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One of the many supplement brands available today is Zydot Unlimited Inc. This name has been around since 1987, and is probably best known for the Ultimate Blend (The Original Detox Drink Mix). However, this company also offers other products, such as the Ultimate Blend 24 Pus, ExpelIt Rapid Body Cleansing Capsules, Ultra Clean Shampoo and Conditioner, and Natural Blend Cleansing Natural Tea.

As you can see, Zydot Unlimited Inc. is primarily focused on internal cleansing. Their products are mainly pitched as supplements that can assist users with flushing toxins out of their bodies. In turn, this may assist with anything from increased immune system health, weight loss, cancer prevention, and heightened energy levels. All Zydot Unlimited Inc. products can be acquired directly through the official website. However, there are no reviews posted from men and women who have used these products. Also, Zydot Unlimited Inc. supplements do not appear to be ideal for real fat loss.

List of Ingredients

A full list is not provided on the official website.

Product Features

Zydot Unlimited Inc. is a small line of health supplements for both women and men. One of these products is Ultimate Blend The Original Detox. This beverage formula contains key ingredients like Creatine and B Vitamins. It is claimed to cleanse the user’s digestive system and body by flushing out harmful toxins. Ultimate Blend comes in flavors like wild cherry, orange, and star fruit. In order for this liquid cleanser to work properly, the user should not consume a lot of water for two hours prior to drinking The Original Detox Drink. A large meal should also be avoided (but for four hours prior to drinking this beverage). So essentially, users are directed to drink a 16-ounce glass of water, followed by Ultimate Blend. Just be sure to shake it well before consuming this beverage, and be certain to drink it all down. Afterwards you will urinate a few times in order to flush out toxins.

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  • A money-back guarantee is offered with Zydot Unlimited Inc. products.
  • Users are encouraged to drink water, which is good for the body.


  • Not all ingredients for Zydot Unlimited Inc. products are revealed.
  • The process of drinking internal cleansing beverages like Ultimate Blend may be a hassle for some dieters (there is a process involved).
  • The cost of The Original Detox Drink is pretty high at $41.50 for a single pack.
  • Some unknown ingredients could cause allergic reactions in some users.


If you are searching high and low for an internal cleansing supplement, then Zydot Unlimited Inc. may be the company to check out. However, if you are a dieter seeking out a weight loss supplement to assist you with trimming away fat and burning off calories, then you should consider looking at some of the other products on the diet market today.

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3 User Reviews about Zydot Unlimited Inc

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    Average Joe

    I was a heavy pot smoker for nearly 15 years and had to give up as I wanted to get a better job. I am reasonably healthy, good metabolism and was off the weed for 26 days. During this time I was doing regular exercise, drinking loads of water, going to the gym, even sweating it out in the sauna after a good 10 min run on the treadmill and taking up a 7 day detox on day 10 thinking I could do this naturally. It was coming up just days before my pre-employment medical and I was still testing positive using a standard MJ dip test.
    I bought the Zydot Expel-It rapid body cleansing capsules as I didn’t think I was going to be able to pass naturally and I felt confident that they would get me over the line.
    NOT THE CASE…. I followed the instructions to the word, getting up early to start smashing the water in preparation… IT DID NOTHING…. I performed a test 90 minutes after taking the tabs (product claims to reach maximum effectiveness after 60 min) and I was still positive. I could not risk it, I had to use a sample from a mate who was clean and sneak it in which got me a pass. I had one more dip test that I used as soon as I got home (3 hours after taking tabs) and I was still positive for MJ. If I relied upon this product I would have failed for sure…..
    Only way to pass a test is to take a substitute sample in or be off the MJ for a lot longer if you are a heavy smoker like I was…..


  • 2
    Tom Norris

    I have used zydot ultimate blend and the Ultra Clean shampoo for employment screenings and was very satisfied with the results. Having a job and being able to pay your bills is good for your health!!!


    Your Name

    I used the drink about 90 minutes before the test and had smoked less than 48 hrs prior and taken Oxy less than 24 hrs and passed. You have to drink a guart about 90 min prior which I did and I must say I was in severe distress waiting to perform my test but it worked.