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ZMA Elite by All American EFX is a testosterone builder with all-natural ingredients. All American EFX promotes many bodybuilding products, several of which work to boost testosterone. In addition to the All American EFX line there is a line of supplements created with the Flex Wheeler name. All American EFX does not offer a free trial of the supplement. The main page of the website lists contact information, but that information is not listed on the product page for ZMA Elite. Most testosterone builders include natural sex drive boosters instead of prohormones. Most prohormones were outlawed for use in supplements in 2005. Supplement companies are still trying to find a viable alternative – with little luck. Supplement facts are listed on the official website, but their location is hidden under the “Tests” tab.

List of Ingredients

Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin B6.

Product Features

All American EFX did not even bother using natural libido boosters in place of prohormones for this supplement. The only ingredients are zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6. These ingredients are supposed to increase free testosterone in men and women. We did find some information that low zinc levels are associated with reduced sex drive. Naturalists suggest supplementing with Zinc to counteract low fatigue, as well. Zinc can be toxic at high doses and can cause side effects at low doses. With intakes as low as 100 mg per day, zinc may interfere with copper absorption and iron absorption. The RDA for Zinc is 15 mg but this supplement supplies 90 mg – in addition to the zinc consumed through food intake.

Magnesium will not boost testosterone levels but it may cause diarrhea. Magnesium is often included in calcium supplements because calcium causes constipation. There is a suggestion on the ZMA Elite label not to take with dairy or calcium products.

Vitamin B6 helps convert food to energy. There is no link between testosterone, free testosterone or available testosterone and Vitamin B6.

All American EFX has produced a supplement that could not be more ineffective for boosting testosterone levels. The zinc included in the supplement could be very dangerous, especially if the users is light or eats plenty of zinc rich foods. Multivitamins often include zinc so the 90 mg could quickly add up to more than 100 mg and 100 mg has been proven to cause copper and iron deficiency.

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  • Ingredients listed online.


  • Zinc can be deadly.
  • None of the ingredients will increase testosterone.


The high levels of zinc in ZMA Elite are just too dangerous for a bodybuilder or dieter. With an RDA of 15 mg and the chance of death associated with taking too much Zinc, we suggest dieters skip this supplement.

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