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A diet product’s worth depends on whether it actually helps people lose weight. Let’s find out if Alphamax really works. We took the time to dig through all of the ingredients, side effects, quality of customer service and scientific research. We also decided to look through hundreds of comments. Then, we summarized and refined to give you the info you need.

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What Is Alphamax?

Alphamax is in the limelight due to its excellent benefits, specifically for young customers. It is a testosterone-boosting male enhancement product, which has become the leading attraction for young people. The purpose of this product is to accelerate youthful energy and enhance the desire for sex. It increases the testosterone levels in the body. People who are weak and not able to have sex consistently are the primary target for this product. With a unique combination of different natural ingredients, the product is gaining users, due to the unexpected strong physical condition attained from its use. It is a practical herbal solution, which can be used to combat different issues which an individual may face during sex. Alphamax is becoming the modern choice of young people to meet their sexual needs and desires positively. [1]

  • Desire for sex
  • Youthful energy
  • Testosterone-boosting
  • Increase of sexual needs and desires
  • Unique combination of different natural ingredients
  • Increase of hormones

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How did Alphamax Start

Alphamax started with the emergence of different natural ingredients, which people have used throughout time to gain peak physical fitness. People, especially youth, intend to improve their physical well-being, both internally and externally. This product came about due to the need for a proper prescription of medications to combat specific physical issues. People have used different illegal ingredients to gain the body power required for various physical activities. Therefore, medical institutions of different companies combined legal and natural elements and came up with a single pill, which can be taken quickly and will remedy these same issues.

The beginning Alphamax was the clinical testing process of several ingredients. Initially, it was started for bodybuilders to improve their strength and keep them eligible to participate in different physical activities. It has been revealed that this product does not contain allergens, and has in fact been used against allergies and infections. It has evolved with the passage of the time, as bodybuilders used it to improve their muscularity and get into better shape. Interestingly, it started as a muscle-building supplement, which further evolved into an alternative energy source.

Alpha Max Customer Testimonials

Alphamax Claims

The first claim that the producers of this product usually present is the male enhancement. They claim that Alphamax assists male performance, even in cases where this has never been experienced before by a man. It will also increase sexual desire. In addition to these claims, the product can increase stamina, extension, vitality levels, and moxie. Interestingly, along with the claim regarding improved sex drive, this product also claims to reduce the stored fat in the human body. Also, a person who is quite lazy can use this to become more active and assertive. It has been observed that many people will use these pills to get their body into shape or improve fitness.

It enhances all muscles, which is significantly beneficial. Another claim of Alphamax is the improvement of the digestive systems. According to the allegations, along with the improved digestive system, it also improves the metabolism. The most prominent claims are increased sexual desire, more youthful energy, control of fat, a more in shape body and structured body, a reduction in laziness, and enhancement of the testosterone count in the body. The use of the product in different conditions may create different results, and the maker of the product intends to impose some limitations or circumstances to justify the above claims. Apparently, people have a right to agree or disagree with these claims.

Alphamax Ingredients

There are many ingredients, which have been used in this product to provide different benefits to the customer. Each part has distinct advantages or benefits for the user. The specific ingredients are as follows:

Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali increases the performance of men during sex. In other words, this ingredient can increase sexual power. Sexual performance, through the use of this element, can be improved. Benefits of this component include increased extension, stamina, and vitality levels, and moxie can be gained. It is the ultimate satisfaction that young men want to achieve.


With the use of this ingredient, customers can experience significant benefits. Individuals can often face different issues during sex, such as weakness or early drops in stamina, which can restrain him during sex. The epimedium ingredient identifies these problems in a male’s body and prepares the body to perform better.[2]

Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto is gaining popularity due to its central function of improving and increasing a person’s sex drive.

Orchic Substance

Orchic Substance is an excellent ingredient for improving sexual function. In other words, it eliminates all specific or possible unwanted instances of sexual under-performance.[3]


Sarsaparilla improves physical performance. It enhances the growth of muscles, which effectively benefits overall performance. It is all about making the body stronger and more powerful, which is useful for bodybuilders as well.

Nettle Root

The urinary function can be improved through this particular ingredient. It has been revealed that the body can be strengthened when experiencing the correct urine functions, which is beneficial in the different activities mentioned above. [4]

Wild Yam

Wild Yam increases the body’s hormone level, which is suitable for performance and reduction of laziness. It is an essential ingredient, which can provide many of the benefits in an efficient manner. For instance, if a person has a problem regarding their hormones and growth, it works to swiftly produce the hormones required for peak performance in the body.

Does Alphamax Work

According to reviews and feedback from customers, it can be said that the Alphamax works as expected, according to the claims presented by the company. It has been revealed that many youngsters are using this product to increase their sex performance or physical ability when working out at the gym. Interestingly, this product has also been shown to increase sexual confidence and eliminate shyness. Whether working out in the gym or laying in the bedroom with their partner, it improves the overall performance of a man, which will lead to mutual satisfaction.

However, with the passage of the time, it has been seen that people have mixed responses and results. According to the research, if an individual uses the pill once each weak, it will enhance the level of free testosterone, as far as a healthy subject are concerned. The use of Alphamax has been noticed to help in the elimination of hormonal imbalances. Most importantly, according to observations, people usually take the Alphamax product to deal with impotence and erectile issues. Ingredients used have been proven to be real and beneficial! However, immense contradictions regarding the formulation of the ingredients have emerged, and of course, to make the benefits and results available, there is an urgent need to resolve this contradiction.

In the competitive health market, it is necessary for the management of leading companies to ensure that all benefits and features of their product are available and to enhance the visibility of the product’s workability. Alphamax has the potential and credibility to create a significant impact, and it should be available.

Alphamax Benefits & Results

The significant benefit that people can have is the elimination of impotence. From 30 to 40 years of age, people may have problems due to stress and other health issues. Commonly, adults face the failure to orgasm, which creates frustration.[5]

  • The top benefit is having a consistent and pleasurable sex life, which leads towards ultimate satisfaction.
  • It is a risk-free and 100% natural product for customers to use to enhance their performance. This product contains all natural ingredients, which makes it quite reliable.
  • It leads towards a healthy and satisfied sex life, especially for married couples. It is a huge benefit, as a happy sexual life enables a successful long-term relationship.
  • It is a prominent solution for erectile dysfunction. In short, it reduces stress and helps the mind to relax.
  • It reduces obesity through the reduction of fat storage in the human body. For example, when working out in the gym, the use of this product can help an individual get into better shape.
  • It makes muscles stronger, which improves the overall performance of the body. It tightens the skins and enhances the visibility of muscle growth, and ultimately, it makes for a useful and attractive body structure.
  • The result can be seen in the form of improved sexual performance and activeness in a man.
  • People have gained several benefits due to the quality ingredients.

Details on Alphamax & Weight-loss

Due to its varied ingredients, Alphamax offers numerous benefits. Producers have made Alphamax provide additional benefits, other than the improved sexual performance.

Alphamax contains ingredients beneficial for weight loss. When used with frequent work-outs, this product will help eliminate excess body fat. Alphamax prevents the body from creating fat stores, and as it removes it, creates a better-shaped body.

Concerning more details about the product and weight loss, Alphamax has been produced to integrate with increased sexual desire. It can also be combined with weight loss goals, as satisfaction and can be derived from achieving the right weight. Thus, to gain the utmost satisfaction, Alphamax is highly recommended with the proper diet.

As mentioned, some ingredients in Alphamax are suitable for improving the digestive system. Of course, with an improved digestive system, fats in the body cannot be stored. An improvement in the digestive system of a man can improve intelligence. However, it depends on the diet plan and workout activities, as just taking pills is not a complete solution to reducing weight. The primary function is to increase sexual performance, and with the correct and recommended combination, a man can also decrease his weight.

Alphamax helps to maintain a diet as well. The function of this product is to put the energy of a workout and from food into muscle growth instead of fat stores. Importantly, the improvement of the urine system is also a big factor, which helps to reduce the amount of fat in the body. Remarkably the relationship between weight reduction and sex performance is well known, and Alphamax is a pivotal product to keep the appropriate balance of these two benefits in the long run. Now, it seems essential to have a plan to take the Alphamax! Each, according to their own needs, can take this product to get the full benefits.[6]

How to Take Alphamax

  1. The usage of Alphamax can be beneficial if it is taken care along with the considerations of different effects. Keep in mind the purpose of its use.
  2. If an individual is going to take the Alphamax, they must have considered the right amount. If he wants to enhance his sexual performance, he can set the time and take a dose according to the instructions.
  3. If an individual has to take the pill during the workout, he can take a tablet of 500 mg.
  4. To improve sexual performance, take it between 15 and 30 minutes before it will be required without any food. A break between taking the pill and sex is sufficient to produce better and expected results.
  5. If an individual intends to reduce weight, he has to take 250 mg pills of Alphamax along with a good diet plan.
  6. It is better to take the Alphamax with water. Ingesting with water is helpful in enabling the rapid changes in the body.
  7. There are different levels of use regarding Alphamax. The options for men, over the age of 18 are listed.

Potential Alphamax Side Effects

It is thought that there are not any side effects to using Alphamax, and all ingredients in the product are natural. This is a fact that the body already produces the natural hormones and reduces the threat of negative impacts on the body. All ingredients have been tested in labs, and it has been found that there are no addictive patterns found by using this product. It eliminates all those factors, which weakens the body, and due to the natural occurrence of different ingredients, the results can be obtained according to expectation.

However, regarding the usage, there are several side effects, which have been observed. Firstly, it must be taken according to the body capacity. If a person takes the pill beyond his size, the amount of testosterone can be increased. This may lead towards increased blood pressure. Also, sometimes, people will use this supplement to enhance or improve the workability of their sex drive. The increase in their libido can be influenced by biological, psychological and social factors, and sometimes, without these factors, it can create a negative impact on the body.

Moreover, when a man uses Alphamax on a daily basis, the regular exercise can disrupt the digestive system. Interestingly, the product when taken correctly does not have a direct impact on the body. However, if there is any impairment in the usage and timing, the side effects can be visible. Another side effect is over usage of the product or tablet. People make it a habit to increase their performance all the time. The product intends that people should improve naturally. Overuse can make a man fully dependent on Alphamax.

Thus, before buying the product, it seems imperative to read the instructions and information available. Understanding the product warning is the best way to eliminate the possible side effects of Alphamax.

Alphamax Product Warnings

Alphamax product warnings are precautions which should be considered by people before buying or using it. As mentioned, regular exercise cannot be sustained when using the tablet. If a man continues to exercise, energy will be shifted towards the muscles, body shape and structure. Another warning is the implementation of the doctor’s instructions regarding the usage. If the doctor asks a man to take two pills a day, he must use only two, as more pills may disrupt the digestive system and lungs. This warning has been given due to the differing capacities of the body for every person.

When a person intends to boost their sexual power, he can only take the tablet with water, as he has to avoid soda and wine with lunch or dinner. This can cause dangerous reactions in the body.

Furthermore, when taking the tablet, there is a warning from the doctors that men should a have a balanced diet to get faster results. If the diet is not stable, results can be delayed. To get the expected result even more quickly, a person should avoid smoking. This product has not been made for teenagers, as it is suitable for adults only to get immense benefits.

Any Alphamax Lawsuits

There are some lawsuits in the country regarding the production of this product. A possible lawsuit can occur if the correct information of the product ingredients has not been provided to the distributors and target customers. There is also a restriction regarding the use of banned ingredients. In 2015, Blackstone labs were involved in using the ingredients, which have been banned. Dymethazine and Methylsten were included in this particular product, which made the whole product quite controversial. However, things were settled soon due to a reputation for the product in the market.

Another possible lawsuit, which is relative to the Alphamax product, is the use of the product as a performance enhancer by athletes in different local and international events. The purpose of these kinds of energy tablets is strictly prohibited, and it can also lead towards the lifetime ban on the player. It works rapidly to change the physical conditions of the athlete, which seems illegal and unethical.

Unfortunately, those organizations are vulnerable to a lawsuit, which are still selling the Alphamax, including Dymethazine and Methylsten on different websites. The lawsuit can also impair the reputation of the product, as according to the general perceptions and facts, all ingredients are natural.

Alphamax Alternatives

To measure success and workability, it is essential for the user to judge the benefits, which can be derived according to their expectations. It has been proven that there are no side effects except the unfair or unsafe use of tablets. It can be safely said that if there is not a side effect when taken correctly, and there is no need for the alternative, which contains the illegal and harmful ingredients. Obviously, if a man is looking for something to enhance his sexual desire and performance, Alphamax is the most relevant alternative.

However, concerning the alternative of Alphamax, a man can find VIRECTIN, male Extra, natural GIAN PLUS, NUGENIX, and ANDRO 400. All these other options claim that the ingredients are natural with no side effect on the body. Again, it depends on the physical activity, age and capacity as to whether to choose these alternatives. Some alternatives are fast-acting and work swiftly. Choosing other options can be useful if a man has to take it according to the recommendations of doctors. Based on a specific diet plan and the nature of the body, these suggestions may be necessary to make a difference for the individual. These are the top alternatives, which can be found in the market.

What Users Are Saying

“Great product, I’ve been taking these for my allergies and have noticed a significant improvement. In addition, these are also great for eliminating body odors from your body from the inside out.”

“Helps my hands not hurt so bad from the arthritis.”

“Not sure if it helps me at all, but it is what it says it is. I got it for inflammation/allergies. It doesn’t make me sick or anything, so that’s good.”

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The Bottom Line – Does Alphamax Work?

Should you take the jump and clear the shelves if you find Alphamax? Well, we like that some of the ingredients have been tested, but we have reservations because that’s just not enough. This is especially true because many users are not happy with the results.

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Alpha Max

What are the ingredients in Alphamax?

The ingredients found in Alphamax is horny goat weed, nettle root, saw palmetto and tonkat ali.

What are the side effects of Alphamax?

The following are side effects of Alphamax: pains, headache, nausea, acne, and aches.

How do I know if Alpha Max is right for me?

Choosing the right product is the #1 question asked by DietSpotlight readers. We recommend trying any product before buying it and know that finding a product with a sample offer is near impossible - so we created our own product, Boost, with scientifically backed ingredients.

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Does Alphamax work?

There have been some customers that have reported of feeling like they didn’t receive “more bang for their buck”. However, some have also felt like this product have worked for them and they do plan on buying more of Alphamax.

What is the price of Alphamax?

The average price of this product is $34.99 for a 120 capsules.

Where can I buy Alphamax?

Alphamax is no longer for sale on their official site. This product has been replaced by the new name ” Alphamax XT” and can only be purchased online.

Where can I buy Alpha Max?

Alpha Max can be purchased using their Official Site or through Amazon.

How should I take Alphamax?

The recommended dosage is 2 capsules per day with water.

How do I contact Alphamax customer service?

Customer service contact information can be found on their official website.

Can I return Alphamax?

This company does have a return policy, however there is a 14 day money back guarantee if the customer is dissatisfied with the product.

What are the most common complaints about Alphamax?

The common complaints about this product is that it is only available online and the dosage should be regulated in a proper manner.

Alpha Max Ingredients

Alpha Max Ingredients and Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 2 Capsules
Serving Per Container: 60 Servings
Amount per Serving % DV
Vitamin D 2000 iu *
Vitamin B6 234 mcg *
Magnesium 10 mg *
Zinc 720 mcg *
Free Testosterone 700 mg *
- Urtica Dioica Extract * *
Total Testosterone and GH 150 mg *
- Mucuna Pruriens Extract * *
Estrogen and Cortisol Control 37.5 mg *
- Arimistane * *
Lean Mass Activator 25 mg *
- Coleus Forskohlii * *
Testosterone Support * *
ZMA 600 mg *
Vitamin D3 2000iu *

Other Ingredients: None

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  •   Alphamax 9/10
    Anonymous (Verified User)

    I’m on my 5th week so second tub for the full 8week cycle,,so far it’s doing exactly what it claims,,,no side effects for me , I’m also taking z.m.a so maybe that helps overall,,very happy with this product , I’m 43 been training over 20years and have tried many supplements through the years.