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Will the 7-Day Detox Cleanse help you lose weight? We wanted to give you the facts, so we focused on the ingredients, side effects and clinical research. Furthermore, we examined hundreds of user comments and reviews. Then, we summarized and condensed to give you the info you need.

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What is 7-Day Detox?

‘Detoxing’ the body involves removing the harmful toxins which can cause problems to the body’s internal systems. Through this process, our body eliminates and gets rid of the unwanted materials inside and improve the functioning of the organs, leaving us feeling fresh and revitalized. We are always aware of how clean and hygienic we are, but internal cleansing is equally essential.

A crucial thing that most people forget is that if someone is unhealthy from the inside, that will show on the outside and no amount of external care and cleaning will get good enough results. Detoxification is that process which helps in flushing out all the harmful toxins inside that have been secretly making our skin dull, hair rough, making it difficult to lose weight and giving us rare illnesses.

But the most challenging part of detoxification is how to know whether we are doing it right or not. There are no yardsticks to match; neither can we have any physical proof in this case, like we can in the case of external cleaning. So, it is essential to follow the right detox regime to get the expected results out of the procedure.

7-Day Detox involves following a strict diet and exercise plan to resulting in natural weight loss, a feeling of general well being and healthiness, and getting rid of other health problems. It utilizes a well-balanced diet, recommended exercises and natural supplements – together creating a great state of mind and body which induces healthier living. [1] [2] [3]

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How Did 7-Day Detox Start?

Detoxification is a base component of Ayurvedic methods of healing. Traditional Chinese Medicine also used detoxing techniques like acupuncture and acupressure to remove toxins from the body. An ancient form of Indian meditation like Yoga and Pranayama are done keeping in mind detoxification of the body, as well as, peace of mind. A good body massage is also done for the same purpose, as the right amount of pressure in the right places initiates a healthier blood circulation, which in turn helps clear out the harmful toxins through excretory system. All these are age-old natural systems of detoxing the body.

The goal of detoxification has always been to remove the toxic substances in the body while feeding it with proper supplements and exercise. In this way, the harmful toxins are replaced with better and healthier diet and exercise cyclically, without the use of any external chemical substances.

The 7-Day Detox cleanse plan was developed with the premise of detoxing practices of purification and cleansing in mind. With supplements hitting the shelves in 2011, it is one of the best detox plans around, supposedly producing results in the short span of a week.

7-Day Detox Customer Testimonials

7-Day Detox Claim

The 7-Day Detox diet plan claims to clear the body of toxins by giving you a better and healthier bowel system which maintains gastric fluids and flushes out the colon. As a result, the user is gifted with naturally radiant and glowing skin and stronger, shinier hair. The 7-Day Detox plan also boosts cognitive function and aids in weight loss, with a visible reduction and change of shape in a bloated body. [4]

7-Day Detox Ingredients

Here are a few 7-Day Detox recipe ingredients that are used in the 7-Day Detox diet plan. These components are part of the daily 7-Day Detox diet plan. Green vegetables and lentil seeds work wonders when you want your body to feel healthy, so do citric fruits and fruit juices. The citrus acid in the fruits of oranges and lemons works the best as cleansers of bowel and gastric system. 7-Day Detox drinks like fresh fruit juices and smoothies are also popular. [5]

  • Fruit: (apples, bananas, pears, oranges, grapefruit, raisins, pineapple, mango, kiwi fruit, strawberries, raspberries, melons, etc.)
  • Vegetables: (carrots, onions, turnip, sprouts, cabbage, peppers, mushrooms, sweetcorn, peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, salad, tomatoes, cucumber, etc.)
  • Lentils
  • Fruit juice (orange juice, mosambi or sweet lemon juice, watermelon juice)
  • Oats and porridge
  • Brown rice
  • Natural yogurt (Avoid artificial sweeteners or any other condiment to treat the yogurt – have it in its natural taste for the acid to work the best)
  • Honey
  • Water
  • Smoothies (Berry smoothie, green smoothie, protein smoothie)

Foods to avoid

  • Red meat, chicken, eggs, turkey and any meat products like sausages
  • Dairy products like milk, cheese, cream which tend to have a lot of fat
  • Butter and jams
  • Any food that contains wheat including bread, croissants, cereals, cakes, biscuits, pies, pastries – they are powerhouses of carbs which need to be cut to lose weight
  • Crisps and savory snacks
  • Chocolate, sweets, and sugar
  • Processed foods
  • Fast foods
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Coffee and tea
  • Sauces, pickles, shop bought salad dressing, mayonnaise
  • Salt
  • Fizzy aerated drinks

Does 7-Day Detox Work?

The skepticism surrounding the 7-Day Detox diet plan is immense, as is in most cases. The regimen of the 7-Day Detox diet plan relies solely on fruit and vegetable and claims to be effective in detoxifying the body. Many people refuse to believe that losing weight and gaining a healthier, detoxified body in this manner is possible because of the lack of immediate physical proof.

However, most users of the 7-Day Detox body cleanse plan had positive reviews, with one customer, Marion, even saying: “I’m currently doing this detox for the second time. First time trying, worked wonders. I did the seven day Lemon Detox as per instructed and managed to lose just over 6kgs by day 7.”

Thus, with a little of patience and optimism, one can get the best results out of this plan. [6] [4]

7-Day Detox Benefits and Results

The 7-Day Detox cleansing plan is an excellent way to jump-start your weight loss, get better rest, and clear your pores, improve your skin and hair quality and have an overall healthy, glowing feeling. Here are some of the benefits of following the seven-day plan menu:

  • Weight loss: The diet plan will cut down your carbohydrate and fat intake and replace that with vitamins, minerals and water content in the form of fresh vegetables, fruits, yogurt and other such items. This automatically will lead to control on fat depositing substances and concentrate on detoxifying ones.
  • Clears pores: The detox plan cleans the body from the inside, part of which would otherwise block the skin pores and cause a variety of problems, starting from dull skin to pimples, acne, blackheads to skin infections.
  • Increases energy: Fewer toxins mean an increased feeling of a refreshing and healthy attitude, which in turn causes more tenacity and strength in everyday activities. The detox plan revitalizes the body and keeps it charged.
  • Improves immunity: By cleaning out the internal body organs, detoxifying ensures the body has heightened strength and resistance to fight against diseases.
  • Gives the body essential micronutrients: Our body needs an innumerable number of nutrients to work every day, and in many cases, we neglect the importance of the smaller ones. But they are equally required to maintain a right balance of diet, and this plan makes sure the body gets the micronutrients in proper amounts.
  • Boosts overall health: Detoxing programs don’t just work on one organ or one part of the body – they have an all-invasive effect on the entire body, thus boosting the overall health and body aesthetics.

Using other forms of the diet such as products like 7-Day Detox pills or 7-Day Detox tea also produces results, with multiple claims of having lost weight over the course of the 7-Day Natural Detox. Most dieters lose several pounds during a 7-Day Detox Cleanse. This weight loss occurs because of calorie intake restriction, consumption of natural and organic substances which help fix the harmful effects of the toxins and frequent bowel movements that flush out the poisons and clear the digestive system of excess waste. [4]

Details on 7-Day Detox and Weight Loss

Because calorie intakes are usually deficient, at least some loss in body weight is almost guaranteed using the 7-Day Detox weight loss plan. However, Dr. Brianna Goldberg, a dietary consultant with the California Medical Association, says that this is not a long-term diet program and should only be used for seven days three to four times in a year.

Our body still needs the nutrients like carbohydrates and fats in appropriate amounts. Cutting out major groups of foods such as dairy products, meat, and wheat-based foods entirely out of your diet means the body will be lacking in those nutritional values and that is not healthy for the body at all. While replacing them with extra raw fruits and vegetables primarily reduces the number of calories ingested, this hard-core diet plan should be followed in the prescribed period with proper guidance only. Complimenting them with physical and meditational exercises will get much better results than merely following the detoxifying diet plan.

How to Use (Take) 7-Day Detox

The 7-Day Detox weight loss plan will work best when followed correctly. Every day, at least one detox smoothie, a salad, and vegetable stew must be ingested. The following are tips on how to efficiently carry out the 7-Day Detox plan: [7]

  1. Make sure you drink warm water in the morning. Add freshly squeezed lemon juice to it to ensure your body gets Vitamin C.
  2. Along with the consumption of fresh fruit juices, make sure you also drink at least eight glasses of water throughout the day.
  3. Consume foods that are rich in fiber. Besides that, make sure you consume three servings of fresh fruits and green leafy veggies, preferably organic.
  4. Make sure you get about 8 hours of sleep every night.
  5. Daily exercise is a must and can be in the form of jogging, brisk walking, or swimming.

Some 7-Day Detox Meals

We’d recommend you start the 7-Day Detox diet on a Monday to complete the entire cleanse plan by Sunday. The menu works well because of the restricted food items allowed for consumption like raw fruits and vegetables. These can be used to make 7-Day Detox drinks or even teas.

A typical day’s breakfast should start off with drinking a special 7-Day Detox drink or smoothie which can be made by combining the fruits or vegetables, usually with added greens. Lunch can consist of a detox salad, which is mainly leafy green vegetables mixed with raw vegetables and fruits like avocado, strawberries, and olives. Dinner maybe is either of the two. Meal contents are interchangeable, but make sure never to binge.

And don’t worry, there are plenty of 7-Day Detox recipes to choose from.

7-Day Detox Diet Plan

  • Day 1 involves eating only fruits and fruit smoothies.
  • Day 2 consists of having just vegetables, cooked or raw. There is no limit to the vegetables you can have, but try to stick to high-fiber food items.
  • Day 3 allows you to have a mixture of fruits and vegetables, with the exclusion of potatoes.
  • Day 4 involves eating up to eight bananas and three glasses of almond milk. You are allowed to have vegetable soup or a detox smoothie if you like.
  • Day 5 will enable you to have sprouts, tomatoes, and other vegetables, though you need to increase your intake of water to detoxify the internal system of the body.
  • Day 6 also includes an abundance of sprouts, vegetables, and water. Other recipes can also be used.
  • Day 7 ends with having fruit juices, vegetables, and brown rice. Ideally, on day 7, the vegetables should be taken in a salad form.

Potential 7-Day Detox Side Effects

Diets like the 7-Day body detox often lead to a cycle of yo-yo dieting which can eventually ruin a person’s metabolism. Moreover, the body may sometimes react strangely to the removal of all the toxins. [7] [8]

Some side effects include:

  • Headaches
  • Skin imbalances
  • Digestive issues
  • Weight loss and gain


The diet is strictly vegetarian, so a non-vegetarian user may find it hard to adapt to this eating style. Moreover, a pregnant or diabetic user cannot follow this diet.

7-Day Detox Scientific Research

Scientists recently conducted a study to prove that dieting is a waste of time and energy. Lead scientist Dr. Traci Mann stated, “You can initially lose 5 to 10 percent of your weight on any number of diets, but then the weight comes back. We found that the majority of people regained all the weight, plus more.” The group of scientists proceeded to describe their analysis of every study they could find that followed people on diets for 2 to 5 years. They discovered that it would have been better for most of them if they had not gone on a diet at all.

Their findings show that people on diets typically lose 5 to 10 percent of their weight in the first six months, but gain what they lose within 4-5 years.

7-Day Detox Product Warnings

7-Day Detox pills are dietary supplements created with the intention of helping people detoxify their bodies. These tablets contain ingredients like Chromium Polynicotinate and even Anhydrous caffeine. There is no telling which ingredient one is allergic to, so users should exercise a degree of caution while using these products.

Any 7-Day Detox Lawsuits?

There have been no direct lawsuits against the 7-Day Detox diet plan and the side products that promote the 7-Day Detox body cleanse program, but lawsuits have been filed against fitness guru Jillian Micheals for her endorsement of similar dietary products that allegedly contain harmful ingredients. The “Triple Process Total Body Detox & Cleanse” product supposedly does not perform any of the actions it claims to and includes several dangerous components.

7-Day Detox Alternatives

Alternatives to the 7-Day Detox cleanser include the 3-day plan, the 5-day plan, and the 10-day plan. Additional supplements such as 7-Day Detox pills – a few other diet pills contain Phenocal, Adiphene, Lipozene, and PhenQ – can also be taken, which such products available for reasonable prices on Amazon.

While the reviews might be mixed overall, it is helpful to eat healthily and exercise regularly to keep your body healthy.

Final Verdict

All in all, it’s a good idea to follow a diet that emphasizes the use and ingestion of natural ingredients and daily exercise. Scientists support the statement that “Exercise may well be the key factor leading to sustained weight loss. Studies consistently find that people who reported the most exercise also had the most weight loss.” Although the claims made by the 7-Day Detox meal plan also are quite tempting, the lack of research supporting the allegations are worrisome and discourage users from taking up the diet. However, the 7-Day Natural Detox has the right idea and users are always free to try it.

What Users Are Saying

“”12 days without smoking and took all the pills and passed the test!! I didn’t follow with the recommended water or diet intake but I feel if I would have I could have passed in 7 days but the package gives you 10 days worth of pills so I took them until it was empty.””

“”Light, casual smoker didn’t pass the test even after following directions METICULOUSLY. Maybe a metabolism thing, who knows? Was ready to start, then denied the job because of the results. Give yourself more time to detox if possible.””

“”It doesn’t work. I read the reviews and I still bought the product. I had a small glimmer of hope that this would work, so I had to try for myself. It does not work. Give yourself enough time to detox naturally.””

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The Bottom Line – Does 7-Day Detox Work?

Well, is it time to clear the shelves because the 7-Day Detox plan works? Well, we like that it’s affordable and that it contains a few natural ingredients. We’re concerned about the lack of research supporting the claims and discouraging user reviews about no results and negative side effects.

Dieters want to slim down, so we suggest going with a supplement not connected to harmful side effects, but containing ingredients backed by science.

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7-Day Detox

What are the ingredients in 7 day detox?

The ingredients found in the 7 day detox are chromium, magnesium, uva ursi, caffeine anhydrous, lady’s mantle, juniper berry, buchu, lactobacillus acidophilus, dandelion root, senna, irvingia gabonensis, cissus quadrangularis, olive leaf, cumin seed and wild mint

What are the side effects of 7 day detox?

Common side effects are digestive issues such as bloating, cramping, flatulence, nausea, and diarrhea.

How do I know if 7-Day Detox is right for me?

Choosing the right product is the #1 question asked by DietSpotlight readers. We recommend trying any product before buying it and know that finding a product with a sample offer is near impossible - so we created our own product, Burn HD, with scientifically backed ingredients.

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Does 7 day detox work?

Yes, this product does work as long as it is taken wirh plenty of water and one stays away from ingesting more toxins.

What is the price of 7 day detox?

It is about $35 for a 7 day clense.

Where can I buy 7 day detox?

The i day detox can bw found in drug store retailers, as there is no official website.

How should I take 7 day detox?

There are specific instructions to follow for best results. The instructions are included and it is recommended that a lot of water, and a well balanced diet is paired with this cleanse.

How do I contact 7 day detox customer service?

There is no official website for this product. Refer back to the retailer.

Can I return 7 day detox?

Refer back to the retailer, and follow their return policies.

What are the most common complaints about 7 day detox?

Some common compliants for this product is no hunger control, no energy boost, and some said they did not see any weight loss results.


Previous 7-Day Detox Review (Updated August 20, 2014):

What You Should Know

7 Day Detox is a dietary supplement that's claimed to assist users by "detoxifying the body" and burning away unwanted fat. Naturally, the goal of this weight loss program is to produce real results within a seven day period. In a similar fashion to most other diet supplements currently gracing the market, 7 Day Detox comes in the form of a capsule. However, the servings are higher than many other products. The user is directed to take six capsules daily. This weight loss product sells via the official website for $14.99.

There is a whopping 34 different ingredients incorporated into 7 Day Detox capsules. Some of these are Potassium Gluconate (helps maintain the acid and base levels in the body), Chromium Polynicotinate (helps burn off fat and increase energy levels), Caffeine Anyhdrous (increases energy and mental awareness), Fennel Seed (assists with the expelling of gas), and Oat Bran Fiber (helps with regular bowel movements). There are a number of testimonials provided on the official website. Furthermore, 7 Day Detox is touted as one of the "most powerful diet supplements" currently offered.

List of Ingredients

Potassium Gluconate, Chromium Polynicotinate, Caffeine Anyhdrous, Psyllium Husk, Oat Bran Fiber, Barley Rice Fiber, Apple Pectin, Fennel Seed, Glucomannan, Flax seed powder, Dandelion Root, Uva Ursi, Cranberry, Buchu Leaves 4:1, Alfalfa, Juniper Berries, Garlic 100:1, Ginger Root, Parsley, Goldenseal, Mint leaf, Red Raspberry Leaf, Lemon Peel, Hawthorn Berries, Red Clover Leaf, Burdock Root, Irish Moss, Aloe Vera, Cayenne Pepper, Sage, Noni, Mangosteen, Pomegranate, Apple Cider Vinegar, and Grapefruit Seed.

Product Features

The 7 Day Detox diet is basically a weight reduction supplement that is to be taken daily with water. This product aims to burn away body fat, while drawing toxins from the user's body. Essentially, this supplement contains minerals, vitamins, and fatty acids that supposedly aid in the weight loss process. One unique aspect of the 7 Day Detox supplement is that it is literally supposed to produce real results in a mere seven days time. Although there are no free trial samples of these supplements offered at this time, there is a 100% money-back guarantee presented on the official website to support 7 Day Detox.


  • There is a full list of ingredients for 7 Day Detox pills provided on the official website.
  • Unlike many other weight loss products, this one is sold with a 100 percent money-back guarantee.


  • Quite a few 7 Day Detox capsules are directed to be taken daily (6), which may not be desirable for some dieters.
  • Certain ingredients found in 7 Day Detox capsules may not be suitable for individuals with certain allergies.
  • A regular fitness regimen is not encouraged on the official website with 7 Day Detox.
  • This particular weight loss drug contains caffeine, which is a known diuretic.


Overall, the 7 Day Detox supplement comes across as a "miracle" diet pill. Naturally, it is helpful to see customer testimonials provided on the official website, along with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. However, like so many other diet drugs, the 7 Day Detox capsules are infused with caffeine, which is commonly regarded as harmful in regards to the fact that it pulls water off of the user's muscles.

Summer Banks Dietspotlight Author
About the Author:

Summer Banks, Director of Content at Dietspotlight, has researched over 5000 weight-loss programs, pills, shakes and diet plans. Previously, she managed 15 supplement brands, worked with doctors specializing in weight loss and completed coursework in nutrition at Stanford University. full bio.

40 7-Day Detox Reviews

  • How do you take it?
    Your Name

    Just got mine today and reading the directions it said 6 pills before breakfast and 6 before lunch. But some sites I have read say 6 total. How do you take it?

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Hi! The label on the bottle says to consume 4 pills in the morning and 4 in the afternoon with 12-16 ounces of water during a meal.

  • How many pills per day?

    How many pills per day? Is it 6 before breakfast & another 6 for lunch? So 12 per day?

    • Anonymous

      yes 12 im on my 2nd bottle i started with a weight of 244 and now im 238 : ) so basiclly i lost a pound a day but that becuse i didnt do it how i was suppose to i didnt do it with water like your suppose to this time im following the directions its amazing truthfully

  • I just want to make I'm doing it right. I'm seriously supposed to take 12 a day?
    Your Name (Verified User)

    Okay, so I’m seriously supposed to take 12 a day? Like 6 before breakfast, and 6 before lunch? I just want to make I’m doing it right.

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Hi! The label on the bottle says to take 4 capsules in the morning and 4 in the afternoon with 12-16 ounces of water and during mealtime.

  • Can take multivitamin with it?

    I want to know can u take a multivitamin while taking the 7 day detox pill?

    • rosie

      Should I continue to take my vitamin B12 while on the 7 day detox?

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Hi Nisha! A multivitamin shouldn’t cause you too many issues, but have your doctor take a look at the ingredients just to make sure there won’t be any reactions.

  • Is this a normal feeling?
    sarah (Verified User)

    Does the 7-Day Detox make you feel hot from the cayenne pepper in it?

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Hi Sarah. This may be due to the 7 Day Detox. We suggest discontinuing use and consulting your doctor to see if this is a bigger problem.

  • How to use it I just bought two bottles?

    I bought two bottles and I just starte my first bottle. When I’m I suppose to start my 2nd bottle? I thought I read somewhere that once a year is good or eveery 6 months I cen’t remember. Thanks!

  • Is this normal?
    sarah (Verified User)

    Does the 7-Day Detox make you go to the bathroom a lot?

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Hello Sarah. All users are different and can experience different side effects; please make sure to consult with your physician before taking this product.

  • Mary

    The 7 day detox worked very well, I drank the water with it lost 10lbs in one week. Would like to order more.

  •  I have yet to see results in using it for 4 days now.
    Candince (Verified User)

    I’ve been using 7 day detox for 4 days now, I have yet to see results. I guess at the end of the 7th day the miracle will appear then….

    • Your Name

      its not going to happen sorry u got ripped off like me

  •  Just started will update later.
    susie (Verified User)

    By the way wanted to say that I’ve been on a diet since Jan.2nd and have lost 24 pounds! Got 20 more to go to get to 120! I’ll let ya all know how it works out for me…. Fingers crossed!

  • How to take this product?
    Shelly Dworacek

    I just received my first bottle of 7 day detox. Do i take it for seven days then off seven. I tried other things, and i seen this and wanted to try it.

  • Safe while working out daily?

    Hi i am looking into lose weight and i exercise everyday for an hour to two hours and i never can lose weight even though i watch my diet and exercise, i want to know if this pill would work and be safe even though i work out daily

  •  Working so far and will update later
    Jaz (Verified User)

    I am on day 2 of taking the pill. It has made me lose 2 lbs so far, I weighed myself this morning. But, I am also eating healthier, I have removed junk food, bread, greasy foods, and soda from my diet. The pill seems to curve my appetite but it also has made me feel a little dizzy and tiered in the afternoon. I will post results later on to see how its working.

    • Crystal

      Drink more water, juices and eat a light snack.

  •  So far so good, will update later
    Jaz (Verified User)

    So far im on the second day and I have already lost 2lbs. Water weight? Maybe but so far its working. I am also watching what I eat and I cut out soda, junk food, bread, and flour, from my diet so that might help me some more. I’m not exercising but I do have a 3yr old that keeps me busy.

  • Hope this product works!

    I have tried so many diets & cleansing products I bought the 7 day Detox lets see if it works. Will update in 7 days. Wish me luck !!

  •  Not bad so far
    audrey (Verified User)

    i took my first dose today, felt a little twitchy and lack of focus but not too bad well see how school goes today tho. but i started taking benafiber about a week before while i was waiting for my pills to get here. might be a good idea, ready the body a bit. no loss yet just an intence craving for water, but thats not a bad thing

  • Praying it would work
    shawnice (Verified User)

    i just got my 7 day detox in the mail i only got one, so i am hoping to loss 10 lb all together lets pray it works for me, im goin to star 2morrow i am 203 as of rite now so ill keep my self up dated on hear and hope it als helps others.

  •  So far, so good
    shannon (Verified User)

    I started my first dose of the 7 day detox this morning. I was little apprehensive when I read it contained anyhdrous caffeine but I am not the least bit jittery I have extra energy and I am not feeling hungry. I did have a bm this morning but not excessive. No cramping…hopefully it works!

  •  Didn't see any changes
    Anonymous (Verified User)

    i am on day 5 and have seen no changes don’t waste your money

  •  Have good energy and eat healthy
    tiffany (Verified User)

    i am on my 3rd day with 7 day detox i dont have any commplaints mild stomach cramps when im eating but nothing like the alternatives great product so far!!!have a good energy and im not all shakey like other diet pills. im hoping to lose 10 pounds after my last day exercise and healthy eating helps even more!

  •  Just bought it and will start

    just bought 2 bottles we will see what happens your comments have encourged me but i am assuming you can gain the weight right back if you dont keep up a good diet and exercise just like any other diet pill wish me luck thanks!!!!!

  •  Already see the difference in few days
    Stefany (Verified User)

    I bought a bottle of seven day detox as well as 6 months worth of apidexin and detoxufree72. Wednesday i started the 7 day detox, i am on my 3rd day and i can already see a difference in the way i feel and look! I decided not to weigh myself until the 7th day, before starting this i was 293. Let’s hope for the best!! ( i am also speedwalking every night for about an hour and i am strictly watching my food intake and i cut down all junk food) I will post back on my 7th day!


  • Product side effects
    Hailey (Verified User)

    During these 7 days am I going to have to use the bathroom a lot the entire week or is it more at the beginning and let up? I go to school and I was thinking about ordering them and starting on the weekend but I go to school during the week and don’t want to be rushing to the restroom all the time

  • I'm hoping by the end of the seven days
    Tami (Verified User)

    I started 7 day detox and I’m 4 days into it and have already lost 5 lbs. I’m hoping by the end of the seven days I will have lost a few more lbs. I do diet and exercise daily….

  • I really like the bowel movements
    Racquiel (Verified User)

    I just started taking these pills today and so far I notice energy and I really like the bowel movements. after my 7th day i will be posting another comment

  • Exercise differently

    I’m starting the 7 day detox on Sunday. Do I have to eat or exercise differently? Thank you! And I bought 4 bottles. After I take the pills for 7 days do I continue or take a week off and then do it again? Thanks for your help!

  •  not bad stuff
    rich (Verified User)

    not bad stuff i take 4 pills a day before i go lift and ive lost 8 lbs in a week so not bad for the money i prefer oxyelite great stuff

  •  I started it yesterday, lost 6 pounds.
    Kim (Verified User)

    I read many mixed reviews about this product, but I decided to try it anyway since it was inexpensive. I started it yesterday, weighed myself today and have already lost 6 pounds. I know it says 6 pills before breakfast and lunch, but I cut it down to 5 before breakfast and lunch. I feel great, a lot of energy, and don’t have to run to the bathroom every hour. Great product 🙂

  •  Im actually taking the 7 Day Detox now.
    Seth (Verified User)

    Im actually taking the 7 Day Detox now. Its 6 pills 30 minutes before breakfast and another 6 30 minutes before lunch (with 2 cups of water at each dose). This is my third day, and Ive lost about 2 lbs. Loss could be from diet and exercise, or pure water loss, however. Plus,occasional stomach cramps can make this unpleasant

  •  Don't waste your money!
    Mark (Verified User)

    Don’t waste your money!

  •  how often can i use this product
    Aline (Verified User)

    Hi.i just finished with my 1st 7 day detox,i lost about 6 pound that isn’t bad.
    I’ll like to know how often can i use this product?
    Thank you so much for your help.