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Advanced Keto 1500 Review - 11 Things You Need to Know

Advanced Keto 1500 is one of the many keto dietary supplements available through third-party retailers. The diet pill contains common ketones found in other similar products and claims to help users achieve ketosis in the body faster, but is that true? To find out the truth behind this supplement, our team decided to take a closer look.

To see if Advanced Keto 1500 was worth the time and money, our team decided to take a closer look. After getting more information about the product’s ingredients, potential side effects, benefits, formula research, and more, our team found the bottom line. If you want to learn more about this keto diet pill, make sure to keep reading to the bottom line!

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What is Advanced Keto 1500?

What is Advanced Keto 1500

Advanced Keto 1500 is a weight-loss product that is taken as a supplementary dietary pill. It claims it aids in weight loss by inducing the body to a state of ketosis. This means that the body will burn fat instead of carbs to produce energy; hence the body will shed fats rapidly.

Advanced Keto 1500 contains ketone salts such as sodium, calcium, and magnesium. In addition, the body also produces ketone salts through the liver. These salts are apparently responsible for inducing ketosis, which helps the person lose weight in a natural fat-burning process. Aside from weight loss, there are other benefits, such as improved mental health, among others.

So, does Advanced Keto 1500 work as the manufacturers claim it does? In this article, we did some research to find out:

  • European Journal of Clinical Nutrition: Ketosis suppresses appetite in a weight-induced diet. This assists in weight loss as other weight-induced diets often increase the appetite and other circulating factors involved in appetite regulation.
  • Clinical Nutrition (Edinburgh, Scotland): Green tea extract was found to significantly impact weight loss, reduction of waist circumference, and a decrease in the body’s cholesterol levels.
  • Trials: This study found that BHB ketones may help with brain health, not weight loss.

Advanced Keto 1500 Competitors

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Who Makes Advanced Keto 1500?

Advanced Keto 1500 is made by SlimTone, a company that specializes in supplementary dietary pills. You can reach them via phone at 855-664-0768 or their website.

The company is based in the United States and is FDA-registered. It also makes it in a GMP-certified facility.

However, multiple listings for the product make it difficult to determine who the real manufacturer is.


Advanced Keto 1500 Claims

The manufacturers of Advanced Keto 1500 claim that it is a “dynamic and powerful ketosis dietary supplement that will assist weight loss, promote abdominal fat burn and support better digestion and sleep, among other benefits.” They also claim the pill can burn fat faster than ever while burning the troubled areas.

Advanced Keto 1500 works by inducing ketosis in the body, where the body burns fat instead of carbs to promote energy. They claim to give the body 225% more energy while helping the person lose up to 1lb per day. This translates to almost 30 lbs. in a month. They also claim it will improve mental health and maintain lean muscle.

The pill claims it will enhance recovery after exercise and that it also affects cognitive function by crossing the barrier between the blood and brain. In addition to this, they claim it helps gas and relieves constipation in the process.


Advanced Keto 1500 Ingredients

Advanced Keto 1500 Ingredients

Potential ingredients found in Advanced Keto 1500 include:

  • Sodium BHB (Beta-hydroxybutyrate)
  • Calcium BHB
  • Magnesium BHB
  • Green leaf extract
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Gelatin
  • Rice flour
  • Silicon dioxide
  • Magnesium Stearate

Does Advanced Keto 1500 Work?

BHB (Beta-hydroxybutyrate)

Advanced Keto 1500 contains pure BHB. BHB is also one of the three physical ketones produced by the body in the liver. This hormone induces ketosis in the body, which aids in weight loss.

According to research published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, a ketogenic diet may suppress appetite and aids the body in losing weight.

Ketones are taken by the user also induce ketosis that aids in weight loss. The ketone salts present in the Advanced Keto 1500, including sodium, calcium, and magnesium raise the ketone levels in the bloodstream, encouraging your body to start shedding fat rapidly. This process is known as ketosis.

According to a study done by Annual Review of Nutrition, BHB was also found to produce energy for the body. This may be done in prolonged exercises, starvation, or when the body lacks carbohydrates. In addition to this, BHB also provides a cellular signaling function relevant to the person’s environment.

There is also evidence published in the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism and Nature Medicine noted that these kinds of ketones may be able to reduce inflammation in the body.

Green Leaf Extract

A study published in Obesity Research associating caffeine intake and green tea supplementation suggests that it aids in weight loss. It was associated with weight loss through thermogenesis and fat oxidation. It also suppressed leptin in women.

Weight Loss

Advanced Keto 1500 and Weight Loss

After researching and studying Advanced Keto 1500, the effects of its ingredients seem to prove Advanced Keto as a weight loss remedy, according to the company. However, further research and scientific testing will be required to enhance its fat-shredding claims.

Additionally, research in Nutrition & Metabolism notes these ketones simply raise the level of ketones in the body, but do not lead to weight loss.

More research in Nutrients and Critical Care found that BHB ketones may slightly help brain health, not fat loss.

Side Effects

Advanced Keto 1500 Side Effects

Some reviews suggest that side effects may be caused by increasing the dosage. Stick to the recommended two tablets a day to avoid side effects such as vomiting, insomnia, and headaches.

How to Use Advanced Keto 1500

Advanced Keto 1500 has a dosage of two pills a day. One is taken before breakfast, and the other is taken before going to bed.

Cost and Where to Buy

Cost and Where to Buy Advanced Keto 1500

Individuals can purchase the product online from their website, where it costs 70.00 per bottle. You can also purchase Advanced Keto 1500 from the amazon website.

There are different packages that vary from one another by the number of bottles they have. Each bottle has 60 capsules, and they go for the following prices:

  • Six bottles for $39.97 each
  • Four bottles for $46.25 each
  • Two bottles for $62.50 each

Every package above $25.00 is guaranteed free shipping, and experts recommend making your purchase depending on how much weight you want to lose.

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons


  • There is some research showing that ketones can reduce inflammation.


  • Individuals cannot take it with other medications or supplements.
  • There are different results in different people.
  • There is no clear seller of Advanced Keto 1500.
Bottom Line

Bottom Line on Advanced Keto 1500 Results

Overall, there are many products like Advanced Keto 1500. In fact, many of the keto products available on the market have the exact same ingredient list as Advanced Keto 1500. Although some studies suggest ketones can affect health in a number of ways, weight loss doesn’t seem to be one of them.

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