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Aminogen Review - 25 Things You Need to Know

Digesting proteins is important to overall health, but does it play a part in weight-loss. In the weeks that led up to this review, I figured out whether or not Aminogen actually works. To do that, we looked at the side effects, ingredients, and clinical research supporting the claims. We also read through user experiences and then gathered the details to give you the facts.

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What is Aminogen?

Aminogen is a supplement that some people include in their diet. It is derived from plants and is an enzyme that helps in the digestion of proteins.

Aminogen accelerates and facilitates proper protein digestion and decreases the chances of suffering from constipation.

As it helps with body functions and digestion of proteins, it is considered helpful for weight loss and in building lean muscles. The chemical breakdown of Aminogen shows that it is mainly made of protease and calcium.

Because of its characteristics and helping nature in the production of lean muscles, it is a key ingredient in loads of dietary supplements and is available as the supplement itself. Before delving deeper into this ingredient, what does the research have to say?

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How Did Aminogen Start?

Aminogen was first created in a lab and is naturally found in plants.

The essence of its composition lies in two materials, calcium and protease.

Protease is a patented blend of Triarco, a chemical/pharmaceutical manufacturing company.

The blend consists of ‘Aspergillus niger’ and ‘Aspergillus oryzae’ – according to a double-blind study published in Food Digestion

It is, however, necessary to understand that Triarco only makes this blend.

The supplement and digestive protein enzymes are for sale under many different names, stand-alone products, and ingredients in various dietary products.


Aminogen Claims

  • Aminogen claims to be effective for the building of lean muscles, reduction, and maintaining weight loss.
  • However, its true effects are yet to be found, as the people who use the enzyme have mixed reviews.
  • Some users complained about weight gain, while others cheered about weight loss.
  • However, there were several who failed to notice any change in their bodies after continued usage.
  • Aminogen claims to be used best with protein powder, causing the body to digest the protein quickly and making extra intake of protein powder possible.
  • This is nutritional and favorable for the body and produces new leaner mass that helps maintain your body’s shape and weight.

Aminogen Ingredients

Aminogen is made up of two basic ingredients. One of these ingredients is a patented blend that is made up of two different fungi.

Triarco – a pharmaceutical manufacturing company own the patented blend.

  • Calcium
  • Protease
  • Aspergillus Niger
  • Aspergillus Oryzae

Research published in Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology found that Aspergillus Niger is safe for consumption.

Does It Work?

How Does Aminogen Work?

The enzyme is a chemical substance present in your body that helps in the breakdown of food and eases indigestion.

Enzymes also break food down to their molecular level so that they are easily stored in the body to be further broken down for energy creation.

For every type of food, there is a separate enzyme.

For example, to break down fat and carbs, there would be different enzymes that would work on the food and take out the essentials nutrients needed.

Aminogen is a protein enzyme, which means that it is used to break down the protein portion of your diet into smaller and digestible molecules.

These proteins are then easily stored in your body and used for energy creation and the building of muscle mass in your body.


How Does Aminogen Work for Men?

In men, it is supposed to help them to gain body muscle, shape, and strength of the body in context to the muscle mass.

Enzymes break down protein so it can be more readily used for muscle growth and recovery.

Men who are looking for a physique with leaner, more pronounced muscle will benefit the most from it.


How Does Aminogen Work for Women?

Weight loss is something that all women seek.

Aminogen is supposed to help women maintain their body weight while keeping the bodily functions at their optimal level.

It also helps in the production of proteins and provides lean muscles to their body.

Furthermore, a newfound use of aminogen is in cosmetics, where it is used as an anti-aging agent and creates firmness in your skin, especially in areas like the neck and under the chin, where the skin starts sagging and wrinkling first.

It is also used in anti-aging serum that is used around the eye to reduce wrinkles, dark circles, and the drooping of eyelids.


How Does Aminogen Work for Athletes?

Aminogen is used to break down protein and help in the building of lean muscles.

Athletes are more inclined to have a powerful, muscular body with less body mass and increased lean muscles that provide them an agile body that they could use to be faster in their particular sport.


How Aminogen Works for Bodybuilders?

aminogen bodybuilders

Bodybuilders are always enthusiastic about growing their muscles and making them visible.

Aminogen helps them achieve lean muscles by helping them digest the protein and forming leaner muscles that are necessary for strong posture and more visibly cut muscles.

Why Is It Good?

Why is Aminogen Protein Powder Good?

Combining this enzyme with whey protein powder allows the body to digest the proteins thoroughly and quickly, making the best of the protein supplement.

As the protein powder contains the Aminogen, the extra intake of the protein in your body is easily digested and allows your body to have more protein, allowing you to increase your frequency of consuming protein powder.

This is good if you are looking for a body with proper muscle cuts and leans muscles.

The increased intake of protein would allow you to gain muscle and mass.

Furthermore, the protein powder is good if you are looking forward to maintaining your body structure and body weight.

Side Effects

What are Aminogen Side Effects?

aminogen side effects

As per different complaints registered by the users of supplements containing Aminogen, constipation complaints were the most common ones.

Along with it were complaints of gas, cramps in the abdominal region/stomach, and nausea.

These complaints were eliminated when the supplement use was discontinued.

Aminogenesis Eye Control

What is Aminogenesis Eye Control?

Aminogen is used for beauty and cosmetic purposes too.

It fulfills the body’s need for proteins and fights glycation.

Glycation is a process that makes use of sugar molecules and destroys the protein in your body, causing wrinkles, the drooping effect on your skin, especially near your eyes.

Aminogen is found in Aminogenesis eye control, a serum that is used to help your skin revive and get rid of sags and wrinkles.

It prevents your eyelids from drooping and gets rid of your dark circles and the sagging skin under your eyes, which are common signs of aging and also caused by glycation as it stresses the skin and causes the skin to lose its firmness.

It improves wrinkles around the eyes by a huge 34% and helps with drooping eyelids by 61%.


How Aminogen Helps with Lactase

Aminogen is an enzyme that helps with the breakdown and digestion of the protein content of your diet.

Similarly, lactase is an enzyme used to break down the fat content of your diet.

Combined, aminogen and lactase make the perfect combination of digestive enzymes, as both the protein and fat content are broken down and easily absorbed by the body, allowing your body to make the best use of both the components.

This combination is most commonly found in whey protein supplements, which are a part of the diet for an individual who is going to the gym regularly.

Neck Control

Aminogenesis Neck Control?

Aminogenesis neck control is one of the latest uses of the enzyme Aminogen.

Aminogen is used as a core ingredient of cream that is applied to the chin and neck to fight sagging, wrinkling, and loosening of the skin due to aging.

Developed in France, the cream helps you fight the most obvious signs of aging by revitalizing your skin and making it firm.

The cream supposedly helps to tighten the skin and lift the sagging skin from the neck and under the chin.

Furthermore, it is used to make the wrinkles of the skin on the neck area firm by fulfilling the protein needs of the skin. For the best results, twice a day usage is recommended.

Whey Protein

Whey Protein with Aminogen

Aminogen is a key ingredient in some quality whey protein supplements.

As the whey protein is properly digested and stored by the body, with the help of enzymes, the body makes use of this whey protein, helping the user to gain strength and quickly gain the desired lean muscles.

Aminogen in whey proteins is often combined with lactase, an enzyme that is used to break down fats.

Together, this combination is great to get rid of excess fat and allows the protein to be properly digested and stored in the body.

This dual-action allows the extra protein to work and gain strong muscles quicker.

Does It Work?

Does Aminogen Work?

This is a highly debated question. Aminogen has always been received with mixed reviews.

As per the reviews, some of the users of Aminogen are happy with the results, saying they lost weight, gained body mass, and for those who used the serum skin, said that the skin gets firmer with lesser wrinkles.

Other users say that they saw no results whatsoever and referred to using the supplement as ‘munching without any effects.’

However, it is important to understand that these supplements are also used by bodybuilders and athletes to maintain body mass.

The people who used these for weight loss purposes were the most disgruntled of them all.

This was because Aminogen is wrongly associated with weight loss. It is a protein-digesting enzyme and helps only with digestion and absorption of protein in the body.


Aminogen Uses

Aminogen is an enzyme that helps in the digestion and breakdown of the protein content of your daily life.

When the protein is properly broken down, absorbed, and then stored in the body, the bodily functions are enhanced, and the process of muscle building is accelerated.

Aminogen is used in various supplements, especially supplements used by bodybuilders and athletes to build lean muscles.

Aminogen is also used in all the high-quality whey protein powder.
It is a key ingredient in beauty and cosmetic products, like anti-aging creams and serums.

These creams and serums are used on sagging and aging skin. Aminogen then helps in the revitalization and firmness of the skin and returns the protein loss due to glycation.

Benefits & Results

Aminogen Benefits and Results

aminogen benefits

  • Aminogens are a protein digestion enhancer or facilitator made up of calcium and a protease that breaks down proteins into smaller molecules that are easily absorbed by the body.
  • When used as a beauty product, the Aminogenesis eye control was found to be effective in putting an end to wrinkles around the eyes, dark circles, and drooping eyelids.
  • The eyelids were found to be 61% less droopy after the continuous use of the product.
  • Aminogenesis neck control for skin that is sagging and wrinkled due to aging was found to be effective, as per most of the reviews, and is known to recover 36% of your skin’s firmness.
  • As a weight loss supplement, it had mixed reviews; similar was the case with those looking for leaner muscles and relied solely on the supplements for Aminogens.
Weight Loss

Details on Aminogen And Weight Loss

Weight loss is sought after among all genders and people from all over the world.

Aminogen is thought to help with weight reduction as it allows the allocation of protein and reduces the chances of proteins stored as fat for long-term use in the body.

However, it does not directly help in the process of weight loss. However, its ability to store protein pushes muscle tissue production and triggers the growth of lean muscles in your body.

Giving your body the shape and muscle cuts that people dream of.


How to Use Aminogen

One could use it as a daily dietary supplement and take one pill a day of aminogen.

They could also use the supplements for multiple benefits.

Furthermore, their use as a Whey protein supplement is popular.

A relatively recent use of aminogen is a cosmetic product. These cosmetic products are anti-aging and are used as cream or serum.

Product Warnings

Aminogen Product Warnings

Being a digestive enzyme, Aminogen is a supplement that is mainly composed of calcium and protease.

There are no product warnings that are issued with it except for the standard warning of consulting your general physician or dietitian before starting to take the supplements.

Also, it is advisable that if faced with any side effects, like constipation, bloating, cramps, and nausea, you should immediately consult a general physician.

Cosmetic products should also be discontinued if your skin is sensitive and causes rashes or irritation, especially around your eyes.

Also, consulting a general physician is recommended in case you accidentally swallow beauty products, like cream and serum that contain aminogen.


Any Aminogen Lawsuits?

As an ingredient in supplements, whey protein, and cosmetic products, Aminogen has not faced any lawsuits in the U.S. or any other part of the world.


Aminogen Alternatives

Although Aminogen is a product that acts as an enzyme for the digestion of proteins, it may not have any alternatives.

However, if the consumer is looking to gain lean muscles, they could opt for dietary supplements or whey protein supplements.

For weight loss, they could use green tea and other supplements that are easily available.

To get rid of saggy skin, they could use beauty products with anti-aging qualities. Aminogen may not have any alternatives present on the market.

What Users Are Saying

What Users Are Saying

“I have used this product many times because it helps tighten skin as I am quickly losing weight.”

“Great Price – It took awhile to shipped.”

“I received in a quick manner. Its everything it says it is. Herbalife is a trusted product. Would reuse, and refer.”

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line on Aminogen

Is it time to buy up some Aminogen? Well, we like the idea of adding protease to your diet, and the ingredients are natural, but we are hesitant to recommend it because of some small issues. There are reports of side effects, mixed reviews, and no substantial clinical support.

If you’re at the point where you want to lose weight now, our suggestion is to go with a program that is clinically tested and shown to help dieters achieve weight-loss goals.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Noom. It provides users with personalized care so you learn how to lose weight – not how to follow some fad diet that will backfire with rebound weight gain. Stop restrictive dieting and start living.

Plus, the makers of Noom are confident enough that you’ll see results that they’re offering all customers a free trial offer.

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What are the side effects of Aminogen?

Aminogen side effects mentioned by customers include constipation, gas, cramping and nausea.

What are the ingredients in Aminogen?

If purchased as a supplement, Aminogen ingredients include protease and calcium.

Does Aminogen work?

There’s some information about the active ingredient in Aminogen, protease, being effect as it relates to digestive health, but there’s no research showing the supplement will support weight-loss.

How much does Aminogen cost?

Aminogen cost $24.90 for 60 capsules. Each bottle lasts two months.

How should I take Aminogen?

You should take one Aminogen capsule per day.

Can I take Aminogen if I have a health condition?

Women who are pregnant or nursing, those with health conditions, people taking prescription medications or anyone under 18 years of age should contact a healthcare professional prior to taking any dietary supplement, including Aminogen.

Will I need to diet and exercise while taking Aminogen?

No, you won’t need to diet and exercise while taking Aminogen. But adding fitness and healthy eating could improve results.

What other supplement contain Aminogen?

Other supplements that include Aminogen include protein powders and muscle-building products.

Does Aminogen come with a guarantee?

If you purchase Aminogen as a supplement, some companies offer a guarantee.

14 Aminogen Reviews

  • Can take with protien shake?
    jeff (Verified Purchase)

    I started a diet plan from herbalife replacing meals with shakes and protein. With the diet plan comes a lot of different vitamins and supplements as well as aminogen. In this article however it says not to use aminogen if your trying to lose weight… so should I stop taking it? And if I need to continue taking it should it be taken before or after my protein shake? Thanks

    • geri

      Not that u shouldn’t take it if ur losing weight. It meant it is more for proper digestion as u eat protein.

    • rosita shelton

      Im about to start the aminogen i have high blood pressure should i take it?

    • Alexa

      I know for a fact that aminogen is only supposed to help distribute proteins all the way throughout your body. It’s not a weight loss pill. It just helps your skin become firm while losing weight and not flabby.

  • i am on vyvanse for adhd.by taking aminogen with vyvanse is it going to have any type of affect.
    jason yates

    i am on vyvanse for adhd.by taking aminogen with vyvanse is it going to have any type of affect.

    • Victoria (Editor)

      Hi! Because of possible interactions with Vyvanse, please make sure to consult with your physician before taking this product.

  • I'm on birth control. Should I take Aminogen?

    I’m on birth control. Should I be ok to take this Aminogen and not worry about it decreasing the effects of my birth control?

    • Victoria (Editor)

      Hi Erika! Its best to consult with your doctor, he can guide you with this. Another product to keep in mind is Dietspotlight Burn, its ingredients are safe, it suppresses appetite, helping you lose weight.

  • I have headaches with Aminogen usage
    silvia (Verified Purchase)

    I star to take aminogen by herbalife but since I started I have headaches does some one had this sympton? what shoul I do…..

    • lily

      i have been havig headaches too and i take aminogen from herbalife , i used to wonder why i had headches and now i see it is that product, it does work but gives me headches

      • Dehira

        Try taking the multivitamins along with the aminogen it helped me.

    • Judi

      Aminogen does NOT cause headaches; you aren’t consuming enough water and that’s why the headaches. Every person should be consuming about half their body weight in ounces each day to stay healthy – that will also eliminate the headaches.

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