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Ab Transform EMS Workout Review

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By Summer Banks Jan 17, 2017

What You Should Know

The Ab Transform EMS Workout belt is an electro muscle stimulation piece of home fitness equipment. The belt secures in place around the waist and electricity stimulates the muscle to contract. These belts are supposed to mimic the muscle contraction during abdominal exercises without the exercise. There is evidence that electro muscle stimulation works, but only when in contact with the abdominal muscles. Most dieters are looking to lose weight and reduce abdominal fat before they worry about toning abdominal muscles.

We could find no official website for Ab Transform EMS Workout. There are several websites offer information on the system, but most claim the product is no longer for sale.

List of Ingredients

Electro Muscle Stimulation Belt.

Product Features

The Ab Transform EMS Workout belt is relatively easy to use. The belt wraps around the abdominals and secures in place with a Velcro section. The belt will fit a waist size from 26 inches to 50 inches, so nearly every dieter would be able to use the belt. The marketing push for the Ab Transform EMS Workout belt is ease of use. The dieter can strap on the electro muscle stimulator and watch television or walk around the store and no one will ever know they are working abdominal muscles the entire time. Unfortunately, there is no information on how the belt works if the electro stimulation does not come in contact with muscle fibers.

Working abdominal muscles with electro stimulation may help improve tightness of the muscle, but it will not burn fat or decrease weight. If the dieter needs to lose abdominal fat, this belt will not help them achieve those goals.

The Ab Transform EMS Workout belt sells for about $100. This is the average price for home abdominal equipment. Dieters may find it difficult to locate a retailer selling the belt.

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  • Works without exercise.
  • There is clinical testing to back up claims of tightened abs.


  • May not work if abdominal fat obstructs the connection between the belt and abdominal muscles.
  • The price is higher than some dieters would like to pay for an ab workout.
  • The Ab Transform EMS Workout belt may not be available for sale.
  • Will not increase metabolism or weight loss.


When attempting to lose weight, the abdominal muscles are the last muscle group a dieter should worry about. Larger muscle groups burn more calories and may improve metabolism. There is no official website for the Ab Transform EMS Workout so chances are the product is no longer available for sale. Electro muscle stimulation has been tested on people of optimal weight and athletic builds, but not on dieters who need to lose abdominal fat.

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Rating: 3.4. From 45 votes.
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ab transform is the best

I bought this belt, and my waist is within the limits, but for the life of me I cannot figure out how to make the belt fit securely on my waist! It is way too big!! It says in the instructions there is a “hook and loop” but I don’t see anything that looks like this. Please help!