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What You Should Know

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The Znaturalfoods.com website sells a long list of powders, oils, teas, nuts and seeds. The company has a category dedicated to appetite control and weight loss. Each category has fewer than 30 products and most are natural powders that can be added to salads, yogurts and smoothies. Most of the powders are available in bulk, but the prices are rather steep – so the dieter could spend $10 to $30 for one pound of powder. With more than 20 powders that adds up to more than $600 for supplements. Dieters certainly don’t need to purchase every one of the powders or products available in the weight loss category on Znaturalfoods.com and to be honest, none are offered specifically for weight loss.

If you plan on purchasing products from Znaturalfoods.com, you can choose to call the company or place an order online. We did not find mention of a free trial for any of the supplements, but there is an offer of free shipping if more than $75 is ordered at one time.

List Of Ingredients


  • Supplements, powders and other natural foods for improved health and diet support.

Product Features

Znaturalfoods.com offers many products, but for the sake of weight loss we narrowed down the product like to appetite control and weight loss categories. There are only a few whole foods available and most are in powder form. The powders can be added to foods and baked goods as desired to add vitamins, nutrients, minerals, macronutrients and micronutrients. We were rather impressed with some of the powders, especially the Green Power Powder and Activated Barley Powder, but other products were pretty dull and common, like the Acai Powder.

If the dieter is looking for weight loss supplement with caffeine and other proven ingredients, they won’t find them at Znaturalfoods.com. The website is dedicated to food products, not supplements for weight loss. You will find some of the powders used in weight loss supplements, however.

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  • You can order $75 of products and get free shipping.
  • Some of the supplements available on Znaturalfoods.com can support overall health and a holistic diet.
  • Low-glycemic foods are available for low-glycemic dieters.


  • There are no testimonials for the products that claim to support weight loss.
  • No before and after photos.
  • No free trials.
  • No reviews telling the dieter how the powders and food products taste.
  • The dedicated weight loss and appetite suppression categories do not like clinical trials.


The products on the Znaturalfoods.com website are whole foods, not supplements. Though some of the whole foods are used as supplements, we did not find any ingredients that would have a definitive impact on weight loss. Losing weight is a complex process. You have to eat right, move right and supplement right. When all things come together, you lose weight, but you don’t have to buy some expensive powders to make weight loss a reality.

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