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Ageless Male Max Review - 15 Things You Need to Know

Ageless Male Max is touted as the next level of testosterone boosting. It also claims to increase “TOTAL” testosterone, boost nitric oxide levels by 64% and reduce stress, among other things.

However, even the official website states that Ageless Male Max results vary. So, will this supplement hold its own relating to the claims?

Our research team focused on getting you the bottom line by gathering the facts about the ingredients, potential side effects of the ingredients, and the research connecting it all. Finally, we gathered just the details to give you what you need.

Ageless Male Max can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What is Ageless Male Max?

Ageless Male Max is a new and improved version of the Ageless Male supplement. It was created to help men boost their levels of testosterone. The supplement comes with a new, improved, and advanced formula to enable users to achieve more favorable results. Ageless Male Max was made for men who are experiencing a drop in testosterone hormone levels.

When there is a drop, or even when the hormone levels are still within the normal ranges, Ageless Male Max rejuvenates the body, giving it strength and vitality. The deficiency of testosterone in men may cause some issues. One of the complications that might arise is poor performance in bed. This is backed up by a scientific review that was conducted by the Canadian Academic Journal. The review stated that testosterone levels in a healthy man lie within 280 and 1100 nanograms in a deciliter (ng/dL). The review further concluded that low levels of the hormone cause a range of problems, including fatigue, low libido, weight gain, and muscle atrophy.

Boosting these levels is the principle to which Ageless Male Max was based on. Apart from rapidly enhancing male hormone production, the supplement is also ideal for reducing stress levels. It is also associated with weight loss. The supplement is marketed as a life-changing product without any stimulants or harmful chemicals. This is a substantial claim to make – does research support it?

  • Indian Journal of Psychological MedicineAshwagandha was found to help stressed men improve their moods. Similarly, research shows that Ashwagandha root extract improves sperm quality.
  • Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition In a study to examine the effect of Ashwagandha root extract supplementation on muscle strength and recovery, it was reported that “ashwagandha supplementation is associated with significant increases in muscle mass and strength, and suggests that ashwagandha supplementation may be useful in conjunction with a resistance training program.”
  • Medicine – Though some research has shown that ashwagandha increases testosterone levels in males, the effect is not clinically significant, according to study authors.

Ageless Male Max

Ageless Male Max Competitors

Alpha King
Other similar products: D-Pol, Nugenix Total T
Company Bio

How Did Ageless Male Max Start?

The company behind Ageless Male Max is New Vitality. The company sometimes goes by the name NAC vitamin.

The company produces a range of supplements, and this particular product is an improvement on its other supplement, the 2-in-1 Ageless Male.

The supplements produced by the company are tailored towards helping people live a better life. This includes Ageless Male Performance, Ageless Male Tonight XXL, Ageless Male All Night, Ageless Male Core Energy.

The product is also marketed and sold by the company and is available on their official website and at Walmart. It is still relatively new to the market as well.

Although the FDA hasn’t approved the product, it has been formulated with ingredients that have been clinically studied and proven effective.

It comes with no artificial stimulants, additives, or caffeine.

The creation of Ageless Male Max is based on these ingredients, and with the need for testosterone supplements on the rise, they give fast results.

The product has been designed to increase the levels of testosterone, and it offers fat-burning benefits. At least that is why the supplement was created.

Ageless Male Max claims


Ageless Male Max Claims

There are several claims made by the company about Ageless Male Max.

Some of these claims are supported by Ageless Male Max reviews, while others are supported by the Ageless Male Max ingredients list.

The company claims that the product increases strength. This is based on its ability to boost testosterone levels.

The hormone is essential for muscle growth and increased body strength.

Ageless Male Max, combined with a proper diet, is claimed to increase your strength faster than your body will normally do.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t build muscles only but burns fat as well.

Ageless Male Max reduces belly fat. This fat is the most difficult to lose especially if there are low levels of what aids in its burning; testosterone.

Ageless Male Max claims

Regardless of how much you exercise, you will hardly lose enough belly fat without testosterone as you desire.

Some Ageless Male Max reviews claim that the supplement delivers fast results, particularly when used with testosterone therapy, workouts, and strength training.

This is attributed to the other claim that the Ageless Male Max ingredients list is natural. That said, the product has no notable side effects.

The other claim that is big on this particular product is that it is vital for men’s health.

Ageless Male Max boasts improved libido, better erections, and an elevated sexual desire.

As explained earlier, the male hormone’s rise is ideal and efficient in triggering arousal and sexual hunger.

However, it is worth noting that for men lacking hypogonadism, the increased levels of testosterone will not help your libido.


Ageless Male Max Ingredients

Ageless Age Max ingredients include the following:


This is the primary, active ingredient in Ageless Age Max. It is a patented root extract of Ashwagandha.

This plant has been in use conventionally in many cultures to treat libido issues.

It is native to countries like India, China, and Nepal. The ingredient is also known as the Indian ginseng, and it has lots of benefits too.

Studies also prove that this extract affects cortisol levels.

Ageless Male Max ingredients


This ingredient is best suited for boosting the levels of nitric oxide in our bodies.

The manufacturer claims the ingredient boosts these levels by 64 percent.

Nitric oxide levels are essential for sexual arousal. It improves blood circulation significantly for better exercise abilities and strength.

NOXPerform is a proprietary blend of many ingredients, including coffee bean extract, green tea extract, onion bulb extract, cassia bark powder, blackberry fruit powder, and spinach leaf powder, to name a few.


This is a type of vitamin, Vitamin B3 in particular. The ingredient is highly beneficial to the body as it helps it produce ATP.

In a Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism study involving the effect of niacin-bound chromium supplementation on body composition of overweight persons, the participants exhibited significant loss of fat and muscle compared to placebo.

This shows that niacin is effective for weight loss.

Vitamins B12 and Vitamin B6

Almost the same as niacin, these two vitamins have been included in the supplement to boost energy production.

It doesn’t cause energy crashes as caffeine would do, which Ageless Male Max doesn’t contain.

Ageless Male Max ingredients - vitamin B6

Vitamin D

This ingredient is very important to men. It helps them maintain optimum levels of testosterone.

Its importance is backed up by research in Hormone and Metabolic Research, which shows that vitamin D deficiency is associated with lower testosterone levels.

Ageless Male Max also contains Zinc.

Does It Work?

Does Ageless Male Max Work?

With the clinically proven ingredients on Ageless Male Max, the big question is, does the supplement work?

Before its launch, the supplement industry was a stir with excitement.

However, being excited and its effectiveness is two different things.

Given the popularity of the product, it is modified from the Ageless Male, finding positive reviews on the internet about the product is just a matter of searching.

The product has all-natural ingredients. The inclusion of a blend of several natural extracts to boost testosterone levels is quite impressive.

It boosts nitric oxide levels by 64 percent, a claim, which if you considered the working together of the ingredients, it couldn’t be further from the truth.

The manufacturer claims there are no side effects to using Ageless Male Max. It is, therefore, safe to say that the supplement is effective.

Ageless Male Max benefits

The increase in nitric oxide levels in the body, according to several studies, is that it has several benefits.

One of which is ramping up the muscles and improving your stamina as you exercise.

It is also associated with reduced fat levels. As a result, it gives you the support you need as you go about your intense workouts.

Benefits & Results

Ageless Male Max Benefits and Results

Ageless Male Max has many benefits regarding improving the quality of life of men.

The encompassing advantages are many, all who are attributed to the components it is made of.

Here are some of the reasons why you might want to buy this product.

Some of its ingredients are known to improve moods. If you are stressed, taking Ageless Male Max pills will help you bring back the smile.

Ashwagandha root extract, a full-spectrum of the supplement, has been traditionally used as a remedy to low libido. This is another benefit you will enjoy using Ageless Male Max.

The product is also helpful for those who are restless during the night. It improves the quality of sleep, allowing all your nights to be peaceful. This is also very helpful for muscle recovery after strenuous exercises.

By boosting the testosterone levels, Ageless Male Max provides you with the strength you need when you exercise.

Ageless Male Max weight loss

Through endurance, you will exercise, and the excess fat in your body will be burned and used for energy. The supplement works faster than you would burn fat with exercise alone.

Apart from burning the fat in your belly and other parts of the body, Ageless Male Max makes one of the best muscle growth products.

Using a regular workout routine and a proper diet will leave you with a perfectly toned, healthy, and muscular body.

Finally, it boosts the nitric oxide levels in your body, which is also highly essential for your health.

Remember that it is highly unlikely that the results will manifest themselves the same day despite all its benefits.

Although others might see the results earlier than others, the results will delay in others, depending on how the product works with their bodies.

Weight Loss

Details on Ageless Male Max and Weight Loss

The basis of Ageless Male Max in weight loss is dependent on its ability to boost testosterone levels.

Usually, men have lots of testosterone; it is what gives them the manly features.

Testosterone is unsurprisingly higher in men than women, not to say that it isn’t beneficial to them either.

A study conducted about testosterone in women showed several benefits, including musculoskeletal health and improved cognitive performance.

Individuals suffering from testosterone deficiency remain susceptible and predisposed to gaining fat.

This is because one of the main functions the hormone does is to enhance muscle growth. Several studies have proved that to be true.

On the other hand, when a deficiency occurs in some men, they begin to gain weight instead.

This is according to a clinical study on androgens, testosterone, and obesity.

This is the reason why people who are obese have low levels of androgens as it is suppressed by fat.

You can now see the pattern. The Ageless Male Max ingredients, which are geared towards heightening the levels of androgens, are exactly what you need to shed off some pounds of unnecessary fat.


How to Use/Take Ageless Male Max

The dosage of Ageless Male Max isn’t that complicated. The manufacturer recommends a cycle of 1 tablet, two times a day.

You are advised to take one in the morning, and one in the evening. The window period will allow your body to get the vital ingredients as stipulated by clinical research.

All the bottles of Ageless Male Max supplement come with a total of 60 pills, sufficient to last you 30 days.

According to the manufacturer, the necessity of cycling this product isn’t mandatory. There is no need to stop the usage either.

The best results are achieved if one stays consistent with the Ageless Male Max cycle. Eventually, you will realize an increase in your body’s energy levels as well as an improved performance.

Ageless Male Max side effects

Side Effects

Potential Ageless Male Max Side Effects

New Vitality claims there are no potential Ageless Male Max Side Effects to your body.

The reason they give is that they use natural ingredients with no caffeine or artificial stimulants.

Also, some reviewers give the product positive reviews to show that it was okay with them.

The best way to confirm if the product has any side effects is by reading the reviews of other users online.

Potential side effects could arise if you don’t follow the exact dosage.

Like any other supplement, an overdose might lead to dizziness, headaches, and a few other complications. Although unconfirmed, you might develop problems if you are allergic to some of its ingredients.

Where to Buy

Where to Buy Ageless Male Max

The answer to your question on where to buy Ageless Male Max or Ageless Male Max price is through the official page www.agelessmalemax.com.

The product is available as Ageless Male Max free trial and can be ordered anytime without a prescription. It only costs $6 to ship to you.

Purchased from the official channel, you get a good deal on the Ageless Male Max price and full 30 days to try it.

If you are not satisfied, you can always return the bottle and get your money refunded.

Buying the Ageless Male Max free trial is easy. It only involves clucking the purchase button, fill in some information, and get your product shipped to you.

Another option is to purchase through New Vitality, a single bottle is $49.95. They offer a subscription program where you can receive automatic shipments. A single bottle each month is $44.96. Three bottles every three months is $38.96 each (a total of $116.87). Six bottles every six months is $35.96 each (a total of $215.73). A 12 month supply annually is $32.23 each (a total of $386.23). It can be a great benefit to buy in bulk and reduce the cost for a long term commitment.

The supplement is also available for purchase through Walmart, Amazon, and other online retailers. From these places, you can make one-time purchases starting at around $40.


Ageless Male Max Product Warnings

There are precautions to using this product. As is always recommended, you must consult with your doctor or any other medical professional before using it.

This is particularly the case if you are taking other drugs. On top of that, here are other things to keep in mind before or after you purchase the Ageless Male Max Supplement:

  • Do not use this supplement if you are taking other drugs. To avoid Ageless Male Max interaction with other drugs, it is important to stop using other drugs, or at least wait until you are done with them before starting its use.
  • Always ensure that you take lots of water. Keep your body hydrated for as long as you are using this supplement.
  • Store the drug in a cool and dry place.
  • Ensure that the product is safely stored out of reach or away from kids.
  • Follow the Ageless Male Max cycle to the later. Ensure that you adhere to the directions, that is, one dose in the morning and one in the evening, continuously for two months.

Any Ageless Male Max Lawsuits?

Regarding the novelty of Ageless Male Max on the market, there have been no issues or complaints associated with it so far. The product comes from a legitimate company known for other safe supplements. The ingredients they used in this particular product are all safe to use, which is why there have been no lawsuits associated with it.


Ageless Male Max Alternatives

Ageless Male Max vs Nugenix

Nugenix is among the top purchased supplement on the market today. Ageless Male Max vs Nugenix is a comparison of the best testosterone boosters you will encounter today.

The products were created with the same end result in mind. The two can reduce the levels of androgens in the body.

Nugenix has over the years received the praise by users for its effectiveness. It is made of an advanced formula that consists of proprietary blends, which are incredibly intriguing.

The product contains the following ingredients:

Nugenix Free Testosterone Complex

This is a proprietary blend that was created to enhance the levels of testosterone in your body.

The blend contains clinically researched ingredients like Fenugreek seeds, Tribulus Terrestris, and L-citrulline to make them more effective.

Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12

Vitamin B6 has been included because of its ability to regulate the estrogen, which would normally hinder the development of testosterone hormone.

Together with vitamin B12, the vitamins boost your general male health.

Both Nugenix and Ageless Male Max have the same benefits. The effect is increased levels of androgen, which are ideal for burning fat. As a result, the use of either will give you a perfectly toned body.

The side effects of Nugenix are hardly forthcoming. The company producing it utilizes safe ingredients and how effective it is portrayed through the testimonials on the product’s page.

However, when some people hear proprietary blends, they think twice. Fortunately, Nugenix doesn’t contain any stimulants that might be a cause for concern during the use.

So, which one is the best between Ageless Male Max vs Nugenix? The two are pretty much the same.

Utilizing safe ingredients, the two supplements work naturally from within to give you the ideal male body you desire.

Like the Ageless Male Max free trial, Nugenix also offers you a sample to try first before purchasing the real product.

You should take advantage of this offer first before determining whether it is the ideal choice for you or not.

Ageless Male Max alternatives

Ageless Male Max vs Libido Max

Among the wide range of supplements sold on the market for testosterone boosting, Libido Max is another popular name.

It is a male enhancement product that is claimed to provide an ideal three-stage formula, for the enhancement of the men’s sexual desire.

It boosts the sexual drive and desire, which it achieves through some of its ingredients.

The body’s blood flow is then increased in the second stage, resulting to an effect that lasts longer than it normally would.

The third and the last stage is the boost.

The ingredients contained in Libido Max ideal for the three stages include:

Power Max

This is a blend of ingredients like L-arginine and nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, NADH. The first ingredient boosts nitric oxide levels while the second improves circulation.

Epimedium Extract

This is one of the oldest herbs that has been traditionally in use for many years. It is an aphrodisiac, often known as horny weed extract. The ingredient is highly beneficial as for increasing sexual desire.


It is also a key ingredient known to be beneficial for those with a low sexual drive. It has been clinically researched and proven to be effective. It naturally increases the testosterone levels, giving your libido a boost.


Yohimbe is another ingredient for increasing the sex drive. However, there have been serious concerns about it that are linked to rapid heart beating, seizures, and or high blood pressure.

Ageless Male Max vs Libido Max benefits are the same. Ageless Male Max has no side effects, but Libido Max has seen a fair share of negative reviews online.

There are several side effects including dizziness, irritability, headaches, nausea, and anxiety among others.

As usual, what works for you might not work for others. Overall, the decision on which products to use between the two entirely lies on you.

What Users Are Saying

What Users Are Saying

“Any elder male who has experience in the daily use of test boosters for exercise, work vitality and a kick in the bedroom knows you have to have a rotation of several supplements – usually 5 or more – in order to prevent building up a tolerance of any one of them. Ageless Male Max is certainly among the top such supplements I use in my rotation. I was very skeptical of Ageless Male Max at first, as they were advertising so much on TV and radio, which is often a clue that the product needs to by hyped more than its value. Not in this case – Ageless Male Max proved to be one of the best test boosters I’ve used in the 30+ years I’ve been using test boosters. Ageless Male Max should definitely be in your supplement rotation. One of its best characteristics is that one does not build up a tolerance to it, more so than any other test booster I’ve used. It always works at 100% potential, and I’ve never, ever had it not work. A+++”

“Crappy product – Not worth the money.”

“I have a little more pep in my step, how well it works is not like WOW but I notice a difference.
Adds a lil’ pep in your step, how much not like WOW but a lil’.”

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line on Ageless Male Max

The benefits of Ageless Male Max include the formula being supported by research and some positive user reviews. There’s also the case that it comes from a trusted name in the industry. However, there are other supplements out there offering similar benefits and results.

There’s always the option of a clinically-proven support system, of sorts, that works with personalized interactions to improve results.

Among the best weight-loss apps we’ve come across in years is Noom. With Noom you not only get your standard food and exercise tracking, you can access personalized meal plans and menus and real human coaching.

Plus, Dietspotlight readers gain access to a free trial offer of Noom for a limited time.

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Ageless Male Max Review
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Ageless Male Max

Is Ageless Male Max for weight loss?

Ageless Male Max may aid in weight loss among a plethora of other benefits. An increase in overall vitality coupled with an increase of strength and endurance make this product and all-in-one.

What are the Ageless Male Max ingredients?

Ageless Male Max contains no artificial stimulants, additives, or caffeine. The ingredients are KSM-66, NOxPerform, Niacin, Vitamins B12 and Vitamin B6, and Vitamin D.

Are there Ageless Male Max side effects to know about?

Side effects may include irritability and sensitivity to smell.

Is Ageless Male Max safe?

We’ve found no reports of Ageless Male Max being unsafe.

Is Ageless Male Max for men or women?

Ageless Male is a product designed for men, though there are similar products available for women.

Where can I buy Ageless Male Max?

Ageless Male Max can be purchased using their Official Site.

Where can I buy Ageless Male Max?

The product can be purchased through the official page and in some retail pharmacies and large-scale stores like Walmart.

Is there an Ageless Male Max free trial or free sample?

There is a free trial of Ageless Male Max offered on the official page.

What is the most common Ageless Male Max complaint?

The most common complaint is that some Ageless Male Max users do not feel an increase in energy.

What are some similar products to Ageless Male Max?

Products that are similar to Ageless Male Max include GAT Nitraflex, Nutrex NTX040-01 T-Up, and Six Star Testosterone Booster.

3 Ageless Male Max Reviews

  • Positive esults
    Tom (Verified Purchase)

    I am 65 yesrs old. It took a couple months but I am glad I stuck with it. More energy better sleep, more productive workouts. For me the results are real.

  • Worked for me!
    Eddie (Verified Purchase)

    I am 67 years old and started using AMMax several months ago. I have gone from 240 to 178 as of this morning. I started doing situps and pushups and that is about the only daily workout that I do. My stomach is as flat, if not flatter, than it has ever been. This product has changed my eating habits because you will NOT eat as much because apetite is reduced…at least it is for me. And the sexual side has been amazing for someone my age.

  • Excellant product
    Rob (Verified Purchase)

    Lost some weight after 2nd bottle taking once in the morning for energy all day long. I’m 65 and have as much energy as I did when I was 40. please try this product out for yourself.

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