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Although you will not have any difficulty finding a diet pill or supplement today, you may have some trouble pinpointing one that works. As you have probably guessed, there are many weight loss products out there that fail to produce the results they are claimed to. The key is to learn as much as you can before taking any of them. Now we will take a closer look at Zyatrim. This may be one of the few weight reduction pills that is actually claimed to destroy fat cells.

Even though the sales pitches for Zyatrim vary, this product is basically supposed to boost the user’s metabolism, kill fat cells, and increase energy levels. More specifically, Zyatrim may increase the release of both dopamine and norepinepherine in the body. Although there appears to be several stimulants found in this weight loss product, it is not supposed to cause jitteriness. In regards to a diet and fitness regimen, there is nothing mentioned for Zyatrim. This product should not be taken by individuals under the age of 18.

List of Ingredients

Acacia Rigidula, Methylsynephrine, Phenylethylamine HCL, Cassis Nomame Extract, Theobromine, Yohimbe and EGCG (an extract from green tea).

Product Features

Zyatrim is a weight loss supplement that comes in pill form. Although it is known as a popular Hollywood weight loss secret, it apparently came from France. Like so many other diet drugs, this one is pitched as a revolutionary breakthrough. It is claimed to kill off fat cells in your body. In other words, unwanted fat is actually obliterated by Zyatrim. It contains core ingredients like Acacia Rigidula (may help with fat burning), Methylsynephrine (this is a stimulant), Yohimbe (this is another stimulant), and Theobromine (a form of caffeine). Zyatrim sells for $50, and is directed to be taken daily with water. According to some websites that sell this diet product, it is offered with a 60-day guarantee.

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  • There is a 60-day guarantee provided with Zyatrim.
  • The primary active ingredients for this product are presented online.


  • There is no real clinical data offered to support this diet drug.
  • The pitch for Zyatrim (killing fat cells) comes across as extreme and unbelievable.
  • There are no customer reviews presented for this weight loss pill.
  • Some dieters may have negative reactions to certain key ingredients found in Zyatrim.
  • This product does not aim to boost thermo genesis.


In the end, it is clear that Zyatrim is hyped a great deal. This is one of the few weight loss pills that is actually claimed to kill body fat. However, there is very little support for this claim. Furthermore, Zyatrim appears to be loaded down with stimulants, which may not be very beneficial when it comes to weight loss.

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