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Abtronic Review - 15 Things You Need to Know

You’re about to learn everything you need to know about Abtronic. We took some time to create a comprehensive review, examining the side effects, clinical studies, and customer care level. Furthermore, we read through hundreds of dieter responses from around the web. At this point, we condensed all of the data we discovered to give you the info you need.

Abtronic can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What is Abtronic?

The Abtronic belt is a fitness system that applies Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) to exercise muscles, burn fat, and tighten abs as you go about your day or when you are relaxed. The toning belt is strapped in different body parts and comes with six exercise programs and ten integrity levels. The Abtronic belt is strapped 10 minutes after applying the gel in the targeted part, helping users by applying contractions.

According to the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine, the EMS machine will strengthen your muscles, boost muscular endurance, and help maintain proper body shape. Users can get in good shape as they work on their abs with clinically proven technology, safe and without pain. With over 1000 contractions every minute, the belt stimulates your muscles and helps you accomplish your fitness goals.

Abtronic sells multiple variants of their belt, some of which include:

  • Abtronic Core
  • Abtronic X8
  • Abtronic X8S
  • Abtronic X1
  • Abtronic X2
  • Abtronic Slim
  • Narl & EMS
  • Free Action
  • Multi-Sport Pro
  • Ageless Wonder

How effective is Abtronic? Let’s look at these studies:

Abtronic Competitors

Flex Belt
How Abtronic Started

How Did Abtronic Start?

abtronic start

Abtronic belt has been around since 2001 and can be used anywhere by both men and women. Abtronic is the company behind these products, claiming they are designed and built-in Germany and China, following strict quality control.

Abtronic sold three million belts over the last decade and guaranteed its customers to produce consistent and great quality items. The company strives to develop approachable, simple, and sexy products that are easy to use, that are medically tested, and incredibly effective.


Abtronic Claims

The invention of the Ab belt is one of the many attempts to burn the stubborn fat deposits. Unfortunately, the vibrating belt has little proof to support the claims of its success in burning the fat and seems to be offering little benefit, according to the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. The Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports says “caution is required when VbX programs are solely used for the purpose of reducing body fat without considering dietary and aerobic conditioning guidelines”. There are also uncountable complaints about the Abtronic device’s quality, with some buyers claiming the belt is made of poor materials.

The Abs stimulator is said to break or stop working within a short time. Users’ feedback reviewed that the belt does not last long, and the company’s customer care stops helping those who have complaints.

Some users complained about getting shingles, spots, or even pain in the parts where they put the belt. Others stated that it is all false advertisement, and those who tried to call customer care did not receive any feedback.

Some clients who bought the electronic Ab machine said the apparatuses were never delivered. To others, the stimulator worked well, although it took longer for some to achieve results. There was a suggestion that the manufacturer ought to give it more power and also widen the belt.


Abtronic Components

The Abtronic belt uses a specifically water-based toning gel that is combined with electro muscle stimulation. The simulator comes with the following components.

  • Abtronic Core Control Unit
  • CR2032 Lithium Battery
  • 12 quantities of Abtronic EU Gel Pad W/Plastic Pag
  • B/W Instructional Manual — English
  • Pads Storage Board
  • Abtronic Core Pad
  • Short Velcro Belt With An Upgraded Material – Abtronic
  • Plastic Zipper Bag (Red) — (23.5cm X 21cm)
  • Abtronic.Co Advertisement – 1 Page

Other items of Abtronic x2 include:

  • Advanced Dual-Channel Technology Microprocessor
  • Batteries
  • Diet Plan
  • Handy Carry Case
  • Conductive Pads
  • Quick Start Guide — Instructional Manual
  • Abtronic Conductive Gel
  • Mini Targeting Belt – For Arms & Thighs (FREE)
Does it Work

Does Abtronic Work?

The Abtronic belt is intended to help the user strengthen their core, toning up the abdominal area, and improving overall fitness. However, the device does not seem to generate results that the manufacturer claims it does, and many users do not recommend this device. Judging from the consumer complaints and customer feedback, it seems there are various issues to consider.

If you are ready to increase your stamina levels, improve muscle strength and enhance overall vitality, you should go with a product that uses clinically tested ingredients, comes with good customer care service and sells its items at an affordable price. Whenever possible, users should test any item before purchasing.

The Abs stimulator does not deliver good results to some users, while to others, it works well. The stimulator generates small and gentle electrical pulses that are conveyed inside the belt and then to your skin through electro muscle stimulation, causing the muscle to contract and relax. The impulses of Ab toner imitate those of natural exercise. Therefore, by having a healthy diet daily for approximately 3 to 4 weeks.

Benefits & Results

Abtronic Benefits And Results

abtronic benefits and results

AbTronic is a distinct brand within the EMS industry and claims to be recognized for cutting-edge fitness solutions. With 15 years of experience in the healthcare and EMS technology industry, the company strives to bring its clients the best items. It builds effective, proven, and safe products that are established to the greatest industry standards.

The Ab Energizer should help you quickly lose fat in stubborn areas. Specialized physiotherapists use EMS for muscular rehabilitation, and it is currently applied to recreational slimming devices. You should only need to use the toning belt for merely 10 minutes a day, and the device has minimal or no side effects.

Weight Loss Details

Details On Abtronic And Weight Loss

Electro Muscle Stimulation or EMS technology was formerly developed for physiotherapists to assist patients suffering from muscle injuries, Physical Therapy reports. The technology is not commonly used in the fitness industry to get you those abs you have been seeking. As for Abtronic, the company engineers have taken technology to another level and developed Abtronic x2, a new generation machine.

EMS has been scientifically proven to work. A study conducted in one of the Universities showed that the electro-muscle stimulation technology applied in the Abtronic x2 is nearly seven times more effective than ab exercises. Thermographic imaging attested that the electronic Ab machine produces superior muscle stimulation when compared to ordinary exercise.

In the unique dual-channel technology, the exercise belt or EMS belt is referred to as ‘X2’ since it takes your workout to another extreme level. The stimulator features conductive pads on the front and the back. As per the Abtronic x2 review, the machine is a toning belt that focuses on two separate muscle groups simultaneously, strengthening your core and getting the best out of your exercise workout.

The Abtronic x2 belt is ideal for various fitness levels since it is applied in eight different body workouts using short to long muscle contractions or deep pulsations. It features a soothing and therapeutic massage to an intense workout with 80 various programs that take approximately 10 minutes a day. Abtronic x2 streamlines other body parts by tightening and shaping your glutes, firming and lifting your chest, and working on your neck and shoulders.

The double technology Smart Microprocessor generates eight workouts at ten various levels, providing 80 different workouts. Users can buy the electronic Ab machine from Abtronic.co, Amazon.com, or eBay.com.


How To Use Abtronic

Applying Gel Sheet

1. Pick your gel pads from the bag and peel one side of the protecting film.

2. Attach the gel pads into each of the six conductive parts of the Abtronic stimulation pad. In case there are air bubbles beneath the gel pads, use your fingers to press the air out.

3. After attaching all gel pads correctly, peel off the remaining film.

Control Unit

1. Push the ON/+ button to power the control unit of the machine.

2. Press the “Mode” button repeatedly to choose the mode. Every time you press that button, a different combination will light up, showing one of the six pre-programmed routines.

3. Press the ON/+ button several times to carefully raise and adjust the intensity depending on your comfort level. You will feel some tingling after doing so.

4. There are 10 settings for intensity. With each push of the ON/+ button, you add the intensity level, while by pressing the OFF/- button, you reduce the intensity level. If you want to turn off the device, you need to press the OFF/- button until the LED lights go off. The unit also comes with auto-time functionality, and for your convenience, it shuts off after 10 minutes. Make sure to use the Abs stimulator for 4 to 6 consecutive cycles per day for the best results.

All ab exercises should be done habitually. In the first week, use Abtronic x2 for your Abs every day for 10 minutes since the abdominal muscles are the hardest muscle group to work on.

Starting in the 2nd week, you can apply the Abtronic x2 belt in any part of your body. Use the Ab Gymnic continuously, and you will experience the best results in 4 to 8 weeks.

Some users should avoid using the Abtronic x2 machine, including pregnant women and up to six months after giving birth, women having their periods, and people suffering from varicose veins, or those using a pacemaker. The Abtronic x2 belt should also not be utilized by unsupervised kids. Some people will need to combine the use with a normal workout routine to build muscles and burn belly fat.

Side Effects

Potential Abtronic Side Effects

There are no side effects associated with using the Abtronic belt. The device is safe when utilized correctly with a water-based gel. Although EMS belts can work on the abs, there may be potential side effects such as shocks, bruises, burns, and skin rashes. Ensure you don’t use the EMS belt if you have an implanted device, such as a defibrillator or IUD, warns the Food and Drug Administration.

When Dr. Dugarte reviewed this article, he shared, “The abdominal muscles are accustomed to being worked all day as they are a vital component of most activities of daily living, as well as any dynamic movements. Nonetheless, I would not recommend using a toning belt under your clothing while running errands or work. No muscle in the body needs hours of dedicated exercise throughout the course of each day, and in doing so, you may run the risk of causing an imbalance.”

Product Warnings

Abtronic Product Warnings

Slendertone Flex is the only EMS device that is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Other non-FDA-approved abs belts are potentially unsafe and even illegal. Users should know that abs belts can promote a modicum of abdominal strength. Still, they do not minimize abdominal fat, nor do they offer other fitness or health benefits.

Abtronic is not an accredited company, and that’s probably why there is poor product quality, customer complaints, and a low probability of long-term success. There have been various studies on the electronic Ab machine, but results vary. Despite the stimulation, Abtronic stimulators’ effect is mild, and only those that already have thin stomachs can notice the change.

The common types of complaints mention lack of durability, and in some cases, the Abtronic belt causes extreme discomfort. Some rashes and sharp pains have also been reported.

Users should also be careful when using Abgymnic on their chests. Since the belt emits an electrical current which should be avoided near the heart, the stimulator should be used in lower settings. The product also comes with the following warnings:

  • Results of prolonged use of chronic electrical stimulation are not known.
  • Use electrodes only on clean and normal skin.
  • The slimming belt should not be used when operating machinery, driving, or doing other activities where involuntary muscle contractions might endanger the user’s life or other people.
  • Don’t use the Abs stimulator in the shower or a bath.
  • People suffering from heart problems should get appropriate medical advice before using the gadget.
  • The Ab Energizer should not be used while you are asleep.
  • The Abtronic unit or belt should not be immersed in any liquid.
  • The belt should also be kept out of the reach of children.

Any Abtronic Lawsuits?

There has been an Abtronic advertisement in which Danoz Direct confessed to being deceptive, misleading, and breaching the Trade Practices Act. The advertisement claimed the stimulator contained a fat and cellulite blaster setting, which enabled working on fat and not on the user’s muscles. It also claimed that the electric Ab belt could flatten a stomach permanently within 10 minutes of use, which according to the advertisement, is equivalent to 600 sit-ups.

Due to the legal action that proceeded, Danoz Direct offered to withdraw the Abtronic items and confirmed they would not be selling the company’s products in the future. The litigation determined that Danoz Direct had to destroy the existing stock and commit not to sell such electronic muscle stimulation devices in the future. According to Danoz Direct, the Ab toner users should not expect any benefits from using the item.

In another case, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission also went to court, seeking to force Abtronic to pull its commodities from the market. The case targeted two other companies in the U.S. involved in the marketing of the Ab Energizer and Fast Abs products.

According to FTC, the television ads from the three firms provided false information that promised users “fat loss and inch loss” as well as well-defined abs, with depictions such as “washboard” and “six-pack.” The advert also portrayed the product as having an experience equal or superior to doing sit-ups or crunches.


What Does Abtronic Cost?

abtronic cost

It looks like the only retailer that consistently sells Abtronic is eBay; however, the product is available on the official website for $114.


Abtronic Alternatives

The following two Abtronic belt alternatives are clinically tested, sold at an affordable cost, and have great customer care service.

Slendertone Flex

The electronic Ab machine is recognized by the FDA and is designed to help the user work on their core and get toned, making the user look slimmer. It has a newer version, Slendertone Abs5, which comes with ten programs and over 100 intensity settings combined. Bio-Medical Research is the company behind Slendertone, a slimming belt that has been around for over 50 years.

Flex Belt

This belt provides patented EMS technology that effectively operates to tighten and tone abdominal muscles through daily 30-minute use. You can use the Ab energizer anywhere and anytime. The EMS technology is the first of its type to be FDA-approved and is far above the competition. Users now seeking to strengthen or tone their stomach muscles can use Flex Belt stimulator, backed by science.

The Ab toner has been around since 2008, and apart from being cleared by the FDA, it has been endorsed by well-known icons and fitness trainers. You can buy it from the official website or other retail websites such as Amazon.

What Users Are Saying

What Users Are Saying

“Works really well. Just have to pick out different modes to feel it intense waves..kinda confusing but still learning modes.”

“Worked a couple times but then just started electrocuting me and zapping me, it’s like a torture belt. but when it did work it worked good, that’s not how its supposed to be at all though, don’t buy. Wish i can get a refund but I bought a loooong time ago.”

“It was Okay.”

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line on Abtronic

Before you pull out that credit card, give me one more second. We appreciate that Abtronic is intended to help you tone up the abdominals, strengthen the core, and improve overall fitness. However, we do not believe that this device yields the results it claims, and since that’s the case, we’re hesitant about recommending it. Judging from the customer feedback and consumer complaints we found online, there are several problems to consider.

If you’re ready to improve muscle strength, increase stamina levels and enhance overall vitality, we suggest you go with a program that can help you keep track of your fitness goals, food consumption, and more. It is a plus if it is backed by clinical research.

Among the best diet programs we’ve seen this year is our supplement called Noom. Backed by research published in Scientific Reports, this program offers customized health information, personal meal plans, 1:1 health coaching, and more.

Also, there is a free trial offer available to all Dietspotlight readers; which is a great sign that you’ll love the program.

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What are the side effects of Abtronic?

There are zero known side effects known with using Abtronic. It is a safe product when correctly used with a water-based gel.

Does Abtronic work?

Abtronic generates small, gentle electrical pulses that are delivered inside the belt and onto your skin via electro muscle stimulation. These pulses then result in muscle contractions and relaxation. These impulses replicate the effort of natural exercise with ease. With a healthy diet and approximately 3-4 weeks of daily use, results will show.

What is the price of Abtronic?

$114.00 US dollars

How should I take Abtronic?

It is recommended to use Abtronic consistently for 30 minutes daily.

How do I contact Abtronic's customer service?

You can email them at “support@abtronic.co” or visit their website at “facebook.com/abtronic”.

Where can I buy Abtronic?

Abtronic can be purchased using their Official Site.

Can I return Abtronic?

Abtronic would be happy to address any issues. For all customer related inquiries or concerns, please contact “support@abtronic.co”.

What are the most common complaints about Abtronic?

The most common complaints include having a lack of durability as well as causing certain cases of extreme discomfort. Some rashes have been reported, as well as sharp pains after the use of this product.

89 Abtronic Reviews

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    i need abtronic x2 gel. plz help

  • Loved the product
    guest329 (Verified Purchase)

    So, this system that i used three years ago for 3 months that gave me my sixpack and now i am starting to use it again, immideately see a big difference after just 2 days, (notice that i spent 3-4 hours using it at strenght lvl 6-7 ). and the only other thing i do is walk to school and spend the rest of the day as a sofa pig. but nah, its probably the hard excercise i perform that gives me my sixpack….

    • Anonymous

      I agree with guest329. used it for 30mins daily on every part that i need to tone. level1-4 is like a massage. if you want results go 5 or higher. I just found mine last week and been using it again. Reason why i looked it up now is that i need to buy the gel. ive been using waterbased lotion for now but not as good as the gel it came with.

      • dinesh

        ok try to buy a gel as soon as possible

        • deepa

          is it really works?dinesh help me out to know abt tis product pls! am confused

  • Marvyl Beecher

    The Abtronic– It took 45 minutes to figure out how it worked, the gel pads come unsnapped every time you remove the belt, the gel pad attached to the pads then either stick to the skin?? The become a garbled mess when you try and remove them. After 45 minutes I never was able to get any vibration at all from this product?? I returned this product.

  • you must believe in the product hahaha
    Jeroen Schoones

    you must believe in the product hahaha

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