Ab Toner Reviews

Medically reviewed by Anthony Dugarte M.D.

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Throughout the decades of the home health and fitness industry, Americans have held one visual benchmark for judging health and happiness: abs. A ripped six-pack is a surefire symbol that a person is on the ball, pro-fitness, together, and primed for success.

What is an Ab Toner?

An Ab Toner is a piece of equipment or exercise that’s designed to work the abdominal muscles so you can see that six-pack you’ve worked so hard for.

What Will You Find Here?

If you’re looking for a program to get yourself on track and get the abs you want, then this page is for you. You’ll find an encyclopedic listing of just about every ab workout in the $40 billion diet and exercise industry. There are many, many methods out there, all claiming to get you the same result. If you want to look in the mirror and see a six-pack staring back, then start researching on this page.

Getting Abs is About More Than Exercise

You’ll read about diets designed to pump away stomach fat, revealing defined abdominal muscles underneath. It’s vital here to comment on the importance of diet when beginning a training program. Abdominal exercises are great, but they should be a part of a total health commitment. That includes a disciplined diet.

You Don’t Need a Gym

Advances in technology surrounding ab workouts have exceeded all expectations. According to the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, there are even electromagnetic devices that can help shape the abdomen.

Lasers in Surgery and Medicine published a 2020 study supporting the research found in the previously-mentioned journal. In this case, “significant improvement in aesthetic appearance” was noted after 12 weeks of using magnetic muscle stimulation.

What’s the Final Take on Ab Toners?

Whether you’re looking for an ab machine or an exercise program that works your core, you’ll find what you’ll look for here. Your abs are a huge part of your daily life and working on them is as simple and twisting and turning.

Enjoy clicking around and reading this collection of reviews related to sculpting those abs.

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