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What You Should Know

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Zymelite is a diet supplement created by Selmedica. In March of 2008, Perry Belcher, the owner and operator of Selmedica was arrested for “deceiving the public by selling over the internet what various websites claim to be different types of products and medical information to cure many different ailments.” As of this review, the official Zymelite website is gone along with the Selmedica website. We can only assume that all other Selmedica products are gone as well. You can still find them for sale but we encourage you to think twice before buying any of them.

Zymelite claims to help you lose weight by addressing your digestive system. Zymelite claims that improper digestion can be misdiagnosed as depression, fatigue, and many more illnesses. Zymelite says that if you are tired easily, can’t lose weight, have dull skin and acne, are moody, or you have gas, it can all be remedied if you buy this product.

List of Ingredients

Apparently the full list of ingredients for this product was never disclosed. After some digging, we found out that Zymelite contains: Lipase, Protease, Alpha Amylase, Gluco Amylase, Psyllium Seed Powder, Bromelain, Chamomile Flower Powder, Lactobaciilus Cultures, Parsley Powder, and Lavender Flower Powder.

This isn’t a complete or official list, but rather a list compiled by researching the product intensely and checking many reputable websites for information.

Product Features

We really don’t have a lot to work with in this department. Lipase is an enzyme that may help your body breakdown fats so they can be absorbed into the body or properly digested. Protease breaks down proteins but also works as a toxin eliminator. All of the various flower powders aren’t very well known but don’t seem like they would be harmful.

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  • None.


  • The creator of this product was sued and had to pay thousands of dollars in fines.
  • This product may not be available for purchase.
  • This product and it’s manufacturer seem to have the worst reputation we’ve encountered on the internet.
  • Zymelite contains no proven weight loss ingredients.


It’s fairly obvious to use that those seeking an herbal diet aid should avoid Zymelite at all costs. We are very concerned that you can’t find the full list of ingredients posted anywhere and the fact that the creator of this product has faced litigation over health products should be enough of a warning sign to discourage anyone from buying Zymelite or any other Selmedica products. We recommend sticking to a well known product that combines a powerful appetite suppressant, such as Hoodia Gordonii, with a good fat burner. Use caution when taking any diet supplements and if you have any questions about them that the manufacturer can’t answer, be sure to consult your physician.

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