD…please post it so we can all drink nasty tasting Gatorade, that most people put in vodka bottles.


    John Ward

    I like the taste of Gatorade. But they don’t make sugar free. I drink sugarfree Powerade(sucralose). Found if I sip it and don’t gulp that I like the taste. Your thoughts about aspirin were good. Don’t want a diuretic.



    Have not tried it. I work outdoors most of the day and do not want to drink Gatorade when feeling depleted – too much sugar. I do not consume caffeine. I hesitate to try Zipfizz because I don’t see any information about HOW MUCH caffeine is contained in one vial.



    Bob- Im very interested in your comment especially reguarding zipfizz on the adrenals. Im not completely understanding what you mean by it though. Can you give more info on the negative effects thus would have on your adrenals?

    Also, for the zipfizz people- can you give more info on the sucralose. Thanks in advance!



    Vicki, it may be that he just needs more sleep. Teenagers need at least 9 hours of sleep at night. He might need even more as he is so active. The body does a lot of repair during sleep. As some have mentioned above, diet is supremely important for all of us, but especially for teens. During those years when their bodies are growing and changing so fast nutrition is very important. I have just had two teenage boys in my home for the last week while they attended a football camp. As a grandmother in her 70’s I had forgotten what that was like, but I thoroughly enjoyed it!
    As for Zipfizz, I did not give them any, and there was no access to colas etc. at the camp where they went. They did have access to gatorade and water whenever they needed it. Most teens do drink a lot of soda pop and mostly the kind with caffeine and sugar.


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