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Zyflamend is a supportive supplement sold by New Chapter. The product is sold to reduce inflammation and support heart and joint health. Obesity is a constant state of inflammation, which is one of the more common reasons why overweight and obese dieters have trouble exercising. Until enough weight is lost to reduce inflammation on joints and connective tissue, the dieter may need to adopt an anti-inflammation diet and take supplements to reduce inflammation. We like the product description and ingredient set-up on the official website for New Chapter, but the company does not list testimonials or clinical research supporting supplements. This is a huge oversight as some of the formulas listed on the website contain proven ingredients.

List of Ingredients

Rosemary Leaf, Turmeric Extract, Ginger Extract, Holy Basil Extract, Green Tea Leaf Extract, Hu Zhuang Extract, Chinese Goldthread Extract, Barberry Extract, Oregano Leaf Extract and Baikal Skullcap Extract.

Product Features

Just because Zyflamend is not a weight loss supplement does not mean it does not support dieters trying to lose weight. Multi-vitamins, for instance, offer general health support so dieters stay healthy enough to maintain a diet and lose more weight. The same can be said for Zyflamend. The ingredients in the supplement are included for joint and heart support. There are natural anti-inflammatory ingredients and antioxidants. There are no stimulants so dieters do not have to worry about the formula interacting with a weight loss supplement.

Interestingly, green tea is included in Zyflamend as an antioxidant. Although there is only 100 mg of green tea, this is enough to support total green tea intake for weight loss. Ginger is another common ingredient in weight loss supplements. Ginger calms the stomach and may help improve digestion.

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  • All ingredients are listed for Zyflamend.
  • The supplement includes a small amount of green tea.
  • Supplies a good source of omega fatty acids with olive oil.
  • Supports heart and joints.


  • Does not contain stimulants or appetite suppressants.
  • No testimonials are listed on the New Chapter website.
  • New Chapter does not sell the supplements on the official website.
  • No clinical testing for any of the supplement ingredients.


Just because a company formulates a supplement for one reason does not mean it cannot offer additional health benefits. While most dieters would look at Zyflamend as an anti-inflammatory supplement for joint health, we look at the fact that being overweight or obese is a constant state of inflammation. This supplement could reduce swelling and pain associated with inflammation. With less pain, the dieter may be more apt to workout or exercise daily for weight loss. The supplement also packs a bit of green tea.

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4 User Reviews about Zyflamend

  • 1

    I seem to have less pain in my joints when I take Zyflamend.


  • 2

    I notice my hair falling out since I started taking this



    Been taking this since March, it is now the end of august 2014, that is the only thing different in my ingestion=and am losing hair by the fist full. I have always had a very full head of hair and my pony tail is the diameter of a pencil. I stopped this stuff day before yesterday, I hope this solves it.


  • 3

    Will it bother your stomach if you have a gastric stomach?