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ZN-MG-B6 is a supplement from Tested Essentials. The product description, though extremely too short, explains the basics of how the supplement is supposed to work. According to Tested Essentials, ZN-MG-B6 supports muscle recovery after a workout. There are many supplements available in the United States with Zinc and Magnesium – the ZN and MG in the supplement name – that make the same claims. The vitamin B6 is just added for support, according to Tested Essentials.

List of Ingredients


  • Vitamin B6
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc

Product Features

Vitamin B6, like all other B vitamins, is quickly processed by the human body. The dieter may recognize the signs of expelling extra B vitamins after taking a multivitamin when urine changes color. The short half-life means the body uses up all the B vitamins it needs almost immediately and sheds the rest in urine output. Dieters can take massive amounts of B vitamins with no negative side effects, but the body will only use what it needs.

Zinc is an important mineral that many people associate with immune system function. When you get a cold you reach for Zinc to shorten the cold’s lifespan and improve healing time. Zinc is also associated with cell function and repair, which could be the reason ZN-MG-B6 claims the supplement supports muscle recovery.

Magnesium is considered the go-to mineral when the body is under high levels of stress. While some consumers considered stress to be a negative thing, the body sees extreme exercise as stress and exercise is great for the body. Magnesium is required in more than 350 reactions the body completed every day so supplementing when you’re an intense athlete may by vital to performance.

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  • The ingredients for ZN-MG-B6 are listed online.
  • The supplement includes two crucial minerals for athletic performance and recovery.


  • Zinc and magnesium supplements are available in the United States.
  • The shipping and handling charges from an international company spike the cost of ZN-MG-B6.


Supplements equivalent to ZN-MG-B6 are available in the United States. Dieters who want to support athletic or exercise performance with zinc and magnesium can purchase the supplements individually or as a combination supplement are nearly every vitamin store for a fraction of the Tested Essentials price. The vitamin B6 in ZN-MG-B6 is not necessarily needed as the same amount of the vitamin may be consumed as part of your daily multivitamin. Check your multivitamin and labels of other supplements you are currently taking before jumping into a supplement lie ZN-MG-B6.

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