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By Summer Banks Jul 07, 2017

97% of dieters just want a product that works. Yeah, we don’t understand that remaining 3%, either. With All Day Energy Greens we wrote a detailed review examining the ingredients, side effects, customer service and scientific studies. Moreover, we read through plenty of user responses and customer reviews posted online. Finally, we summarized all the facts in order to give you the information you need.

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What is All Day Energy Greens?

To begin with, All Day Energy Greens is a powdered energy drink. [1] The ingredients include plant and vegetable extracts, ginger root, grape seed, green tea, organic dulse, enzyme blend, suma, royal jelly, milk thistle, damiana, organic brown flaxseed, organic beet root, red raspberry leaf, chlorella algae, parsley, aloe vera, spirulina, alfalfa and organic barley grass powder. It is claimed to promote alkaline/acid balance, provide antioxidant support, boost immunity, improve digestion, elevate energy levels and support weight management.  To use this product, you add one scoop to 6-8 ounces of water (take once a day with food).

All Day Energy Greens has been around since 2008. It’s available directly through the official website for $79.98 (11.36 ounces). This product provides vitamins and minerals from various fruits and vegetables and All Day Energy Greens is all natural, but read on…

Clinical Evidence on All Day Energy Greens – “Is it Supported?”

The first thing we needed to consider with All Day Energy Greens ingredients is lack of clinical support. According to our Research Editor, “While it’s wonderful to see that this powder contains an array of plant extracts to help nourish the body, there is no actual proof that it works to improve health, weight and vitality as claimed on the website.” [2]

One user stated, “After taking the product for almost a week I do feel different, I feel stupid. The taste is bad and the only weight I’ve lost is from running to the bathroom.”

Another complained, “I took this product faithfully for a month and it produced no discernible increase in my energy.” [3]

Along the way we did find a few people who saw changes in their bodies. One said, “There was some weight loss.”

Another explained, “I wasn’t really trying to lose weight, but I do think that this has made some sort of contribution to it happening.”

Foul Taste – “Yucky!”

We noticed dozens of customer complaints regarding a common All Day Energy Greens side effect, bad taste. In fact, one user said, “If you can’t drink it . . . you can’t reap the benefits. Don’t get me started on the texture.”

”This stuff tastes nasty. It tastes so bad and mixes so poorly that it feels gross in my mouth,” said another customer. [4]

The flavor didn’t seem to be a problem for all buyers. As one put it, “I mix mine with sugar free lemonade for the best taste.”

A dieter also offered, “The taste was weird at first, but I didn’t mind it. I just mixed it up with water and downed it.”

According to our intense research, if there is some specific part of a weight-loss supplement or diet program that is very bothersome (a painful/difficult exercise routine, no clinical research, bad taste) the chances of long-term success is slim. In other words, if All Day Energy Greens is unpleasant to a lot of dieters, this could be quite problematic. [5]

The Science – “Is There Any?”

After reviewing the company website for All Day Energy Greens, we noticed that there is no actual scientific research to support this supplement. In fact, this product is not even FDA regulated. We at DietSpotlight need to see published clinical evidence that a formula has been proven to do what it claims regarding weight-loss and overall health. Sadly none is presented for this one. [6]

The Bottom Line – Does All Day Energy Greens Work?

Alright, do we think you need to put the pedal to the metal to get to the store right now? We like that the ingredients are all natural and there are some positive comments from buyers who’ve used the formula, but we have issues because there is simply no scientific research to support it. Also, there are countless customer complaints posted on dealer websites and the shake is quite pricey.

For dieters that need to shed more pounds, we suggest trying out a dietary supplement that is backed by real clinical studies, does not cost you a fortune and is supported by positive customer reviews.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Dietspotlight Burn. This supplement contains four key ingredients, which have been shown in documented clinical studies to encourage fat loss and speed up metabolism. Also, we didn’t find any complaints regarding harmful side effects and dieter reviews around the web prove people are seeing wonderful results.

Plus, the business behind Dietspotlight Burn is extremely confident in their product so they’re offering a Special Trial Offer, quite the positive.

Previous All Day Energy Greens Review (Updated August 9, 2014):

What You Should Know

All Day Energy Greens (tm) is a dietary supplement that can give you the equivalent of 5 servings of fruits and vegetables in each serving and claims to provide you with lifelong health. The company has a satisfactory BBB rating. It comes in the form of a powder which is to be mixed with water, non-citrus juice or a smoothie, similar to Amplified Wheybolic Extreme 60. All Day Energy Greens (tm) is an all natural product and contains no allergens (wheat, bee pollen, garlic, MSG, yeast, egg, kelp, coloring, alcohol, preservatives, flavoring salt, starch, maltodextrin, corn fats, oils, stabilizers, casein, dairy or animal products). This product does not contain herbicides or pesticides and is environmentally friendly in its cultivation process. The powder dissolves easily therefore making is easily digestible and is flavored to provide a great taste.

All Day Energy Greens Ingredients

Powder (99% Oil Free), Carrot Juice Powder, Choice Spirulina Powder, Organic Barley Grass Juice Powder, Aloe Vera Juice Powder, Red Raspberry Powder, Yucca Juice Powder, Parsley Juice Powder, Rose Hips / Acerola, Ginger Powder, Watercress Juice Powder, Apple Pectin, Apple Fiber, Enzymes, Chlorella - Cracked Cell, Horsetail, Organic Beet Juice Powder, Acerola Berry Juice Powder, Flax Seed Meal - Certified Organic, Royal Jelly (5% 10- HDA), Spinach Juice Powder, Bioflavonoids (citrus), Deglycyrrhized Licorice Root, Suma (pfaffia paniculata), Siberian Ginseng Ext., Damiana, Silymarin Silibum Marianum Std. (80% Ext.), Astragalus membranaceous, Echinacea Angustifolia Std. Ext. (5% Echinacoside), Grape Seed Std. Ext. (Proanthocyanidins 68%), Green Tea Catechins Std. Ext.( 60% Catechins), Nova Scotia Dulse, Cactus Powder, Stevia, Ginkgo Biloba Std. Ext. (24% Ginkgo Flavogylcosides).

All Day Energy Greens Product Features

You can find Aloe Vera a key ingredient most notable for treating wounds, aides in the prevention and the improvement of diet-induced obesity, found in this product. All Day Energy Greens (tm) contains grass juices, herbal extracts and 38 different herbs to provide you with a well rounded supply of fruits and vegetables in each serving. One serving of All Day Energy Greens (tm) contains 34 calories, 2g of total fat, 0.5g of saturated fat, 0g of cholesterol, 38mg of sodium, 5g of carbohydrates, 1g of dietary fiber, 1g of protein and 1.5g of sugar. On IVL's official site the price is surprising. One cannister costs approximately $40 but the price varies from website to website. All Day Energy Greens (tm) does not appear to be available at local retailers, but can be purchased at the manufacturers official website ivlproducts.com.

All Day Energy Greens Advantages

  • All Day Energy Greens (tm) is all natural and produced in an environmentally friendly way.
  • At an average price of $40 for a 30 serving cannister, this product is reasonably priced.

All Day Energy Greens Disadvantages

  • May not be suitable for all weight loss styles.


All Day Energy Greens (tm) offers an all natural way to consume 5 fruits and vegetables each day quickly and conveniently. This could definitely be a key part of a healthy diet and exercise routine.

All Day Energy Greens is a fruit and vegetable drink powder that supplies 25 calories, 1g of protein, 5g of carbohydrates (1g of sugar) and 0g of fat. It's supposed to help fill in all the gaps in your normal diet so you get the most vitamins and minerals possible.

All Day Energy Greens Ingredients and Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 Scoop
Serving Per Container: 30
Amount per Serving% DV
Proprietary Blend8256mg*
- Alfalfa Leaf Powder**
- Carrot Root Juice Powder**
Digestion Resistant Soluble Fiber**
- Fibersol-2**
- Spirulina Powder**
- Barley Grass Juice Powder**
- Aloe Vera Leaf Juice Powder**
- Rose Hips Fruit Powder**
- Acerola Cherry Fruit Powder**
- Parsley Leaf Juice Powder**
- Natural Plant Enzyme Blend**
-- Amylase**
-- Cellulase**
-- Protease**
-- Lipase**
- Apple Fiber Fruit Powder**
- Apple Pectin Fruit Powder**
- Chlorella Powder**
- Watercress Leaf Juice Powder**
- Flax Seed Meal Powder**
- Stevia Leaf Powder**
- Spinach Leaf Juice Powder**
- Kamut Grass Powder**
- Strawberry Fruit Powder**
- Citrus Peel Bioflavonoids**
- Astragalus Membranaceus Root Powder**
- Eleuthero Root Extract**
- Artichoke Leaf Powder**
- Grape Seed Extract**
- Green Tea Leaf Extract**
- Red Raspberry Fruit Powder**
- Beet Root Powder**
- Blueberry Root Powder**
- Celery Seed Powder**
- Cocoa Bean Extract**
- Kale Leaf Powder**
- Kelp Powder**
- Wild Lettuce Leaf Powder**
- Maca Root Powder**
- Pumpkin Fruit Powder**
- Yerba Mate Leaf Powder**
- Pomegranate Fruit Powder**

Other Ingredients: Guar gum, sunflower lecithin, natural flavor, gum arabic, xanthan gum

We took the time to research All Day Energy Greens ingredients so we could provide you with the facts.

Alfalfa Powder

First off, alfalfa powder comes from medicago sativa, which is a legume. For centuries, it’s been used in herbal medicine. It contains vitamins and minerals such as iron and calcium. It also offers flavonoids, which are natural chemicals beneficial to your health. [1]

What is it Supposed to Do?

Some powder supplements and health shakes contain alfalfa powder as a key ingredient. It’s said to help lower cholesterol and blood glucose levels, reduce inflammation and aid the digestive tract. However, there does not appear to be a direct connection to fat loss.

Clinical Research

One study published in the “Pakistani Journal of Pharmaceutical Science” in 2008 showed, “That laboratory animals fed a high-cholesterol diet, along with alfalfa, had slightly lower total cholesterol levels, higher levels of high-density lipoprotein, or “good” cholesterol, and fewer fatty deposits in their arteries after 12 weeks, compared to a control group.”

Soy Lecithin Powder

Firstly, soy lecithin powder functions as an emulsifying agent. It’s a phospholipid of soybeans, and it’s partially water-soluble. This ingredient is often added to protein powders, health supplements and chocolate products. [2]

What is it Supposed to Do?

Well, soy lecithin powder is claimed to lower LDL or bad cholesterol levels. It’s also said to help protect cells, improve heart health and repair the liver. However, there is no solid evidence that ties this ingredient to weight-loss.

Clinical Research

Some clinical research has been conducted with soy lecithin powder. For instance, “A 2003 study that appeared in the “Journal of the American Dietetic Association” and a 2009 study in the peer-reviewed journal “Cholesterol” both found that daily lecithin supplementation ranging from 500 milligrams to 1,900 milligrams can reduce total and LDL-cholesterol levels in patients.”

Carrot Powder

As you probably know, carrots are a vegetable, rich in vitamins like b, a, c, e and k. They also contains potassium, manganese, folate, biotin, fiber, copper, phosphorus and pantothenic acid. It’s not surprising that carrot powder is used in some supplements and food products.

What is it Supposed to Do?

Often carrot powder is included in supplements to help cleanse the intestines, promote eye and liver health, clean the blood and even encourage healthy cholesterol levels. However, this vegetable ingredient has not been shown to speed up weight-loss.

Clinical Research

We discovered that, “Some of the research on phytochemicals is funded by the National Cancer Institute (NCI), which has launched a multimillion-dollar project to find, isolate, and study phytochemicals. The result of this and similar research is an ever-increasing wealth of data that points to the possible positive effect of fruits and vegetables on our health.” Therefore carrot powder may help with cancer prevention.

All Day Energy Greens Questions & Answers:

We sorted through hundreds of customer reviews as well as the official All Day Energy Greens website to create this helpful FAQ.

What are the side effects of Energy Green?

All Day Energy Greens side effects may include constipation, according to some reviews. [1]

What are the ingredients in All Day Energy Greens?

All Day Energy Greens ingredients include ginger root, grape seed, green tea, organic dulse, milk thistle, organic beetroot, aloe vera, and spirulina.

Does All Day Energy Greens work?

All Day Energy Greens is a powder nutritional supplement. While it does contain fruits and vegetables and can help you nutritionally, there is no science to support it working for weight-loss. You are also better off getting your nutrition from whole fruits and vegetables.

How much does All Day Energy Greens cost?

The official website sells an 11.36 ounce container of All Day Energy Greens for $79.98. This container provides 30 servings.

How should I take Energy Green?

The manufacturer recommends adding one scoop of All Day Energy greens to six to eight ounces of of water. Drink it once daily, with food.


What do users like about All Day Energy Greens?

Some users liked how easy it was to mix the shake and how it was designed to enhance your diet, rather than replace a meal.

What do users NOT like about All Day?

We found some users that complained about the price, as well as the taste.

Can I use All Day Energy Greens if I am allergic to aloe?

No, the powder contains aloe, which may trigger an allergic reaction.

Do I have to have a blender to use All Day Energy Greens?

Using a blender is not necessary to mix All Day Energy Greens shakes, though it may improve the quality and overall taste.


Do you know of any special deals or discounts on All Day Energy Greens?

Yes, there are special deals and discounts on All Day Energy Greens. You will receive a percentage off the purchase price, when you order multiple bottles.

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  This product safe for Kidney patients

I have kidney problem is it safe for me to take?

Cameron (Editor)

Hi, Faye because your case is unique I would consider consulting a doctor. It is important to consider that The ingredients are organic because it is a alternative to get all the natural energy enhancing qualities in a serving.

  Is this product gluten free????
Karen Zale

A co worker of mine told me about this product. I need to no if it is gluten free????

Maribel (Editor)

Hi Karen! All Day Energy Greens is not gluten-free as it contains ingredients like wheat, barley, rye, spelt, and triticale.


It has a small amount of gluten

  Is there lead in this product.

Is there lead in this product?

Stephen (Editor)

We didn’t come across it during our research. Ginger root, grape seed, green tea, organic dulse, milk thistle, organic beetroot, aloe vera, and spirulina.


My b12 is abit on the high side. Should i take this with the higher b12 level?

Maribel (Editor)

Hi linda! Please make sure to consult with your physician before starting a new product.

  Is ADEG mix with the crab grape?
Wayne Moreland (Verified User)

Question: I drink cranberry grape juice at breakfast. Should I wait to take ADEG later or is OK to mix with the crab grape?

Maribel (Editor)

Hi Wayne! You can mix All Day Energy Greens with water, juice, or smoothies.



  Will weight gain if i stopped this product?
LOLITA SMITH (Verified User)


Karen (Editor)

Hi Lolita, you may have better results with a proven fat burner, Dietspotlight Burn. Click here to see their special trial offer.

  Good read
Pedro Bodak

Thanks for sharing.


A bit surispred it seems to simple and yet useful.

angel y

This stuff has nearly killed me, has caused me nausea, fainting, loss of energy, pain through out my whole body, stomach problems effecting my digestive system, i have been using it for three years and been sick for the last year not knowing what was going on in my body…and when i got the letter telling me i got a bad batch i considered it a letter from God because i literally felt like i was dying i have stopped it completely and slowly have been gaining my strength back…

Gracy zachariahur Name

seriously this energy drink made me very sick ,dizziness can’t even walk after third days of drink , something toxic in this drink I ordered for 6mobths , . NEVER EVER I RECOMEND THIS TO ANYBODY , All Day Energy Greens.


It has been almost 3 months now since we received the recall letter from the company. I have had NO call backs and NO refund of the tainted product. My condition has improved since I stopped taking the greens however I am far from feeling good…my stomach still burns and I live in a fog! Not fun and very difficult to work. I will be doing a follow up with Morgan and Morgan this week and will report findings.

  Caused lots of side effects !
Your Namecarol nielander (Verified User)

I am 74. Have taken all day greens for 2 years . I have had so much gastric problems. I have heard so didn’t think it was from this powder. Tried all the meds my dr. Suggested no good. Had pain bloating gas and discoloration of the whites of my eyes. I had finally agreed to an endoscopy and had it done. Nothing obvious. I didn’t tell my dr. I was ingesting this powder. Lo and behold I get a letter in March of 2016 and it happened to be a bad batch but they will not tell me what was bad. Call the number on the can not the one on the letter. 800 218 1379. this is an outrage. If they would tell us we ingested we could possibly fix the problem . I have not taken anything for 2 1/2 months but the pain in my right side is persistent. I have dr. Apps for 3 different dr. To see what damage is done.

Stephen (Editor)

We are sorry to hear about this. Thank you for the useful information on the recall of All Day Energy Greens.

  This caused lot of problems in my life !
Your Name James (Verified User)

I started taking taking All Day Energy Greens last May. I started having balance problems, heavyness in the eyes. Along with blurred vision. I did not associate this with the Energy Greens until I received my notice. It said I purchased this in May. I have been through a lot of test and they have showed nothing. Most of the time I took it in a peanut butter mixture I made up to eat daily. Some days I took it full strength. The day before and the day that I received my letter I took it full strength. I was very dizzy and off balance. Being I am a painter I have had to quit work. My wife tried to take the Ruby Red and it really bothered her stomach. Our neighbor took the greens for a few day. She said she had dizziness from it. I should have noticed it from what she said but I just thought she just was not wanting to take the product. If anyone had had this dizziness taking this stuff please comment. This has caused a lot of problems in my life. Thank you


I have experienced dizziness and feeling very foggy. Most of my concerns though were in the stomach. I too have had to step back from work and have also loss much quality of life over the last year. I was able to get someone on the phone from the company and they took my complaint and informed me that another department will be back in touch in a few days. I have heard nothing from them and now considering seeking a lawsuit!


about All Day Energy Greens.after third day of this drink it almost killed me , it caused weakness and dizziness and I could not even function myself , needed another persons assistance . ITS NOT AT ALL GOOD FOR SNYBODY , this drink might have some toxins even to get my head numb . Omg I stopped it right away . NEVER RECOMEND THIS PRODUCT TO SNYBODY IN MY LIFE . Because I don’t want anybody to feel sick because of this drink .

Jo Ann

Just got my letter last Friday. It all makes sense now

Jo Ann

I have had gastritis ever since using the fruity flavoer ADEG ever since last Feb. Now I received the recall letter.


I have had gastro issues too from the fruity flavored powder just recalled. I have had it for the past year. It started after I began using the fruity flavored one. Didn’t think it was the cause because I had used the regular flavor before and likedit. Clearly a bad batch.

  I won't buy anything from them again.
Anonymous (Verified User)

I had used ADEG before. Last Feb. they were out of the regular so the rep suggested I try the fruity flavor. I have had gastritis ever since. I wish the Institute would analyze the recalled powder. I am not the same. Everything I eat or drink makes gas and belching. I won’t buy anything from them again. I have been to several doctor about this. It is not serious but very annoying. I hope the doctor developers will research and let us know. Otherwise, a lawsuit is probably coming.


Gastritis — tell me about it! Had an endoscopy which revealed gastritis and thickening of stomach wall. Just had a follow-up endoscopy and biopsy.. HMMM…….

   Positive results for me !
marty (Verified User)

I have been taking it for over 3 years . No problem with taste kind like what grass, I noticed that my blood sugar was balanced within 30 days of taking it as for energy its had to know. I did loose some weight in the early months and felt better, but I believe it was because I dank it in the morning and all the nutrients kept my body from going into fasting mode and retaining fat. Positive results for me. I always Considered that is was just a good way to get vitamins in the AM while on the run. There was a shipping error last year and I went about 40 days without the product and I noticed a difference . I just received an alarming letter today though the are recalling 9 canisters I Purchased and consumed in 2014???? for what they describe as possible gastrointestinal distress RUT RO. I have noticed a varying degree of how can I say constancy issues, thats why I am on this site at the moment.

  I can't sleep !
ron (Verified User)

I have the same feeling “While I feel so great during the day…lots of energy and arthritis so much better…I CAN”T SLEEP! Is this happening to anyone else. After two weeks of using, I’m exhausted!”


I travelled to see my mom who was 80yo and very sick. Calls alerted me to come home bc she was expected to die. I brought energy greens and nursed her back to health. She didnt care for the taste but she sipped it all day. Im so thankful for this product. Mom passed away from heart disease but energy greens gave us more time together. <3

  Hated the product.
Jerry Oliver (Verified User)

i bought this and went through the 4 bottles, i called and told them it didn’tdo a thing for me and wanted my money back they convienced me i needed to order more and give it more time..i did that but half way through my next set I decided I just wanted my money back..I sent the bottles back over a month ago and have been argueing with them every sence trying to get my money back…so if you try this beware you wont get your money back as they say you will….


There is also a recall on the all day energy greens I got a letter asking me to send my back even if opened Side effects were gastrointestinal problems

  Is this safe with other medication?

because of the ingredient Schizandra Fruit Powder in All Day Energy Greens I am hesitant to take this product. I am currently on the antidepressant “venlafaxine” which is generic for “Effexor” Is this safe?


Hello, Charlotte, you should ask your doctor before starting any new dietary supplements.


I take Venlafaxine as well, I’ve never had a problem with All day energy greens. I love this green stuff…

  I feel better physically
Clara Finney (Verified User)

I have only been on All Day Greens for 3 days. I have noticed my joints aren’t sore. I feel better physically. I’m sleeping better at night. Thanks.


Yes i agree. I too have been on it 5 days and feel good in my body. No knee pain. Sleeping far better than before and lots of energy and iam 65. I am findind that i seen to be able to exercise easy and much longer. It works for me. I believe you have to eat the right foods and exercise to really feel and see results. It’s working for me. I lost taste for all junk food, especially sugar. I give it thumbs ?


Yes i agree. I too have been on it 5 days and feel good in my body. No knee pain. Sleeping far better than before and lots of energy and iam 65. I am findind that i seen to be able to exercise easy and much longer. It works for me. I believe you have to eat the right foods and exercise to really feel and see results. It’s working for me. I lost taste for all junk food, especially sugar. I give it thumbs ?

  Experiencing constipation after use
charles (Verified User)

all day greens cause constipation .I’m 92 yrs.



  Is this products good for me?

I take warfarin daily for recurring DVT’s. I know that I’ve been cautioned about green veggies interfering with that medication Should I expect the same problem with this product?


I been taken Energy green for 2 years and a half I’m 46 years old looking like 30 years old sleep good face is clear it really works for me


Tell your doctor what’s in the powder. He can adjust your warfar8n dose. As long as you take the same dose every day, your doctor can adjust your warfarin. It might take a few extra trips for bloodwork, it might not. Your doctor should know.

  will this product hurt my stomach?

will this hurt my stomach and which I have IBS ALSO VERY SENSITIVE TO DIFFERENT CHANGES TO MY BODY

Cameron (Editor)

Hi, Tracy for your individual case I cannot begin to stress the importance of consulting a physician, Although the ingredients in All Day Energy Green are organic.

  I had back surgery can i use this?

I would like to know if this might help me I had back surgery two years ago and now i’am starting to have pain again in my back and legs i’am not sure what is going on but have been reading up on this product can you help also been having bad headaches and problems with bowls and I hate going to doctors and taking med I don’t need also have high. Colestrol and taking meds for that and eye problems do you think this might help me


I have ongoing back problems and degeneration after surgery. It helps my body feel more “oiled” and work better with less pain. Not everything works for everyone but I love it. I feel more rested and energized and better able to handle life. Best of luck to you.

  Don't recommend this product
Loyda Guttilla (Verified User)

I have taken it for over a month and have not feel any energy at all. It is not approved by the F&D Adm., and on tv they said, ” any product you buy without the code of the GOV. usually contains fake stuff and less than 2% of anything they claim it contains. As for this product is concern, since l have not felt any difference at all as they claim you should feel after 3 weeks, that means, it is one of those 2% products. I stopped taking it and will return the rest of the portions for a refund. Don’t recommend it..Sorry


I took all day energy greens and it cured my arthritis. I’m ordering more after having labs done to see if I can help improve my heart health. I never did feel energetic though…

  Can energy Greens boost the immune systerm
C. Stewart

I have RA caused by overactive immune system.. I take prednisone to kill the immune systerm. I notice in your ad that energy Greens., as Eckenecia to boost the immune systerm.. Is that not a good idea?

Cameron (Editor)

Hi, Stewart this sounds like something you should double check with your physician he can make adjustments based on your health.

  Can I put it in his coffee?
connie bednarski (Verified User)

Don’t know why. bet its hard to get him to drink it once a day. Can I put it in his coffee? he drinks over a pot a day.

Cameron (Editor)

Hi, Connie its recommended that you drink it with water.


You can drink it with juice or in a shake as per directions. I actually enjoy the taste in juice but stopped taking it as I’m afraid it caused my severe gastrointestinal issues.

  This product good for diabetic patients?
Joyce Rasmussen

Will this product hurt me if I have a bad gall bladder and a bad liver. I am also a diabetic. I can’t have gall bladder surgery because of my liver. And I have cirrhosis of the liver and I had Hepatitis in 1962.

Cameron (Editor)

Hi, Joyce consider consulting a physician. The ingredients are organic but there is no way of assessing your case.

sdney rooks

What kind of alcohol is that in th product. dos it help aise lood pressure. i started about 3 days ago and my pressue has raised. do you think it will go down?

Cameron (Editor)

Hi, Sydney do not use alcohol with this product.


Praise God! Thank Him that you were directed to this product. I have had 3 heart stents; the last one about 2 wks ago. The doctor said I was not experiencing the stabing pain and pressure in chest because of the heart. Then he ran test and put in another stent. The pain stopped for about a wk and a half, now, little needle pains are starting again and I have bouts of awaking gasping for air and shortness of breath during times in the day. My point is the doctors may mean well but research and make your own decision as to the way you eat and what meds you are prescribed. The doctor get a kick-back and treated real good for pushing drugs.

Here in a week I will be ordering the product. The only other product that took me off most of my meds was Nopalea from Trivita. I lost my job and can not afford it anymore. So, I’m expecting to get results from this products like I’ve heard from so many people. God bless you and your children with long, healthy, wealthy, and active lives.

   it was expired by 3 months

I drank greens and didnt notice it was expired by 3 months and im nursing is that ok

Cameron (Editor)

Hi, Yesenia you should not use this product while nursing, remember its always important to consult with your doctor.

  Is there anything in the ADEG's

I am taking Fluoxitine (Prozac) and just bought a canister of All Day Energy Greens. Is there anything in the ADEG’s that would cause a reaction to the Prozac?


I have the same question?

  recieved my order #WO20698
Gail Gastineau

have not recieved my order #WO20698 please advise when to expect. thsnk you

  I love this! Never felt better.
Natalie (Verified User)

I have been taking All Day Energy Greens for two weeks now. I love it ! I have never felt better. My mind is clearer and I am feel happier about life. I haven’t lost any weight, yet, but I stay full during the day. I also like the fine powder. I use 8 oz cold water and one scoop. It disolves so easily and I like the taste. I am excited to see what the long term benefits will be. Thank you for getting it right !


I have also noticed I’m not eating as much on this product. I agree with this as well.

   I can give it a 5 STAR.

Of course I ordered this because of all the great INGREDIENTS it has in it. I was trying to drink just the spirulina a year ago ( I ordered from another company )& was totally turned off by the taste. It was just a nasty dirt taste. I received the insert from IVL & was reading all the reviews & decided to give it a try. WELL IT CAME YESTERDAY AND I ABSOLUTLY LOVE IT!!! The taste was a bit more of my liking it has a sweet undertone apple flavor. I have polymyositis & I deal with a lot of aches & pains & sometimes have trouble sleeping. last night I slept well & a full 7 hours, which is normally 4-5 hours. Today is my 2nd day of taking All day greens & I am hoping to do another review in 30days. And maybe lose weight too! Next review we will see if I can give it a 5 STAR. WORTH THE MONEY ! I will try the ruby flavor next month I also know it takes a while for your body to adjust. IM EXCITED!!

  I will not order this

After reading all the negative comments, I will not order this

  Energy Greens contain gluten?
Angela Blue

Question…does All Day Energy Greens contain gluten?

Cameron (Editor)

Hi, Angela you can find all the facts concerning your inquiry in our Q&A.

  it works

Hope it works!!

   there are pros and cons on this product

I have not tried this product yet but doing some research there are pros and cons on this product!


What effects does this have on someone who has blood clots? Is it harmful in any way? I have blood clots and am on a blood thinner plus I am a type 2 diabetic. Let me know if I should be concerned in any way.


I take Coumadin and my nurse who checks my blood and adjust my medicine said it was ok to drink this product. just let her know how many times in a day I drink this product and keep drinking this product at least once everyday.

Jose Barrios

I LKike to drink the All Energy Green but I did have an open heart an my Dr prescribe PLAVIX tha is a blood thiner and I see one of the component is ginko biloba (a blood thiner) I elive intearct wit Plavix olsoginseng . what can you tell me about?

Nancy Dunham

What is the % of echinacea?


Cameron (Editor)

Hi, Nancy because enchinacea is not fully understood yet by doctors you should be careful of what you consume and see a physician.

   pharmaceutical company's

The doctors tell you what the pharmaceutical company’s want them to.Who do you think gives all that great stuff to the doctors for free?( Samples )

  a money order
David P. Browning

Mail me the address to send a money order. I have no cards. Please ?

  We feel better
Susie (Verified User)

My husband and I taking it for about 2 weeks. We feel better after all we all need healthy fruits and vegetables. So Easy too and already put together!! My husband has been sleepy but I see it is the cleansing going on in his body. He says he is sleeping so much better now with this product!! We gonna keep taking it. It is NOT medicine so it will take time for our bodies to change to even better. Will let you know after 3 months!!

  she loves it.
Lyn (Verified User)

This is the third time i have ordered all day energy greens. I love it! If I only had 50 dollars a month for groceries, I would make this my first purchase. I gave it to my son to try and he wouldn’t take it because of the taste. My daughter in law tried it, and she loves it. In fact it is what she wants for her birthday. Her mom uses it now, too. It tastes great in a smoothy, my son is missing out on feeling better!

   Contact the company
Company answers

The co. Does not answer because this is not the company site. Contact the company if you want them to answer you.

  there is also hungry girl recipes

have you watched fat sick and nearly dead? Best movie ever and his recipes are on rebootwithjoe.com/recipes/ there is also hungry girl recipes


Ti am requesting an explanation about the gastrointestinal problems from recalled lot numbers.

Cameron (Editor)

Dieters are saying they are receiving recall letters in the mail. There formula seems to be controlled at the moment. The story is still developing.

sharron mills

Is ADEG raw?


Awesome testimony


I really like energy greens but I have some issues 1st two days I felt energy 3rd day I felt fatigue about 15 mintures after drinking 6loss.now I do take medicine for hbp and pain medicine. And I was wondering if someone else had the same problems


Is this safe to take if your breast feeding? tWhat if any can the bad side effects be? Can my baby be harmed in any way at all? Is it guaranteed no harm to a baby? PLEASE HELP?

Cameron (Editor)

Hi, Kim although many of the ingredients in the product are natural I would stick to the diet suggested by your trusted pediatrician.

  Helped me so much
Margie (Verified User)

This product has helped me so much. I have had all kinds of digestive issues and this product resolved all of my issues. I now only use it three times a week but it still maintains control. I never want to be without it!

argarita jaramillo

I am a new customer and I started taking the product, within the next week I got a runny nose ,itchy eyes and flu like syptoms!I stopped the product and by the second day started to feel better. did I get a reaction to one of the ingredients? I am afraid of taking the product again but I don’t know what it was. I did mix it with orange uice. could that be the problem?

Cameron (Editor)

Hi, Jaramillo although these flu like symptoms are unusual as a side effect I would suggest consulting your doctor to see if this product is the best option for you.

  I feel much better
Cheryl (Verified User)

I started taking it about 3 weeks ago.It made me feel flu like,constipated,body joint pain.I stopped taking it to see if that’s what my problem was.4 days later I feel much better!


will u sell me ur allday energy greens?? it may work for me

  Very good
Jim Simmons (Verified User)

I have taken this Energy Greens for about 3 months and I am 74 years old and it is
very good to me each day. I have lost waight and every day my energy is great. I
am not hungry as I used to be. I just ordered 6 more and will injoy it all

Jim Simmons

I have just read some of the complaints. Its really amazing at how some
are reacting. At 74 this helps me with energy daily and my whole body is
great and I walk and carry a golf bag and play golf and I am the best I have been for many years. Hope I haven’t goofed everyone up as I am very happy with taking it. If I have any problems from it in the future
I will let you know. I allso take Cho-wa for the last two years and it and Energy Greens togather make my day and week as great as I have bee.
Since taking Energy Greens I am not hungry and enjoy what I eat.

  Don't like the side effects at all.
Not sure (Verified User)

I was wanting to leave a comment on the At Works Greens, I am having an issue with vomiting, as well as the trots, cold sweat, I am not sure why this is happen, but do not like the side effect at all.

  You wouldn't see or realize anything in that short a time.
Anonymous (Verified User)

You wouldn’t see or realize anything in that short a time. Point is you now have all those chemicals from herbs in your body and it now has the building blocks to keep itself in good shape and repair itself. It’ starting to become obvious that many peoples health issues are due to a lack of or depletion of the body’s building blocks.

  Does getting stomach flu symptoms are the side effects from the ADEG?
tracy (Verified User)

I have been taking for a week now. Started getting stomach flu symptoms 3 days ago, but now wondering if it is side effects from the ADEG.


The nausea and bloating symptoms are most-likely due to your body releasing the build-up of nasty toxins and unhealthy things that have been in your body for a long time. Switching from one way of eating to another sort of ‘surprises’ the body; even when going from unhealthy to healthy foods. The body starts getting rid of toxins and excess water and salt with healthy eating. Your body hasn’t been familiar with this way of eating, so it rebels for awhile. Similar to when a long-time drug user stops using drugs. Withdrawal is not pleasant, but your symptoms should subside in 2 – 3 weeks. Also, if you are eating nuts, they can cause a huge problem with gas and bloating. You might want to stop for awhile.

Timm Rice

I have read many reviews concerning bloating, stomach problems having the poopies and other side effects. I have NO side effects that I have read about. Maybe here’s why. I have used ADEG for about a week now. NO problems.But, I started out using only a half scoop twice daily. This seems to be a very rich product and may take a week or more for our bodies to assimilate these rich nutrients. It does seem to lower my blood sugar levels already and normal bowel movements. A relief for a diabetic of twenty four years. There is one thing I wish they’d add to this formula. BLUE ALGAE. That would help it for better attach to our bone marrow. And we all know about that.

  My stomach is so bloated, is this a side effect that can happen to some people?
debbie (Verified User)

i love the taste, and the fact of what the product is. but i’m not sure its for me. since taking it, my stomach is so bloated? is this a side effect that can happen to some people?


I have been using the greens also and I love it now!! At first I felt gassy and bloated, but I stuck with it and now if I miss a day I hate it. You do sleep better and you get lots of nutritions.I mix mine with some juice and half with water.

  Then why did you continue to drink it for 5 months?

Then why did you continue to drink it for 5 months?

von zant rgc

Are you still performing at Caesar Palace? How do you stay in such great shape?

el bizzaro

Van gogh you know its not that Cher

von zant rgc

Most products require taking for several months. If you dont it does not get into your system. If people quit eating the toxic foods mentioned you wouldnt need this product.(hambugers,pizza,fried chicken,french fries).

Pharmaceutical Companies and Doctors both are Cheating us.

DOCTORS lie too sheep along with the pharmaceutical co.panies in their back pocket.

  I would never try it in a million years.

After reading your testimonials from people using this product, I have to say I would never try it in a million years.

mr kool

I dont think anyone lives that long

  Was disappointed to see that Barley Grass is an ingredient.
Carrie (Verified User)

Was disappointed to see that Barley Grass is an ingredient. Not Celiac friendly as this is not gluten free.


You need to read the article in Mother Earth News April 2014 issue about gluten ,less than 1 % of the population have celiac.

what a wonderful blessing.

Praise the Lord ! I say go girl, what a wonderful blessing.


As my husband says,” that’s why they call it, Practicing Medicine”….

  is it safe with blood thinner effient 10 mg?
Gary (Verified User)

I just started taking energy greens 3 days ago is it safe with blood thinner effient 10 mg.?I ended up in the ER with shortness of breath, someone please help.


your right!people on blood thinners should not take vit.k of any kind


Depends on the BT u are taking. If you take Xaralto or one like it, u will be fine. The BT that require blood test would require u to stay away from all things green. Consult your doctor.


No it has vitamin K

  I cannot tolerate the product. Need to be refunded price.
Pat Martin (Verified User)

I cannot tolerate the product. Vomited both times I drank it. Need to be refunded price. I will send the product back. The taste was disgusting. Need to hear from you asap.

  is there any form of soy in All Day Green?
Arlene Osborne Bell

is there any form of soy in All Day Green?

  Just started trying this product, Wish me luck.
Gary (Verified User)

Just started trying this product, quit smoking after 41years,eating heart healthy, just had 2 stents put in,wish me luck.I need support.

  I need to know how much iodine is contained in your product. Is this available?
joan wright

Because of a severe thyroid balancing problem, I need to know how much iodine is contained in your product. Is this available?

  Just ordered mine hope It works for me.
cheryl fletcher

just ordered mine and can’t wait to try it. there will always be those that something won’t work on, I just hope it works for me, can’t wait!

  I'm just wondering if it is safe for a child?
Concerned Stepmom

My stepdaughter who is 7 have been drinking the It Works Green powder in her orange that her real mom gave her and she likes it. I’m just wondering if it is safe for a child?


It works greens is safe to use. My 3yr old drinks it and I made sure to run it by his ped. Not sure about All Day Greens.

  Has anyone else experienced joint discomfort or pain using these?
Robert (Verified User)

My wife and I (75 and 78) started All Day Energy Greens about a month ago. We both experienced positive effects in the form of more energy and endurance when biking and walking, less afternoon fatigue, improved regularity, and deeper, sounder sleep.

HOWEVER, I also began to have some trouble focusing my eyes, so I dropped to half a glass. I still had the positive effects. Then I began to experience some joint discomfort. One night my toes hurt and started cramping as I was climbing the stairs and my ankles hurt. I stopped Greens.

My wife continued but then she awoke at 3:15 am with pain in her ankle. When she tried to stand, the pain was so severe that she collapsed. She, with great reluctance, stopped ADGE.

Has anyone else experienced these side effects?


Maybe your pain is coming just from being more active and your body is not use to more exercise just yet.


I have been taking ADEG for about 6 months, I haven’t experienced any adverse side effect at all. In fact, for the first time since I’ve been drinking it, I have began to lose weight. I drink it in place of breakfast and then have a sensible meal in the evening. I’m 73 years old and it seems to be helping my body inflammation (aka) arthritis.


As with any product that contains a lot of good nutrition, such as ADEG, your body will sometimes go through what is called a Herxheimer Reaction, or detox effect. The symptoms will be flu-like, or aches and pains in muscles or joints. This is caused by our body excreting toxins from our fat cells and into our system. This can last from a few days to a week, depending on how much of the product you use. I have been taking it for almost 2 wks now, and I have just started experiencing the joint pains and body aches in the last 2 days. I have not lost weight yet, but I have slept better since taking this product, and plan on sticking with it until my 6 month supply is gone. At that time I will evaluate how I feel and decide whether it is right for me. I think it’s only fair to give it a chance to live up to all the claims of improved health.


I am also experiencing major joint pain and severe chills, maybe it’s the greens?

Peggy Cassidy

no, I haven’t experienced that, yet I started it about a week ago, noticed NO Benefits. Just curious, did your Hair Change Color from Grey to Brown? No Joke—I received ads about 6 months ago for ADEG, they made comments about having More Energy, that people feel so much more energy, etc. Now, the ads that come in the mail show a woman whose Hair was grey, now comes out Brown—I don’t trust them, they are starting to talk stupid, like your hair will change from Grey to brown. You are probably much better off without the ADEG. Anyone whose ads are that far-fetched—-I sure don’t believe that my hair, which is half grey is going to go back to brown


must have folic acid in it. my stepdad was 78 and his hair was still brown with only white sideburns. He said it was his daily dose of folic acid.

  3rd day on this product when will it works?
Jean (Verified User)

this is my third day on this product when will I notice the energy and weight loss to start?

connie lamb

I have been taking all day energy greens for about 3 mo. I have gained weight which I did not need and I feel bloated all the time is this a common thing.


do you guys excersize on a regular basis? if not, maybe that’s the reason…


I agree. Exercise is really important along with ADEG. Bloating & gas are common when switching to vegetables. Especially if you haven’t eaten enough vegetables in a long time. Exercise will help. You can also take a natural gas reducer/eliminator, which helps lots. Try Beano or something equivalent. Or cut the amount of ADEG your using 50%, then slowly work your way up to the full amount recommended.


YES, I have felt the same! Bloated like i have gained 20lbs


YES! Me too! I have been taking this for three months. Today was my last scoop. I was checking on here to see if anybody else felt bloated and really GASSY! I don’t think I am going to re-order. I haven’t noticed enough positive effects, and too much gassy bloat.

I recommend change you eating habit.
jean (Verified User)

answer your guestion, The Dr. want to make all the money himself.They is not going to tell you to get health. Every Dr. i went to, they wrote the wrong drug pres.Let’s getreal.you don’t have to buy
all that.make your drink,with fewer green.it’s cost too much to buy,i am making my own drink with less n i am losing weight.took many year to get that weight on you. now it will take a yr. to move some of it. i recommend change you eating habit.All you need a little common sense. thank you

  How much Potassium and Phosphorous is in the product?

Could You tell me how much Potassium and Phosphorous is in the product

  Would this be a stressor for a 96 age person in any way?

My mother is 96 with arthritis and thyroid medicine. Would this be a stressor for her in any way?

Robert A.

With all due respect: The only thing a 96 year old should worry about it waking up in the morning, the rest of day is a piece of cake. Be assured if I make it to 96 I will not worry about stress.

  Company will sent the soy free one soon.
Mookie (Verified User)

I called the company to exchange the All day energy green because the one I bought has soy in it. I told them Iopened it and they told me to keep it and they will sent the soy free one.

  I talked to my doctor about ADEG and she said it was good for me to continue.
Karen (Verified User)

I have diabetes and arthritis. After only two months of taking ADEG, I have lost considerable weight (dropped a size). I have much greater energy. My sugars are lower, joint pain and swelling almost non-existent. I’ve had problems with inflammation in my digestive system, from throat to bowels, after only about a week, this uncomfortable knotty feeling in my abdomen was gone and I stay regular. I talked to my doctor about ADEG and she said it was good for me to continue. I have not had any negative side effects, only better ones. I ran out, had a gap of about 4 days without ADEG, I was miserable by the third day. Won’t run out again!!


Tastes great with Trader Joe’s Lemon Ginger Echinacea juice or their apple cider blend.

  Anyone has recipe ideas to make this nasty tasting powder tloerable to drink?

I was wondering if anyone has recipe ideas to make this nasty tasting powder tloerable to drink???


I do the smoothie too with the almond milk or greek yogurt and berries or peaches or bananans or all of them. It tastes better.


Yes, I use MIO Berry & Pomegranate. It is sugar free, you can make it sweet or less to your taste. I do a half scoop in the morning and half a scoop in the evening.

Berniece Perry

Tastes great blended with a banana.


drink it with about 4or 5oz. of sweet iced tea


Try the ADEG with the blue gatorade, tastes good. I was taking it with cranberry grape juice and it was still nasty, but the blue gatorade was very good. Believe it or not!! :~)


It tastes really good with Sunny D…..OR V8 Juice…

George O

Blue Gatorade is one of the most unnatural drinks one could put in their body. Why one would want to adulterate a natural product by mixing it with that artificial stuff, just because it doesn’t delight one’s taste buds is beyond me. We are living in a culture that has been programmed through marketing and advertising to delight in tastes of food and drink that are actually unhealthy to the body overall, and to loathe what actually benefits our bodies on a cellular level. I think we need to learn to acquire the taste of things that aren’t quite so appealing to our taste buds that we know are beneficial to our health instead of allowing what tastes nice to guide us in our decisions to eat or drink. The key to our physical health is natural whole foods and drink whose taste we can learn to love in the reprogramming of our taste buds.


I make a smoothie with banana, strawberries, almond milk and ice. can’t even taste the green.

  Loved the product.
Bobby (Verified User)

I stick with products from the Shaklee Corporation, the #1 Natural Nutrition Company. They have the most peer-reviewed research and employ 75 full-time scientists. For those concerned with Vit. K, they have products without it. Remember the Chilean miners who were brought out one by one? Officials called on NASA to bring in a protein drink to keep the miners from passing out/vomiting as they were brought up. That products was developed by Shaklee for the NASA space program years ago.

Rachel Cain

Why do you take this product. What is it for. What does it do for you. If you don’t mind answering my question..

  is this good for me?

is this good foe me?

  Anyone else having headache?
marie (Verified User)

I would like to know if anyone else is experiencing headaches, or mood swings.


I am not experiencing headaches, but I do have a jittery feeling.

cecilia heineman

I, experience headache sometimes and weakness , I am sleepy all the time, but the positive thing is ,I noticed that my high blood pressure dropped, and I don’t have chest pain that I used to have . I am now on my one month drinking that product I can’t decide yet if I continue after I finish my 3 months supply, I don’t have enough fruits and vegetable in my diet maybe it helps.Wish me luck.


Yes, i have expirienced dizziness!!!! Very severe

  Why you not answering customer's question?

why has your company not answered the questions previously asked by other customers? they have the same questions that I do. this is my major worry before trying the product that I now feel I foolishly ordered.so much for trust in advertising and integrity which is obviously an extinct trait. please restore my faith in integrity!!!!

  Asking a medical person to answer questions.

Will SOMEONE in the medical profession please answer our medical questions?? Sales could double for your company, if you answered the questions! Thankyou & asap would be just right. 😉

Dr. Barbara

In my analysis of these products, I have found that the formula contains high fiber which is one of the key things lacking in tbe US diet. At best it will make one regular as well as “maybe” cleanse the colon. The symptoms being experienced by some of the people here could be due to the positive or negative side effects of cleansing.

Dr. Who

I can be a doctor too…

  Does it really work?

Reading your note I too have the same problems just ordered my first bottle does it really work..thank

  Loved the product.
Krista (Verified User)

I am using this product while doing Insanity. I am on my Recovery week and I started taking this on Sunday, I was already down 7lbs from Insanity and eating right, but as soon as I started taking this I have lost an average of a pound a day (3lbs. So far) So far so good for me!!! I do reccomend that you drink at least 63 oz. Of water per day.


As always when taking a product with high fiber u must increase ur fluid intake!

  Why no medical question are addressed?
Diana Scharnus

I would really like to try ADEG but I am Leary because non of the medical questions are being addressed by company people.

peggy Cassidy

because they are Not Medical People. Talk to a Real Doctor—Don’t expect this Company to answer questions


I’m using Aden . After 5 days I woke up with no back pain or pain down my leg. My skin has improved . It’s soft .i am not hungry! I love this stuff . Best product I’ve bought for health

Peggy Cassidy

just curious, is your hair grey? Now the Ads say that it will change your hair from Grey to Brown. They show a lady with all over grey hair, she said, “Now Growing NEW HAIR that is no longer coming through grey’ they show a picture of a woman of a woman, who has a head of grey hair, then the After photo shows a woman with Brown hair all over her head, Do you STILL TRUST this Co? Let me know if your hair CHANGES COLOR. HA HA I no longer Trust the Co

  Is it safe for blood thinner?

Is Energy Green safe to use with a blood thinner like Warfin


spinach has vitamin k and not good when taking warfin


Is energy green safe to use with a blood
thinner like warfin,and rhythamol?


My mother is 90 years old and taking Coumadin. She is not allowed “by her doctors” to eat or drink anything green.

BJ Carruthers

Being that you are on warfin, If I were you, I would let the Dr. look over the ingredients before taking it.

  Are there any known side effect?
Kim Spry

Are there any known side effect?

All Day Energy Greens
Cameron (Editor) (Verified User)

Hi, Delfina it is probable safe that you check with your doctor to see if you could be an eligible candidate for the product, otherwise without complications you should be fine.

  How to solve cramp problem?

Howl resolve cramp problem?Unsearsh


people don,t depend on this for a cure .you could get the same benefit if you could eat all the greens raw , but we can’t, so this is the next best thing.what may work for me may not work for you .

  Does it improve testosterone?

What about testosterone? Does it improve it?

beverly pearson

adeg is nasty ive mixed it with every thing


Try the blue gatorade, tastes good to me!! :~)

  Can loose weight with it?
Tereasa Roquemore

I’m a truck driver and want to know if this works. I am over weight and need help?

Stephen (Editor)

Hi, Tereasa simple read the reviews.

  What kind of diet to follow?
Bill Brown (Verified User)

What kind of diet do you recommend with “all Day Energy Greens”?

  Can get a brochure?
Kay (Verified User)

I bought some of the Greens from my daughter’s friend. She said she didn’t have a brochure for it, could I possibly get a brochure for the Greens? Thank you,

  Loved the product.
Dana (Verified User)

I really like all day energy greens. My mom bought it awhile back and has 2 unused/sealed canisters that she gave to me. It has an expiration date of 1/12. I realize some of potency might be lost, but is it harmful to me if I consume it a year past expiration date? Thanks. Dana

  Does it cause Diarrhea

Just want to know if this does anything to help weight loss. i have no problem with eating fruits/veg. Also does this cause gastric distress or diarrhea??


If take all green veggies and 10 fruits of any kind get a good blender ..water.. place veggies cut up or slice measure equal parts into blender add water until it is a liquid add plain yogart. smoothy time much better than a powder. You will dump all the ugly that is stored in your body.all veggies and fruits do is energy and cleans your system. Remember citrus needs to be on low end to put in.But get creatative with smoothy. You don’t have to worry about whats in it because you are adding it in. Tastes good because you are put all natural foods in it.Greens are kale spinach broccoli celery. Like in the produce isles at store.Bannanas good sorce of brain food1 in every smoothy. I can make enough smoothy for three days. I started at lunch time as my meal. As my body got use to it the bloating got less do to my coln got a good scrubbing. My skin hair and all over body changed for the best. I starved my body when diets powders etc kept me from good health. in 10 years I haven’t had the flu cold etc at 62 years old I am very healthy for my age no meds of any kind. My doctor was surprised at what is was doing with smoothy. HE SAID you are thinking about your body and what goes in it. Which there is no quick fix. Need everyone to go back to nature and get a plan.

samantha modica

It can help alkalize your body which can help with starting weight loss. It’s hard to lose weight when your PH level in your body is high. It has helped one of my friends with her gatric distress and will not give diarrhea. This may make you have to pee within an hour or more of taking because it pushes out the toxins as well..

  how much vitamin K is there
dave holland

Hi Jerry

i too am on blood thinners and was looking to find out how much vitamin K was it there . Did you find out ?

  Needs answer to my serious questions
Ellen Savage (Verified User)

Why are none of the serious questions answered Like is it safe for the liver, kidney, digestion problems and heart problems
I have taken ADEG for a month and must say it truly helped my Fibromyalgia alot and my arthritis pain. But if you don’t answer any health question, how can a customer trust your product, most of the people have some kind of health problem, so please research your product and answer our questions.
Thank you Ellen send me an e-mail


It can’t hurt you anymore than all of the garbage most people consume.


Im a critical care nurse practitioner. This is not medical advice, just a guide for some of the questions I’ve read.

Anyone taking prescriptions medications, especially blood thinners should consult their pharmacist or doctor. The ingredients should not be hard on the liver unless someone has liver problems already, in which case they should consult their doctor. Anything green will provide the cells with often missing fuel and reparative compounds which is why they’re so important. This allows cells to perform their function of cleaning and repairing damage more efficiently. If a person is taking this supplement but still eating garbage they will undoubtedly see little effect. It’s like smoking- the body spends so much energy and resource fighting the toxin that it can’t fight everyday illness, which is one reason why smokers get sick more often and for longer. If you reduce or eliminate the toxins then provide missing nourishment the body will change and improve. Eat less fried, fatty food, less processed carbohydrates and provide greens and your body will thank you.

If someone is looking for healthy improvement and increaes stamina the above suggestions should do the trick. If someone expects that the boost will be anything like that which caffeine provides they are unrealistic. That’s not healthy energy or stamina. It’s a boost, nothing more.

No, Paul from September, this cannot possibly compare to freshly made juice. But if a person does not have that as a regular option this is a good supplement. Isn’t that what supplements are? To provide necessities when other methods are unavailable.

To the person who asked about leg cramps- I’ve been researching this product for my parents who both recently started taking it (and love it). I was concerned that we could not find out how much potassium it contained even by calling the company. Potassium imbalance has many symptoms, one is leg cramps.


Just want to say thanks for the time you took to answer several concerns. It was a no-nonsence approach to good advice. And good luck to your parents.


Have not tried this ADEG but…leg cramps?? Possibly not drinking enough water, and maybe need more aerobic exercise.


How could the company quantify the amount of potassium in the product with so many ingredients (38). It seems the potassium level in the plant materials would vary on each manufactured “batch”.

  Need answers for safety questions
Ellen Savage (Verified User)

Why are none of the serious questions answered Like is it safe for the liver, kidney, digestion problems and heart problems
I have taken ADEG for a month and must say it truly helped my Fibromyalgia alot and my arthritis pain. But if you don’t answer any health question, how can a customer trust your product, most of the people have some kind of health problem, so please research your product and answer our questions.
Thank you Ellen

  Would this help my condition?

I am a 43 year old female I have Fibromyalgia. I’ve been taking All Day Energy Green for almost a month. I do get energy but my whole body hurts more. Will this help my Fibromyalgia? and How long will I have to take it for it to help my Fibromyalgia?

  Best time to take it
Jai Holiday (Verified User)

Hi I have been taking It Works Greens, however i only had one regular bowel movement. I have not seen any results as far as weight loss. My nails are growing but i do feel that much diffrence with energy level.

How many times a day should I be taking? Since I am a larger female should I take more than the recommended 2 scoops?

Thank any help would be appricated.

BJ Carruthers

The directions says 1 scoop with 4 to 8 or of water


No you should take the recommended amount it doesn’t matter what your size is

  Need answer to my question
Gloria Noel

What is the answer to the question?

  Is this safe for my condition?
Gloria Noel

I am diagnosed with heart failure &take Comaudin to prevent blood clots.

How moch Vitamin K does all day greens have & how would this affect me.


As a heart patient myself,you need to ask you cardiologist, no one but him.I ended up in the ER taking this with blood thinner. Garlic,omega 3,alcohol (4 glass of wine.just was to much,don’t be stupid like me.good luck.


i would like a rating on this prduct i just ordered it

  Is this safe with other medication?
Joann Dietzs

Is this product okay to take with thyroid medicine or liver problems?

  No changes at all
Al Adams (Verified User)

I have taken adegs for a month and so far i see no changes in weight or health.

  Questions about safety and side effects
bonnie williamson

Two questions: Would it be harmful to eat grapefruit while taking All Day Energy Greens?
Is there enough iron content to be harmful to women who are past menopause?

  Is this safe for my condition?


  Is this safe for my condition?

can I take this Product ??? I’m a Celiac — is it Gluten Free

  Is it safe with our kidneys?

Is this product kidney safe?

  Is this safe with my son's condition?

My son has AIDS and AIDS related dementia. Would anything in this have a negative effect on him or his meds? I can provide a list of meds if you need them.

  Which is better?
Paul (Verified User)

How does a scoop of this stuff compare to a freshly made juice (10 oz of carrot juice, 4 oz of collard juice, 1 bell pepper, 4 celery sticks, 1 small beet, and 1 piece of ginger (fresh)about the size of your pinky, all juiced…which one is better for you? (a glass of this every day or 1 scoop of energy green)


ADEG is a heck of a lot cheaper and easier. I suggest you google everything you mentioned for the make up, and then compare to the list above.


Finally! This Q/A is what I was looking for. Thank you! Now I will order the product.

  Product is working well so far
Joanna (Verified User)

I’m almost done with my 1st container and I see difference already. My pouch went down. I’m not bloated, have energy when I take it for breakfast. I just mix it with water. It tastes great, no need to mix it with anything else. It tastes like sweet spinach. My nails are even stronger. I’ve been using Juice Plus before that and didn’t have any good result like now after just using one container. I order mine from eBay since was cheaper. I like this product, I don’t have food cravings at night anymore or sugar like I use to. Feel less hungry.

  Leg cramps
shelby (Verified User)

Has anyone experienced leg crapms?

  Smells and tastes nasty
Larry (Verified User)

All Day Energy Greens may be good for you but taste and smells nasty.


I use the fruit flavor and it tastes good in a smoothy

  Toxic to the liver

I read that vitamin E and Ginko should not be taken together. They are both in the ingredients. Can you comment on this. Also are any of herbs or extracts toxic to the liver? Especially in combination with each other?


Is all day energy greens safe for epileptics on seizure meds, klonpin, carbatrol, banzel, lamtical?

  Free sample please
Vera Williams

How do I order a free sample?


Free? Are you kidding?

  Gluten free?
Vera Williams

Is AKEG gluten free?

  Product causing manic depression?
miriam (Verified User)

i am manic depressive could this product cause me to have a manic episode

  Would this help my condition?

I have Raynauds disease and I was wondering if the product will help


My husband and I has been taking ADEG for 2 yrs. now and we love it if we miss 3 or4 days we no it,i have Raynauds a mild case of it due to chemo, and radiation and it has helped me but every body is different,it took so time to mess your body with all those toxins so it will take time to condition you body to be healthier.Eat better and at least walk ,you have to chand you life style for the better.I hope this will be helpful to someone.by the way we have both lost weight.So don’t expect a change right away.Good luck to you all and may God Bless.

Theresa Scholz


  Need ordering instructions

i like to try this product please tell me how can I buyed

  Can this affect my blood thinners?
jerry kuchar

need to know how much vitamin k is in it or other ingredients that can mess up my blood thinners

  More questions about daily servings

Please tell me, how much potassium is in a daily serving of the product.

  Need more information about the product
grace mackenzie

how much licorice root is in all day energy greens?

carrie (Verified User)

currently taking it and feeling the energy already, can’t wait to see the 2mo results.

  constpation & bloating

caused constpation & bloating, anybody else ???


Yes I normally am very regular and not sure if its from the greens but I have been getting constipated and have cramps in my stomach since I’ve been drinking it… Any answers?


You need to cut it back to maybe 1/2 scoop 2 times a day and see how that helps. When you start a new high in fiber diet you can have gas,bloating and flu like symptoms as it detoxes your body. When you start noticing the symptoms subsiding you can gradually add more of the powder until you get to a full scoop. IT takes a while for your body to adjust to something new. Hang in there! If you have flu like symptoms and you have access to a farr infrared sauna you might try to sit in there and sweat some of those toxins out.


The additional fiber could be causing constipation and bloating. Drinking extra water and gentle movement of the body should help the body process the extra fiber and work the gas out of the body.


i am having multiple bowel movements daily no constipation but i have bloating
any one else ?


well the first 5 days I felt like I was in my 20s. I’m 70 by the way. but then on the 7th day I started having 3 bowel movements a day. on day 8, 9 and 10 which I am on now, I have felt like I have been drinking draino or caustic acid,feels like it ate the lining out of my colon ,this last all day until I go to sleep. don’t really know whats happening, but i’ll have to stop taking it. I may be gluten intolerant.

  All Day Energy Greens
Kathleen Armstrong

What do I have to do to get a free sample?

  fruits &
Tazmania2ke@ yahoo.com

I’m 21 weeks pregnant and want a safe and easy way to get my daily amount of fruits & vegetables is this safe?

  Energy Greens

Can I take All Day Energy Greens twice a day or should I just take it once a day?

  Am I to understand Energy Green is gluten free?

Am I to understand Energy Green is gluten free? Please let me know.


No. It contains wheat.


All Day Energy Greens ™ is an all natural product and contains no allergens (wheat, bee pollen, garlic, MSG, yeast, egg, kelp, coloring, alcohol, preservatives, flavoring salt, starch, maltodextrin, corn fats, oils, stabilizers, casein, dairy or animal products).


if you read the label it says it has come in contact with milk soy and gluten


Tried drinking the greens yesterday. I’m allergic to gluten and immediately started having stomach pain, bloating. These symptoms occurred prior to being diagnosed. The package may say it is wheat free and contains no allergens, but I agree, barley grass can certainly cause a gluten sensitive person to react.


It doesn’t contain wheat,but it contains barley grass.

  I would like to know if All Day Energy Greens have any side effects?
Dorothy Burdick

I would like to know if All Day Energy Greens have any side effects and if it is apprioved by a safety place




Maybe it is something other than the ADEG, that is causing the thinning of your hair


Side effect is that in 3 months my hair has become light brown from being allmos white. Same for my wife Diane. Another side effect is that no sinus infection so far this winter !! Usually get it all winter long.


navona mcmahan

One subscriber suggests it changed her hair from grey to brown. I had a problem with a change in hair texture. It thinned my hair and after taking this product for a month I permed my hair ant the hair was so weak that my hair is falling out. Why would this product weaken my otherwise very thick and very strong hair folicals?



  effect on health
betty shamb ach

is this safe for someone with ? is it harmful to kidney or liver? I take blood pressure medicine and hheart medicine

Priscilla Ezirim

I have not taken itBratranek long enough to give it it’s deserved evaluation but so far I am so
impressed.However as cronic kidney desease sufferer I am
concerned.Hear from you soon


Good question. Iwill go to the kidney specialist 04/04/11 and will rush order the smallest amt.to present to tthe Dr. and get his nay or ok on this product. Will post then.

billy perkins

Does it affect your kidneys
negatively? Does the Green Tea have any caffeine in it.
Caffeine affects my prostate
problems. If it has decaffeine
green tea, then it would be ok.Please answer ASAP. 2/8/02

  All day energy greens in pregnancy

is this safe to take during pregnancy

Idella Jackson

I have blood-clot problems..Im not suppose to eat too much green leafy veggies..will this harm me in any way or cause a blood clot, I really want to try it maybe if I take it once or twice a week?


This stuff is for healthy people. Everyone with problems needs/must ask your doctor before taking.is this hard to understand?


I have to agree with you Gary. I am not a Dr., but I have to say that if you people have these problems, some quite serious, it would only make sense to ask your Dr. if this product is good for you to take. Why would you NOT call him/her first?! This product has not even been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. I was ready to order this 30 minutes ago, now I am calling my Dr. to see if I am able to take it. Please people, call your Dr. and get the approval from them. Don’t play around with your health.


Most of the ?s sound like they are from people who do not take care of their bodies and/or are in bad health to begin with. Nothing is going to help you in a week or a month significantly. Walk, eat better, this is a supplement, what are you all expecting? If used properly, it supplements and gives you fiber and a boost of energy. If you are looking for a product that will make you skinny or heal you and you dont have to change any bad habits you are going to be very disappointed in life. Control yourselves. If you are on medicines, ask YOUR doctor, not a doctor without a face on the webernets. Stop being so American, be a human and make your world a better place. The power of prayer is stronger than any medicine.

I take this for a meal replacement a few times a week. It gives me energy and some nutrition that I don’t have the time and $ to get from cooking at night. I have it in place of something else while still going for walks or a jog. Live life, if your DOCTOR says to take it or don’t take it, then do so. Your DOCTOR gets paid enough $ to answer a question or two from you. If you feel your DOCTOR is giving you poor advice, get one of them there 2nd opinion whatsits and quit clogging up the review section with ?s that have answers you are too lazy to get.



Did Adeg cause any problems with your blood clots because of all the Green veggies in it. Send reply to Carloseh99@yahoo.com

Thank you


I am on warfarin due to a heart valve replacement. The advice given to live by for me was not that I could not eat greens, but that I have to be consistent with the greens I eat. That way my warfarin is easily more regulated. However, ask your personal physician or cardiologist for their stamp of approval on this product. Maybe they will have other suggestions so that you can get quality results eating what we all need in our diets. That we haven’t created something better to thin our blood and still eat what our body requires for optimal health is irresponsible!


my husband has blood-colting problems too, this looks so good and I take many of the ingredients in pill form, but if this works the way they say I could save on the pills!!!!!!!!!! one drink aday great. but need to know if it will be ok for my husband.

  Have any side effects for blood pressure patients
Jack Frye

Does the ingredients harm or have side effects for one who takes blood pressure and cholesterol medicines and is over 75 years of age?


I used the ADEG for six months. I was previously on cholest & BP meds and have since been able to come off of those. My cholest dropped twenty points and my BP is back to normal. I have also dropped 45 lbs and noticed a considerable difference in my energy level. Would recommend to everyone!! Excellent product.

Pat Waldmann

I hope it works as well for me

Joan Hawkinson

I have a hard time maintaining a healthy weight. I lose weight really easy. Will this product make me lose weight when I don’t want to?


No, in fact it may actually help with those issues.