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6 Week Body Makeover Review

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By Summer Banks Feb 14, 2017

What You Should Know

6 Week Body Makeover is a weight loss program developed by Michael Thurmond, who is a quoted to be a “master body sculptor and weight loss expert.” Some of his methods are used on the TV reality show “Extreme Makeover.” As far as this weight reduction program goes, it can be broken down into three different steps. These include: Step One – figure out your blueprint; Step Two – create your makeover plan; Step Three – start your makeover. There is a convenient FAQ section presented on the official website to assist dieters. Although the retail price of 6 Week Body Makeover is claimed to be $279.99, it is currently offered to men and women at a price of $119.94.

As stated on the website, by taking advantage of the 6 Week Body Makeover, users are expected to shed up to 30 pounds of unwanted weight within a six-week period. When you acquire this weight loss system, you essentially get five things including the Quick Start Program, Customized Eating Plan, Personalized 18-Mintute Body Sculpting Program, Your Customized recipes, and the Living Lean Program. There are also two “free bonuses” offered. These are the 6 Day Mini Makeover, and 24/7 Motivation & Support. There is a guarantee provided with the 6 Week Body Makeover which states that users who do not drop “up to 30 pounds” within six weeks can receive their money back.

Product Features

The 6 Week Body Makeover is a diet program or weight loss system that aims to help women and men shed excess body fat and get into better shape. By incorporating three primary steps, this program is claimed to be effective or your money back. The official website offers success stories, online forums to chat in, a customer care link, and “tools for success.” There are no diet pills taken with 6 Week Body Makeover, but regular exercise is encouraged as part of the program. Initially, a questionnaire is answered to get started with this weight loss system.

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  • There is a type of refund offered to those that are not satisfied with the 6 Week Body Makeover.
  • This dieting/fat loss program is suitable for both women and men.


  • If you look closely at the refund guarantee presented on the official website, you’ll notice that it guarantees a refund to those that fail to drop “up to 30 pounds,” which may mean that any amount lost is considered success.
  • Fat burning supplements and appetite suppressants are not incorporated with the 6 Week Body Makeover.
  • This fat loss or dieting plan is somewhat expensive at $119.94, which may be too expensive for some individuals.
  • This plan may be too strict for some individuals. (See reader comments.)


The 6 Week Body Makeover program is pitched in a similar fashion to several other weight loss plans out there today. Some dieters will appreciate the online forum support, customized eating plan, and free bonuses offered with this system. However, other dieters may not care for the cost of 6 Week Body Makeover, as well as the not-so-clear money-back guarantee. In fact, the guarantee may work as a red flag for some dieters.

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Rating: 3.6. From 56 votes.
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I started the program when I was 47. Do not let your age stop you. I lost 120 pounds and kept it off fir ten years. Now its coming back and Im getting bacjk on the program.

The 6 week body makeover is amazing!!! We have been able to eat great tasting meals of all kinds, and with eating 6 times a day, we are almost never hungry. I have lost 70 pounds in 15 weeks so far, even with being handicapped and not being able to exercise much. It is easy to follow, clear, and balanced – not one of those drugs or supplements that will turn out being bad for you 5 years from now (remember Fen-Fen?). I would recommend this program to anyone who needs to drop a good deal of weight, and likes to cook and eat.

I was 434 lbs when I started 6 week body makeover, I saw the advertisement on an infomercial late one night… What drew me in was the fact that the people in it actually told you how much they lost and how long it took…They lost a lot of weight quickly and since I’m a “Right Now” type of girl, I ordered it… In 8 months, I was down to 270 and then I plateaued… I got discouraged and I quit… The weight didn’t come back fast, it came back slowly and over a period of time… It’s 6 years later and I’m now 330 lbs… I plan on starting again, but now I’m 40 and I hear weight comes off slowly after 40…

my cards go destroyed in a flood. i am a type A and B is ther a way that i can obtain new cards. i am a diabetic and have been following this plan and i am doing so well on it please can you help me

Debi – look on Amazon and ebay. They sell parts of the program individually so you may be able to find just the cards for a very low price.

You would have to contact the company directly and order replacements. We are not affiliated with them.

I used this product in 2008. I pounds came off like butter. Within 3 months…I lost 83 lbs. I couldn’t believe that after years of different diets I found one that finally worked.

have you gained the weight back?

Nice article, thanks for posting!

I bought this program in 2011,worked awesome for me. Starting again, age creeping in and I’m an athlete, so feel the need to improve my health. 1000 times better than what I normally eat. There is nothing about this that can hurt me. Side note, I do not take the supplements/helpers.

Oh my gosh, I love this program, I just starts on Friday April 10th 2015 and I have already lost 9 pounds, I am so excited,I have a lot of weight to lose, planning to stick with it….

I tried numerous so called diet plans …
I was convinced I just had a messed up body that would not loose weight no matter what .
I went for a physical and the scale said 198 lbs !
Needless to say I flipped . I did not think I was that heavy .
I came across the infomercial for Michael Thermond’s plan .
I decided one more try to loose weight .
Well after taking the test and finding out what my body type was I started they plan .
In one week I lost almost 8 lbs .
After 7 weeks I lost 33 lbs total , not to mention inches .
I did not use anything other than food to do it .
In the beginning and until you loose the desired weight , you must be diligent and do exactly what you are told .
No cheating , no sneaking in other foods or sweets , exact measurements ( which on this is not a big deal ) and eat every 21/2 to 3 hours .
Of course you must pass this plan by your doctor before starting and get the ok that you are good to go .
My husband went on it with me and lost 25 lbs .

Generally I wouldn’t study document about websites, however would like to say that the following write-up quite forced myself to undertake that! The way with words have been stunned everyone. Cheers, pretty great write-up.

I do believe all the concepts you have offered on your post. They are very convincing and will certainly work. Nonetheless, the posts are too brief for starters. May you please extend them a bit from next time? Thanks for the post.

I have done the 6 week body makeover multiple times. I don’t follow it strictly (I use a bit of salt and allow myself a little coffee with milk in the morning and tea with milk at night) but definitely use the plan to be more aware of the excess fats and salt I tend to lean towards. I like that I can have berries in the evening which takes care of my craving for sweets. I learned to sub rice noodles in (since rice was on plan) for the pasta cravings. I also love to cook so I was creative in mixing up the meals according to the things I was supposed to eat on plan. Overall, this is a bit of work (5-6 meals a day), which I usually prepped on weekends for the week ahead. I didn’t have any trouble with cramps or nausea or hunger. I do miss bread, but use a Medifast recipe for “magic” bread that’s made out of egg whites which helps the loss of bread to be less noticeable. I did light walking/jogging while on plan and lost about 25 lbs in 6 weeks. I like that the focus is on what foods work well with your body, having a proper balance of protein, lean carbs, and starchy carbs, and eating small meals all day to keep your body fueled. This is a LIFESTYLE. This is how we SHOULD eat on a regular basis – works if you follow it!

Hello, please refer to the 6 Week Body Makeover official website for detailed product use instructions.

I was on the program in 08 and lost 25 lbs with no exercise in the first 6 weeks. I kept it off for all the years. In July I had surgery on my back and have gained all but that 25 lbs. I’m back on it this week and in 2 days have lost 5 lbs. I suggest this program is a must for anyone wanting to lose weight. This time I have to do therapy exercised twice a week so I’m positive it will work better. Needless to say my hard part is to cook meals that are not on my list for the others in my family so I have a lot more dishes. But hey losing weight is better than gaining the housework, it just makes you work and move which is better for you anyway.

Actually, you don’t have to cook other meals for your family. If you choose to, add butter and salt to their meals, but why would you feed them a less healthy meal than you are eating? Just a few little extras will keep the calories up for them and down for you. Honest!

The 6 Week Body Makeover works extremely well. Like some, I was a skeptic at first, but I was so pleased with my results after the 6 weeks and remained committed to continue eating very healthy and very fresh and natural foods as recommended. This is not a ‘diet’ per se. It is a lifestyle change. Yes, the first 6 weeks are challenging, but anything worth having is worth working hard for. The key to your success is solely up to you. It may seem like you are endlessly preparing meals and snacks, but once you figure out a routine that works best for you, it won’t seem that way any longer. Not only will you look incredible, you will feel incredible and full of energy! The forums are helpful and the recipe exchange is very helpful especially when you first start out. I don’t think $120 is too much to spend for a new ‘you’. Good luck!

I purchased the system back in 2004 adn lost 80 lbs over 6 months. I was previously told that I could not have kids and then after I lost the weight…BOOM! Fast forward to today, and my daughter is 8. I have always gone back to the 6week body makeover plan to lose weight. After some emotional problems with my divorce I stopped and gained it all back and then some, but that was because of how I was eating. This plan works. I restarted it and I am down 30 pounds in 2 months or a little less than that. I have seen it on amazon and e-bay. It’s worth it. Plus, I have incorporated other bits and peices into it that work better for me and my lifestyle. It is totally customizable to you.

Developed irregular heart rate, completely exhausted, feeling faint, light-headed, nauseate.
Cost several dollars for medical testing, electophysiology doctor appointments, EKG’s. event and holter, monitors.
Have called company to stop billing my account and asked to stop sending product.
Customer service is the worst and meanwhile each month they send me the pills and deduct from my account.
NOT satisified at all.

I’m sure you are one in a million. It does say consult your doctor!

I ordered this system 3 weeks ago and after not receiving it I called and they said this system has been dis-continued. Why is that?

Hello Chad, we are sorry to hear about your order issue. Please refer to the 6 Week Body Makeover official website to contact customer service about your inquiry.

im cindy and i know this works i lost 80 pounds it just like anything when you are on a weightloss, you have to workout and eat according to plan. it can be done . just do it. i rather spend 119 buck on this, than to be paying for high blood pressure and diabetic medicine. love yourself and do it. stay longer on the planet. 6weeks works. it took me 4 1/2 months to do it. and i love it. you feel good about yourself. its a wonderful feeling.

how do I purchase product

Hi Kathleen, for any purchase inquiries please refer to the 6 Week Body Makeover official website and contact customer service.

Hello Kathleen. To order the product please refer to the official 6 Week Body Makeover website.

I bought this plan 6 years ago and it’s the best investment I ever made–especially the information about the science of nutrition and exercise. I committed to it immediately and lost 3 dress sizes in 2 months, looked and felt great. (Not too many pounds, but don’t obsess over the scale; it’s in the fit of your clothes.)

I’ve felt free to modify the details (like instead of eating 3 egg whites, I eat 1 hard-boiled egg). I’ve added in a little oil, dairy, and bread; keeping the salt and processed sugar low is important. I went into this as a vegetarian and quickly found out how important it is to eat meat.

The main thing is: Remember how important it is to eat regular small meals/snacks with certain portions of starch, vegetables and protein. And stick with exercise that works your slow-twitch muscles, like walking/biking.

This diet not only improves the way your clothes fit, it helps your mood because of the way it regulates your insulin levels.