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Some diets and weight loss programs emphasize the importance of cutting certain foods out of your eating plan, while others focus on including specific foods or supplements. Well, there is one approach to weight reduction called the Zone 123 program, and it involves recipes for “healthy” foods that can aid you with weight loss and reduced inflammation. According to the founder of The Zone Diet, Dr. Sears, inflammation is a root cause of weight gain. There is an official Zone 123 website that dieters can refer to for recipes and information pertaining to this diet program.

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Zone 123 is a diet program that substitutes “zone foods” for less healthy foods you commonly enjoy. There is also a supplement involved with this weight loss system. This product is Omega RX, which is an omega-3 concentrate. It is directed to be taken in order to dilute “toxic fat” in your blood stream. Apparently toxic fat is a primary cause of weight gain and poor health (leads to inflammation). A second supplement that is incorporated into the Zone 123 approach is Zone Polyphenols. As you may already know, polyphenols are found in fruits like grapes, and they combat free radicals, which can be wonderful for your health.

With the Zone 123 program, men and women are supposed to be able to restore a healthy balance to their bodies. In return, inflammation is decreased, and excess body weight comes off. While the official Zone website is one aspect of this diet program, there are also books available, as well as Zone 123 snacks, and numerous recipes to assist you with cooking healthy at home. A few other “Zone” diets to choose from are the original Dr. Sears Zone Diet, The Soy Zone Diet, and Zone Delivery.

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  • The Zone 123 approach helps you steer clear of refined sugars and bad fats.
  • There are plenty of recipes provided.
  • This diet program may help reduce inflammation.


  • There is no fitness regimen incorporated with Zone 123.
  • Some dieters may not care for the recipes provided in this program.
  • The fact that there are four different Zone diets may be confusing.
  • No solid clinical research or support is provided.
  • This program limits fruit in your diet.


Overall, Zone 123 appears to be a unique and interesting approach to losing weight. The concept of inflammation being the cause of weight gain is not mentioned with many other programs. While this may be true to some degree, there is still no exercise program mentioned for Zone 123. Also, the fact that this diet program is one of four different Zone diets is a little confusing. You should be sure to compare the Zone 123 approach to several other weight loss methods before making a decision.

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