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Zuccarin is a mulberry-extract that may prevent carbohydrates from breaking down during digestion. Typically, carbohydrates are broken into tiny pieces and utilize as a primary source of fuel. The body burns carbohydrates quickly, so glucose levels spike and then fall rapidly. If glucose falls too rapidly, the brain signals hunger because the body wants more simple carbohydrates for easy fuel. When a supplement stops carbohydrates from breaking into small pieces, digestion slows and glucose levels are controlled. There is mention of clinical studies proving the active ingredient in Zuccarin works as claimed, but none of these studies are referenced on the official website.

Zuccarin is formulated and sold by New Nordic. The company also sells Chili Burn.

List of Ingredients


  • Morus alba L. – White Mulberry.

Product Features

New Nordic claims the white mulberry in Zuccarin will prevent carbohydrates from breaking down, thus controlling blood glucose. While there are no clinical references in the product description, there is a dedicated section that lists multiple research studies. Studies have been completed on both humans and lab rats. Journals noted include Nutrition and Metabolism, Diabetes Care, Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitaminology and Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry. We did find studies listed on the National Institutes of Health website.

It appears that the active ingredient in Zuccarin is clinically proven have an effect on blood glucose, but none of the studies expressly mentions weight loss. We know that glucose levels have an impact on hunger, which is why so many weight loss supplements include ingredients to control glucose reaction as appetite suppressants. So, Zuccarin may help the dieter control appetite, but that is not the only important aspect of weight loss.

If a dieter does not eat a reduced calorie diet and exercise, weight loss will not occur. Even if Zuccarin does reduce hunger, if the dieter eats foods containing large amounts of fat or simple sugars, weight will continue to be a problem. This supplement needs to be taken with a healthy diet to promote weight loss. New Nordic mentions the need for a good diet and exercise program.

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  • Clinically proven to control blood glucose response.
  • Contains no filler ingredients.
  • Available from the manufacturer.
  • Clinical studies are listed on the official website.


  • Will not promote weight loss if the dieter does not choose a healthy menu and exercise regularly.
  • Does not contain ingredients to boost metabolism.


There are multiple aspects to permanent weight loss. Hunger is one of the most common complaints and Zuccarin may help control hunger. With hunger in check, the dieter needs to make healthy choices in order to lose weight and keep the weight off. There is no mention of long-term use.

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    Kaylene Orecutt

    I tried Mulberry Zuccarin for three weeks. I was 155lb and in that 3weeks I went up to 174 This is not good my diet did not change or my life style. I am know longer using this product becasue it failed me.