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Editor's Review: 3.4 / 5.0

What You Need To Know

Zone Pilates is a workout regimen frequently marketed in infomercials that includes video tapes and a “sculptor” bar. The purpose of Zone Pilates is to simplify the Pilates system of exercise and make it easier with no extensive equipment.

Pilates is a system of exercise developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920′s to help rehabilitate wounded soldiers returning from the war. Pilates focuses on the connections between body and mind. It incorporates breathing, balance, and focus as part of a combined approach to strength and health. Sometimes, extensive equipment is used to help the exercises.

Zone Pilates uses a sculptor bar to accomplish resistance in the exercises. The videos provide several short workouts that can be repeated or used in combination. Zone Pilates breaks the body into three zones and you work a different zone every day for short periods of time. The three zones are arms & shoulders, abs, and thighs and buns.

The Zone Pilates website is basic and does not appear to be very informative. We would have been more impressed if the website included some clips from the video or other information on the purpose of pilates. The website offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on the system. We like to see such a guarantee offered as it shows that the company stands behind its product. It also gives customers assurance when purchasing to know that they can return it and get their money back if the product doesn’t live up to the hype.

One feature of the Zone Pilates system that we were disappointed in was the auto-ship feature. Unless you opt out, the company will ship you vitamins every 30 days and charge your credit card automatically. The website says very little about the ingredients or quality of the vitamins or about the program in general. We find that the most complaints about ordering exercise or nutritional items over the internet come from auto-ship programs.

Customer feedback on the internet is mixed. Many customers feel that the sculptor bar is difficult to maneuver and can be uncomfortable or even painful to use. Some feel that the video workouts are too short and have to be queued up frequently, breaking the rhythm of the workout. Some customers think that it gives a full Pilates-style workout at home.

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  • Can do workout at home with no further equipment.
  • Money-back guarantee offered.


  • Product sold on auto-ship program.
  • Some customers find the sculptor bar awkward and uncomfortable.
  • Video workouts are short and need to be re-queued frequently.


Zone Pilates may work well for those who want a Pilates workout without having to go to the gym. The program itself has dropped from around $30 to around $10 which could suggest that it is not selling very well. That could be due to its auto-ship philosophy. We find that most consumers do not wish to have things sent to them automatically and be billed for them. If you are already practicing Pilates, this workout may seem too simplistic but if you are just starting out, it may have some benefits.

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