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Editor's Review: 3.6 / 5.0

What you should know

According to the official website for Zylotrim, it is rated as the “number one weight loss active ingredient” by a magazine called the Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals magazine. Apart from that, the website does not really contain any other information, apart from plenty on how to purchase the weight loss supplement. According to a video on the site, you can lose up to 200% more weight by using this product, although there is no real information as to how this is actually done. It is stated that Zylotrim is 100% natural and is derived from yams in Latin America. What the rest of the ingredients are, however, is completely unknown.


The full list of ingredients for Zylotrim doesn’t seem to exist. We scoured third party reviews or even a hint at what might be in this product but all we can find is “Latin American Yams”. The main active ingredient seems to be 3-acetyl-7-oxo-dehydroepiandrosterone.

Product Features

Aside from the outrageous claims and the client testimonials, there is not a lot of information to be found regarding Zylotrim anywhere on the Internet. The ingredients are not listed which means that they cannot be validated in any studies of whether or not this weight loss supplement is efficient or not. There is a trial offer of Zylotrim available on the website, but it’s not really a trial. Instead it’s a “buy one get one free” offer.

This Zylotrim product comes in relatively cheap at $29.99 for two bottles but if the only ingredient is yams, you can usually get 5 pounds of them at your local market for around 10 bucks. We would have liked the manufacturer to give us more details about this product, how it works, and what’s in it.

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  • The official website claims that Zylotrim is 100 percent natural.
  • Very cheap. Two bottles will only cost you $29.99.


  • We have no idea what is in this product. There is no comprehensive list of ingredients anywhere that we can find.
  • This product may not contain an appetite suppressant.
  • This product may not contain a fat burner.
  • There is very little information on how this product actually helps you lose weight.
  • May cause drowsiness. (See reader comments.)


Zylotrim has a nice website and you can get two bottles of it for under $30. The big problem with this product is that we have no idea what it contains. Yams are listed but there has to be more to it than that. We can’t recommend a product that doesn’t tell us what’s in it or even hint at how it works. Instead, we recommend you find a proven weight loss supplement that isn’t afraid to disclose its ingredients and that contains an appetite suppressant as well as a fat burner.

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25 User Reviews about Zylotrim

  • 1
    Linda Corley

    I think it should be clear that if have high bp or any disease,a warning about rapid heart beat,headaches,etc.


  • 2

    Where can i find the last sold bottles of Zylotrim manufactured by Obesity Research Institute?


  • 3

    I have a full un opened bottle of zylotrim if anyone is interested. I’ll send it C.O.D. if you’re interested contact me. Never tried it, and no longer interested.


    Delilah Smith

    cheap zylotrim how much


  • 4

    I used it and it worked for me, and no side effects, I want to order more, but they are not taking any orders.



    you can buy it at walmart


  • 5

    Since I am taking the Zylotrim pills, I am having kidney problems witch I never had something like that . I stopped taking the Zylotrim, my pain stopped as well and I am seeing specialist Dr. and let see what the Dr.s are going to say . at the same time I am looking for a lawyer to consult this matter with them.



    I took this product back in 2010 when I was having weight issues, i did lose weight on it but around the same time I was hospitalized with a severe kidney infection, now I wonder if it was more than just a coincidence. This product must have some kind of harmful effect on the kidneys.


  • 6

    Need to order more of them how do I do that if I cant order them off the internet.


  • 7
    linda mckenzie

    wish i’d found this website before i spent $30.


  • 8

    This is bad


  • 9

    help, i want to know if this stuff really works? i am drinking slim fast and taking the zylotrim. is this safe?


  • 10

    Do NOT Place an order!!!
    I can get no assistance for refund as per ad


    Kim Parra

    Thanks, u probably saved me $30.00….Kim


  • 11

    i been trying this ones for two weeks

    and i barely lose 2 pounds

    but they make me freaking sleepy i don’t know why



    You are sleepy because of the “Z” in Zylotrim.



    Haha ur funny



    Hmm…I’m not a Dr but I do know the Latin yam is what is used to make bi-dentical hormone called progesterone. This is proscribed for menopausal women to help with their insomnia. Might have something to do. With it. O


  • 12

    I got a pain in lower right side of my back after I took zylotrim, should I be concerned.email me please



    if you have any pain in your lower back from any medication it would be best to consult your doctor. this can be caused from a number of problems including kidney failure watch your urine if its dark thats bad drink alot of water


  • 13

    I tried Zylotrim last year – I did lose weight and had more energy, but the weight came back. I thought I would try Avesil that is much more highly recommended. And the free trial clinched it. I’m eager to start as soon as it arrives.


  • 14
    faye shingleton

    i have been taking this and i really feel it has made me lose some weight, however, my feet and ankles have started swelling. do you think that would have anything to do with this pill i am taking.



    I had the same issue…stop taking them. You’ll lose a little bit of weight but the water retention in your ankles/feet will move and make you gain the weight back and then some.


  • 15

    why do i sleep so much since i started using zylotrim?



    hey honestly i dont know why you sleep so much but i would like to know does this product really work for you? or is is just a fake?