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Abrexin Review

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By Summer Banks Jul 18, 2017
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What You Should Know

Abrexin is a night-time fat burner that claims to help the dieter burn fat in their sleep. There are plenty of these supplements on the market and none have clinical proof fat is actually burned during sleep. Typically, the companies will add laxatives and diuretics to the formula to cause increased bowel movements to create the idea of weight loss, but we did not find those ingredients in Abrexin. What we did find was a protein, black pepper and a “shield” that is unidentified.

List of Ingredients


  • Lactoferrin
  • Bioperine
  • GP Shield

Product Features

Lactoferrin, the first ingredient in the Abrexin formula, is a protein that has many functions in the body. It is used by the body to support immune functions. It also has antibacterial properties when excreted in colostrum, or first milk. There is no evidence that Lactoferrin will promote weight loss, fat loss of thermogenesis.

Bioperine is black pepper extract. This ingredient is typically included in supplements to aid the absorption of other ingredients. There is some clinical evidence that pepper extracts, including the extract of black pepper, may have some impact on body temperature, but the impact is not strong enough to promote significant weight loss.

GH Shield protects the Lactoferrin from stomach acids, according to the product description for Abrexin. We have no idea what makes up the shield because the company does not explain the ingredient. Dieters should never take a supplement with unknown ingredients.


  • We found a complete ingredient list for Abrexin.
  • Bioperine may have a minimal impact on body temperature.
  • None of the ingredients are stimulants.


  • Will not promote weight loss or thermogenesis.
  • One of the ingredients is unknown and the company does not explain the details of the ingredient.
  • There are no clinical references supporting thermogenesis claims.
  • The official website does not include before and after photos.
  • The contact phone number is out of Canada – may not be available for sale in the United States.


There is no supplement on the market that increases weight loss while the dieter sleeps. Sleep is the time when the body repairs after exercise, dieting and the stresses of the day. While the dieter can take natural supplements to promote better sleep, which could have a positive impact on metabolism and recovery, Abrexin is not going to magically make the weight slide off your body while you’re dreaming of the treadmill.

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Rating: 3.6. From 30 votes.
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Does abrexin really work!

Maribel (Editor)

Hello Lili. All users are different and can experience different weight-loss results.

  So far so good
Theresa (Verified User)

i am trying it now for 1 week and i can say my jeans fit a little looser and i wil keep trying it


Theresa… I just found this page and noticed your comment was left about a month ago. Are you still taking this Abrexin? And how much weight have you lost.