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Zrii Review - Does This Nutritional Juice System Work? Are cost and lack of results deal breakers?

Editor's Review: 2.9 / 5.0

zrii-product-imageZrii is a nutritional juice with some good ingredients, and a lot of people are boasting incredible results, so we decided to take a look for ourselves. In this review, we looked at the ingredients, side effects, pricing, customer service, and research behind this product. We also read dozens of customer reviews and comments from verified users and compiled what we found into a condensed review that gives you the info you need about Zrii.

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What You Need to Know

Zrii has a few key ingredients, including turmec, jujube, amalaki, ginger, haritaki, and more. These are supposedly superfoods that date back over 5,000 years and are meant for cellular rejuvenation, improved digestion, improved circulation, and calmed nerves. The juice is also designed to help improve the overall health of several internal organs. The drink is easy to take and can be taken anywhere, so it is convenient for those with busy or active lifestyles.
Zrii was designed by Bill Farley in Rhode Island in the early 2000s. The product has been around for several years, which is a good sign, and the grape flavor seems to be appealing to some, but read on…

Price–“Just Ridiculous”

Once we started researching Zrii, it immediately became apparent that Zrii was part of a multilevel marketing scheme. The drinks are only available from distributors in the Zrii network, which adds to the cost, and they can be difficult to find and order. In addition to that, the bottles cost over $50 for just 25 ounces. “Many people tout the effectiveness of these drinks and have seen results by drinking 1 ounce, 3 times per day,” said our research editor. “But at that rate, these drinks will cost you over $180 per month.”
“My first bottle was given to me by a friend that distributes Zrii. I saw some results, but the bottle was gone within a week. Then I went to order one and found out the price, it’s just ridiculous how much they charge for juice,” said one user.
“The bottle only lasts about a week, so be ready to spend close to $200 a month for this,” said another.

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Lack of Results–Another Concern

Because Zrii wasn’t designed specifically for weight loss, many people have seen little to no results with this formula. The ingredients do have some health benefits that have been proven in scientific studies, but weight loss is not one of them. “I did feel better after taking Zrii, but the weight loss claims are simply untrue; I didn’t lose a single pound,” said one customer.
“This tastes ok, but I haven’t lost any weight; these are a waste of money,” said another. Many customers did have some good things to say, but there were very few reviews that mentioned weight loss as one of the benefits: “I felt better overall, but I’m still overweight and I’m not losing weight with Zrii,” said another Zrii customer.
Our research into weight loss products has shown that when there is something particularly troublesome or difficult about a weight loss program (negative side effects, lack of results, painful exercise routine, etc.), the likelihood of sustained results is slim. If Zrii really doesn’t have any weight loss benefits, it could make it difficult to achieve your health and fitness goals with their juices.

The Science–Solid?

Zrii boasts a product “5000 years in the making,” and there is some science behind the ingredients and their benefit to overall health. Zrii does seem to have some benefit to heart health, digestion, and more, but there is no research supporting it as a weight loss supplement. Unfortunately, this product was not designed to help people lose weight, so it’s just an overpriced fruit drink that has minimal weight loss benefits. Without science proving that it will help our readers lose weight, we find it difficult to recommend this product. Combined with the sketchy nature of MLM businesses, the lack of availability of this product, and the high price, we see plenty of red flags with Zrii.

The Bottom Line–Does Zrii Work?

We do like that Zrii has been around for several years, that there does seem to be some support that Zrii is good for overall health, and that it has an appealing taste. Unfortunately, without the science proving that it will help with weight loss, we can’t add this product to our list of recommended weight loss supplements. We’re also concerned about the extremely high price, the fact that it’s only available from Zrii distributors, and some of the poor reviews that we read online.
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How Does Zrii Compare?

Previous Zrii Review (Updated November 4, 2014):

What You Should Know

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Zrii is a product that is being promoted as a product that can help to improve your overall health, along with the possibility of helping you to lose weight. This product was created by a man named Bill Farley who is from a place called Pawtucket, Rhode Island. This is a drink that is said may be used as a supplement in a healthy lifestyle. Life Shotz also makes this same claim with a number of complementary variations. In this review we will go over the information that has been made available to us so that we can try to determine if this product may actually be used as a weight loss supplement.


We were able to find what may be considered to be a list of ingredients found in the Zrii drink. This list consists of the following : Amalaki, Ginger, Turmec, Jujube, Schizandra, and Haritaki. Each of these ingredients appear to have a different function.

The Amalaki is said to be a super food that may be found within the Himalayan regions. It is supposed to be a small fruit that is meant for promoting cellular rejuvenation. The ginger, in this case, may be used for helping the body to improve digestion, just as Perfect Biotics claims to aid in gut health. Turmec is said to have the ability to be able to compliment circulation and digestion. The Jujube has been known to calm nerves in some instances. Haritaki is said to be capable of nourishing the heart, liver, and kidneys.

Product Features

Zrii appears to be one of the many nutritional drink fads that are hitting the market today. While it is not necessarily being promoted as a weight loss supplement, although there are some people who have made claims that this product has helped them to lose weight, although the product was likely incorporated into an overall weight-loss regimen including exercise and diet changes. This Idea is not unique to Zrii as other employ the same method of health like Trufix. This product is actually being promoted as a beverage that can be added to your diet and become a part of your healthy lifestyle. It has been mentioned that the actual name Zrii could mean 2 different things. The first definition is that it is a Hindu word that means light, luster, beauty, good fortune, prosperity, and wealth. Then, it also refers to the Hindu goddess of wealth who is named Zrii.

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  • This product appears to contain no preservatives.
  • There have been reviews that state that Zrii may have a good taste.
  • Appears to contain all natural ingredients.


  • Only available through people who are involved in this particular multi -level marketing company.
  • There has been no scientific proof that has been presented to us that can back up the theory that the Zrii drink may be a possible weight loss agent.
  • More of a trendy general health drink than a weight loss aid.


Although this particular product may actually be good for your overall health, there are still doubts about Zrii having the capability of being used as a weight loss supplement. First, the company themselves have never claimed this. Second, it contains nothing that has ever been scientifically proven to help aid in weight reduction. It appears as though if you are just looking for a good healthy drink then you may have found a good one, but you may not want to count on it as being a weight loss supplement.

18 User Reviews About Zrii

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  • 1
    Constantine Young

    Personally tested the 4 bottle of amalaki, Tasted Great. Energy Booster, lost around 4kg.


  • 2

    Amalaki does aid in weightloss! my husband took it for 10 days and lost masses of weight and his blood sugar levels also dropped from 26 to a normal 6.5 in 10 days, it is now stable in the 6s. if i could add before and after pics on here i would. not only weightloss but high energy levels, amazing sleep. my special needs son who has been on lactulose for 5 years for constipation and he bleeds when pooping, was taken off lactulose aftr 7 days on amalaki and he is now a pooping machine! my daughter who has a damaged pituitary gland form a car accident, who pees constantly, is now peeing much less. so really, truthfully this stuff works and it works fast!!!!


  • 3
    phyllis emery

    I just want to change my next months order & can’t get to that screen. Please Help!!!!!!!


  • 4

    This product is a NEW AGE product named after a false god Zrii. It teaches people how to salute this false god on its website. The Lady in the chair looks like a witch, look at her shoes. Weird. I would think that this is a good product just stay away from the worshiping part.


  • 5

    Im about to start wit the Purify, and cant wait to see results! My brother in law took it and lost 10 lbs in seven days. He’s now on the Amalaki juice and I myself can clearly see his results, hes more energetic, sleeps better at nighht, and well is still shedding off those lbs. i’ll keep updating once im done with my detox week! yay! :)


    Your Name

    Lisa….I met a woman on fb …gave me a whole bs story…Your going to make $$$ …however not true…I have to pay…she tried to say …it’s soooo easy…not true…Where do I find customers to buy expensive products not proven to do anything…no scientific proof….bull sh÷t….so what’s better thsn Zrii…a balanced diet…exercise…and good genes…now thats easy…cant stand these companies…


  • 6

    what does zrii cost?


    Gerson Geronimo


    Zrii has different products. But Zrii Amalaki has a cost of $35+shipping/tax for a bottle that lasts you for aprox 15 days. You can contact me and I can give you all the info you need. No pressure. Have a blessed one!


  • 7



    Your Name

    I have never had a prob with them or getting the help when I needed it.



    Where are you from ?


  • 8

    without zrii i would not have a mother today. the doctors could not explain why she was alive and said that it had to be the zrii… and the zrii is not the weight loss agent. the nutriveda product is the weight loss product. and mikep this is not a scam. i have seen it in real life i have seen the effects of the product and i have nothing bad to say about the company or the product. do your research.


  • 9

    your site states that this ZRII is mostly found by people involved in MLM but you can find this product on The Chopra Center (Deepak Chopra) site; he’s a well known and highly respected MD with many metaphysical publications.



    who cares that chopra endorsed this product – multi level marketing speaks for itself – this is just another scam


  • 10

    Zrii is awesome and has changed my life…i can now sleep through the night and i wake up without my back hurting. Because of Zrii i can now do daily activities and not be in any pain. The weight loss comes from NutriiVeda (a shake) and my girlfriend lost 8 pounds in 3 weeks supplementing 1 meal a day!! And the flavors taste great!



    I would like to order some but don’t know how or who to get from.


    Diana Block

    I know this post is a few years old, but let me know if you’d like to purchase the juice.


  • 11
    sandra pickering

    Have you done research on NutriiVeda, the weight loss protein powder that Zrii has introduced?


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