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What You Should Know

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Even for veteran dieters, pinpointing the right weight loss supplement can be challenging. After all, new ones are hitting the market all the time. Naturally it pays to know what you are getting into with each diet formula. This is why we created this review for Zoplex. If you have yet to hear of this weight loss supplement, you may actually be too late. After searching online, it appears that Zoplex is no longer on the market.

Zoplex is a supplement that seems to be made up primarily of stimulants. Not only does it contain Yerba Mate, but it is also infused with Green Tea Extract, which is a form of caffeine. Although some people believe these stimulants will improve fat burning, they are more likely to cause side effects like jitteriness. In short, this diet pill is claimed to assist users with shedding up to two pounds a week on average.

List of Ingredients

Vitamin B6, Folic Acid, Calcium, Green Tea Extract (caffeine), Yerba Mate (contains Theophylline), L-Tyrosine, Velvet Bean Extract, and 5-HTP (L-5-Hydroxy-Triptophan).

Product Features

Zoplex is a product developed to aid men and women with weight reduction. It was created by one Dr. Paul Rivas, M.D. This dietary supplement is stated to be all natural and free of animal ingredients. Once the dieter begins taking Zoplex, he or she can potentially drop up to five pounds in the first week. A few of the core ingredients incorporated into this diet pill are Yerba Mate (acts as a stimulant), 5-HTP (has a chemical reaction in the brain, which increases serotonin to minimize cravings), and Green Tea Extract (this provides caffeine, and is a stimulant). Zoplex is directed to be taken up to four times a day (once before each major meal, and also once in the morning when you wake up). One to two capsules can be taken each time with water. Unfortunately there is no price posted for Zoplex.

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  • Like most weight loss supplements on the market today, Zoplex is sold in a convenient capsule form.
  • The main ingredients for this diet drug are listed out online for review.


  • Zoplex appears to no longer be available for purchase.
  • This weight loss product contains more than one stimulant and form of caffeine, which can lead to jitteriness and nervousness in some users.
  • There are no testimonials provided to support Zoplex.
  • Unlike some weight loss pills, this one does not increase the user’s metabolism.


When all is said and done, Zoplex is simply one of the many weight loss products that seem to be discontinued at this point. While this product may have been created by a physician, this does not mean that it works effectively, or is safe to use. It is prudent to take a look at some of the various other weight loss supplements that are still available for purchase.

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