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What do you want your dietary supplement to do for you? This is a crucial question that should be addressed before you choose a weight loss formula to aid you with fat reduction. We are now going to scrutinize the product ZMA Fuel. This will give you some insight as to what this supplement is claimed to do. In short, ZMA aims to boost muscle strength and endurance for workouts, while increasing recovery time and minimizing muscle cramps/injuries. It sells online for $16.99 (90 capsules).

Some sites that offer ZMA Fuel also display responses from men and women who have used the supplement. However, not all of them are positive. In regards to warnings, this product should not be taken by individuals under the age of 18. Furthermore, ZMA Fuel may increase the user’s testosterone levels, which can lead to some other undesirable effects on the body.

List of Ingredients

Magnesium, Zinc, Vitamin B6, Gelatin, MCT, Purified Water, Cellulose, and Magnesium Stearate.

Product Features

ZMA Fuel is a capsule formula that was developed by Twinlab, which is a company that specializes in fitness supplements. Primarily Twinlab focuses on muscle gaining formulas and fat minimizing products. As for ZMA Fuel, this is a formula that endeavors to do the following; improve alertness, increase muscle strength, minimize cramping and pulled muscles during exercise, decrease water retention, encourage relaxation, and promote muscle healing and overall recover after workouts. As you may have guessed, ZMA is a supplement that is intended for users who exercise regularly. It is supposed to compliment a fitness regimen. This product contains key ingredients like Zinc, which aids with the healing process. Magnesium is another main ingredient, but it is known for decreasing oxygen delivery to the user’s muscle tissue. This component is also touted for heightening endurance, relaxation, and even muscle power. As far as directions for ZMA Fuel go, men should take this supplement daily in doses of three capsules, while women should take only two capsules daily. It is recommended that this formula be taken about an hour before bedtime on an empty stomach.

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  • Products such as ZMA Fuel may aid with muscle growth and recovery.
  • Warnings for this supplement formula are clearly posted where it is sold.


  • Although there are some consumer reviews for ZMA, not all of them are positive.
  • There are no ingredients in this product to promote thermo genesis.
  • ZMA Fuel does not appear to suppress hunger.
  • No clinical data is provided to support this formula.


When all is said and done, ZMA Fuel is more of a muscle-building and recovery supplement than it is a weight loss product. This is certainly something to keep in mind when you are shopping around for the right supplement formula. If you are seeking out a product to aid with weight reduction, you should consider some of the many others on the market today.

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2 User Reviews about ZMA

  • 1
    john mccoy

    hi i’m a 74 year old male, i have taking zma for about 4 months as a sleep aid ?and energy boost….over the last month i have become lethargic….weak muscles irritable and very tired…..could this be a side effect? my doc thinks it may be anemia as my hemoglobin count is a bit low and i am prone to iron deficiency……do you have a view on this……could it be zma ? have you come across this before as of tonite ,when it crossed my mind it could be the cause i have stopped taking them iwould welcome your opinion sincerely j b mccoy


  • 2
    Randy Foster

    How long does it take to feel the effect of ZMA ? I workout therr or more times a week. Im not a power lifter, but I need an energy boost to for my job.