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6 Week Body Makeover Review

By Summer Banks Oct 17, 2017
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What is 6 Week Body Makeover?

6 Week Body Makeover is a weight loss program developed by Michael Thurmond, who is a quoted to be a “master body sculptor and weight loss expert.” Some of his methods are used on the TV reality show “Extreme Makeover.” As far as this weight reduction program goes, it can be broken down into three different steps. These include: Step One – figure out your blueprint; Step Two – create your makeover plan; Step Three – start your makeover. There is a convenient FAQ section presented on the official website to assist dieters. Although the retail price of 6 Week Body Makeover is claimed to be $279.99, it is currently offered to men and women at a price of $119.94.

As stated on the website, by taking advantage of the 6 Week Body Makeover, users are expected to shed up to 30 pounds of unwanted weight within a six-week period. When you acquire this weight loss system, you essentially get five things including the Quick Start Program, Customized Eating Plan, Personalized 18-Mintute Body Sculpting Program, Your Customized recipes, and the Living Lean Program. There are also two “free bonuses” offered. These are the 6 Day Mini Makeover, and 24/7 Motivation & Support. There is a guarantee provided with the 6 Week Body Makeover which states that users who do not drop “up to 30 pounds” within six weeks can receive their money back.

Product Features

The 6 Week Body Makeover is a diet program or weight loss system that aims to help women and men shed excess body fat and get into better shape. By incorporating three primary steps, this program is claimed to be effective or your money back. The official website offers success stories, online forums to chat in, a customer care link, and “tools for success.” There are no diet pills taken with 6 Week Body Makeover, but regular exercise is encouraged as part of the program. Initially, a questionnaire is answered to get started with this weight loss system.


  • There is a type of refund offered to those that are not satisfied with the 6 Week Body Makeover.
  • This dieting/fat loss program is suitable for both women and men.


  • If you look closely at the refund guarantee presented on the official website, you’ll notice that it guarantees a refund to those that fail to drop “up to 30 pounds,” which may mean that any amount lost is considered success.
  • Fat burning supplements and appetite suppressants are not incorporated with the 6 Week Body Makeover.
  • This fat loss or dieting plan is somewhat expensive at $119.94, which may be too expensive for some individuals.
  • This plan may be too strict for some individuals. (See reader comments.)


The 6 Week Body Makeover program is pitched in a similar fashion to several other weight loss plans out there today. Some dieters will appreciate the online forum support, customized eating plan, and free bonuses offered with this system. However, other dieters may not care for the cost of 6 Week Body Makeover, as well as the not-so-clear money-back guarantee. In fact, the guarantee may work as a red flag for some dieters.

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470 6 Week Body Makeover Reviews

  • I have questions about the product

    so how long does it take to come n the mail?? does it really work without exercise??

    • Jessica (Editor)

      Hello. To answer your first question, we are not affiliated with 6 Week Body Makeover, so we are not sure about their shipping policy. Secondly, the program contains multiple exercise DVDs, so you are supposed to do their workout to get the best results. Your results may be stunted if you choose not to participate in this part of the Makeover.

  • Can it be shared by two people?
    Toni Cox

    my son is at least 100 lbs over weight and is 22 yrs old would this be a good diet for him. Can two people share the one packet. Thanks

    • Jessica (Editor)

      Hi Toni. Since the 6 Week Body Makeover is diet program that aims to help both women and men shed excess body fat, this might be helpful for your son to help him achieve his weight loss goals. Also, you can easily share the informational booklets with another person, although it might be hard to share one nutritional planner.

  • Need tips on eating out

    I really need to loose 30lbs…………I have very little will power most of the time, but am getting to my breaking point. Is there guidance on eating out??? We eat out alot!

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hi Jan. The 6 Week Body Makeover offers a “Customized Eating Plan”, which may help you eat healthy while at restaurants.

  •  Other ingredients to use
    Raylene Hart

    I wanted to know if I can use sea salt or what do you use for seasoning, like the beans and rice…etc…

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hi Raylene, for any recipe questions please refer to the customized Eating Plan, Customized recipes, and the Living Lean Program included in your 6 Week Body Makeover purchase.

  • How does body typing work?


    • Christina (Editor)

      Hi Sam. The 6 Week Body Makeover does not promote “body typing” but the package does have a Body Sculpting Band, or a resistance band, you can use with their workouts.

  • Where to buy?
    kathleen croft

    how do I purchase product

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hi Kathleen. The 6 Week Body Makeover can be found on eBay. We could not locate an official website for the product.

  • Is flavored seltzer

    Is flavored seltzer allowed… 0 cal 0 sodium etc…

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Hi Jessica! The official booklet says they only want their dieters to drink water, and lots of it.

  • soda while ont his diet
    Kelly (Verified User)

    Can you drink diet soda while ont his diet?

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hello Kelly. The 6 Week Body Makeover does not allow for diet soda, only lots of water.

  • Didn't lose weight because of inactive thyroid
    Lou Ann (Verified User)

    I tried it about 2 years ago and did not lose a single pound. I found out the reason was due to having an inactive thyroid. My thyroid is back to almost where it should be, so I will try the 6 week body makeover once again.
    My question is “Since dairy products are not allowed will it be ok for me to drink soy milk, almond milk, or coconut milk?” Thank you!

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hello Lou. We could not find any research connecting thyroid problems and drinking these non-dairy alternatives. However, we would suggest asking a doctor before doing so just to make sure there will be no issues.

  • Your Name

    I started the program when I was 47. Do not let your age stop you. I lost 120 pounds and kept it off fir ten years. Now its coming back and Im getting bacjk on the program.

  • john e

    The 6 week body makeover is amazing!!! We have been able to eat great tasting meals of all kinds, and with eating 6 times a day, we are almost never hungry. I have lost 70 pounds in 15 weeks so far, even with being handicapped and not being able to exercise much. It is easy to follow, clear, and balanced – not one of those drugs or supplements that will turn out being bad for you 5 years from now (remember Fen-Fen?). I would recommend this program to anyone who needs to drop a good deal of weight, and likes to cook and eat.

  • Yonita

    I was 434 lbs when I started 6 week body makeover, I saw the advertisement on an infomercial late one night… What drew me in was the fact that the people in it actually told you how much they lost and how long it took…They lost a lot of weight quickly and since I’m a “Right Now” type of girl, I ordered it… In 8 months, I was down to 270 and then I plateaued… I got discouraged and I quit… The weight didn’t come back fast, it came back slowly and over a period of time… It’s 6 years later and I’m now 330 lbs… I plan on starting again, but now I’m 40 and I hear weight comes off slowly after 40…

  • my cards go destroyed in a flood
    Debi Ferrone (Verified User)

    my cards go destroyed in a flood. i am a type A and B is ther a way that i can obtain new cards. i am a diabetic and have been following this plan and i am doing so well on it please can you help me

    • Stephen (Editor)

      You would have to contact the company directly and order replacements. We are not affiliated with them.

    • Lisa

      Debi – look on Amazon and ebay. They sell parts of the program individually so you may be able to find just the cards for a very low price.

  •  I found one that finally worked
    Donna (Verified User)

    I used this product in 2008. I pounds came off like butter. Within 3 months…I lost 83 lbs. I couldn’t believe that after years of different diets I found one that finally worked.

    • Christine

      have you gained the weight back?

  • 6 Week Body Makeover
    Cherlyn Favero

    Nice article, thanks for posting!

  •  Worked awesome before, will use it again
    Mickey Hesd (Verified User)

    I bought this program in 2011,worked awesome for me. Starting again, age creeping in and I’m an athlete, so feel the need to improve my health. 1000 times better than what I normally eat. There is nothing about this that can hurt me. Side note, I do not take the supplements/helpers.

  •  I love this program
    Annie (Verified User)

    Oh my gosh, I love this program, I just starts on Friday April 10th 2015 and I have already lost 9 pounds, I am so excited,I have a lot of weight to lose, planning to stick with it….

  •  The only product that worked for me
    Paula Cammarato (Verified User)

    I tried numerous so called diet plans …
    I was convinced I just had a messed up body that would not loose weight no matter what .
    I went for a physical and the scale said 198 lbs !
    Needless to say I flipped . I did not think I was that heavy .
    I came across the infomercial for Michael Thermond’s plan .
    I decided one more try to loose weight .
    Well after taking the test and finding out what my body type was I started they plan .
    In one week I lost almost 8 lbs .
    After 7 weeks I lost 33 lbs total , not to mention inches .
    I did not use anything other than food to do it .
    In the beginning and until you loose the desired weight , you must be diligent and do exactly what you are told .
    No cheating , no sneaking in other foods or sweets , exact measurements ( which on this is not a big deal ) and eat every 21/2 to 3 hours .
    Of course you must pass this plan by your doctor before starting and get the ok that you are good to go .
    My husband went on it with me and lost 25 lbs .

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  • Can you expound this more next time?
    water ionizer

    I do believe all the concepts you have offered on your post. They are very convincing and will certainly work. Nonetheless, the posts are too brief for starters. May you please extend them a bit from next time? Thanks for the post.

  •  Makeover multiple times
    Tricia (Verified User)

    I have done the 6 week body makeover multiple times. I don’t follow it strictly (I use a bit of salt and allow myself a little coffee with milk in the morning and tea with milk at night) but definitely use the plan to be more aware of the excess fats and salt I tend to lean towards. I like that I can have berries in the evening which takes care of my craving for sweets. I learned to sub rice noodles in (since rice was on plan) for the pasta cravings. I also love to cook so I was creative in mixing up the meals according to the things I was supposed to eat on plan. Overall, this is a bit of work (5-6 meals a day), which I usually prepped on weekends for the week ahead. I didn’t have any trouble with cramps or nausea or hunger. I do miss bread, but use a Medifast recipe for “magic” bread that’s made out of egg whites which helps the loss of bread to be less noticeable. I did light walking/jogging while on plan and lost about 25 lbs in 6 weeks. I like that the focus is on what foods work well with your body, having a proper balance of protein, lean carbs, and starchy carbs, and eating small meals all day to keep your body fueled. This is a LIFESTYLE. This is how we SHOULD eat on a regular basis – works if you follow it!

  •  I'm positive it will work better.
    Kathleen (Verified User)

    I was on the program in 08 and lost 25 lbs with no exercise in the first 6 weeks. I kept it off for all the years. In July I had surgery on my back and have gained all but that 25 lbs. I’m back on it this week and in 2 days have lost 5 lbs. I suggest this program is a must for anyone wanting to lose weight. This time I have to do therapy exercised twice a week so I’m positive it will work better. Needless to say my hard part is to cook meals that are not on my list for the others in my family so I have a lot more dishes. But hey losing weight is better than gaining the housework, it just makes you work and move which is better for you anyway.

    • Dianne Sullivan

      Actually, you don’t have to cook other meals for your family. If you choose to, add butter and salt to their meals, but why would you feed them a less healthy meal than you are eating? Just a few little extras will keep the calories up for them and down for you. Honest!

  •  The 6 Week Body Makeover works extremely well.
    Lisa (Verified User)

    The 6 Week Body Makeover works extremely well. Like some, I was a skeptic at first, but I was so pleased with my results after the 6 weeks and remained committed to continue eating very healthy and very fresh and natural foods as recommended. This is not a ‘diet’ per se. It is a lifestyle change. Yes, the first 6 weeks are challenging, but anything worth having is worth working hard for. The key to your success is solely up to you. It may seem like you are endlessly preparing meals and snacks, but once you figure out a routine that works best for you, it won’t seem that way any longer. Not only will you look incredible, you will feel incredible and full of energy! The forums are helpful and the recipe exchange is very helpful especially when you first start out. I don’t think $120 is too much to spend for a new ‘you’. Good luck!

  •  It work better for me and my lifestyle.
    Jamie B (Verified User)

    I purchased the system back in 2004 adn lost 80 lbs over 6 months. I was previously told that I could not have kids and then after I lost the weight…BOOM! Fast forward to today, and my daughter is 8. I have always gone back to the 6week body makeover plan to lose weight. After some emotional problems with my divorce I stopped and gained it all back and then some, but that was because of how I was eating. This plan works. I restarted it and I am down 30 pounds in 2 months or a little less than that. I have seen it on amazon and e-bay. It’s worth it. Plus, I have incorporated other bits and peices into it that work better for me and my lifestyle. It is totally customizable to you.

  •  NOT satisified at all.
    Joyce Benson (Verified User)

    Developed irregular heart rate, completely exhausted, feeling faint, light-headed, nauseate.
    Cost several dollars for medical testing, electophysiology doctor appointments, EKG’s. event and holter, monitors.
    Have called company to stop billing my account and asked to stop sending product.
    Customer service is the worst and meanwhile each month they send me the pills and deduct from my account.
    NOT satisified at all.

    • Your Name

      I’m sure you are one in a million. It does say consult your doctor!

  • System discontinued after order why?

    I ordered this system 3 weeks ago and after not receiving it I called and they said this system has been dis-continued. Why is that?

    • Jessica (Editor)

      Hello Chad. We are sorry about your ordering issues. We are not affiliated with the 6 Week Body Makeover, so we aren’t sure why they might have discontinued their product.

  •  Do exercise and avoid this.

    im cindy and i know this works i lost 80 pounds it just like anything when you are on a weightloss, you have to workout and eat according to plan. it can be done . just do it. i rather spend 119 buck on this, than to be paying for high blood pressure and diabetic medicine. love yourself and do it. stay longer on the planet. 6weeks works. it took me 4 1/2 months to do it. and i love it. you feel good about yourself. its a wonderful feeling.

  •  Loved the product.
    Maria (Verified User)

    I bought this plan 6 years ago and it’s the best investment I ever made–especially the information about the science of nutrition and exercise. I committed to it immediately and lost 3 dress sizes in 2 months, looked and felt great. (Not too many pounds, but don’t obsess over the scale; it’s in the fit of your clothes.)

    I’ve felt free to modify the details (like instead of eating 3 egg whites, I eat 1 hard-boiled egg). I’ve added in a little oil, dairy, and bread; keeping the salt and processed sugar low is important. I went into this as a vegetarian and quickly found out how important it is to eat meat.

    The main thing is: Remember how important it is to eat regular small meals/snacks with certain portions of starch, vegetables and protein. And stick with exercise that works your slow-twitch muscles, like walking/biking.

    This diet not only improves the way your clothes fit, it helps your mood because of the way it regulates your insulin levels.

  •  Had long term effect on me
    Shayla (Verified User)

    I went on this diet and lost 26 lbs and 30 inches in 11 months. The I developed hypothyroidism due to lack of salt in my diet. Now I have gained a ton of weight and started gaining even tho I kept eating on the plan. The plan worked but caused problems that I now have the rest of my life.

    • Patricia DeRepentigny

      sorry to hear this I was on this plan in 2009 and lost 80lbs, I had hypothyroidism and was on high blood pressure pills, went down to a a size 2 and came off my blood pressure meds, I gained 30 lbs this year due to my own fault of eating ice cream and anything I wanted all the time not just once a week awful, I was stressed but now I feel great being back on this,plan and I am 66 years old if your taking your meds for your hypothyroidism you should of been fine my doctor said this is the best thing I ever did for my self, I did exercise five times a week, and drank the 100 oz of water everyday, I started eating more to gain some weight I didn’t like being a size 2, I know I didn’t stay completely on track every day but the first six weeks I did, I love this plan and I will stay on it for the rest of my life, and if I want to eat something I will but just not that much

  •  Lost weight but had struggles
    Shell (Verified User)

    I did the plan. Lost the weight (35 lbs, from size 14 to size 6). Looked great. Really struggled with muscle cramps while on the plan. Mostly in my feet – once in my hip area. Kiler! Also, felt faint most mornings, showered on my knees in the a.m., and finally quit the plan when I also became nauseated in the mornings and had to call in sick from work. The plan makes you lose weight without going hungry, but the the lack of salt is physically disabling. I wish I could do the plan, as I have gained the weight back (after foot surgery). But I’d keep the salt in my diet. Not sure I’d lose any weight that way. Might try it.

    • Nkenge

      You can lose weight and still have salt. I reduced my salt intake, but did not eliminate salt.

    • Patricia DeRepentigny

      I had to have a little salt because my blood pressure after exercising went very low you can have a little won’t hurt you. I know it didn’t hurt me. You have to tweek the plan to work for you just try to stay pop most of the time and drink the water most important

  •  Can't wait to lose 30 lbs
    heather (Verified User)

    I bought this diet almost 7 yrs ago, never started it. I just turned 30 and i want it to be the best years of my life. I have 2 young boys that are begging for the beach this summer so lifestyle change it is. I don’t want the way I look to hold me back from enjoying things with my children. Im 5’7″ 173 lbs. I can’t wait to lose 30 lbs!! No sweets is going to be the hardest for me but at the end of day 1 and proud to say no cheating.

  •  Different eating plan
    Londa (Verified User)

    If this program isn’t working for you then I would suggest trying a differant eating plan. When I first did it I didn’t loose anything…I started with “A” eating plan. I changed to “B” eating plan and have lost a total of 34 pounds. Sometimes we don’t know how to answer the questins in the questionairre and perhaps put a no when we should have put a yes.. I suggest playing with it…

  •  I feel great!
    Amber (Verified User)

    I have been doing the “makeover” for 2 weeks, and I have lost 20 lbs (30 y/o). My mother has been doing it with me, and she has lost 14 lbs in two weeks (46 y/o). I love this program, and I am telling all of my friends about it. It has been pretty easy for me because I like the foods that we can eat. It was all of the extra foods that I had a problem with :). I would recommend it to anyone, and I feel great!! Good luck everyone! Amber – TN

  •  Worth every penny
    Athena (Verified User)

    I started the plan 6 weeks ago and lost 24 pounds. I am very happy with the results and I feel so much better. I have lots of energy and even have incorporated some exercise in several times a week. This is by the far the best program I have ever tried and believe me I have tried them all. I feel like this is a life time change not just a change until I lose all the weight. However, I did find that every 2 weeks or so I would plateau. For me I just needed to incorporate a little of something not “on plan” and that was enought to kick start me again without gaining any weight. Good luck to all who try it. It is worth every penny. BTW, they allow payments of $20 a month for this program so almost anyone can afford it.

  • Questions with refund
    bennett gardner

    Can I send back the 5 way fat burner pills only and get my money back for those bottles?

    • Jessica (Editor)

      Hello Bennett. We are not affiliated with 6 Week Body Makeover, so we do not know their return policies. However, you may want to try checking the packaging label.

  •  Works well but needs discipline
    Heather OCull (Verified User)

    I found this program 5 years ago after having my first child, which I gained over 100 lbs during pregnancy. I weighed 232 when I started it, and got down to 155 within 3 1/2 months. I didn’t even stick to it the whole time, and cheated alot. I started it again after I had my daughter. I weighed 243 and got back down to 160 within a few months as well. So now I’ve just had my third child and am doing this diet again, hopefully for the last time. Yes, you can’t have dairy, and it is a very strict diet. It does take alot of discipline to stick with the meal plans, but if you stick with it for 3 days straight, no cheating at all, then it will be all a breeze and easy to abide by the diet plan. This program is well worth the money and really does work.

    • Jennifer

      That’s amazing Heather! Did you have the same success the third time? How are things now?

  •  Highly recommended to everyone
    Shandi_k (Verified User)

    My husband and I completed the program we both lost weight. It was not 30 lbs but it was the best jump start I’ve had. I lost 15lbs but I was only able to do the plan for 4 weeks as I started a second job and there was no time to workout or get my five meals in. I recommend this for anyone who is having trouble figuring out how to make a life style change! This outlines each step for you and makes it so easy. I will be going back to the diet as soon as I am back to one job!!!

  •  Worked before, will try again now
    Round2 (Verified User)

    I bought this program in february and only stayed on it for 2 weeks but I lost weight and felt better so now that it’s already summer hopefully I can lose the weight to look good in my halloween costume! I’m gonna start again tomorrow morning and workout more since I didn’t work out at all last time!! I will try and post my progress! good luck to everyone!

  • Need different product type for my condition?
    Connie (Verified User)

    I was on this program 5 yrs ago ~ lost my 40 lbs & kept it off for 3 years. Then 2.5 yrs ago I was diagnosed with Type 1 (Juvenile) Diabetes (at age 54 no less!) & a couple months after that my back was injured. Needless to say ~ my metabolism took a big dive through the lack of exercise during the long healing process of my back. When I went off the last pain meds ~ my weight took a big jump up. Now I need to loose those 40-45 lbs again. Do I need to buy a new kit or will my old body type work? It doesn’t seem to be working & I pitched the other information about the other body types…..

    • Jessica (Editor)

      Hi Connie. Due to your diagnosis it is advised to consult your physician before using any weight loss products.

  •  It is a successful program for me
    Phiona (Verified User)

    I’m an empty nester now, and am anxious to have the time it takes to really do this program. It’s not hard, but it takes organization. I try to buy food 2 or 3 days apart.And I make simple recipes with versatile ingredients. The key for me is having a little something sweet. On-line recipes allow me to take sweet fruits for my body type, and make things to satisfy me. I found that in about 12 days I really noticed that I had lost weight, and others did too. I did not exercise other than a few times with the bands, but I was down a full size in those 12 days. And i did not feel hungry. I actually didn’t think I was losing a thing because I don’t have a scale, and I always felt full, and full to me has always meant that I ate too much. Then on that 12th day I got up and my body was different, and the weight started melting off. I’m not even to my 6 weeks, which is when I decided to buy a new scale. Til then I’m sticking with this. It really is a successful program for me.

  • Is this like The South Beach Diet?

    This program sounds ALOT like The South Beach Diet, with a few differences. I have been drawn to this program since I was a teenager but never bought it. I have The South Beach diet and the cookbooks, just wondering to myself if I would just be wasting my money, but then again I have always wanted it. I NEED to lose 130#’s. Hummmmmmm

  •  Product is good as advertised
    Anna (Verified User)

    SWBM has been everything that they advertised it to be. I have had no problems with contacting the company and as long as the diet is used as recommended it has wonderful results. I have lost 75 pounds since beginning the diet.

  • How to make product effective again?
    Ashley (Verified User)

    I am 14 years old and weigh 145.8 pounds. Me and my mom went on this diet 4 years ago. I had great results! We quit and now I am comming back to it. I am not geting the same results. In fact, I am gaining weight… 🙁
    I don’t want a refund or anything else, just an answer. What am I doing wrong?

    • Jessica (Editor)

      Hello Ashley. It’s advised to combine weight loss programs with supplements to aid and help with end results.

  • Would like to get some help
    Deanne Norgaard (Verified User)

    I currently work the third shift, and my job is to sit in a uncomfortable plastic chair and watch kids sleep..ive not been able to figure out a workout or eating schedule that works…would like to talk to someone to help figure out a plan..please contact me at email asap…so i can get better results please

    • Jessica (Editor)

      Hi Deanne. Since the 6 Week Body Makeover is a weight loss program, this might help you with your situation. For product use instructions and order inquires please refer to the 6 Week Body Makeover official website.

    • chip

      I am in the same fix! Third shift is VERY difficult for any healthy eating. Please let me know if you come up with a plan!

  • Is this good for my lifestyle?

    I travel extensively for a living and am limited on cooking (mostly microwave and single skillet meals). Would this program be something I could adapt to my lifestyle? I like all the positive feedback, and the fact it doesn’t use pills. Thanks y’all

    • Jessica (Editor)

      Hi Carol. Since the 6 Week Body Makeover is a diet program that does not involve supplements and is more of a ‘plan’ rather than a daily ‘pill’, due to your lifestyle, the 6 Week Body Makeover might not benefit you as much as taking daily weight loss supplement would.

  •  Will purchase this weekend

    I have tried everything under the sun! I’ve been trying to loose a measley 35-40 pounds for about 7 years. I will start a eating plan or regimen and not stick with it. I’m 45 years old and I have to get with the program. I was thinking about purchasing the Insanity Video but I’m not going to committ to the rigorous exercise routine for 8 weeks. I think what you put in your body will keep the weight off. I just have to really take the time prepare my meals and follow the eating and exercise plan. I will be purchasing the Body Makeover this weekend! I like the results I have seen with others.

  •  Very amazed with the product!
    Karen (Verified User)

    I started this program one week ago, and I have lost 5lbs already! I’m amazed that I have not been hungry or craving sweets like I usually do. That’s a first for me!

  •  Want more recipe ideas.
    Julie (Verified User)

    Just started this program and I’m looking for some recipe ideas to use. My daughter and I are doing this together I’m a body type A and she is body type B. Where can we get some ideas?

    • Jessica (Editor)

      Hi Julie. For instructions on product usage and food intake instructions, please refer to the 6 Week Body Makeover official website for more details.

  • Tell me more about the program

    I am in the middle of trying to help my son-in-law loose quite a bit of weight…he was told by the doctors at Kaiser that if he did not loose the weight that he would die…I am on a very limited income the extra money that I am using is what I normally would use for gas and transportation for school. Can you please tell me more about the program with it’s aspects the program Kaiser doctors want him to use is their diet shakes…I am afraid that it might not be to his beneifit because it is lacking what the body needs when someone diets with such extreme measure. Any help or information that would enlighten me I would greatly appreicate it. I don’t beleive in diet shakes replacing the needed nutrition in one’s diet. Sincerely Melodie Gingras

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hello Melodie. The 6 Week Body Makeover is a diet program that aids in helping users lose excess body fat and get into better shape. In reference to shakes and food intake, the program includes a customized eating plan that might help with your situation.

  • Is this safe for pregnant women?

    is this plan safe for pregnant women, im 6 and a half months now and really feeling insecure about my weight. Just wanted to know if it was okay i have the program and ive used it before and had great results.

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hello. It is advised to consult with your physician before starting a weight loss program, or diet plan, if you are pregnant.

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hi, due to your current pregnancy it is advised to consult your current physician before using any weight loss programs.

  •  It worked great!
    Lindsey (Verified User)

    My husband and I purchased this a year ago and it worked great. I then got preg. and stopped it. I have finished nursing and I will start it again. If you order it from t.v. be firm and let them know that all you want is just the kit, nothing added. I was firm on the phone and told them right out that I did not want anything additional and all I wanted was the kit. It was fine and that is what I paid for. I have not had any other issues with purchases on my card.

  •  Program Effective, lost 70 lbs.
    JaniceE (Verified User)

    I did the program two years ago and lost 70lbs. However, I did find that the amounts of food were too much for me. My problem was not the amount of foods I ate but what I ate. To me flour, sugar, chocolate and nut were staples in my kithen. I cut some of the portions down and it worked great for me I was just as full and satisfied with the reduced meal portions.

  •  Will give it a try
    KelseyP (Verified User)

    Like everyone else, I’m sure, I was very skeptical about this diet when it I saw it on an infomercial for the first time years ago. I finally decided to try it for myself. I’m not uber overweight. I’m about 135 at 5’3″ which is “healthy” in some people’s eyes, but I wanted to lose those last extra pounds and have some muscle definition. Anyway, I decided I’d give it try, because of the money back guarantee. The diet, like all diets does have restrictions. Hello! There is no magical fairy dust to make us thin. It takes work, and mostly common sense, to achieve weight loss. Cutting back salt and sugar was not a big deal for me because I’ve been dieting my entire life and have learned to live without it. I tried the HCG diet, which is 500 calories a day and lost 30 pounds (from 156) but gained 10 of it back, because it wasn’t realistic in regards of going “off” of it after you’re done. This, however, is a life style change. It teaches about how food works with your specific body type. This helps to keep it off. I’m down to 108 and a size 1, which is beyond my wildest dreams. In regards to those who tend to “cheat,” just… Don’t. If you REALLY want real weight loss, you have to have some perspective. You can’t expect to eat french fries and Twinkies and have a Gisele body! Be realistic, use common knowledge. Workout. Eat your veggies. Our body needs things from the Earth to feel it’s best (not to all hippie on everyone but, yeah). Anyway, off my soap box I come…

  •  Will continue to take this
    Naomi (Verified User)

    I have been on the 6 weeks body makeover for twelve days and I went from 187 lbs to 177. I am a type A. It is not very difficult for those who likes salad and bland food. The first day I went through severe withdrawal. I even cried. I came to the conclusion that I was addicted to food. I never did the exercise or any kind of exercise. I will start working out next week to see if there is any significant difference. But I must say, it takes a lot of self control and determination to continue but I hav made up my mind. I am in it to loose the weight

  •  Just bought the product

    I just bought this on Craigslist for $65. All products in place so do not let the cost discourage you. I have purchased Insanity, P90X and now this on Amazon or Craigslist. Operation Miss New Body is underway!!!

  •  Ask doctors and other health practitioners

    Everyone, please stop asking people on this blog if you can do this diet with certain health issues. How would they know? Ask your doctors and other health practitioners!

  •  Read and understand to make it better

    I’ve been reading this forum for a good hour now, and felt the need to say some things. 1. I’ve been on this plan a few times in the past and it worked amazingly but I let life get in the way and stopped. It wasnt the plans fault it was my lack of determination.2. A post from back in 2010 asked”if you know what to do why spend your money on this?”. Well I for one only thought I knew what to do and it wasn’t working. Everyone has different issues on what they can and can’t eat. My mother can literally eat two gallons of ice cream a week by herself and never gain an oz. I look at it and gain weight. That is why “you” need this program. It tells you, what foods are right for your body type, not someone elses.3.2-4 lbs a week loss is normal. If you continually dont lose weight, tweak your receipes or take the blueprint over again, see if you got it wrong somehow.4. Women lose loser than men ( it bites but its generally true)5. Someone way at the top said they were spending a week before they started the program, to get up all the foods, spices,planning out meals, reading the forums, etc.. absolutely excellent idea! This is a serious lifestyle change.5. I’d suggest not only doing that, but limiting your caffeine and salt before starting the plan. You go caffeine free and trust me theres nothing quite like having caffeine withdrawal headaches.. uugh. 6. Buy every type of spice you can that is NO SALT ADDED OR INCLUDED! Ms Dash has some amazing ones but use spices you’ve never used before. Its worth it. 7. I’d highly suggest buying the cookbook that is on the Provida website. I had it and I used it religiously and adored it. Amazing receipes for just about anything.8. Read the forums, join a site sponsored support group ( made some lifelong great friends, we share everything from plan successes and failures, to whinney moments when we need a hug).9. The forums have killer receipes on them, from fellow 6WBM’s. You really need these and the receipe book to help you stay on track and not get bored with your food.10. I have done this and heard of a lot of ppl that also did it, im not by any means an expert but.. if u lose a great amount of weight that first week, a lot of it is going to be water weight so dont get discouraged when u go back down to losing 2 to 5 lbs a week. Its normal!… I could list a zillion tips/tricks but just suffice it to say .. The plan is a lifestyle change. Its NOT easy, it takes serious dedication and there are going to be days that sometimes you wonder “is this worth it”. Its worth it. Even if you only lost 20 lbs. ( go to the grocery store, produce section, and in each hand, pick up a 10lb bag of potatos at once, and walk around with them through the store. You’ll be amazed at how much that weighs. Good Luck everyone, join the forums on the website, its an entire huge worldwide online community of people going through the same thing you are. That helps when you get to feeling no one understands, or they are trying to sabatoge you.

  •  Will recommend this product it's effective
    BlkLily (Verified User)

    I bought the 6wbm Jan. 11 and have lost 20lbs to date! I have type 2 diabetes and have been able to get off insulin and now take pills to control it. It is strict but it works! The only thing I do not like about the diet is having to be at home when eating the meals since a lot of the food is not carrying friendly when I am out with my toddlers running errands! I am a busy mom so there are times when I eat later than 2 hrs or do not get all the food but I definitely drink all of the required water and exercise 4-6 times a week! As some one pointed out, you do not have to do rigorous exercise, I do a light jog/fast walk and/or in home DVDs when the weather is bad! Overall, I would recommend 6wbm b/c nothing else seems to work (from what I see) and this is really a lifestyle CHANGE!

  •  Having problem with duplicate product


    • Angelina


  •  Budgeting for the product

    I may want to try this myself but it is a lot of money for some one on a fixed income. I live on under $700.00 a month and have $98.00total to spend on food. Nothing I’ve read helps me to know if I can began to buy all the food I would need.

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hello Angel. The 6 Week Body Makeover has a retail price of $279.99, but some users claimed to have purchased it for $119.94. For ordering inquires, please refer to the 6 Week Body Makeover official website.

    • Angelina

      Not to be to blunt but maybe you could try applying for food stamps? My Dad has only disability income and he was approved? The food stamps will pay for all the fresh food you will need to eat on the diet. I started the Diet March 11th and by March 25 I was down 16 lbs!!! (That was with no exercise, I’m so bad, but really busy). I would really suggest looking into the program, maybe take a couple dollars out of your spending money every month and save up to get it. I have tried a ton of diets some for which was just too hard to handle but this is amazing! The diet that you eat all the time and you lose weight!!! In the first week you will get your moneys’ worth, good luck to you Angel!!

  •  Looking for alternative program

    While I believe that the lifestyle change this program offers works, I don’t believe the testimonials of the people on the infomercials. @Lorain – I noticed you commented on the before and after pic. I thought it ironic as I scrolled downed and read your post that a infomercial for another Provida product was on the television for The Food Lover’s Diet and they used some of the same photos and testimonials. I can make this claim because the 6WBM infomercial was shown a couple hours before this one. Same people. When it comes to dieting we should make decisions on whether the plan makes sense. As with any eating plan you have to continue eating in the same manner to keep the results. I monitor this plan a lot because I have been watching the infomercial for 10+ years and have been tempted to order the system on many occasions. I haven’t because like many I like saltand pasta way to much, but I am thinking about incorporating some of the principles of the plan. Good luck everyone with your journey.

  •  Will just start with the product

    I am amazed to see so many negative comments….I ordered the kit and I am starting tomorrow…..I need all the help i can get to control my portions and I believe this will do it. GOOD LUCK to all of you.

  •  Product is wonderful
    cheri7 (Verified User)

    Wow, lots of haters out there. The diet does work, it has a great support system, the recipes are wonderful, but you need to be into cooking with some creativity. i made the turkey chili tonight, its a family favorite. I am surprised the haters are so emotional about it. you either want to eat healthy and live a longer life or you dont. Sure wont be handed to you. GET A GRIP!

  •  Find alternative way

    I saw this program offered for the 6 week Body Makeover for the first time last night. This was the first time I have looked at the before and after pics of people and have not felt they had been altered. I think as the program indicated you have to make changes to the way you are eating and living in order for this to work. You can’t expect for the weight to fall off just by ordering the box and having it set there. It all begans and ends with you. I am tempted to order the program and so many more out there. When I think about the cost of them all, I could easily spend hundreds of dollars and not lose a pound. So I tell myself the alternate plan and that is the plan to walk around the block one (1) time for each dollar I intend to spend. So this program cost $119.00 plus $19.95 shipping and handling, so we looking at about $140 bucks. If you walk 140 blocks for 7 days thats 20 blocks a day, roughly 2 and 1/2 miles and if you control your eating, cut out sweets, starchs, bad carbs and go green with lean protiens and smaller food portions and eat at regular intervals, I think you can achieve the same results. The problem is your level of commitment. So many times we are looking for the “Quick Fix” when the whole program is we are not putting in the physical work to burn off the excess. That’s my take on it. I will commit to walking 2 1/2 blocks for a week and if I don’t see any results then maybe it’s not a good plan. But I know I will, even Prevention Magazine says walk to lose, walking slow burns more fat…so hold on to your duckies and if you just want to spend money, but a new set of comfortable walking shoes and an MP3 and get up and out of your house, out from in front of the tv, away from the fridge, learn to leave the junk food at the store, think healthy, and really commit to losing the weight, I think it can happen for you. All of these plans work, if YOU WORK IT….AND after you have mastered the 2 1/2 mile walk, up it another 4 blocks or mix it up with a trot for 15-30 seconds, rest start again. There is no miracle cure. You and I both just need to cut back on the junk and get our bodies moving. Drink plenty of water in the mean time and you will lose the weight. I’ve lost 25 pounds since November and still looking to lose more. I just refused to keep shelling out money when walking is free.

    • Kimberly

      Not everyone is able to walk. I was in an auto accident…I’ve had 4 back surgeries and need at least 3 more and a knee replacement! I’m 43 years old and my only option is to swim which I do 5-6 days a week for an hour to an hour and a half. I’ve went organic, fresh produce and veggies but am still struggling with losing. The point of this is to eat foods that work with your specific body type. I’m happy for you that walking is your answer but for others it’s not an option. Today is my first day and I’m excited to see how it works for me. If it does it was well worth the money invested.

  •  Product is good but I take medications
    Bill (Verified User)

    I lost 54lbs on the 6 Week Body Makeover about 4 years ago and went off all my medications that I was taking for high blood pressure, chlorestol,and acid reflux.
    I did have to prepare most of my own food because EVERYTHING you buy has salt added to it.

  • 6 Week Body Makeover

    @Jessica, the reason why you’re weight loss may be slow is you are exercising too hard. Your heartrate may be beyond the ideal for your weight/height and you have moved from fat burn to cardio. Cardio will burn the sugar and strengthen your heart but will not burn fat as quickly as if you workout at a slower rate.

  •  I highly recommend
    pawleys (Verified User)

    I have been on the 6WBMO since the end of August and have lost over 50 pounds. I have tried everything out there is this is a first! I lost 10 pounds the first week. I highly recommend it to everyone. Most reviewers have not read all the material nor tried it themselves. The cost is worth it if it works.

  • eat healthier and exercise...PERIOD
    Dominique (Verified User)

    I hear a LOT of complaining about this program. To lose weight you HAVE to eat healthier and exercise…PERIOD! This program obviously works if you stick to it. My best wishes go out to all that are on track!

  •  feel healthier
    T Leigh (Verified User)

    It worked great for me. I lost 44 lbs. in 5 months and I feel better than I have in years. I have lots more energy, and feel healthier. Got rid of the junk in my diet, started walking and the migraines I used to get every 2 wks. for the last 12 yrs. are now a 4-6 wk. event which is much better than before. It probably won’t work for everyone and I did go cold turkey with it meaning I did exactly what it said to do for the 1st 6 wks. I made it through the holidays without gaining wt. though I did eat some holidy food. Next day I would get up and get right back on the plan though and I plan to continue doing the same thing. It is work to eat 6 times a day and to plan the food so that it is ready when you need to eat but it has been so worth it to me.

  •  great for me.
    T Leigh (Verified User)

    I started the 6 week body makeover last June 30, 2010. I lost 10 lbs. the first week and continued to lose wt., 44 lbs. total, until the end of October. I have been maintaining since then by still eating the same way. Getting through the holidays without gaining wt. was my goal and I did that though I did eat some holiday foods, I always got back on track the next day. But besides the wt. loss, the main benefit is how much better I feel. My energy level went through the roof and after being on the program for about 3 wks. I started getting up at 5 in the morning to walk 2-3 miles. Never before would I have done that. I also have had migraines every 2 wks for 12 yrs. and the new eating habit has changed the pattern to getting them only every 4-6 wks. I feel like it has a lot to do with getting the junk out of my diet. I feel better than I have in yrs. I did wt watchers yrs ago and did well with it but it still allowed the desserts and I am not good at stopping with those once I start. This plan has curbed my sweet tooth. I turned 50 last year and knew it was not going to get any better if I didn’t do something so I decided to try it. I truly believe it is the best thing I have ever done. It does take some work to make sure all the food is ready when you need it to be so you don’t dive into something you shouldn’t but I keep a small cooler bag with me when I go anywhere so I am always on track. Eating 6 times a day can be a hassle but it has been so worth it. I was very motivated after the 1st week and after going down 3 sizes, I am a believer. I know it may not work for everyone, but it has been great for me.

  • Good luck
    Angel (Verified User)

    I cannot wait to hear about your success… I haven’t purchased the 6wbm but I believe I will me next payday!! I’m getting so excited to start with the weight loss and I’ve been reading up on it since I watched the infomercial!! It would be nice to be able to chat with someone during our weight loss mission!! Good luck to you and I will be looking for your postings!

  • NOTHING! Wish me luck
    MrsSmith (Verified User)

    I think there are a lot of fakes on here. But that’s okay. I just ordered the program and I think if I actually try, I will succeed! I’m miserable when I think of how I look, I could cry. SO I am very excited to try it! Its gotta be better than what I’m doing now which is a whole lot of NOTHING! Wish me luck!

    • ms._rochelle

      im not sure if their are any fakes on here, but i was 340, I have only been on it 3 week and i lost 17 lbs… it’s basically a complete shock to your stomach once you start eating the food with no seasonings or salt, the first week makes you very hungrey then you get used to it, the only prob. I had with it is that it says to work out less using the video in the box but I feel if you are trying to shed the weight then workout as much as you can without overexerting yourself…im not giving up and good luck to you and your journey

    • beba

      Mrs. Smith I understand where you are coming from. I don’t know how someone lost 4.5 pounds in 2 days that’s a lot. I have the program and have a struggled because of all the meals you need to eat in a day. you definitely need to prepare and have a plan before starting which could take a few days. I’ve decided to make up all my meals over a couple of days. For example cook all my veggies and meats for the week then all i have to do is measure it out to make meals. I am keeping it fairly simple most days and then maybe do a gourmet meal a couple of times for dinner. good luck i need to lose 60 pounds i hope it works.

      • jilly

        I think you could lose that much, that quick quite easily. A lot of it is water weight that comes off quickly at first as a result of cutting out the salt. Hubby was doing this with me but he had to start adding some salt into his diet b/c he was feeling really dehydrated even drinking all that water. (he’s Army and was doing heavy PT exercises) He said same thing happened to a lot of the guys at basic training b/c the mess hall doesn’t add salt to their foods either.

  • I just ordered this product

    I just ordered this product, and I am totally excited to start it. I lost 50lbs for my sisters wedding, and after getting comfortable and slipping back into my old habits I gained it back. I am ready to make a life style change. Everyone’s comments on hear make it seem very possible. My only question is, Is it hard to locate the foods you need to eat?

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hi Katie. For details on food intake, please refer to the customized eating plan and customized recipes provided in your 6 Week Body Makeover plan. You can also go to the 6 Week Body Makeover official website for more information.

  •  God Bless you and best of luck
    Amy (Verified User)

    Crissy,I wish you the best of luck and courage to undertake this challenge…I also have a 14y/o daughter who like you is 5’4 and 300lbs, we’ve tried many things and i will be ordering this prog for her, please post your progress or lack thereof as there are so many teens struggling with weight who will be greatly encouraged and informed by your struggle…Take heart and I hope you realize that you have a beautiful life to live and it is worth fighting for.. God Bless you and best of luck

  • I need the structure

    I ordered this last week, I’m so jazzed. I’ve spent the last 8 months working so hard to lose weight and all I’ve done is bounce up & down 5 pounds over & over. Well I’m getting married in June & I want to look & feel FAB!! I’ll be 60 years old this year and I’m tired of looking frumpy. I’m willing to put in the time for this program, I know I need the structure.

  •  6 Week Body Makeover
    Sharon (Verified User)

    I have this kit for years now and the first time on it I only lost 15 lbs at the end of 6 weeks and was very disappointed. Went off diet because of family reunion and never went back to it, my eating got so out of control over the years put on alot of weight. Went back on the second time around didn’t lose any thing in fact I gained weight on it. I tried just about every diet out there and none of it work for me. Went back on it for the third time on Jan. 10 2011 and weigh my self yesterday and lost 15 lbs in one week.When I started it on Jan. 10 had to lose at least 127lbs now with 15 lbs gone I only have to lose 112 lbs before I get to my weight goal. Yes this does work and yes it is restricted, but I am sticking with it and I want to lose this weight once and for all and be healthly. You have to be prepare for this and have all your meals ready to eat and really stick with it. It is hard in the beginning and it is not just a diet but a life time change and a commitment to do this. By the way I am A type the slowest metabolism of all. Good luck to all of you trying this plan

  • I want this weight off once and for all
    Sharon (Verified User)

    I brought this years ago and only lost 15 lbs the first 30 days and was very disappointed went off diet and tried every thing you can think of didn’t work for me. I tried it the second time around it didn’t work for me in fact I gained weight with it. I am now on it for the third time around starting Jan. 10 2011 weigh my self yesterday I lost 15 lbs in one week. Yes is does work but you have to be prepare for it and have all meals ready to eat and really stick eith it and yes it is restricted, but it it a life time change and I am willing to stay with it as I want this weight off once and for all. I need to lose at least 127 lbs when I started now with 15 lbs gone only 112 lbs to get to my goal weight.

  • 6 Week Body Makeover
    Nakeya (Verified User)

    i had gastric surgey over 6yrs ago and lost only 90lbs and still was left at 215. over the yrs ive gained the weight back not all but alot. I thought i would give this a try w/o doing research the informercial made it so enticing i scrumpt and saved to order it because it was very costly. Im on wk 2 and i didn’t realize how extreme this diet was not even the bypass was tis extreme. However I did lose 9.4 lbs my first wk and only 3 lbs twk 2, i was a little discouraged but i realize i didn’t gain it over nite so i know it won’t be lost overnite. My main thing is the no salt oil or butter is there anyone out there that’s eliminating all these seasonings on the up and up, or is it just me that cheating and added salt. I figure the 2wks are trail and error but the reality is I i don’t know long i can keep this up w/o adding a dabb here and there. I need to hear someone honest that have not restricted themselves completly and still lost the weight.

  •   I recommend this.
    ita (Verified User)

    i started 6 week body on Oct. 24. It really works. I started at 213 & now weigh 174. The first 2 weeks were hard but you become acustom to it. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis & had alot of flare ups. Now i get them once in a while. I no longer have to take antacids every night. My blood pressure is great as well. You do need to prepare your meals ahead if you have a busy schedule. If you stay commited to it, it really works. I work out about 3 times a week. Its a little expensive but its worth it for your health. My co-workers have started it as well and have started to see a difference as well. I recommend this.

    • Lisa

      This is great to hear! I am about to purchase this and I have to admit a bit nervous. I have a bad liver and other health issues that I am sure can be fixed if I lose a few (or more) pounds. Your post has inspired me! Thank you 🙂

  •  Goal is my target weight
    Tom L from SC (Verified User)

    Hi All. Thanks for posting your comments. I finished day 7 and lost 7 pounds. I purchased the program 3 yrs ago and stopped. This time, I’ve committed myself and followed the program for 7 days. Week 2 starts today. My goal is my target weight and only 45 lbs to go. Take care all.

  •  Nonsense
    Angel (Verified User)

    Hey guys, just a thought…since all of you are having so many problems with ordering the kit, with the charges and late shipments, etc…I ordered the entire kit BRAND NEW from e-bay and paid $90.00, plus $4.99 shipping and handling. It came with everything, and I’ve ordered from e-bay for many years. They use super secure payment methods, like paypal, so I never have to worry about extra charges and all that nonsense. So, rather than spend the time you could be losing weight on sueing the company, try thinking outside the box.

  •  Inconvenient
    Al (Verified User)

    It definitely works ..I lost 40lbs in a month…but its very hard and inconvenient especially when your working..cuz you have to eat every 3 hours..normally I eat once a day and don’t move much which is why I weigh so much..But I didn’t do any exercise and followed it and it works..but after a week I would be starving which is something i never felt before due to my slow metabolism cuz i was used to eating every 3 hours..but anyways lots of prep work but it does work.

  • Jourdan

    I’ve had this program for over 5yrs…at the time all i needed to lose was like 30lbs and have started and stopped many times because i wanted to be like other friends who could eat anything and maintain 120lbs…but along the way, i realized that my main grocery list has been the same since i started this program..I eat the same foods…my problem came by 1) not being prepared hence 2) eating out at fast food and 3) being lazy to workout…now im 80lbs overweight…I havent been successful at any plan i tried to follow because my mind was prepared to make the changes…I recently started this program today with my husband who is also doing it. I follow this program with a few exceptions: 1) i still use salad dressings, but i dont buy ranch, creamy ones, i mainly to vinegarettes, 2) i still drink my coffee with creamer and sugar but i only use a serving size of the creamers and I use splenda and only a few times a week 3) I prepared snacks in advance and cook enough meats to last a few days so that all i have to fix is veggies and rice or potatoes, which takes no time when steaming anyway…I dont follow the exercise program because i think its not intense enough for me and besides when you are eating balance portioned meals and adding exercise you will lose the weight…Also, i have been diagnosed with PCOS( poly cystic ovarian syndrome) which is hormonal imbalance for women and can sometimes cause your body to no break down insulin properly. I think this is a good program to help stabilize and regulate you glucose for women with this issue and help you lose weight, and for any women with PCOS, you know losing weight is a nightmare!!! What i think ppl forget this that this is a RAPID weightloss system, and the no salt, butter, dairy, etc is meant to help you achieve results the quickest! If you use these things, your weightloss may not be as fast. I realize that, and im using this plan to my advantage because once i complete it, it will then become my lifestyle because I would have been so used to eating that way so my grocery shopping and food selections will be muscle memory. I think this is a great plan to teach you portion control because i know i was definitely eating 3 and 4 times more than i should…hence the 80lbs extra. I wont lie, it is a tough to follow initially, but after a while you get the use to it and once you reach you’re goal weight, you can add a day or 2 of whatever and wherever you want to eat…but know that if you’re just waiting to lose the weight to be able to eat uncontrolled again, then you will FAIL!!! good luck to you guys!!!

  • Do the entire program
    Brent Hoover

    Hello. I work for Provida, the company that makes the 6 Week Body Makeover and wanted to clarify one thing. The Money-back guarantee is an unconditional guarantee. The exact wording on the website is “Do the entire program. If you don’t lose up to 30 lbs. in the first 6 weeks, or are unhappy for any reason, you can send it
    back and we’ll refund the full purchase price (less shipping and handling) no questions asked.”. So if it doesn’t work, you think it’s too complicated, or you just change your mind, you can return it for all but the shipping cost (it is a heavy box full of books). I do not speak officially for the company but I can clarify that point.

  •  Last year and lost 17 pounds in 6 weeks
    Yessi (Verified User)

    I did this makeover plan last year and lost 17 pounds in 6 weeks (I cheated every saturday by eating at the buffet ice cream coffee with creamer and sugar and pretty much everything I wanted) I did not excersided at all and yes I pre-cooked everything a day in advanced… I still managed to loose the 17 pounds I had to stop because I went out of town to study for 3 weeks and was staying in a hotel without a kitchen and had nothing beside cvs close to buy food so had no choice but to buy frozen food but this time around I will do it again and get to my goal 🙂 is the only thing I have tried that has worked .. remember people that we should be eating to live and live to eat….. Good Luck

  • No money wasted, no gimmicks

    Here’s the deal with diets, the most successful out there all tell you the SAME thing. Moderation is key to any diet.
    I personally lost 200 pounds in little over a year without buying some expensive diet program. I started slow, one piece/slice less. I didn’t cut anything from my diet, I just ate a little less and as more time progressed I ate less and less, lost more and more weight with just moderation and simple exercise like walking. No money wasted, no gimmicks, no expensive food/equipment or anything like that. I saved money because I wasn’t buying as much food!

    • Cherese

      I am happy you lost so much without spending any money, but truth be told this plan works, is not a gimmick and it teaches you to truly eat healthy and be mindful of what you are putting into your body. Besides losing weight I want the health benefits and I am spending less than I would on a personal trainer and diet foods, shakes, pills, potions, etc. I am enjoying it.

  • Jane C

    I just received my package. BE CAREFUL to ask about shipping costs (mine was $60!!!)and also know that they are going to try to sell you extra things besides the 6 week plan. And at the end they’ll want to sell you magazines!! Ask them exactly what they are going to charge your account before you approve the order.

  •  Slacked off
    Bernie Cook (Verified User)

    I am on the diet as we speaki. I have been on it for 3 weeks and have lost 221/2 inches over my body. I could have done better but slacked off on my third week exercises.I have found this to be the best dies I have ever seen if you have a lot to lose. I needed to loose 90 pounds and have lost 2 dress sizes, however I did start on the quick start. I have found that reading, don’t forget to read because it helps. My husband does all the reading and tells me what I can and cannot do. Have I cheated, yes. But it works. Next week I plan to do 100% better.

  • flabby

    What about the toning part? Are you actually firmed up or do you end up flabby with just the 18 minute workout?

  •  Eating salad everyday

    I like the idea behind the plan, unfortunatly if you have any type of business in your life it is nearly impossible to maintain. Cooking 6 times a day? Plus, let’s face it, if we don’t eat sugar, fat, wheat, salt, dairy, or YUMMINESS, then DUH weight loss will happen. I could lose weight by only eating salad everyday too, and that requires less cooking. All in all, Im sure it works, IF you have time for it.

  • Alcoholic beverages
    Sue Ellis

    Is consumption of alcoholic beverages permitted on this plan?

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hi Sue, for details on the program and specific product intake please refer to the 6 Week Body Makeover official website.

  • 6 payments

    I just wanted to know if you really get it for 6 payments at 19.99?

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hi Kerry, For purchase inquiries, please refer to the 6 Week Body Makeover official website to contact their customer service department.

  •  reevaluate
    Anthony (Verified User)

    Here is a question, lets say I buy this program, and it says I am a type B body, just for example, and I work it for 6 weeks following the type B plan, and I lose 30 or 40 lbs… If I want to continue on do I need to reevaluate everything? After losing those 30 or 40 lbs, I might be a body type A now, which would be completely different than what I was doing on type B…

    Or, is it always the same, if you start as a type B you end as a type B even after you reach your goal????

    • Momo

      Your body type stays the same, unless you realize you had it wrong to start with. But if you are losing weight and get down to your goal, you probably had it right!

  • edema.

    i am thinking of ordering,are you allowed to add any type of salt i am required to use sea salt daily due to my edema.

    lots of said they get the hunger feeling can you add glasss of water to fill you up or a snack that is calorie and fat free?

  •  In my opinion it is unrealistic
    Amanda (Verified User)

    I tried this program a few years ago and lost 40lbs, but found it a very restricting food plan. No salt, no dairy, no bread, no desserts, no pasta, etc. In my opinion it is unrealistic to eat this way the rest of your life.

    • Kim

      You aren’t intended to eat this way for the rest of your life. Many of these restrictions are during the “reduction” period. After you have achieved your weight loss, you can slowly start to incorporate some things back into your diet to see what works for you in order to maintain your weight. The bottom line is it is a lifestyle change. I am still in the reduction phase of my weight loss and it is hard, but the end result is worth it to me.

  • amber

    i dont measure the food too carefully when i comes to the meat. i just take a small piece of chicken or whatever meat i am eating and assume its 2 or 3 oz. the veggies and fruit i do measure. i did this program about 6 years ago and lost 5 pnds in one week but it was too hard to keep up with cause of school and work. now after having a kids i am super over weight and trying again. i cant be as strict as they want me to be but what im eating on this plan is still WAY better than what i was eating before so i know i will see results. im ok with putting a little salt and maybe some bbq sauce on my chicken. dont feel bad it u do that. and thanksgiving is coming up… im not skipping out on that. i will just go back on the diet the next day.

  • splenda or honey

    can you have splenda or honey on this diet?? I saw someone ask earlier and get no reply…

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hi Vanessa, for details on the program and specific product intake, please refer to the 6 Week Body Makeover official website.

  •  Green beans without sodium
    Not Pleased (Verified User)

    I did loose 30lbs in 6weeks, I actually lost 10lbs the first week. It was water weight. It’s all a gimmick.

    I was devoted to this program. But it plateaus. True I lost the weight, but I gained it right back because that diet is a TEMPORARY diet. Preparing and eating bland food 6 times a day! You also need a food scale because you have to weigh your protein (unsalted meat) Ugh it was NOT easy. It’s a no salt diet. All I ate was chicken breast, ground chicken, and turkey, All day, everyday WITHOUT SALT. Green beans without sodium. Just to be able to eat the green beans I would sprinkle Splenda and True Lemon on them…ugh I hope it works for others, after the 6 weeks…because it didn’t work for me. I heard Weight Watchers is the best…I might be trying that next.

    To each it’s own…good luck to EVERYONE!! 🙂

  • work for disabled people ?

    How does this plan work for disabled people that can’t get out of bed very well?

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hi Kara, the 6 Week Body Makeover is a diet program that aids in helping users lose excess body fat and get into better shape.In reference to individuals with disabilities please refer to the 6 Week Body Makeover official website for further details and questions that their customer service may be able to assist with.

  •  You do not need any high dollar program to loose weight. I lost 200 pounds in 10 months by just being careful and mindful of what I ate.

    You do not need any high dollar program to loose weight. I lost 200 pounds in 10 months by just being careful and mindful of what I ate.

  •  I'd be so blotted just from all that liquid!
    Paula (Verified User)

    I’m confused about the portion size when I make a make over menu item. If most of my intake is 2oz. per, do I only eat 2oz. of what I’m making? Such as the chili, did I only eat 2oz. of chili? And has anyone really managed to drink 100 oz. of water in a day? I’d be so blotted just from all that liquid!

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hi Paula, For details on the program and specific product intake please refer to the 6 Week Body Makeover official website.

  •  It's enough for me to keep on going.
    Sandy (Verified User)

    Wow – I bought this thing a few years back and hard a hard time with it’s stictness. I went off and tried weight watchers – twice. No luck – not strict enought – easy to fall off the wagon. So…I saw the infomercial again. I decided right there – it’s time. I have only been doing it for 3 and 1/2 days. I not only have lost weight, I don’t need my acid reflux meds and my arthritis is not giving me a bit of grief! My face looks younger too! It’s enough for me to keep on going.

  • Who thinks this will work for me in 6 weeks?
    nikki (Verified User)

    I just purchased the 6 week diet. I am 17 and I am 5’5 and I weigh 150. My goal is to get to 115, 120 or even 125. Do you think that if i stick to this diet and follow through that I will reach my goal in 6 weeks? I realy hope I do, i’ve been trying and it’s so hard. I want to lose my stomach. It’s bloated and big and I want to lose my love handles. Who thinks this will work for me in 6 weeks?

  • It works but what for diabetic?
    shelly (Verified User)

    Hi I seen this on an infomercial and I have done WW lost 30# got pregnant gained it all back and then some, lost the baby. My husband and I are trying to get pregnant again but I’m a diabetic and over weight so it’s really hard. Is any one else diabetic? Was it harder because of this? I haven’t got my package yet I’m excited to get it, it’s taking what seems like for ever!

    • ShaWashanah

      Yes, I am diabetic. I had gestational diabetes with my 2nd child. We too want another baby but I am so overweight and refuse to with now having diabetes. My package has not arrived as of yet but I am optimistic since being a gym member and dieting is simply not working. I take insulin (Lantus and Novolog). My goal is to lose 70lbs and get off prescriptions all together. I hope this plan can help with that. Best to you 🙂

  •  Just started my plan.
    Suzy (Verified User)

    Just wanted to say that I have started this “life change” today. It’s 12:54pm and I have already eaten 3 times. I am not sure if the foods I am eating are giving me energy or if I am just excited…but I am not the least bit hungry. However, this is a lot more food than I usually eat. Then again, I would only eat once a day and usually it was something bad for me like pizza or cheeseburgers.
    I will admit that eating oatmeal without sugar was kinda gross, but I suppose I can get used to that. And Grapefruit has a horrible aftertaste, but I can get used to that, too.
    I am not a huge fan of fish, either, but I bought some at the store and I plan to cook it for dinner tonight.
    I know in order for this to work the way I want, I have to be ready and I am.
    So tired of being fat.
    Good luck to all the others that have just started this too.

    • Sandy

      I agree! I feel really great on this diet. And o.k., so the food doesn’t taste as good, but I am finding out that in a crazy sort of way this is keeping me from wanting to overeat! The strickness is what I need. Weight Watchers was just too “allowing” and I was eating the wrong foods – going nowhere.
      My arthitis not bugging me at all and I am off my prescription for acid reflux.
      Oh yeah – I’ve only been on it for a week! “Yea” to feeling better!

  •  This diet is working for me.
    Dbug61 (Verified User)

    This diet is working for me. I am losing an average of 3.3 pounds a week and I came off blood pressure meds in week 2, which caused my weight loss to stop while my body fluids readjusted. I’ve also had a family wedding (with the assorted showers and bachelorette parties-all of which I went off the diet for). I’ve also had some unrelated medication reactions and some other challenges that have slowed me down, but I keep chugging along in fits and starts. I lost 30 pounds in the first 2 months and am on track to lose 30 more in the second two months which will get me to the half-way mark.

    Together with my doctor I have made some adjustments to the diet. I do eat egg yolks–they have iron and I tend to anemia. For the same reason, although my type would have almost no red meat, I have a couple of meals each week with red meat. In addition, despite Michael Thurmond’s rant against dairy, my doctor wants me to have some so we agreed on a carb-controlled fat-free yogurt portion several times a week in replacement of a lean meat.

    Is this the most rigid diet I’ve ever been on? YES! By far. Is it workable? Yes, absolutely. I do have to work at it, but seeing the scale move almost every day helps. So does dropping from a size 22 Women’s to a 16-18 Misses and knowing I’ll never again have to shop in the PLUS department.
    One thing that has helped me (because this is going to take me a LONG time) is that I am committing to very short stretches. I committed to 6 weeks to start. I then recommitted to another 6 weeks, which I am about to finish, but a couple of weeks ago I committed to going until an event at the end of October. This is the only thing that makes this feasible.

    I’m never hungry, but I hate having to think about food 6 times a day.
    I have always mixed my own spices and so the salt isn’t as much of a problem, but I hate having to think about a whole week’s worth of food on Sundays …but if I don’t, it’s too hard to stay on track.
    Yogurt gets me through long meetings that cross my snack times…
    Anyhow…good luck, all. This can work.

    • Erica

      Dbug61 –

      Thank you for your comment. I was wondering what spices to you use to season your meat and veggies? I want to use spices more versus salt, but not sure what to use.

  • What is the diet like?

    What is the diet like? Are you expected a lot of nothing but vegtablesand weird things.

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hi Debbie, The 6 Week Body Makeover offers a “Customized Eating Plan” and “Customized recipes” with every program purchase. For any additional information on meal plans and/or recipes please refer to the 6 Week Body Makeover official website.

  •  Good for you girl.
    RD (Verified User)

    Good for you girl, keep it up

  •  i opted for the 20 monthly payment plan.
    charity (Verified User)

    well .. i just ordered my set. i have a friend that did the program and it worked very well for her. I have a deputy friend who has been on it for 2 weeks and have seen amazing results after having 3 children. I didnt have any problems ordering it and i opted for the 20 monthly payment plan. I think i can afford that – i spend more than that on fast food weekly. :))) i will keep you all updated with my results. If anyone has any tips that would be great. I work 12 hour days with a toddler and a husband that works just as much.thanxs

  •  I didn't buy this plan.

    well im on day 1 of the plan i’ve read the other comments and here’s the thing…weight watchers and sparkpeople i’ve been eating 1500 calories a day and working out (training for a 5k and doing the firm 5 days a week) step on the scale…no change. i still have a baby belly in fact. Im hoping this kicks my metabolism into high gear. it was either this or get my thyroid checked (again). Plus Im prediabetic and this plan really addresses insulin response something i really need to tackle now before im full blown type 2.

    I didn’t buy this plan, my mom lost 37 lbs on it 5 years ago and i just took all her stuff and reorganized it for me.

  •  It didn't work out for me.
    Camille (Verified User)

    I did this program in Spring 2010. I had a total of about 45 lbs to lose and I lost about 15 lbs in the first few weeks, then the scale would NOT budge for weeks and weeks. I got really discouraged and returned it. (I had no problem returning it). The main thing that it taught me was to limit my potion sizes, so I’ve been keeping that up and so far, I haven’t gained any weight back. I really didn’t care for the lack of flavor in all of the recipes that I tried and I think that a little bit of monounsaturated oils are good for our bodies. I already do a very low-salt diet, so the no-salt thing was easy for me. I also got bored with the weight-band workout CD and I wish he would incorporate new exercise physiology theories into his program, i.e. HIIT. I did some figuring and the diet is about 1200-1400 calories per day spread out between 5-6 meals every 2-3 hours. You are supposed to eat 2 oz of protein and about 1/2 cup of complex carb like plain brown rice and depending on body type, you can add in 1/2 an apple plus 2 cups of salad (No oil). So every 2-3 hours you eat your mini protein and complex carb. If you’re out and about, you have to carry it with you or bring it to work in a cooler. You also have to drink 100 oz of water which helps a lot because most of us are dehydrated and just drinking tons of water helps to lose weight. I’m not sure I’d order it again. I think it works differently for different body types. It didn’t work out for me but it seems to work for some people.

  •  I will start using this product in few days.
    Suzy (Verified User)

    My mom just recently ordered this product for me. I have been overweight since I was 4 yrs old, I am 31 now and this will be my FIRST attempt at anything to rid me of this disgusting fat. My question is…my mom ordered this product for me on Aug. 27th via online. She called the company to see if it had been shipped out(offered her the express shipping) and they told her that it was processed and shipped on the 30th. I know it’s only the 2nd of Sept now, but how long will I be waiting? I am really excited to get started on my new life. Thanks!

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hi Suzy, we are sorry to hear about your order issue. Please refer to the 6 Week Body Makeover official website in order to contact customer service about your inquiry.

  •  When you receive your items -- quickly inventory everything.

    When ordering, just be sure that you order, receive, and commit to ONLY the basic plan items — do not “opt in” for receiving or purchasing additional stuff (extra exercize programs, the pill ‘subsription’ etc…). Thsi can be done most easliy by paying VERY close attention to all presented materials – Read all the stuff if you order online, or call and order while continually asking to NOT be included on anything that would increase your costs — NOT ONE PENNY ..

    As stated above and elsewhere, the basic plan is an OK plan, and it will provide stucture and guideance on what to do.

    An additional point — When you receive your items — quickly inventory everything, to ensure that you’ve received only what you’ve planned to order and nothing more. Work immediately to address any ‘over-shipment’ or receipt of anything besides the plan materials and the one exercize band.

  • Should I buy a prepaid card to purchase it?

    i am a mother of 2 babies ones 2 and ones 10months.constantly on the go and doing all the house work. Its so much easier to hit the drive thru and go do my errands. Now Im 35lbs over weight and I wanna try the program but very nervous. Should I buy a prepaid card to purchase it to be on the safe side?

  •  the diet it works if you follow it .
    Anonymus (Verified User)

    why don’t you guys leave kate alone … and just get your fat asses on the diet it works if you follow it .

  • I'm Sick, I can't take it.

    do u need to get the pills? can u do the 6week makeover with out the pill. Im in bed health an cant take a lot of pills.

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hi, the best end results appear when you combine a weight loss programs with supplements to aid and help with end results. However, due any health concerns it is advised you consult your physician before using any weight loss products.

  •  I must say this product looks promising.
    Denise W. (Verified User)

    I must say this product looks promising… I don’t have a lot to loose so I don’t expect miracles. (if I lost 30#’s I’d be waay too thin) But I’m hoping to drop those last 10-15 #’s of “laziness fat” and tone up. My “baby” is 7 now, can’t blame him anymore. LOL Looks fairly easy as long as you prep right. I’ve spent a week reading the book so I know my Do’s and Don’ts for my body type. Made my grocery list of only the foods my body type is allowed yesterday. If it’s not on the list, it won’t be bought. I also prepared by watching the proper technique of the band workouts this weekend. I have a treadmill for the walking so I’m set. We’ll see how it goes… I’ll check back in 6 weeks and let you all know my progress. Oh, one more thing. I bought the ENTIRE program off Craigs list for $60 dollars… I kid you not. She hadn’t written on anything that was original and made copies intending to sell it later. Said it was sitting in her closet for awhile and wanted it gone. I about died when I called and she still had it… DVD’s and all. Mint condition. So be patient, look around and find deals on the purchase of it. I figure if it doesn’t work it’s only $60 bucks right? Good luck everyone!

  •  this product is definately making a believer
    Anonymous (Verified User)

    I am from the caribbean and saw the informercial.I couldn’t order this product because there are no caribbean countries on the credit card info.so i got a friend to order it for me.I started on Tuesday without the exercise because i am recovering from surgery and i weighed myself today (thursday)and i am 4 lbs lighter so this product is definately making a believer out of me.

  • I am the one who needs to lose

    I saw the informercial on tv last night and decided to look up the product and also comments from people that have used it. First off-what about people that are allergic to certain foods? I have a family of 4 and do all the cooking, which I love to do, my kids do not need to lose weight, they eat healthy, my boyfriend can actually stand to gain weight, but I am the one who needs to lose. I WILL NOT spend hours in the kitchen cooking meals for them and then cooking separate meals for me. So, how would that work?

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hi Mary, in reference to food intake, the program includes a customized eating plan that might help with your situation. For details on the program and specific product intake, please refer to the 6 Week Body Makeover official website.

  • is it good for health
    sarah hahn (Verified User)

    what are the pills for? due to health issues it is very important for me to know what I am taking.

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hi Sarah, in regards to the pills, it’s advised to combine weight loss programs with supplements to aid and help with end results. Due to your health issues it is advised to consult your physician before using any weight loss products. Please refer to the 6 Week Body Makeover official website for detailed information.

    • Amy

      You don’t have to take them with this plan. I am not and it is going fine without it.

  • worried about getting the product
    het b

    I am so lost!!! I am 28 and weigh 265 I have tried many things but I can never find enough time in the day to do the exercise I need to do, it really is all excuses, I am worried about getting the product because I am a single mom and can not afford any financial issues with any company. I have very little will power and do not want to waste my time, for those of you who are on the 6WBM is it just certain food for certain body types? Or is it all the same food?? We do not eat unhealthy but could always stand to be healthier. I sit down for 8 hrs a day at work then at home for another 2 hr to do school work. I have a 9yr old daughter who I see following down the same path I did and I refuse to let her become overwight like I did at such an early age is this plan ok for a child at such an early age?

    LORENA (Verified User)


    • Rock Drummer

      good luck to you… but why are you shouting?

  • Can you drink wine with it?
    karen Bosworth

    i am not familiar with this program. Can you drink wine with it?

  • diet works on people that work at night?

    Does anybody know if this diet works on people that work at night?

  •  I,m 3 weeks in and it is working.
    Refinnej (Verified User)

    Kelly, My question is did you have a alot to lose? I do but really have a hard time without salt or dressing.My favorite is a vinegar & oil. I have been mixing more vinegar in it hoping to cut the fat intake per serving.will this help or not? If any one can give me any anwsers I’d appreciate it.I,m 3 weeks in and it is working.

  •  I've lost 30lbs in 2 months.
    Me (Verified User)

    I’ve lost 30lbs in 2 months. That’s all I wanted to lose and I did. My friend and I did it together and it works! It works for all body types and I’ve seen it first hand! It really is a small price to pay compared to paying 5xs as much for diets like medi diet!! SUCKERS!!! GOODLUCK to all!!

  •  Go on eBay and buy it! Way cheaper!
    gabby (Verified User)

    Wow everyone! Listen. Go on eBay and buy it! Way cheaper! Buy any thing on there to lose weight!

  •  I love this prouduct
    Dawn (Verified User)

    I love this prouduct I got it and I started when I was ready and it has been 1 week and lost 6 lbs.. you eat a lot and it is satifying.

  • This weight loss program really does work.
    jill (Verified User)

    This weight loss program really does work. However, it takes time and dedication. you must follow it exactly. It is alot of eating and planning out meals. The food you must buy can get rather expensive, but I’m telling you it worked for me. I lost 10 lbs. just the first week. Good Luck.

  •  Help! I love paul newman's vinegar and oil dressing
    Refinnej (Verified User)

    Help! I love paul newman’s vinegar and oil dressing I know it’s loaded with fat but I have put 1/4 of a cup in a container then added 1 1/2 cups of vinegar to “water down” hoping to cut the fat intake. I only use 2 tsp on almost 2 cups of lettuce. Am I spinning my wheels? I do like the program so far (2wks)
    It does take disipline> Ididn’t get fat over night, I’m not going to lose it all over night. This give me common sense guidelines to follow. I have stopped using extra salt and get everthing I do need in the lowest sodium option. I’m a saltalolic. i do miss it.I hope someone can help me or encourage me.

  • I order the six week body thing.

    Well, I just got off the phone with them to order the six week body thing…. and I noticed the crap they were trying to sell. So truth be told, if you LISTEN to the person you’re talking to you’ll be able to avoid all that crap and just get what you want. I just ordered the original program and said “No, thank you” to everything else. I did telemarketing for a bank for a year, I know what its like to be on the other side of those phone calls too. These people are reading off of scripts and just trying to do their jobs…. they are provided responses to just about every excuse people come up with so just be careful and listen to what you are agreeing to…. ask questions and never just casually say “yeah” or “sure” because you may be okaying something you aren’t fully aware of….. also don’t just hear what you want to hear…. and most importantly, be firm and direct.

  • will this program still work for young teens?

    will this program still work for young teens?

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hi, for detailed instructions and product use directions/restrictions please refer to the 6 Week Body Makeover official website.

  •  Does it work if your not over weigh?

    Does it work if your not over weight, I just want to lose 20- 30 pounds

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hi Cynthia, The 6 Week Body Makeover is actually a diet program that some users claim aids in weight loss, of up to 30 pounds of unwanted weight, within a six-week period. . For any further detailed questions lease refer to the 6 Week Body Makeover official website for detailed product use instructions.

    • Hello

      20-30 pds is overweight. I don’t care,but it is what it is.

  • Does this work if 30 lbs to loose??

    Does this work if you only have 30 lbs to loose?? I’m worried that I’ll spend this money and not loose…

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hi Jennifer, The 6 Week Body Makeover diet program has helped some users aid in weight loss of up to 30 pounds of unwanted weight, within a six-week period. For details on the program and specific product intake, please refer to the 6 Week Body Makeover official website.

  • do u weight the food before or after its cooked

    do u weight the food before or after its cooked….please let me know

    • Christina (Editor)

      The 6 Week Body Makeover offers a “Customized Eating Plan” and “Customized recipes” that may answer meal preparation questions. For any additional information on meal plans and/or recipes please refer to the 6 Week Body Makeover official website.

  •  I loved it!
    cheryl h (Verified User)

    I loved it! I didn’t follow it to a T But it is the best for my body. I lost 6lbs. the first week and 3 most other weeks. Their forum is awesome and It is inspiring. Join in and get someones phone number and call them for tips. I did not drink all the water and I used some light salt. The key was to cook your meals on one day portion and freeze them. I lost 24 lbs. in 6 weeks. But I learned it was very key to eat the carbs and protien! I had 40 lbs. to lose. I’m not saying it is easy but it is awesome to lose weight that fast. It is also very important to not work out too hard Ie… running…I just walked fast. when they say not to work out over 20 minutes. I did not cuz I could not at first. Then gradually built up to 20 mins. Good luck everyone. The key is to take you favorite meals and revamp them. So every week I had 4 basics on the stove. My favorites – Chili beans, Tacos, spagetti, chicken and baked potatoe, I used the lean turkey in all most everything. tapatillas , healthy burritos, healthy lean beef. I used rice noodles from a oriental grocer. I was not supposed to use tortillas. so I just purchased the healthiest ones. If there are things that you can’t give up then don’t for now. I used no oil, lite salt, frozen veggies rice and potatoes were the basics. much love good luck. cher

  • Shipping costs $20 regardless.

    I wish I had read this column before purchasing. Here are my additional notes. Shipping costs $20 regardless. Don’t be lead into believing the “expedited free” line. It just means they UPS it. Second, watch out for all the additional offers. You have to cancel or they keep shipping.

  •  I loved p90x
    Anonymous (Verified User)

    beach body products are very good I loved p90x and it is by the same trainer as 10 min trainer

  • My sister only lost 2 lbs in 1 week!
    iza (Verified User)

    I just had a newborn and the reviews were a wakeup call to this diet.I barely have time to sleep and let alone got online now that my son is sleeping.I am going to write down everything I eat and do the 20 min workout with turbojam and not eat junk crap..is cheaper than having to do this crappy diet that cost a head and a leg..My sister got this and she said,it was mostly just taking out the salt and process foods and making time to work certain parts of her body..she only lost 2 lbs in 1 week.I lost more weight having to breastfeed than anything else out there.I heard someone say..do some drugs that should do it..than buying some diet pills..lol.just saying!!

  •  I purchased the program last nigh.
    Sara (Verified User)

    I purchased the program last night after watching an infomercial and checking it out online.

    I have taken many years of health and nutrition classes, so I know all the basic information about how our bodies process foods, and what types of foods, but I DON’T know which foods are right for me.

    My biggest problem is asthma. I can’t use albuterol – I’m basically allergic – so I have to use a short-term inhaler in advance for any exercising I do. Being 100lbs overweight, my body works harder for simple exercises, and so it is hard even WITH the inhaler for me to do high impact cardio exercises.

    I was a size 5/6, then had a sports injury, got back on the bandwagon, then had another – different – sports injury. It has been many years since then, with a constant slow and steady gain.

    My husband and I are ready to have children, but I am at risk for many things because of my weight and where I carry it.

    I try to stay active, eat right, but it’s hard.

    I had been laid off for 4 months, and it’s taken 4 months to get ‘caught up’ on bills. I really can’t afford the $150 (w/S&H) program cost, or shouldn’t spend the money right now, but I’ve seen a lot of fad diets, my mother had struggled with weight in the past and tried everything under the sun.
    I’m placing my faith in this program not because of wanting quick results (though that would be nice!) but because of the information is will provide me for people of my body type. I know that if my body can process foods better, I will loose weight. I just need to know what to do for my body type specifically.

    I figure if I can afford a gym membership of about $100 a month, I can afford the monthly installments of $19.99. To change my body, health, ego, and life? It’s more than a justified cost.

    Wish me luck.

  • I have hyprothryoidism..would it be negatively effected with the diet plan?
    judi Ward

    I have hyprothryoidism..would it be negatively effected with the diet plan?

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hi Judi, due to your diagnosis it is advised to consult your physician before using any weight loss products.

  • Can you have an occasional glass of wine

    Can you have an occasional glass of wine or beer with this?

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hi Vic, The 6 Week Body Makeover offers a “Customized Eating Plan” that may answer any food and/or drink intake questions. For any additional information please refer to the 6 Week Body Makeover official website.

  • I just ordered this over the weekend

    I just ordered this over the weekend. I figured I’d try this since I once joined another weight loss program and paid more in the monthly fee losing very minimal weight that spending the money once for this program didn’t bother me too much. I figured re-uping with that program and renewing my gym membership would be so much more expensive. I just wish I read up on the company first (I’m usually very careful to do so) since some of the reviews here have made me wary now, but I’m going to stay positive about it. I have to start somewhere and counting points gets tedious!
    I’m happy that this is a no salt diet since salt. Not sure if many people are aware that sodium affects your blood pressure and at my young age, 30, I’ve been doctor ordered to avoid it where ever I can. I had already started doing so and I’ve noticed a happy change.

    I am irritated though that they charged my card two days ago and have yet to e-mail me with any confirmation/shipping information. I’ve sent a request for that info and if I don’t get it soon, I’m going to involve my bank in getting the money back.

    • Teri


      Did you end up receiving your order? How long did it take?


  •  This plan does work.My husband
    Sherri Kessel (Verified User)

    I ordered the plan a few years ago but decided to get the new plan with the CDs.This plan does work.My husband and I have been on so many diets off and on but we know this one is the best diet that we have been on.So tired of having heartburn and feeling tired.We spend more money eating out and on junk food then what it cost for this plan.Can’t wait to start back on it.Its our fault that we didn’t stick with it but this time we will.

  •  I am still waiting for my order!

    I placed my order last sunday (5-23-10) and have yet to be charged for it nor received the product. I called and teh person on the other end said that it was on back order but it should be here in two weeks from today. I am not sure about this now.

    • Sabrina

      I just got off the phone due to the same issue..I was told that sometimes the orders aren’t downloaded right and that mine was lost. They wanted me to give them a credit card and reorder. I said no, I had this feeling that in a few days I would be surprised when my first order magicly reappeared and then I would have to go through the hassle of returning one or what not. It too me two days of busy signals and an Email to finaly get someone too. I am sure the program works but it is such a hassle to get it and not get trapped into other odd charges that it wasn’t worth it. Maybe I will do what another person did and try to find it on Ebay or something to skip going through the main company.

      • Anonymous

        yeah really liked how they made it seem like you would get your order in two days!!!! when I called they said that the product would be shipped out in two days not recived in two days. but the infomerical sure made it seem like you would get it in two days!!! using phrases like you can start next week.AND since I am from Canada it might take 4-6 weeks to come. Do not get the express shiping!!!! But I hope that the product works well!!

  •  Hey everyone
    Editor (Verified User)

    Hey everyone, you can find more comments on 6 Week Body Makeover Quiz over here.

  •  I am a vegetarian can this program help me
    suki (Verified User)

    I am a vegetarian can this program be adapted to my life style?

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hi Suki, the 6 Week Body Makeover offers a “Customized Eating Plan” and “Customized recipes” with every program purchase. For any additional information on meal plans and/or recipes to adapt please refer to the 6 Week Body Makeover official website.

    • Ty

      I have never met a vegetarian that needed to lose a lot of weight. Good luck!!!

  •  I just orderd this plan
    Regina (Verified User)

    I too just orderd this plan after numerous times watching the infomercial. I odered it via phone and for those of u complaining about being billed for the pills, y didn’t u cancel it as soon as u rec’d the order? u waited too long and thus the charges. I am very anxious to get started and get my life back. I am 41, 5’2 and 240lbs. I am a registered nurse, married mom. i work 3rd shift and am ready…wish me luck!!!!

    • Sabrina

      I am with you!! I had some of the same issues. I paid in full to get it faster then over a week later after 2 days of busy signals on the phone and unaswered email I was told that my order wasn’t downloaded right when I ordered online. And to give them my card number and they would order it again. NOT! Then my luck the first order reappears and I get charged twice! And the hassle of getting my money back would be a total pain! BE VERY VERY CAREFUL when ordering. It’s sad, this program may work great, but the company makes it not worth trying.

    • Shea

      Just wondering if ur willing to take leagal action then why werent u willing to read the FINE PRINT? regular shipping take about 2 weeks express is 3-5 BUSNISS DAYS DEPENDING ON LOCATION so some areas will take longer and NOTHING EVER UPGRADES FOR FREE. U need to learn how to pay more attention. But GOOD LUCK 🙂

  • What is the diet plan?

    What is the diet plan? How do I sign up?

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hi Susie, The 6 Week Body Makeover is a diet program that aids in helping users lose excess body fat and get into better shape by incorporating a weight loss plan for 6 full weeks. For details on the program and to inquire about orders please refer to the 6 Week Body Makeover official website.

  • I didn't have to buy it!!

    Is there anyone on here who is local that stays in Atlanta Ga. I lost my job for the state about 7 months ago and its been really hard to find another. I was wondering if anyone was willing to help me in the right direction where I didn’t have to buy it but rather someone could tell me what I need to do and kind of point me in the right direction. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

  •  The 6 week body makeover is AWESOME!
    Ree (Verified User)

    The 6 week body makeover is AWESOME!I Ordered it 2 years ago, In my first 14 Days I lost 17 lbs. at the end of my 6 weeks I was 37 lbs lighter. This is an amazing life change. If you are wanting to get rid of all that extra weight and tone up your body do this. It really works. I restarted it This past week and I have already lost 8 lbs in 6 days. It really does work. And its easy to do.

    • linda

      I also did this diet 3 years ago and lost after my 6 weeks 58lbs now keep in mind i also added 10-15 hrs a week at the gym to make sure i didnt get sagging skin. now 3 years later i have trained my body to eat right. It was hard at first but now i look at myself being 218 thre years ago to now being 125 i still gasp when i buy jeans that are size 6. and look at girls headding in my old path i tell them 6 week body makeover really transfored my life they should read in to it peopld say oh you dont know how it is to be fat i say said i know how it is to be obese. and show a photo. funny also when family havent seen me in a year or so and saw me so small note i didnt tell anyone i was on a diet.

      i do go back on and off this diet and go on a strict diet for 4 weeks a year or so before the holidays that way all durring the holidays i can eat what i like and then two or three weeks in january so 6 weeks of diets isnt that bad to make sure i take off the 5 10 lbs i add on in the holidays.

      It is a hard diet at first to start esp when or if you love gravy fried foods. but now i get sick if i eat a large fries at a fast food chain. after you are done you cant go back to your old eatting habbits . not saying you cant eat what you like ie it isnt going to hurt you to eat icecream twice a month and its a small one but it will if you eat a large one 5 times a week and a box of swiss rolls.

      for thoes that think you no longer will get to eat x or x do something to treat yourself esp in the start if you stick to the diet dont cheat for two weeks get a low fat icecream cone or eat a slice of cake that you like or a hand full of kisses. that makes it so worth while.

      good luck everyone on your make overs.

  •  Be realistic! It's some truth to all products
    christie (Verified User)

    There is no need for all the back and forth with this product. Like me, many people order tons of weightloss plans and supplements and don’t do the maintenance. Be realistic! It’s some truth to all products, otherwise they wouldn’t be out very long. If you think your life is really worth changing, you will try this product, the next product, and the next…until you find what works for you. Be realistic!

  •  Will this diet work for lose 15 -20 pounds?

    from everything i have read, i have some questions??? Will this diet work for someone who only needs to lose 15 -20 pounds? I just want to get back down to what my weight was before having my 4th kid! 11 years ago after my 3rd kid, i lost all 75 pounds i gained in 3 months. I did it the unhealthy way. Now i have a 4 year old & still have an extra 20 pounds i can’t shed & just don’t have it in me to starve myself. Right now i only eat once a day (dinner) and once in a while something small for lunch. I feel like if this diet makes me eat more, how can it possibly make me lose! I am almost sold on it because of the reviews. If i was to buy it on ebay (do you only need the book) or do you need the whole kit?

  •  Program was very successful, lost 45lb
    Heather (Verified User)

    Hi everyone. I just wanted to add my two cents. I did the program last year and was very successful, lost 45lb. and was in a size 6 loving my results. The only draw back I had was that it was unrealistic to maintain once my goal was realized. They do have a maintainence plan that comes with the program, but it was difficult for me to incorporate that into my daily life with kids and family. Consequently I gained much of the weight back. I am restarting the program again but with modifications that will probably take a significantly longer time frame to reach results, I am also including a workout program, T-Tapp. So to recap it is a good program to lose weight, just a difficult, but still attainable, program to transition into a normal eating pattern once your goal is acheived.
    So good luck to all, myself included.

  •  Loved the product though high BP.
    Jennifer (Verified User)

    Im sorry, but i forgot to mention i had high blood pressure, monitoring in the 140-150 over 90’s but after 8 weeks on my body type plan my b/p was 128/76! thats proof it helps your health get better.

  •  Loved the product
    Jennifer (Verified User)

    This is working for me. I lost 19 pounds and 2 dress sizes though in 8 weeks but along with eating according to your body type I enrolled in Pilates and it really helped me to see even better results. If you really stick to the plan it does work. I highly recommend it and it is true, once you started a few weeks into the program you dont just eat, you eat when your hungry and sometimes your not even hungry but YOU HAVE TO EAT!!
    Im still losing weight ! Good luck everyone.

  •  Confused to start it.
    Heather (Verified User)

    I am wondering about some things on this diet. I hear about removing fat and sugar and salt. Salt – no problem…only use it rarely and only sea salt or kosher in cooking, never table salt. Sugar – a problem onlhy use it in coffee for the most part – but refuse to eat FAKE sugars, would rather use the real stuff in moderation. Fats – what about olive oil? that is healthy fat and our body does need some of that. I use only olive oil in my cooking. Is this a diet that focuses on protion sizes and healthy habits? I have in the past used La weight loss which went by serving sizes of protein, starch, fruits, veggies, fat and dairy. Granted ony one serving of dairy and fat in a day, but with a little pre-planning it was easy. Lost a total of 80 lbs. Have put back on 25 of that very slowly over two years, but have not been following it at all. Still have mostly healthy habits. Am interested intis program to learn different types of food that may work for me better than others. I also excercise quite regularly, but still not taking of the weight I want. Wondering if I should spend the money on this or just look at some way to jumpstart the weight loss.

    • Trucker

      Try using “raw” sugar instead of the white processed kind.

  • Going to start it with hope.

    I’m just about to order this. My sister and I are both going to try this program together. We are both about 75 pounds overweight and are looking fowward to trying this. Anyone have any suggestions about advice they can give us for the first few weeks? Thanks! I sure hope this work 🙂

  • How long to deliver the product?

    How many days does it take for your 6 week body makeover package take to come in the mail because I just ordered mine today

  •  Loved the product
    Krys (Verified User)

    This is a LIFESTYLE change, people! If you are looking for a quick-fix or that OTC miracle, look elsewhere. The KEY to losing weight and KEEPING it off is to CHANGE the way you’re doing things. Stop complaining about not having the time to do this. You had PLENTY of time to put the weight on, so let’s on band together and make this a SUCCESS for everyone!

  •  Hated the product
    Johnna (Verified User)

    I was all setto order this product from the website and decided to do a check on the bussiness at the better bussiness bureau before ordering it,Glad I did,,,Just a pointer for some of you it goes without saying that most of the people that are replying to your comments and questions on this site;are company employees,but it was’nt their being on here that changed my mind about this product,the actually reviews of this product were,,go to http://www.bbb.org/us/ and do a search on Provida Life Sciences, Inc which is the company that owns 6 week body make over.

  • How much to eat a day?

    ok i Have this whole kit at my home read everything! watchede everything BUT it says nothing!! about portion size!! i see everything i can eat and i cant wait to get started but i have no idea how little or how much to eat i wanna do it all by the book so it will work….please if u know what your doing when it comes to this diet can u help me…im type b so mostly chicken & turkey…thank u sooooooo much God Bless!

    • Pat

      Your quick start card has all the information on portion size.

  • Can you use a sugar substitute?

    I am considering buying the program. Can you use a sugar substitute? Like equal? I am afraid my husband will not go for this diet. He is very addicted to junk food.

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hi Becky, for any recipe questions please refer to the customized Eating Plan or the Customized recipes included in your 6 Week Body Makeover purchase. For further details on the program please refer to the 6 Week Body Makeover official website.

  •  Hated the product

    I noticed after Kate got busted out there were no more comments from her. If kate is a secret commenter from the company I don’t want this product!

    • Tina

      I noticed the exact same thing. Where are you Kate???? Come out..come out wherever you are.I can’t stand liars and cowards.

    • CYBIL

      thats right where is kate I hope i did not waste my time and money

    • Nora

      Quit worrying about Kate and pay attention to all the other great comments out there. I’ve only read one ‘bad’ comment on this site, but the rest have seemed supportive…even the ones not from Kate. It looks like this system takes A LOT of self-control and dedication to work. Even if Kate does work for the company, there are plenty of other people on here who have had positive things to say that don’t work for the company.

    • Shellebear

      Kate if you work for the company so what. As I have just spent about 30 minutes reading all the comments (I am an medical LOA ) I see a lot of individuals who are complaining about taste, time, water, or other peoples comments. Here are my thoughts: for the taste people, do you think you got overweight because ice cream or soda or all those lovely things that we have been eating taste bad? Of course not it sounds like you thought that you could just keep eating the same things forever but “maybe if I only eat smaller amounts then I’ll lose weight” or my favorite “Make everything LARGE but give me a diet coke with that” PLEASE… For the time conscious I know the drive thru and delivery are so much quicker but I need to get home to see my kids (as they/or you watch TV or play video games or take the time to blog PLEASE…Water: gain some, lose some I drink 2 litres a day and don’t think a thing about it but I guess that going out and sweating and then drinking a couple of beers or sodas is OK. Water weight fluctuates with salt or without (or do all you women just bloat for fun at that time…) Ans last for everyone who is so into those positive comments well that is great. Keep giving inspiration and your success to anyone who is willing to try this and not living on there own excuses. For all the negative comments: let me add So you tried it and it didn’t suit you very well, I’m sure that there is another easy diet out there that doesn’t require you change much of you wonderful lifestyle. If you are only trying to let others know about the commitment that it takes to make this diet work, then make your comment into “I couldn’t make those kind of changes because it was to hard for me” I ordered it yesterday and I can’t wait. I want to say thank you to everyone who has been honest enough to say that it is difficult and a commitment but I figure OK …..:}

      • kari

        well said… thank you and best of luck!!

    • Shea

      Did u ever stop to think THERE MAY BE MORE THEN ONE KATE? Very few People on earth have an ORIGIONAL name…

    • Anonymous

      Did you ever consider that Kate hasn’t responded, because like me, she posted her comment and then never came back to this site? If the plan is working for her why would she need to add to her busy schedule and waste precious time blogging to people when she can use her time more wisely on things that are more important to her. I checked out this site to research this product BEFORE buying it and I am sure I will never need to visit it again.

  •  Suggested how to use it.
    AN OLDER WOMAN (Verified User)





    • Mary

      Love this post! So true.

  • Wishing to loose weight with it.

    Hello every 1, to start i am doing this program as soon as it arrives ordered it a week ago, my boyfriend and i will both do it but i know he does not have the will power but i will try my best that we do make it. i’m 41 yrs old 5’6 265lbs and he is well younger than me, a lil over 300 n he is 5’9 ( he wont tell me his real weight but soon i have to found out lol) i will keep every 1 posted good eatings to every 1 and happy living… 2 new beginings…

    • Cass

      Yes, keep us posted, please. I have ordered this diet myself after finding out that the membership fee to enroll at Curves for Women is $120 plus, I would have to pay $40 for one month. My mom is doing the Curves system, which includes diet and exercise. We’ll see how our results compare. If I stick to this, I will add my story as well.

  • Vegetarian can take it?

    I am a vegetarian. Does this plan work if you don’t eat any meat or fish?

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hi Kamlesh, For details on program receipes please refer to the 6 Week Body Makeover official website.

    • Brandi

      I am not a vegitarian but there is a special section in the plan that addresses this. Basically you will not get your protien from meat but other alternatives.

  • Seeking more motivation on it.

    Hey Guys I need the motivation to keep going on this program. HELP ME!!! Tell me some of your stories.

  • Is it available in Video or DVD?
    CAC Wyant

    I would like to just do the exercise makeover. I have lost the weight. Is there somewhere to just get the exercise program preferable on video or DVD?

  • Will it help to loose weight?

    I’m only 18 years old, but I really need to make a change in my lifestyle. I weigh about 192 lbs, but I’m only 5’3″. I really need to lose this weight as soon as possible; I’m afraid of becoming diabetic. I cannot really afford the whole program, but do you think the book itself will work for me?

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hi Molly, For detailed instructions and program directions please refer to the 6 Week Body Makeover official website.

  • Will it help to loose weight?

    I have never had a weight problem and really ate whatever I wanted. I am struggling now and trying to eat less calories. I have had 6 kids and am 46. I weigh 155 now and am 5’6. I can’t seem to shed the 30 or so I want to and although a size 10 jean, I am used to being a 6. Will this work for me?

    • karen

      i am 51 and weigh 151 and am 5’6 as well….I am a size 10 and want to lose15 to 20 and be a size 4-6…..did you get any feedback on if this will work for people like you and me?

  • Will it hang the skin?

    Hello, my question is two fold: First, has anyone here lost more than 50lbs? The infomercial has an abundance of people who has lost 100lbs or more (which is my goal by the way).

    Secondly, if you’ve lost more than 50lbs, have you had any problems with hanging skin? My stomach is pretty big, and I am afraid that when I lose weight, I’ll have this big flap of skin. I want to know if the people on the infomercials had to have some sort of surgery after losing so much weight. Is there some sort of plan to firm the skin while losing weight?

    • Shauna

      I think anyone loosing a large amount of weight they’ve carried for years is going to have issues with loose skin. Loosing weight to quickly is also a very large factor in sagging skin. Your skin needs time to adjust to the changes, and it might not recover 100% if the weight is lost very quickly and if you’ve been large for years. It’s possible some of the people from the infomercial paid for a body lift, but i noticed a lot of the people who had lost more then 50 pounds either had a bit of saggy arm skin, or wore long sleeves and un-tucked long shirts.

      clothes will hide any excess skin you might suffer from and if you are worried about what your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife will think of you nude…then you need to discuss it with them and share your fears.

    • Heather

      you might have to do more toning workouts throughout the program to account for the sagging skin as you drop pounds. Depending on your age and whether you have had any surgeries will also affect whether or not the skin will tighten. For example, my mother had 3 c sections and a hysterectomy and her stomach muscles are shot, so doing toning wont help her when she diets.. you just have to take it one day at a time and remember you’re doing it for YOU.

  • Asking for luck to start with.

    Barbara and Kate
    I was reluctant to try this but after reading both of your statements and how successful the program was for both of you I was inspired. My husband and I are both overweight, he is a type 2 diabetic and I am always tired and no energy so I want to loose weight and live healthier. We both are in our middle 50’s and have decided to work on loosing weight together. Thank you for the account of your loss and satisfaction of this product. I have noticed others saying it’s too expensive and they don’t want to give up things or too hard but in my opinion how much does your life cost and giving up things that are body for your body is the only way to change your behavior and attitude towards food. I’ve tried a lot of things to lose weight and yes I have lost weight but put it right back on because I didn’t change my behavior. I want to not be tired all the time and look in the mirror and feel good about what I see and have a longer, healthier life with my husband. Wish me luck because I want to be able to do the fun things in life and just be the person I was meant to be and not always depressed about being overweight and unhappy. Good luck to both of you as well.

  •  Loved the product
    Anonymous (Verified User)

    I have followed this plan and it does work. I agree that you need to plan ahead at least each week preparing food and weighing it out. It helped me to really listen to my body and I started fueling my body. Hunger is a good healthy signal. It is not the enemy. I actually got tired of eating all the time because I like to stay busy so having food prepared and always with you is key!

  •  6 Week Body Makeover
    Editor (Verified User)

    Hey guys, see more comments on 6 Week Body Makeover Michael Thurman over here. Good luck!

  • Could it help with health condition?

    I am 26 years old & have severe hypothyroidism. I am on medication for it but have had to be on & off of steroids several times in the past 2 years so I have gained quite a bit of weight from that. My husband & I have been married for 2 years & desperately want to have a baby. Unfortunately my thyroid got so out of whack that it has caused a lot of other problems for me. I am slowly but surely getting that part under control & I know that if I could lose at least some of this weight it would only help things. I don’t want a temporary fix to a permanent problem, I am ready to make a change in my life for good…not just for the next 2 months or so. Do you think this product could help me out?

  • Asking for food chart.

    I am considering this plan for myself. Could someone describe to me what typical planning/preparation for foods for a day would look like? For example, I have read that some of you are using splenda to sweeten and some of you cannot have salt or dairy. If you could share the planning/prep and the break-down of your breakfast, lunch and dinner in a day for me. I am not interested in any comments “bashing” the product, but rather to inform me…someone who is currently using this product and has been for more than 6 weeks. Thanks!

    • Monique

      With the program it teaches you that Salt stops/slows down your metabolism. The Point is to speed up your metabolism by eating alot. You dont eat alot of the wrong foods just the type of foods that cause your body to burn fat (steamed rice, chicken breast, turkey breast, fruits) No breads and No Dairy. It takes some getting used to. Normal prep is about 1 1/2 hrs on a sunday at the most. I then put everything in tupper ware. In the morning it takes about 5min to make the egg whites. I usually pack my daily foods the night before it takes about 10-15min tops. With the right dedication it can be done. And fitting in the cardio can be done too. I do it either early in the morning before work or either after work. Good LUCK

  • Can loose weight in 6 weeks?

    i want to loose about 20- 25 lbs. would the 6 week body makeover work for me?!

    • Tamara

      Yes it would totally work for you! I did it with my mom and sister. It was fun because the first week everyday we were dropping a pound! We aren’t super overweight- just thick (haha). Each of us lost 20lbs in about 8weeks. We cheated sometimes (mostly weekends when we didn’t have a routine) and then hopped right back onto it the following Monday. One awesome breakfast meal that we totally loved was banana pancakes. All you do is mix 2egg whites with a half of a banana and maybe a bit of coconut oil or a nonstick pan, and some cinnamon. It tastes just like a awesome pancake!… We then top it with some strawberries and maybe a little agave (just to cheat a little) and it is so good!

  • Going to start with hope.

    I just ordered this product after sitting through the infommercial 3 times in one morning. the reviews have given me hope that it will work. I am currently on weight watchers and not working so well. I have 8 weeks till my daughter gets married and 16 wks until my other daughter has her first baby and i want to look and feel better than i do now. i agree with other comments left, you can’t eat everything and anything and expect to lose weight. Losing weight is something that you have to WANT to do for yourself and it’s not easy so we have ve be wiling to put in the time and the effort it takes and think about the end result. I can’t wait to start this program.

  • Going to start it.

    I am SOOOoooo excited to try this product. I am 35 and have an extra 70 to 80 pounds on me. Strict diet?? Of course! Since when is trying to lose weight “easy”??? That’s the problem with society. We want everything easy…to come in a magic pill, or shake. It doesn’t work that way. I have tried EVERYTHING under the sun…Weight Watchers, Shakes, pills-Hydroxicut for example, Nutra System and was just going to order Jenny Craig (and some of you want to complain about this being expensive?? Call them once!!)….it’s TIME to be strict. It’s TIME to be restricted. It’s TIME for ME!
    Can’t wait to get it! And Kudos to all of you who have done the hard work!!!!

    • beba


      Although i’ve had the program for a while I just started and I feel good. One thing for certain is that my metabolism has sped up tremendously. I do still have salt and fat in some meals but I definitely believe in eating for your body type because i can tell the difference. My advice is 1. to prepare meals in advance it helps you stay on target. 2. don’t eat what u don’t like it’s ok and don’t get down when u don’t follow everything to the letter 3. work on drinking 100 oz a day. 4. work on doing cardio 45-60 minutes 4 to 5 times a week. it might take a while but it’s possible. i am already jogging! 5. body sculpting. good luck you can do it. i have 60lbs to lose and love to eat rich foods but i am getting it done. when i eat something off my plan it’s not in excessive and it might be only once that week.

  • vegetarian can success with it?

    My family does not eat meat. Will that be a problem?
    Looking to hear from any other vegetarians that have had success with this program.

  • Will his diet help with it.
    Holly (Verified User)

    I have mild hypothyroid and am on medication for it. I gave up salt years ago and once you go without it, you have to retrain you taste buds to. I need to lose 60 lbs. My question is: I already don’t eat salt and seldom eat anything with sugar, I usually eat around 800 calories a day, will this diet help me lose weight?

    • Vickie

      I am presuming you are a grown woman when I make this comment. 800 calories is not enough calories to be eating. When you eat so little the body thinks it is starving and stores fat. Michael explains this in his program. This program would be helpful to you if for nothing else than to start eating properly and with more healthy calories. Good Luck to you.

      • Holly

        I am definately grown, age and girth lol. I don’t eat so try to eat so few calories, I just never feel hungry. Often it’s evening before I realize I didn’t eat that day… I just can’t remember to eat. I have order this program and am going to set an alarm to remind me.

      • Holly

        I don’t eat so few calories intentinally. I just never feel hungry and don’t think about food. I have ordered the system and am going to set alarms to remember to eat. At this point, 1/2 an apple and I feel stuffed! I am proof not eating puts your body into starvation mode.

  • Seeking for a diet menu.

    I would love if somebody would put ou a monthly menu for a month at a time for body time A I know what im allowed to eat but I hate to figure out serving size and when to eat what, I know I would stay on it longer then a week here and there if that part was done for me. Thanks for any help you can give me.

    • Mary D'Anna

      it really helps to prepare the meals ahead of time,one day of preparation and you are set for the week no thinking!

  • Liked it through comment.

    I hope this really works! From the reviews I very confident it does! I also am going to recommend it to my Mom. Wish Me Luck!

    • Denise

      I just ordered the program and cookbook for me and my husband and I’ve been following it to the letter for 3 days and have lost 5 pounds! Hubby hasn’t started yet. I’m a good cook, so it is hard to eliminate the salt, oils, and dairy. I do use Splenda when I need it. I’m determined to follow this for the 6 weeks to prove to myself that I have the discipline, will power and care enough about my own health. Ideally, I’d like to lose 30-40 pounds.

      My mother recently passed away with complications from Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, clogged arteries, etc. She wasn’t overweight and tried to eat healthier, but too many years of neglect caught up with her body. I don’t want that to happen to me. Right before my mom died, my doctor said I was borderline Diabetic and right after my mom died, I was put on medication for High Blood Pressure! I’ve never really tried diets before and I see this as a lifestyle change.

      It will work for you if you stick to it. My husband and I usually eat out 4-6 times a week at restaurants like Macaroni Grill, The Outback, Cheesecake Factory, etc. because we’ve been “too busy” to cook. But I’m not a McDonalds junkie. Even though I’m overweight, I’m tall enough to “hide” it. But who am I kidding by doing that? There is too much salt and fat in the foods I gravitate towards and I’m ready to make a change. I ate oatmeal for the first time, other than in cookies, and it wasn’t too bad. I cooked it, mixed in berries, cinnamon & Splenda, then cooled it in the refrigerator and ate it cold. You have to be completely willing to work for it.

      Well, good luck to you all and I’ll respond back in a couple of weeks with my results!

      • Cindy

        Denise, how is it going?

        • Denise

          I thought I already responded last week, but let’s try again.

          The first 2 weeks were quite perfect. I kept to the plan, lost 12-15 pounds and had no cravings. Week 3, I got weak and fell off the plan slightly due to a friend’s Fish Fry and my son’s going away party. I’m back on today and have lowered my blood pressure and feel much healthier overall. I’ve inspired a few friends and family members to order the program or buy the 6 Day Body Makeover book. Today I wore a pair of jeans I almost threw away a couple of months ago because they didn’t fit, but now they look great on me again!

          It works when you put it to good use 🙂

  • Wiil work without spplement.

    Will the diet work if I don’t chose to use the supplements?

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hi Deloris, tt’s advised to combine weight loss programs with supplements to aid and help with end results. However, if you chose to not use the supplements please refer to the 6 Week Body Makeover official website to contact customer service for further details on how to alternative use the program.

    • Alexis

      A friend of mine is not using the supplements, and she is doing VERY well! Just get a good daily vitamin–as recommended by my doc–when you are starting ANY new diet. GOOD LUCK!

      • Cindy

        Do supplements come with the diet?

        • Christina (Editor)

          Hi Cindy, it’s advised to combine weight loss programs with supplements to aid and help with end results.

        • Kaila


    • Missy

      I orded the program over the holiday weekend. I only agreed to the first month of suppliments. My acupuncturist is going to yay or nay them for me. Hopefully she’ll just say to stick to my other vitamins, but for a $1 to just try them, I didn’t see a problem.

  •  Liked it very much.
    adrienne (Verified User)

    the last week in January and so far I have lost 10 lbs so far. (i would’ve lost more with excercize, I’m sure). But this program really works. But you have to be committed. And also learn to fit excercise into your daily regimine to maintain it.

  • does this program really work.

    i just want to know does this program really work.i am probably 85lbs over weight.i really need to get rid of the weight.will it work for me being a single working mother!!!!

    • Kate

      The extra energy you get from eating healthy foods will enable you to find time in your day that you never thought you had – because when you were NOT eating healthy, you were too tired at night, too tired in the morning, because the bad food you ate was making your energy levels drop. Not eating foods at the right times (i.e. skipping breakfast) makes your metabolism screech to a halt. Follow the plan, and it will work. 🙂

      • kendra

        i was reading all this-wondering if i should purchase it…kates name kept popping up…it sent off red flags…shame on you kate! people are trying to get healthy honest answers you shouldnt lie to them even if it is your job!

      • justme

        It is quite curious that Kate doesn’t respond again after this comment as well as the fact that she seems to know exactly what to say to each comment and is so involved. She has an answer ofr everything…sounds like training…

      • Anonymous

        While I don’t know Kate, I do know that many, many companies like this will indeed have people post who aren’t honest. Sadly there are people out there who are so desperate to lose weight that they will grab onto testimonial that fits into their lifestyle. I am a mom of 4, I work 40-50 hours a week, my husband works 40 hours a week, I AM overweight but I’m also educated enough to know when people are trying to sucker me into something. People, anytime someone puts a condition on their return of “if you don’t lose up to 30 lbs, you get your money back” that’s a red flag. Part of that 30lbs is water and our water weight fluctuates daily. Women… umm.. we also gain before our cycles and lose after them…

        Everybody, think before you buy. The best way to lose weight is to GET MOVING and watch what you eat. Make better choices – write down what you eat and most of all remember that it’s all about MODERATION.

        It took me 21 years to put this weight on and if it takes me 1 year to get it off in a healthy way, then I’m all for it!

      • Dylan

        i am 18 years old and am 100 lbs overweight. i started the food aspect of this plan when i was 16 and it worked for me. i didnt get amazing results becuase i was only eating right for breakfast and dinner. now that im graduating my gift is going to be the full set. no other weight loss plan has worked for me but this one. so i think jus because Kate works for the company doesnt mean she hasnt tried it and that she didnt get result. so maybe you people should be more positive about this. my aunts friends lost 80 and 100lbs on this program. so i guess is your willing to put forth the effort do it… if not give it back in 6 weeks. everybody is saying “if you don’t lose up to 30 lbs, you get your money back” they are saying that you can lose 30 lbs in 6 weeks. if you dont start getting the results you want in 6 weeks… Damn people stop being so negative

      • Shea

        So we bought this a few weeks ago and my mom and her bf have lost quite a bit. Brenden her bf lost about 20lbs in almost two weeks(two more days). she has lost 13 and she has been half assing the diet(havn 1 cheat a day). i lost 7 (partialy because i didnt answer the questions compleatly honestly{so i was doing the wrong body type for a week}) Being an over weight college kid is hard but it works well. Also u do eat 5 times a day with an optional snack. For those who say it doesnt work has no flavor or starves u, to start with its teaching u how to eat THE CORRECT PORTION SIZE of what u should be eating. U can use almost ANY SEASONINGS (excluding salt for water weight purposes) if ur like me keep the salt [i dehydrate easy] and it teachs u drink the required liqued for ur body (lemonaid,tea, water, some homemade juice (hypoglicimic so it helps me). also there are loads of diets yeah it takes a lil extra time to prepare but make more in quanity then ur fine. and some premade foods are ok just have to be VERY careful. It helps u pick ur body type add in some small cardio and specific area toning (based on where u want to lose or tone) Its worth the money but u gotta make the time. Plus it helps if u pick a SMALL weight goal for each week. EX: Im gonna lose two lbs this week. the weight loss slows when ur body has a small about of body fat for evolution purposes. EX ur 230 ur have lost 50lbs now ur only 180 and ur goal is between 155-170 ur fat loss will slow down. Plus some ppl just wont lose super fast and ur body can only lose so fast and be healthy. This is a lifestyle change designed to REPROGRAM UR CRAVINGS AND EATING habbits. (Im in college to be a scientist so lots of research come naturally)I would not suggest cutting out milk compleatly so add like almond or rice milk (LOADS LESS FAT)Also I cook 1/3 of the meals a week in our house we feed my bro(16)and I, B and his 4 kids (all teens 15-18)adn my mom so we take our large meals and double it and add a side the kids want but we cant have. Also if u set up a meal plan for the week it makes the shopping easy or do it for two weeks. I hope this was helpful. feel free to comment. Even u nay sayers.

      • Loreal

        I don’t understand the comments about the money back guarantee. How would they know if you lost weight unless you told them? If you only lost 3 lbs in 6 weeks and you want to return the product, don’t tell them that you lost any weight. That seems pretty obvious to me. Just remember that you won’t get the S&H back. Only the $119.

      • Ailene

        ok I don’t work for 6 week body makeover… or anything to do with them… but this diet isn’t a bunch of bull… i’ve been on it for 3 days and just started my 4th and I’ve already lost 6.9 LBS…. it’s crazy to me… my goal for the week was to lose 3-4 LBS and I thought that was stretching it and I lost that in the first day… I do have a strickt work out plan so I might be at a more accelrated pace than your average jo but I’m telling you it works….. it’s definately not easy to change your eating habit but if you do so correctly you will see the weight come right offff….

      • Domenic

        Hey liked your honest input, have you found anything that has worked for you?

    • mike

      The best thing to do is to plan ahead. If you take 1 night to prepare your meals for the week then it is easy. and it will definetly work. I have been on this diet for going on 6 years now. I could now afford to get off of it but I choose not to. If you know how to cook (without salt or fat) you can make anything tase good.

      • chris

        I bought this program, thought it was too restrictive and called to send it back. The person on the phone was very sorry, was very understanding, and took the charge off my card.

        I don’t know if Kate is “real” or not but I do know that if I am truly passionate about something, I, too, can sound like a salesperson. No matter, there are plenty of other people on this sight that are telling people that they have lost weight with it. Let’s face it, folks, this program is a tool to help people get a grip on a problem that they have. Generally speaking, that ALWAYS means making a “lifestyle change.” We just need to do it!

        • rachel

          I weighed 211 lbs last year and went on a diet and lost 32 lbs in about 3 months it is one year later and ive gained 31 lbs back. Ive thought about just buying sweat pants and saying to heck with it, and then I look in the mirrow and say I need to loose weight. I am going to order this product but I am going to use a prepaid card. This way they cant bill me for anything else. I have to loose the weight and this seems like a good way to do this. Wish me luck!!

      • bhenry

        My mom and I have done this plan. My mom lost 50 lbs and I lost 20 lbs. This plan works. Even if you cheat a little bit (people’s concern of fat-free dressing as long as you don’t overdo it)- your metabolism is so fired up, that your body doesn’t blink.

  • I just purchased this product and am waiting for it to arrive.

    I just purchased this product and am waiting for it to arrive. I have 75lbs to lose and NOT being strict is what got me here in the first place. People want everything to be convenient, well it is that attitude that got Americans the “fattest people in the world” title. I will let you know how it goes. A little suffering never killed anyone.

    • Alexis

      AGREE Leah!

    • Pat

      Leah you are totally right. If everything was easy in life it wouldn’t be worth living.

    • Hello

      No,the flour and sugar diet is what did it. Not all people who are overweight eat like frat boys. Even heavy people think this about other chubby folks? Just because someone is skinny doesn’t make them healthy. It seems like folks are acting like parents on here. Calm down. Some of ya seem like bullies. People just need time I guess. I am just a little worried because eating 6 times a day seems much. I know that they are small.

  • Who do I contact to receives a refund.

    Who do I contact at this company to make sure my Aunt gets her money refunded?

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hi Rhonda, For return inquiries please refer to the 6 Week Body Makeover official website to contact their customer service department.

  • Who do I contact to receives a refund.

    Who do I contact to make sure my Aunt receives a refund. I sent this product back, they sent it after she cancelled her order. She is in poor health and can’t be using the pills nor should she alter her diet at this time. She spoke to a representative there who only upset her. Thank you Rhonda

  •  eat wisely
    Dan (Verified User)

    I followed it to a tee and lost 28 lbs in a month and a half. You’re pretty much eating all the time and often you have to force yourself to eat. After I lost the weight I “loosened” it, adding cheat days and a little salt. The plan really changed the way I ate. I learned a lot about how your body uses food and it explained why I wasn’t losing weight before.

    The people who complain about it are the people who want to lose weight while still eating McDonald’s. This plan is bland and it does take some prep work (preparing your meals the night before) which is more than some people are willing to sacrifice for health. It pretty much changed my life and the way I eat and I’d recommend it to anyone.

  •  Good luck!
    Editor (Verified User)

    Hi guys, check out more comments on 6 Week Body Makeover Recipes here. Good luck!

  • Is the 6 week make over safe for people over 55years of age?

    Is the 6 week make over safe for people over 55years of age?

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hi Sandy, it is advised to consult your physician before using any weight loss products.


      yes, but still follow up with a physician

  • i just bought this

    i just bought this I hope this work’s i have a thyroid problem and I am going through early menopause and I am only 37.


      it works only for a short period of time then the weight gradually sneeks back up. i have hypo thyroid so i know and ive tried this product

      • Kate

        I also have hypo thyroid, but I’ve never had the problem of the weight sneaking back up – only when I ate what I knew I shouldn’t eat! And then I just jumped right back to my healthy eating again and had no issues. It’s not a diet – it doesn’t end after 6 weeks. People who struggle with weight, like me, need to make permanent changes. Can you indulge once in a while? Sure! But you need to make permanent changes, or else yes, the weight will creep back up. If you’re ready to make permanent changes, lose the weight, and feel great about yourself, then this program works. I haven’t noticed that having a thyroid issue makes any difference, I lost 20 pounds in the first 4 weeks. I’m sure it will work fine for you if you stick to it!

        • Dana

          Having hypo-thyroid also I was wondering if you were on thyroid medication while you were on the program, and if the dosages had to be adjusted as you lost weight & ate healthier & naturally increased your metabolism. I don’t know if that’s even applicable, perhaps its once-hypothyroid-always-hypothyroid, but I was curious since so many people must reduce or eliminate other medications such as blood pressure & cholesterol.

        • jojo

          Jeez, Kim – burn her at the stake, why dontcha? Nobody likes a sourpuss.

    • babs

      me too!!!!!
      what worked for you?

  • is there a cookbook or receipes for body type "A"

    I was recently told I am a borderline diabetic and I need to lose weight and exercise. Yesterday I came across my body makeover book and started to feel overwhelmed when going through it but I know I have to start somewhere. My question is there a cookbook or receipes for body type “A”?

    • Kate

      Have you gone to the forums on the official 6 Week Body Makeover website? They have oodles of recipes, and there are even some recipes in the book. My advice: don’t get overwhelmed in the beginning, just stick to the basics and keep it simple. My first two weeks I ate quite restrictive, just to get a feel for the program and to see what effects it would have on my body. 12 pounds lost was a pretty big effect! There is a cookbook that Michael Thurmond published, you might look it up on the official website (or check eBay). But keep it simple at first, don’t get panicked about the recipes and go buy a bunch of food that you’ve never eaten before, stick with what you know that fits into your plan for Body Type A. One of the factors that I think really contributed ot my success in the beginning was cooking food in bulk and pre-packaging it in the refrigerator in proper portion sizes. I bought a lot of 1/2 cup sized Glad containers and filled them with 1/2 cup servings of rice, 2 oz. servings of lean chicken breast, 1/2 cup servings of blueberries… and then I never had an excuse to eat off my plan, I could just grab what I needed to eat for the day and pack it into my lunch bag, or grab it out of the refrigerator at the meal time. one night I cook rice or potatoes for the week, another night I cook chicken for the week. I usually cook dinners fresh, since I feed my whole family, and they eat most of what I eat, sometimes I give them additional foods that are not on my plan (peas or corn once in a while instead of broccoli or cauliflower). Anyway, I would check the forums on the website for some yummy recipes and check out the recipe book that Michael Thurmond published (I haven’t bought it yet, but I’m considering it). I’ve still got a lot of recipes I haven’t tried yet from the website and the program materials, as well as the book. Good luck!

    • cynnich

      I dont know about the diet. I do know about diabetes and exercise. You need to start exercise immediately even if you start at 5 min a day. You also need to get rid of Non-whole grains – you need to concentrate on adding protein, changing breads and grains to whole grains and breads, and exercising.

      If its overwhelming, start small by making one change a week or until you are used to it. Slow and steady wins the race, at least for lifestyle change.

  • If you cannot afford the entire system, he also has a book with the basic concepts, recommended workouts, diet guidelines, and recipies

    If you cannot afford the entire system, he also has a book with the basic concepts, recommended workouts, diet guidelines, and recipies. Very important aspect about his diet: avoid salt. Book is “Six Day Body Makeover,” in which you drop 1 size.

    • Kim

      You lose the one size by losing water weight, not fat. Due to osmosis, salt keeps water in your body, thus making you weigh more. You remove the salt, and the water goes as well, thus allowing weight loss, but it’s all water weight. You could take water pills and get the same effect.

  •  I used this program and had fantastic results.
    Sandi (Verified User)

    I used this program and had fantastic results. It really works if you let it. People may say it is too strict and that it may be considered a deprivation diet. What I say? Look at what you are depriving yourself of in life? Being significantly over weight, you are deprived of say…riding a bike, skiing, good health and everyday things that thin fit people take for granted every day. If you follow it as it is given to you, you will lose weight quickly. Fit or fat, it’s your choice.

    • Jessica

      I just pirchased the product online 5 min. ago. I dont have the money to waste on things that aren’t going to work, and my main concern was having to spend alot of money on food as well. I am 5’1, 21yrs old, and weigh almost 150lbs. From what society says, at my age and height I should be between 105-125 at the most. So im really hoping that this is going to work for me. Girls my age have mini skirts and tube tops on. I have stretch marks and celulite. 🙁

      • NATASHA

        if you u must simply eat salt with your food or would like for your food to taste good dont waste your money. u will lose weight because of portion size and strictly of what u can and cannot eat. like when i tried it i couldnt eat noodles, milk, salt, low sodium, soup, certain fruits. it is ridiculous

        • Kathrynn

          I’ll tell you what is ridiculous… when you learn that you have pre-diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure because you “simply couldn’t” do without noodles, potatoes, rice, bread, salt, canned soup, fast food etc…
          That’s what happened to me. It puts it all in perspective. All of those things I “couldn’t live without” are the very things that put me in the position I am in today. Now I have to go without all those things because of health restrictions and I thought I would feel deprived but I don’t BECAUSE I replaced them with good real food that I CAN have and I found that food actually tastes good without all the salt and fat I was adding. If you’ve never eaten that way before it can be hard to change it all without recipes and a guide to lead you through it. It comes down to this… how badly do you want to LIVE? How much do you want to be around for your children? Forget the superficial stuff. Put your LIFE and your FUTURE with your family on one side of the balance and your precious “must have” foods on the other side… what is really important then?

      • Cindy

        Jessica, how have things worked for you?

  •  Think before your purchase, it's too much work
    tiff (Verified User)

    This program makes no sense for a person who likes food because you eat not just to feel full but for the taste of food as well when you cut all salt out of your diet and add you restricting certain foods period and then add meal prep to a life with four children a husband , a job, and a cat with no personal trainer or chef this a recipe for disaster. I have no problem taking time out to exercise and adjusting my eating habits. But the plan should be called six week lifestyle make over because your are changing your entire lifestyle. And if you have teenage children like me who are athletic and already healthy. They are not interested in no salt foods. So I would then have to add preparing their meals and mine separately or have a mutiny in my house. I am returning this product.

    • Kate

      It DOES make sense for busy people – I’m one of them! I have a husband, two kids, I work 55-60 hours a week to make ends meet (my husband is unemployed and unable to work right now), I have a dog and a hamster, I do all the housework, laundry, dishes, vacuuming, take the kids to soccer games, gymnastics, tae kwon do, swimming lessons… and I STILL can follow the 6 week body makeover program. I think people are always looking for excuses – I think I just got my excuses out of the way early. How was I finding time to watch 2 hours of television every night, but not able to find time to cook some meals ahead of time while my laundry is in the washing machine or the kids are in bed? How did I find time to sit down and eat an entire bag of potato chips but not have time to plan ahead and make sure that the meals I ate were just as acceptable for my family as they are for me? My kids love onions, garlic, a variety of spices in their food… and guess what? I can eat that too on this program! They eat vegetables and rice and mashed potatoes… and I can too! I don’t know why you would want your family not to eat just as healthy as you do on this program, and why separate meals would need to be cooked. I cook a few extra items for the family here and there, things I don’t eat, but not entirely separate meals! They can eat desserts that I prepare, and I just opt out. I think it’s all about dealing with your excuses, getting rid of them, and making the choice to live healthy. Salt can also be added from a salt shaker, by the way… if people really want the extra salt. 🙂 And yes, it IS a lifestyle makeover! If you spend 6 weeks eating healthy and losing weight and feeling good, why in the world would you want to go back to the miserable life of junk food that got you fat in the first place?? If it wasn’t for this program, I don’t know how I would even have the energy to do all that I have to do to keep my family going during this rough spot in our lives.

      • Michele

        Go Kate, you’ve just inspired me!!

        • Stacy

          You’ve just inspired me too!!

        • Miranda

          Yes Kate, thank you! I ordered the six week body makeover right away after reading this! I am soo busy with two jobs and need this to keep me on track. I’m very excited to start!

        • Don

          WTG Kate, it can’t be said better than that. I am sick of all the excuses I make for myself about no time, yet I will play video games or watch tv for hours. Well said Kate, I am done with excuses

        • Amanda

          Thanks Kate,
          that was what I needed to hear!

          I just ordered mine today, and I have a TON of weight to lose.
          Goodluck to everyone who is trying it.

          I would like to keep in contact with people who are also doing this.

          please email me at gobananas2010@hotmail.com
          I look forward to hearing your results.

        • Vickie Taylor

          I have ordered the program about a week ago. It is just like anything else. If you don’t use it and dedicate yourself to the program it will not work. I feel positive it will work for me. I am a police officer and I have been on the force for 10 years. I have gained 20 pounds or more. I am excited.Thanks!!

        • Yolie

          Go Kate, you have inspired me to purchase this product, and to really give my best effort.

      • Nancy

        Wow! I’m a wife and mom on only one teenager. My husband has lost 40 lbs since Jan just changing his eating habits, no beer and exercising several times a day. I used to teach fitness and aerobics classes when I was younger and now at 47 I’m about 60 lbs overweight. Kate, you’ve inspired me too. I just realized I’m a whiner who makes excuses today. My son wants me to be healthier and wants me to have the energy to play bball with him in the driveway. I was home sick today with bad headache…wonder why?? My personal pitty party is OVER. I say the infomercial for the 6wk body makeover while I was in bed today. I believe I can do this now. Thanks for your powerful comments! I’m taking back my health starting now! THANK YOU!

        • charlie

          So you know what to do and how to do it, so why do you need this program, the only thing you will lose is your money. Be strong stand on your own. Take back your life show the world. Who you are. Face your fears

      • MIKA

        Well said Kate….you just gave me he motivation that I need to start a healthy life style for me.

      • Anonymous

        Wow! Sounds great to me. You said it nicely. I sm encouraged too. Thanks!

      • Nay Nay

        I just ordered this program yesterday Kate and I am so excited to change my lifestyle. You are truley a motivation. ? How much have you lost?

      • Monica

        May I ask how much you have lost and how long did it take you

      • jen

        If we’re talking lifestyle changes, I have a question. Why is it that your husband is unemployed but doesn’t help you with any of these household chores?

        • Jodi

          Jen, what difference does that make? That is none of anyones business but Kate’s and her husbands. Kate you go girl. I looking at buying the program and am doing some research on it first.

        • crystal

          Jen, besides the point that he is unemployed, he is more than likely trying to line up jobs and going to interviews, maybe you sit on your ass and expect a job to fall in your lap magically, but norma people have to seach hard for them right now. And quit being so nosey. Its ain’t any of your damn business, and second of all, you must have not noticed that she said that he is UNABLE to work right now

        • suzanna

          I agree with Crystal, it is none of your business why? Kate, you send an inspiring message!! I used to take things at face value and decide for myself, now I find I look for other reasons to not do something!! Another form of excuse!! I am goi g to order the 6 wk program, if I have other charges, I know how to handle it!!

        • Kay

          That’s my question too: if your husband is unemployed, he should be taking the kids here & there, cooking an cleaning to pull his weight around the house. Too many men have too many excuses to be lazy and let the wife do all the work!!! It makes me sick!! Tell your husband he’s a lazy SOB for not helping you.

        • Nat

          That was my first thought. Maybe here “motivational” speech should be directed at her husbad.

        • Trish

          WOW! Why is that any of your business? This is not the arena for that conversation, nor was that the point. As a matter of fact the only thing you naysayers have proven is you’ll make an excuse; even if your making one for Kate. Should she not feel motivated to lose weight, or support her husband & family and maintain their lifestyle? Is an unemployed husband,a misbehaving child, perhaps a heavy work load the excuse you need? If so, make the excuse and keep it moving. Attacking a strangers home life on here is pathetic. It’s your excuse not to purchase something that may help you ( first step … admit you’re in need of some help )or your excuse why you’ve struggled throughout your program. This site is for people to research consumer opinions. It’s not the Oprah show empower and enlighten her on another site. Tell me your experience with the product or the lifestyle change you endured, Kate did. If she’s fake the point is still taken. I may not or may not purchase this product and her words still ring true. Whatever you decide to do you have to give it 100%, marriages included!

      • Anonymous

        I am definitely losing but might i say omg Kate you are doing to much what does your husband do while you’re at work

        • Elizabeth

          Ladies, come on it is none of anybodies business with concern to this very private and very nothing to do with getting some feedback on this product. Weather her husband helps with chores or has a job,has not helped me shed one pound, lets please stay on task?

      • Dana

        Excellent points! You just gave me a jolt of inspiration as well!! I ordered the program yesterday in fact, but after reading your comments I’m completely psyched to get going. You’re a motivation to us all. Good luck!

      • Kristine

        Kate, is it working for you? I just ordered the program and will start next week. How long have you been on it? How much have you lost?

      • LaQuinta

        You have inspired me to really do this and make it a life change…. Thanks you so much!!!

        • Liz

          All you who are throwing stones at Kate & questioning why her husband’s not doing any housework must’ve missed the part where she said he is unable to work. Did you stop to think that perhaps he is disabled or terminally ill? My gracious people, must we always be so quick to condemn?!

      • chas

        Actually kate may be losing because of her husband,because what woman would be in the situation she’s in with her husband and not have alot of anger and frustration with in.She is probally burn off weight from all that anger.If you ask me her biggest weight load is her husband.I dont care if she is the most organized person in the world theres no way she’d doing all this and going back and forth with her children to activities.The original poster has 4 kids which include teenagers.Also what teenager do you know that eats healthy all the time and yes you would find your self making several meals.i do that now sometimes and Im not do the workout.Come on be realistic people,yes kate works all those hours and those hours include these post,she does all thoes things and still have time to blog too…Really.

        • mary

          I think you’re right, Kate on lives in the daydreams of all men and women. Maybe she can give ocomom a hand in her spare time.

      • Nancy

        Do you work for this company? I do agree with what you are saying and I might order this because I am able to be very strict with myself when I have a set plan. I do the 4 day wonder diet and it always works for me because I never cheat If this plan is very strict I will love it. Sorry Ex Military.

      • Tourmaline1123

        I lost 75 pounds on this diet last from April – November 2009, and have kept 60 pounds of it off. I’m starting the second official leg of this diet today. My initial goal was to lose 125 pounds. I am more than halfway there.
        The diet works if you follow it, but it is a lifestyle change and you need to be wholly dedicated to it. There’s no point in wasting time and money on the materials and food until you are truly ready to do it. But it does work. The food is all natural, no processed crap. I didn’t even exercise the first few months and still lost 29 pounds in the first 6 weeks. I felt as if I’d put down a very heavy backpack that I’d been carrying around everywhere. I could walk fast again. My knees weren’t aching when I climbed stairs. It is a very effective legit diet. I thank God for it because nothing else was working. I thought I would never be able to get my metabolism cranked up again. It’s not the easiest but it is well worth it. Give it a try.

      • samdra

        OK you sold me I am doing research before I buy…I find this very informative I have a clear idea what to expect no cake walk… plan ahead …wish me luck here I go!!!

      • ellen


      • Niki

        Hi Kate might I say you have inspired me as well. As far as all of the belligerent comments on here about about your husband, and other things which have nothing to do with the program anyway, I just wanted to say that their incessant prattle is only their immaturity, to admit that they are their own worst enemy. I think that the strength that you have shown and the courage to take responsibility for your life and health is not only inspirational but epic. You have a blessed life and I pray that the everyone who reads this also has a blessed life as well.

      • Lee-Lee

        Kate, if you don’t work for the company as a compensated spokesperson, you should. Maybe you could then work fewer hours elsewhere! 🙂 And if Kate’s “not real”, so what, she’s right on the money about not making excuses. For what it’s worth, I believe her and I, too, got to experience life for a while with a husband who couldn’t work (thankfully for only a year), who couldn’t lift, who couldn’t move without excruciating pain which finally was reduced through back surgery, but he’s still frustrated that he can’t move and do what he could in his 20s. I asked for every extra hour that was available at work, and tried to do everything at home — which left our home fairly germfree but hardly eligible for House Beautiful — and I cried a lot because instead of being home I had to leave our sweet toddler with a (wonderful) babysitter because my husband literally couldn’t lift him for months. I was frustrated and angry and just got fatter to my horror through the whole thing. Kate, your really are inspiring, and I only hope you log back on periodically to see that your words have impacted people’s thoughts and lives. Best of life to you all.

        • Stacy

          To all. I feel that anyone could use weight if they start eating healthy and working out. It doesn’t matter what planned you are on. I am doing Weight Watchers at Work and is losing weight. It all comes down to portion control and exercising. That is my opinion….

      • Cat


        I love your comments I did this diet a few years ago and it worked well. I just started again and I can tell you as a diabetic it is the only diet that I have ever lost weight quickly on and did not feel deprived. I have the same family issues and we eat the same they add the salt if they want to and eating well never hurt anyone. Just because our children are althletic now doesn’t mean that we are not setting bad habits by letting them eat junk now. Especially if weight and health issues happen to be hereditary.

      • Denia

        thanks for the inspiration Kate. I am doing it too, yeeeehaaaa

      • Nancy

        AMEN!!! You took the words right outta my mouth!!

      • Anonymous

        Whatever ‘Kate’ you probably work for 6 week Body Makeover and are just trying to sell the product. This ‘Diet’ product LIES!! It says you lose weight by eating MORE, ALOT MORE … Yeah right!! You’re allowed to practically eat NOTHING, it STARVES you!! I returned it!!

        • Ailene

          You probably weren’t following the program correctly…. I have just started the program… I’m on Day 2 (and down 3.7 LBS already) and I can honestly say that I felt great yesterday and today… usually I feel sluggish and its a struggle to want to go to the gym but eating the right foods without salt and oils and fats really does work …. my mom did the program for 6 weeks and lost 42 LBS…. (she had a lot more than me to lose but still) this is a difficult program… but it DOES work… don’t go hating on people just because they can commit to something and do it the right way… you should try it some time

      • Danielle

        Yes right Kate, this diet is a NIGHTMARE!!! All I did on this diet was cook-and I thought I cooked a ton before, since I make 3 meals a day for 5 people-but this diet is like a real life version of Hell’s Kitchen. Seriously, it was awful. The food all tastes terrible-I don’t care what anyone says-it’s awful. But I could have got past that if I was not in the kitchen for 6 hours every 3 days making 50 mini- meals for the next 3 days!! Save your money-this diet is too time consuming!!

      • PamlelaT

        Kate – dont listen to the naysayers. You are my shero. I am soooo motivated. Life is so short – time to stop sitting in front of the TV and getting in the my azz in shape! You are so right – well said!

      • Hello

        Everyone is talking about being hungry,but I don’t have that problem. Being overweight isn’t always thee quantity,but the quality. Kate needs to get a divorce if she is doing everything. I know I am young,but goodness. Job searching or not he should help out. Private lessons aren’t free,so making ends meat? I hate to seem rude,but that just might be too much for someone. Good luck on a healthier you folks.

      • cathy

        kate, i’m with you girl. If i can add one thing that has helped me,and may help others,here’s what I do.When i come home from grocery shopping I don’t even put all the food away, I just start cooking a pan with chicken, steaming veggies, cooking and mashing yams,and cutting up fruit. I then put it all in containers and am good to go for the week. it takes maybe one hour tops but saves time all week ,and I have food ready so I never have to think or wait and snack on something bad for me.It has now become a routine and I don’t even notice that i’m doing it.Hope that helps.

      • AshT

        Thanks Kate! Youve inspired me too! Im 21 years old and Ive been trying to lose weight for over 4 years. Everything you just said has been in my heart I just havent put it into action the way I supposed to. I have a hard time sticking with this life style change, but this program really sounds like it will help me get to my goals. I’m glad it’s something everyone can get into. My boyfriend has really been my support all this time. I hope this is something we can do together and get our beach bodies back haha!! Thanks again Kate. Any other inspiring info or just info at all please post. God Bless

      • Shandra

        Thanks Kate for your inspiration! I purchased the program at least 2 years ago and was too lazy to go through the materials and now I’m ready.

      • Jessica

        Thank you Kate! I ordered my kit this morning and was thinking I was starting to have buyers remorse after reading all these comments. However, after reading what you wrote, I too am inspired! I want to be healthy. I have a lot of weight to lose but dang it, I want to keep up with my three year old. I am tired of being tired! I am going to stick with it as much as possible. I figure, if I can cut out soda from my life for the past 3 months solid, I can do this for 6 weeks! I would love to stay in touch with anyone who is currently doing this program too. Anyone who wants to exchage email addresses, or connect on facebook, let me know!

      • gina

        I would like for Kate to respond again.

      • Anonymous

        Kate you are an inspiration! For everyone else and all their negative feedback- please don’t judge. You don’t know their circumstances- I met a lady the other day at my daughters dance class (same thing- hubby unemployed, and she does all the work and running)in conversation, I found out he was in a terrible accident and is quadraplegic less than 6 months ago. Perhaps we should just stick to the talk of the body makeover. 🙂

      • Crystalline


      • Anonymous

        My only question to you is why do you do all that work at home when your husband is unemployed? Put that man to work. You’re not responsible for everything! Why can’t he do the cleaning, the cooking, etc.?

      • Ashley

        THANKS KATE!! I am a new mom and my daughter is about to be one. I gained 55 lbs while I was pregnant and have made excuse after excuse as to why I cant find time to lose weight and get back to my old self. My husband works 2 jobs so that I can stay at home with our daughter so I took on all the housework, being a daycare center, laundry mat, you name. You are 100% right. It’s time to cut out all the b.s. and get to it. You can’t expect to lose weight and be healthy if you arent willing to change your lifestyle.

      • Anonymous

        I have to agree with you. We all have excuses to not do our homework ‘oh, i’ll do it tomorrow’ not do workout im too tired oh i’ll go tomorrow. It needs to start today. Just suck it up its life. We can do it.

    • lilolme966

      Tiff I too have to prepare food for several people in several different ways and this is not easy due to all the different restrictions however the easiest way is to prepare everything without salt and let them add it on their own plate when they eat. There is no reason they can’t do this themselves. Also if you have teenagers in the house why not get them involved to help you they need to learn how to cook for themselves and it is an awesome way to hang with the kids in a positive productive way. Don’t Give Up!!! you are so worth it!!!!

    • Mel

      Tiff-It sounds like you want a miracle. If losing weight was easy you wouldn’t be searching for a weight loss product. And as for your teenagers that are already healthy, no added salt meals will keep them healthy. Give it a try. No excuses. Just 100% effort. You can do it!

  •  I really liked it, I did lose almost 20 lbs in the first 2 wks
    Pamela (Verified User)

    I followed the plan with 2 other people, it was bought by a friend of ours. I really liked it, I did lose almost 20 lbs in the first 2 wks, my husband lost 15lbs unfortunatly our friend only lost about 5 in the same time period. My husband had over a 100lbs to lose and I was 175lbs overweight. Our friend was only about 60lbs overweight with other factors such as diabetes and hypertension. I believe that was a problem with her losing weight. Overall I am starting the program again and I do like the concept.

    • Diane

      Pamela, how did it work for the three of you doing the program together. I want to get it for my fiance he wants to lose weight but he doesnt have alot of will power and would fail doing it alone. I dont need to lose weight but definately need to tone my body and think it would be good for the whole family to eat healthier but I know the program is supposed to be tailored to each individual, so how well or not well did it work for the three of you to do 3 different plans?

      • ana

        so ,Pamela did u buy 3 separated plans or not cause my husband n I want to try it but we dont know of we need to buy 2 separateor just one???

        • beba


          my husband and i both use it since the blue print and rapid meal plan are separate for male and female. The only issue is you might have the similar sculpting routines but we just xeroxed a few pages that we both needed. I also did the same with a friend. i have been on it a week with a few back slides because it really is a lifestyle change but we both love it. The meals are great even when you deviate a little. i have slow metabolism but it has rapidly sped up my metabolism which i am truly amazed about. Just remember to work your way up to 100 oz of water, do cardio regularly until you can get up to 45-60 minutes, sculpt for 19 minutes 2 times a day and don’t skip any meals! Planning your meals for a few days in advance has been very helpful other than that you are thinking about food and what to eat constantly which makes you either skip a meal or eat something you shouldn’t. good luck to you and your husband.

        • Anonymous

          You need to buy only one. It comes with men and women.

    • ellen


      • Kimberly

        I purchased the kit and had no problem with extra charges. I did it 8 years ago with a 35lb loss in 3months, but during a divorce it got “lost” so I ordered it again. Follow it to a t. Use a prepaid Visa card if you are worried about giving a company your credit card info. It works I promise. If there are a few people “on plan” in your household, great! You have support! Just make sure to plan meals kind of in advance. If your hubby eats steak and taters and you have chicken and rice, grill! Or grill on Sunday enough for a few days and fix your stuff and tweak it for everyone else, i.e. kids.

        • Susan

          Thank you for your information on this Kimberly, I have also “Lost” things after my divorce. :-)But kids told me who “found” them. LOL
          I gained quite a bit of weight after a car accident. I am so frustrated that I am READY this time, but that is quite a bit of money for me to spend, so I have been looking for research.

  •  Not happy with customer, shipping service.

    Be VERY careful if you order this. After you select the Body Makeover Kit and give your credit card information, MANY offers will keep popping up on the screen. If you don’t click in the tiny button on the bottom to not add it, it gets added and there is no chance to review and submit your order. Your credit card is instantly charged. Also, they list the prices as the payment plan prices. I accidentaly ordered the Accelerated body sculpting package. It turned out to be $41.94 plus $9.99 in s/h. I called the second I realized I’d ordered that and that my card was charged (when I got the receipt) Call #1- The number on the receipt. They gave me another number to call. Call#2 They said it takes 24 hours to process a web order and can’t even see it so I have to call back the next day. Call #3 The next day at 11:00 a.m. They say they still can’t see the order. Call again later. Call #4 3:04 p.m. Already shipped. Sorry. If you want to return it you’ll have to call again when you receive it. AND pay more shipping. So bottom line. These two products cost 161.88. The shipping was out of this world at $29.98 and my credit card was billed $191.86.

    • Dan

      I agree. Go to consumeraffairs.com punch in Provida Life Sciences. Read the comments and if you don’t run the other way, Be Very Careful

    • Tammy

      I did lots of research, and found many posts saying the same things–beware when purchasing this! However, I really wanted to try it, so I bought it on Ebay–at less than the cost of getting it new. Of course, there is no money back guarantee…but at least a company with a questionable reputation doesn’t have my credit card information. Just another option if you really want to try it…

      • Vanessa

        I am tempted to buy on Ebay too, did you find the diet worked for you?

    • Cam

      Thank you so much for that very informative feedback. I was seriously considering ordering this product, but I think I find another way to lose way. It really helps to share and read what other people have to say about their experiences.

      • Kat

        Ditto. I am watching the commercial on t.v. right now and I decided to do a search on it to see what people were saying. It’s very enticing but I really don’t have the money to lose on another wasted product. Then one the people on the commercial looked like one of the guys from Biggest Loser, so I feel like they’re all in it together. I think I will go back to my free 50million pound challenge

      • Julie

        You dont necessarily have to order this product online. There are some stores that sell stuff called “As Seen On TV” That is where I bought my kit in the mall for the same price.

      • Sandy

        I agree with Kat, I’m watching the infomerical right now and decided to look for comments and I’m so glad that I did. Thanks everyone for the “beware” notices….I don’t have the money to lose either.

      • Melissa

        Don’t be so worried, just be upfront with the operator when you order that you don’t want any other offers than the plain kit. I didn’t have any problems at all, when they asked if I wanted to add this or that I simply said no. I did the program about a year ago for just a few weeks and did great but “life” happened and I quit. I am now back on, plan things out ahead of time so meals are instant/ready and I am doing great again. My knees have been killing me and after two days the crunching was there but not pain! I am a Doctor so I feel I have a good understanding of nutirtion and physiology and I give this program a big HOORRAAYY!!! It isn’t easy, but what worth doing is?

      • joann

        my order was okay,did diet one week loss 9 lbs, been celebrating ever since. trying diet again, but modifing it for me.

    • angieinOH

      wow.. thanks for that info. I’m sorry, but I just keep hearing my grandmothers words ringing in my ear “NOTHING GOOD COMES EASY!!!!” So I guess I’ll start by eating more veggies and fruis and get my ass up off this chair and away from my computer. No calories burning there!

      • Kim

        Trust me, this program is far from easy!! Very strict, but worth it.

      • Gwen

        @angieinOH: I feel the same way you do. I’ll just eat better, go to the YMCA and do water aerobics like I’ve done in the past.

    • Connie

      Thanks Dan for that information as today I unexpectantly received 2 bottles in the mail. I did not order these and not sure if I should try and return them or just keep them?? I am going to call them and make sure that they don’t send any more. Do you know if that will help?

    • Kim

      Maybe they just did not clearly explain it to you when you called because I got the supplemnts for $1, but the person i spoke to when ordering told me there would be a reoccuring payment if I did not call to cxl, so I think you probably just someone who did not thoroughly explain.

    • CARLA


  • Where is or what is the price of your product
    Barbara Cook

    Where is or what is the price of your product

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hi Barbara, please refer to the 6 Week Body Makeover official website for price and order inquiries.

    • Jaleesa

      The price is on the website. It’s offered at $119.94.

      • sonja

        I have been doing plan b for 4 weeks and 13 pounds later so far

        • endeaneyes

          Great job Sonja!!! I am trying to lose 15-20 pds by memorial day. Hope I can do it with this program! I know discipline is key but its hard when you have a hubby and kids that are not on a diet lol!!

        • maria

          Good job to people who have done this program I hope to have the same results or better. I have never in my life thought about diets or being on one who knew lets see what happens.

      • katia

        I have been in the program for almost 4 weeks and lost about 13 pounds I was expecting a better program..its too hard to eat without any dairy products but since a couple days ago i have not been feeling good, i got dizzy and it looks like my sugar level goes down sometimes…so im going to stop for a few days..or prob not doing it at all if cont like this.

        • kelly


          If you did the test and read what the result said, you would have learned that you have low blood sugar… do not do the rapid results meals…. this program was so easy to figure out– if you are willing to read. also, if you are eating every 2 hours and the right levels of protien, carb, etc…. than how can you get sick? diabetics eat this way to control their sugar….
          look at your book again… and good luck.

    • Michele Laraia

      I tried this program 2 years ago, jumped right into it, lost 10 lbs in 2 weeks, but had to bail–it seemed too complicated to maintain. I picked it up again recently, and have spent an entire week preparing for it before I start again. This time I am reading all the materials, getting lots of recipes and tips from the program web site, planning menus and creating shopping lists, figuring out where to buy some of the no-salt-added products so I don’t have to make everything from scratch (not my strong suite), and eating the last of my salty, fatty, sugary foods from my pantry. I am making some of the many marinades and dressings and rubs and spice/herb combinations on the plan ahead of time, collecting food coupons, and scouring my schedule for the times hidden in there to exercise. All of these are things I should have been doing anyway…. I am also talking to the people I usually eat with so they understand that I need their support (the plan gets much easier in the next part: Living Lean).
      I think the program is great, but it sells itself short and does some of us a disservice because it does not help us understand how to get ready for it–it really is a life-style change–and this takes time: to learn (and unlearn), prepare, think it through, etc, a difficult prospect even if most of use didn’t already have many changes to make in order to live really healthy.
      This time, I feel ready. Good luck to all of us.

      • wilhelmenia rhinehart

        Thanks for telling how it really is……. Good Luck!!!!!!( I took some note from you)

      • kelly

        My husband and I are at the end of the 6 weeks, and it has worked for us. He has lost over 50lbs and I have lost 23lbs. It is a lifestyle change, but I feel you just have to suck it up and do it for a while until you hit your ideal weight, and then you can learn to add in some other foods. I had to laugh because I had been on the diet for about 4 weeks, and my kids had a birthday party, and I made the cakes for- I had eaten cake and a ton of icing, and I still lost weight- and thats a first for me. My husband and I didn’t take this diet to the extreme- It says no fat and no salt- but we still allowed ourselves butter on potato and vegetables (not excessive), some salt, and we still used salad dressing… and we still got results- great results. The diet says not to eat foods you don’t like and we don’t. It is amazing how much better meats and vegetables taste plain without adding all the typical junk. This diet has done the trick for us, and every other diet out there has failed…

        • Refinnej

          Kelly, May I ask if you had alot to lose in the begining?
          Curious because I do,but some things I can only eat with some kind salt or dressing.

        • Refinnej

          Kelly, may I ask if you have alot to lose? I’m struggling not to use salad dressing. I LOVE paul newman’s vinegar & oil. I have been using 2 tbsp of a mixture of 1/4 cup dressing to 1 cup vinegar to help cut fat intake. Am I just spinning my wheels donig this? Salt is another issue. I have cut out salt all together but some things I have to make for my whole family call for salt so I have only put in a pinch vs. tsp or tbsp. So far (2wks in) I’ve done well on the program.I just don’t want to slow myself down. I have alot to lose! Thank you to any one that can help.

        • jared

          did u and your husband use the same program or did u have order 2 packages. me and my wife are interested but unsure if ordering one will work for both of us. thank u, and congrats..

        • Jane

          Michael Thurmond has been around longer than anyone else out there hawking diet programs. For me, it is too much information. I’d like the program to be simplified. What is said here by Michele Laraia is true, though. One has to prepare and make his or her own plan to be able to successfully complete any program. I’ve ordered this program two times over several years and sent it back without trying it. Now, though, those several years later, to me, the Six Week Body Makeover seems more realistic and worth learning how to do it. I’m planning to send in for it. I don’t mind losing weight fast as long as I can stay firm and I learn to eat so that I can keep it off … and it’s not MISERY doing it for the rest of my life. The only way I can know that for myself is to CONSCIENTIOUSLY try it … not be lazy about it and then complain that it’s not a good plan!

        • Anonymous

          This is encouraging. I am preparing to start the program this week. I know that if I am to loose the weight I have put on, I must change the way I have been doing things. I believe that most healthy diets work, but most people with eating issues don’t think that they need to make a life change to keep the weight off.
          This program has fast weight loss and that is why I’m interested in this program and if it is true, not as much exercise in the beginning when you are so overweight.

          Thank for the encouragement.

        • Maggie

          i am starting tomorrow and i am scared. i used to weigh 125 lbs before i had childeren. 4 yrs and two kids later i am now 170. i am desperate to lose weight and you are my inspiration. Wish me luck!!!

        • Erica

          I started this program on August 6th 2010. I have lost 25 pounds (today is October 7 2010). The first 2-3 weeks i didnt work out & i was losing 2 pounds a week. Then i started working out 5-6 days a week & the weight started coming off like crazy! the most i lost in 7 days was 6 pounds, which is almost a pound a day. The reason I like this program because it gave me an idea on what to eat & what i shouldnt eat based on my body type…which is type B. I LOVE this program! ive done weight watchers and the atkins diet and other ways of “eating healthy” and my weight wasnt really coming off. Now i eat 6 times a day & i stay away from salt, sugar, pasta, bread…etc i’ve lost so much weight in such a little amount of time! I dont agree with little or no exercise. To maintain your weight or lose weight you HAVE to exercise. Im not going to lie this diet is NOT easy, but you have to make sacrifices to get to your goal. The first 2 weeks i was starving ALL THE TIME! and i wasnt used to bland food. but now i miss the “bad” food less & less cuz i dont eat it as much. Once in awhile i will eat something thats not part of my “diet” BUT you cant DEPRIVE yourself of the food that you desire. I have ALWAYS been overweight & i have changed my way of thinking & how i eat. Its all discipline & self control. I used to LOVE food. EVERY kind of food! and now i think to myself i “want” it but do i really “need” it? is it worth it? no its not. i started off at 165 and im 5 feet tall. i am now 139 and i am 15 pounds away from my goal weight. If i want to lose more after 125 i will, but i want to see how i look at 125 first. I have a muscular body type & i dont want to be skinny. I want to be toned and healthy looking. So overall losing weight is up to that person. Its hard work just like everything else in life. changing the way you look at food and what you eat is life changing. You have to have that mentality for the rest of your life to keep the weight off. its not just about a “quick fix”….be in control of your decisions & dont let food control you.

        • Jessica

          I started this program a week ago to lose post-pregnancy pounds. After giving birth to my twins Im quite overweight at 188 lbs. I ran 6 days out of 7 for an hour each day (burned over 500 calories a run) and stuck to the program dilligently drank a ton of water- I’ve only lost 2 lbs. With 50lbs to lose I dont understand why such a low amount? Any suggestions or ideas?

        • Lisa

          @Jessica…1-2 lbs/week is actually the healthiest way to lose weight and gives you the best chance at being able to actually keep the weight off in the long run. Keep up the good work!

        • Maisha

          I hope you get this…I am amazed by your posting. I could really use the positive support along the way with this program. Well after eating anything you want did the weight come back.

        • Niqui

          @Jessica you need to understand how your body works…the reason you don’t exercize as much in the begining of this program is becaus eyou don’t eat as much. If you exercize too much when cutting back your caloric intact your body goes into starvation mode and you have the chance of gaining or not seeing the results you want. Those 2 pounds were great but cut back on the running. Stick with the exercize the program says to do or you will end up burning yourself out.

      • charlie

        how is it working for you now?

      • Bunny Wolfe

        So, Michael, it is now 5 months. How are things now? I am like you, if it looks too complicated I tend to run. Let me know because I am at wits end! GOOD LUCK


      • rpenland

        I am waiting for my program to come and hope it works for me. I have allready got a book made out for each day for 6 week I am going to have my menues made out and grocery list for each week. I have learned if you fail to plan you plan to fail. Your article was a big help.

      • Patti

        Absolutely Michele. It does take time to “get ready,” both in mindset for a lifestyle change such as this as well as emptying out the house of all non-program, non-healthy food (i.e. eating it) … me too, I refuse for waste food… 😉

        Today was Day 1 for me, on my own plan based on 6WBM as well as Tim Ferriss at The Four-Hour Work Week blog.

        Basically, I’m eating for 6WBM’s Type B body: green veggies, fish, poultry, and 1 small apple a day only. I dunno, I may fail at this one too, but OTOH I really feel in my gut that this time I’m finally ready…

        • Beverly

          Do you complete the questionaire to determine your body type prior to purchasing the 6wbmo plan?

          • Christina (Editor)

            Hi Beverly, For detailed instructions and product use directions/restrictions please refer to the 6 Week Body Makeover official website.

      • Joy

        I would like to know if you are still doing this diet. As I need to do something just not sure if it will be this…

      • madhouse

        i am a young female 23 who has hypertension and diabetes who is reading all of these reviews and is trying to lose weight and was just wondering if it will work for me and that i have no complications

        • Crystalline

          For sure this weight loss plan/ life style change is the right one for you. The principles on which this plan is based is cardiovascular and diabetes friendly.The small frequent meals that are encouraged will help to stabilize your blood sugar levels through out the day and night. If you don’t already test your blood sugar 4 times per day ,I would recommend that you do so for @ least the first few weeks on the plan. This is necessary to determine the effects of the new meal plan & activity on your blood sugar levels. Its a good idea to start a meal diary in conjunction with a blood sugar log.For instance: write down your blood sugar B4 every meal, also the dose of blood sugar medications. Make sure to include time you eat & the foods & drinks you consume. This diary will be a great help to you and your doctor. IT will show the effects of certain foods, effects of your meds,& the effects of activity on your blood sugar levels.It will also show patterns in your blood sugar that will help you to avoid low blood sugar levels especially during sleeping hours.If you adhere to this weight loss plan you can expect to see a decrease in your insulin resistance, much improved blood sugar levels, & a decrease in your current diabetes medication doses.
          In addition , this diet focuses on a reduction in fat, salt & sugar intake.I say reduction rather than abstinence because it is obviously impossible nor is it desirable to completely avoid these ingredients since they are found naturally in foods. You are only asked not to add these items or eat foods that are obviously loaded with them. It is a heart smart way to eat that will have beneficial effects on your blood pressure and your weight.no life style change is easy and this one is no exception.But believe me, the successes you can achieve feel a great deal more rewarding after all that hard work.

        • Christina (Editor)

          Hi, Due to your diagnosis it is advised to consult your primary care physician before starting any weight loss programs.

      • dEL

        I tried the program and lost 5 pounds on it the first 2 weeks but then got sick because my body went into shock from the program. I am looking to start up again soon but it is a little extreme with all of the measuring and weighing that needs to be done. Hopefully I will be able to stay on it without getting sick again.

        • dee

          Why did you get sick ?

      • Takisha

        i am asking micheal who gave her advice on one of these reply’s to please respond and lety me kno exactly what foods i will need to prepare for this program

        • Christina (Editor)

          Hi Takisha. For details on the program and specific product intake, please refer to the 6 Week Body Makeover official website.

      • susan

        very good points you brought out.very good. you helped me alot.i hope people who have gotten discouraged will see your comments. it makes since to prepare.

      • deb

        i agree i am taking a week to read and figure it out before i start out there is a lot of reading

    • Diane

      Is this product still available, and what is the cost?

      • kat

        yes still available and it’s about 120 bucks



      • rachael

        I see a lot of people saying no salt…was it really expensive to buy all different foods with no salt etc. How fast did you lose weight?

        • putteeee

          We called them to find out about the “no salt” rule. They told us that 50mg of salt is alright in foods. It’s almost impossible to go shopping being so extreme, and I think they understand that.

        • Baby gurl

          if u think about all the processed and fast food u eat and pay for this will even out. i have lost 65pounds in 4 months. got pregunat and about to go back on.

        • Crystalline

          @Rachael, when you go shopping and see a label on a food that says salt free; it doesnt really mean it completely absent of salt. Generally those labels mean that the food has met the requirement & is below the level established to call itself salt free.This established level of salt is negligible in amount. The same goes for most fat free store items.Low or no fat/salt/sugar items are readily available in most neighborhoods, & not significantly expensive. However, rural or low socioeconomic areas may not carry large varieties of these foods, so a person living in these areas may need to travel to another area to shop for them, or prepare from scratch.

      • dee

        please tell me what I should do baby gurl

    • ANGIE


      • Crystalline

        @ Angie
        That is fantastic news. I’m so happy to see more ppl with chronic diseases such as diabetes, and hypertension take control of their lives. Keep up the great work and don’t give up!!

      • Jessica

        Angie, I have to ask because I am the mother of a type 1 diabetic. If you have been on INSULIN for 8 years, why can’t you spell the word? This makes me skeptical of the entire program because so many companies pay people to write favorable reviews.

      • Marsha

        Angie, are you still on the program? How did it turn out for you, now that it’s 5 months later?

    • kritika

      I’m wondering hOw well this program wOrks because I need to lose over 200 pounds and I want to do sOmething so I don’t have to get surgery so is this a good program to invest in???

      • Christina (Editor)

        Hello. Product users claim that 6 Week Body Makeover aids in weight loss, of up to 30 pounds of unwanted weight, within a six-week period.

    • christina

      i am so confused, not sure what to belive. i just ordered this product and sure hope i did not make a mistake. i have gained 40lb in the last year and sure would like this to help me loose it. i do not have extra money, i have a sick child that all my money goes to SO I REALLY HOPE I MADE THE RIGHT CHOICE!!!

      • bhenry

        I did this program for two years. It is a great program! I’m not a paid employee- i don’t know any these people. i just know that this program works if you apply it. i agree with WONDERMONOF3 AND Kelly above. I identify with Kelly’s experience. it speeds up your metabolism so that even if you slip up a little, you still continue to lose. Stay committed and you see results.