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Abdominal Cuts Review - 6 Things You Need to Know

Abdominal Cuts is not your grandmother’s product. Our in-depth review focused on the side effects, ingredients, clinical studies, and customer care level. Moreover, we examined hundreds of user responses and comments. Then, we summarized and condensed to give you the info you need.

Abdominal Cuts can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What is Abdominal Cuts?

First off, Abdominal Cuts is a line of supplements, including CLA Belly Fat Formula and Sleek & Lean Midsection. The ingredients include conjugated linoleic acid, green tea, flaxseed, chromium, caffeine anhydrous, yohimbe, raspberry ketones, and green coffee beans. Why don’t we dig into a little research on these ingredients before moving on?

What does scientific research say about some of the ingredients? Let’s take a quick look!

  • PLoS One – We were able to find only a small amount of current research on conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and belly fat. What we did find was that CLA, when taken with a thermogenic, protein and a multivitamin can improve weight loss and fat loss, but this supplement doesn’t offer that additional support.
  • British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology – Green tea is especially effective for weight loss when partnered with exercise, according to recent research from 2019.
  • Journal of Functional Foods – And, believe it or not, we found research that connects flaxseed to reduced body weight, so there are some beneficial ingredients in the formula.

The recommended serving varies by product.

Abdominal Cuts has been around since 2010. All of the products can be purchased via the company website and through trusted retailers. We like that we found some positive customer comments and that some supplements include a few natural ingredients.

Update 2020: The ingredient list for the CLA formula now reads:

  • Safflower Oil
  • Omega 3 Fish Oil
  • Borage Oil
  • Flaxseed Oil
  • Sesame Seed Oil

New for 2021: Abdominal Cuts is now available in an Advanced Formula. This means a higher amount of CLA oil so that you can take fewer softgels than the original formula. They also added chromium to help maintain healthy blood glucose.

Does it Work

Does Ab Cuts Work?

The first concern from Abdominal Cuts reviews was the lack of results. “The use of natural ingredients is promising,” said our Research Editor. “But, that doesn’t mean you’ll lose weight or burn fat.”

One customer commented, “Finished the whole bottle with exercise & eating better…no change noticed.”

Another user stated, “I took as directed along with moderate exercises, and I remained at the same weight during the entire bottle. No help with appetite control or nothing.

While some users didn’t notice results, we found that others reported solid results.

My wife and I had been taking these for 1 month, and it seems to be working…I actually reduced more than an inch in my waistline,” reported a dieter.

Side Effects

Abdominal Cuts Side Effects

We found that some users were concerned about Abdominal Cuts side effects. According to one customer, “Been taking these pills as directed (two pills twice a day with food) for two weeks caused bloating, constipation and dizziness.”

“After three days, I was so bloated and belching constantly,” said another.

According to some Abdominal Cuts reviews, some users didn’t experience adverse reactions.

“Started taking it twice a day after realizing I wasn’t having any negative side effects,” commented a customer.

I’ve taken other diet supplements, and this one doesn’t give me any side effects,” reported another.

After doing some exhaustive research, we discovered that if a particular characteristic of a fat-loss pill is concerning, like being the cause of adverse reactions, the likelihood of long-term success is reduced. Is it really worth it if you use Abdominal Cuts and experience negative side effects?

The Science

The Science Behind Ab Cuts Ingredients

Even though the official website boasts that Abdominal Cuts works well for fat loss and improves lean muscle mass, no clinical studies are provided to back these claims.

While we appreciate that CLA oil is used in these products and can help support lean muscle tissue, according to Lipids, this does not mean Abdominal Cuts will cause serious fat reduction. Since there is no science presented, we cannot confirm that these supplements will be effective.

What Users Are Saying

What Users Are Saying

“Not worth the money – No noticeable difference. No noticeable benefits.”

“Great – value for the dollar.”

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line on Abdominal Cuts

So, are we ready to tell you to buy this one? The natural ingredient safflower oil is used in Abdominal Cuts and does provide CLA to benefit lean muscle tissue. However, there’s no direct connection between this formula and weight-loss. Also, we’re a bit skeptical about this one due to customers not seeing results and complaints of negative side effects.

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Abdominal Cuts Review
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Abdominal Cuts

What are the side effects of Ab Cuts?

According to customer reviews, some of the potential side effects of Ab Cuts aka Abdominal Cuts include gas, nausea, upset stomach and bloating.

What are the ingredients in Abdominal Cuts?

The ingredients in Abdominal Cuts supplement line include safflower oil, omega 3 fish oil, borage oil, flax seed oil, sesame seed oil, vitamin E, conjugated linoleic acid, caffeine, yohimbe, raspberry ketones, green coffee bean and green tea, among others.

Does Abdominal Cuts work?

There’s no clinical research supporting the weight-loss claims made available on the official Abdominal Cuts website. We found the product contains “fad” ingredients, like raspberry ketones, with no science to back it up. We did locate solid science linking green tea to weight-loss, but that’s any form not just the one used here.

How much does Ab Cuts cost?

The cost of Abdominal Cuts supplements are $22.99 for 5-in-1 Fat Fighter, $26.99 for Ab Cuts, $34.99 for Active for Women, $39.99 for Super Burn, $59.99 for Sleek and Lean Midsection Solution and $59.99 for Thermo Rise O2. You typically receive a 30-day supply for each.

How should I take Abdominal Cuts?

You should take Abdominal Cuts according to the directions on the label. The recommended serving for the majority of the supplements is two capsules per day.

Where can I buy Abdominal Cuts?

Abdominal Cuts can be purchased using their Official Site.

Do I need to change my diet on Abdominal Cuts?

No, you don’t need to change your diet on Abdominal Cuts, although eating healthy could potentially lead to better results.

Can Ab Cuts target specific areas of the body?

No, Abdominal Cuts can’t target specific areas of the body. There’s no research proving weight-loss supplements can affect specific areas.

Does Abdominal Cuts come with a guarantee?

Yes, Ab Cuts comes with a guarantee. You have 90 days to return the supplements in order to receive a 100% refund.

Before purchasing Abdominal Cuts, you might want to check out Dietspotlight Burn, which has clinically researched ingredients and is backed by positive customer reviews.

19 Abdominal Cuts Reviews

  • How long to see the result?
    Charmaine Beard

    If u dont workout alot do u still lppse a little fat in how long do it take to work i finish a bottle in dont c no changes

  • Beautiful

    I tried this product (AbCuts) and at first it was working well but after my menstrual cycle didn’t appear for 2 months and became very bloated and there’s no way I can be pregnant! Ugh

  • $48 gassy pills!?

    How will I noticed Ab Cuts works?
    I stay bloated and gassy.
    I look pregnant!
    What is causing the issue?
    Honestly, can’t rate the product, because I don’t plan on taking the product after today.

    • Yedy Torres

      Hi Melinda,

      Experiencing these side effects should not be normal while taking the product, we recommend to consult your primary physician.

  • you need to workout and diet
    ann (Verified Purchase)

    I have been using ab cuts for over a month now and although I’m not trying to lose weight, I use them just to shed the fat on my love handles. I work out 4-5 times a week but do not diet. I have lost all the fat around my midsection and am starting to see the “v” that men usually sport. I would recommend this product to anyone but just remember, you need to workout and diet for the best results.

    • zoo

      I’ve been using this product with my normal three day work out routine…It seems to be working for me

      • Ruth Traci

        I walk about 8 miles a day workout and watch what I eat. I take one or two before bedtime I feel it does help with weight around the middle it also keeps me regular. I still prefer garcino? Which Costco no longer carries

    • Your Name

      How many pills do you take a day? My bottle suggests 3 a day 30min before going to sleep.

    • Cisco

      How many pills do you take a day? My bottle suggests 3 a day 30min before going to sleep.

      • Montana (Editor)

        Hello Cisco. According to the directions, you are supposed to take 2 softgels twice a day before meals, which adds up to 4 pills a day. If you want to lose weight, you may want to check out Dietspotlight Burn.

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