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Ab Cuts Advanced is an improved version of the Ab Cuts CLA formula. But, is it better? To find out, we looked at each ingredient, potential side effects, and research backing the supplement. We gathered customer reviews to get their side. Then, we compiled it all just for you.

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What is Ab Cuts Advanced?

To start with, Ab Cuts Advanced is a CLA belly fat formula. The ingredients are CLA Safflower oil and chromium. It helps you burn fat. You only need to take it once daily (two soft gels). Want better results? Try adding exercise and diet.

Revolution Lifestyle is the company behind Ab Cuts Advanced. Multiple companies sell the CLA belly fat formula. Two science-based ingredients and positive reviews? Let’s take a closer look at this on…

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How Effective is Ab Cuts CLA Belly Fat Formula?

The first issue is the limited results from Ab Cuts Advanced ingredients. “Some studies show CLA helps reduce belly fat,” said our Research Editor. “But, that’s not always the case.”

One posted, “I used one bottle while exercising and saw no difference.”

Then again, some user reviews do indicate actual results.

One person said, “I have only used for ten days, but results have been great. The hard-to-lose few pounds have quickly fallen away.”

“Well I can say so far so good. I’ve eliminated daily since starting product, and my weight is going down. So as long as you have a regular exercise program that you’re doing and a good diet already, this will enhance your efforts,” wrote another.

Ab Cuts Advanced Customer Testimonials

Negative Comments – “You Need to See What Users are Saying!”

Another concern is negative Ab Cuts Advanced reviews. One person remarked, “No noticeable reduction in belly fat. Tried four bottles to give this product a good trial. But even with daily exercise and a healthy diet, no reduction in belly fat.”

Not all Ab Cuts Advanced comments are negative though.

One individual wrote, “This has done wonders for me. I’ve been trying for so long to lose fat from my tummy, and this has done it. You will see results after you finish one bottle.”

Another offered, “This thing works, but you need to maintain your regular exercises. I can see muscle definition after taking it twice a day (2 capsules/serving) at meal time for four months.”

While conducting our research, we’ve learned that when discouraging user remarks are common, this means a lower chance of lasting results with a product. If Ab Cuts Advanced causes a long list of negative reviews, this could be a problem.

The Science – “Is There Solid Research To Support The Claims?”

Now for the ingredients in Ab Cuts Advanced. This formula contains conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). Some research has suggested that this fatty acid helps boost immune system health, treat obesity and reduce blood pressure. It may even improve overall body composition. The other component in this supplement is chromium, which is a mineral that helps balance blood sugar levels. It’s sometimes used to treat type 2 diabetes and aid with weight management.

What Users Are Saying

"”I feel like this has been working VERY well for me. I was a fan of this product years ago but stopped purchasing it when it got a bit pricey and I forgot about its utility. I am using it again and I am quite satisfied. You DO need to exercise and when you do workout and use this you WILL see results. I definitely have..”"

"”It seems to be working!”"

"”It works, but slowly. No miracles. But you will see a difference over time – especially when you add some activity to it. It enhances what you are already doing – significantly.”"

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The Bottom Line – Does Ab Cuts Advanced Work?

Okay, can you count on Ab Cuts Advanced to trim away the fat from your belly? Natural ingredients backed by science? We like it. But, there’s the concern about a few negative reviews.

If you’d like to trim down, consider a supplement that’s packed with clinically-tested ingredients and supported by positive user reviews.

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