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Apidexin Review - Does This Fat Burner Work?

By Summer Banks Sep 02, 2017

In my never-ending quest to discover the best diet product, this week I focused on Apidexin. We examined the ingredients, side effects, and scientific research. Furthermore, we read hundreds of dieter comments and remarks. Finally, we summarized and refined to give you the info you need.

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What is Apidexin?

To start, Apidexin is an over-the-counter weight-loss supplement. The ingredients are garcinia cambogia, green tea, greenselect phytosome green tea, purple tea with GHG, natural caffeine, theobromine and higenamine. [1] [2] You’ll take it 30 minutes prior to breakfast and lunch; three capsules per serving is the maximum dosage. It claims to boost metabolism, reduce body fat and help you eat less food.

NutriPharm introduced Apidexin in 2008. The official website sells the supplement. We like that it contains a few natural ingredients and that we located some positive comments. You want to know if it works, so read on…

The Cost – “A Problem?”

The first issue we found with Apidexin ingredients was price. “The per bottle price is less than $50,” said our Research Editor. “You’ll take two capsules per day, meaning that it lasts about two weeks. So, you’re actually paying more than $100.”

One user said, “I ordered just one supply and was changed over 200.00.”

Another complained, “The bottle did not last me 2 weeks. That was over $50.”

On the other hand, there are Apidexin reviews where dieters didn’t mention the price.

“It costs about the same as others, so I’ll give a try for atleast 30 days,” reported a user.

Apidexin Side Effects – “An Issue?”

According to user reviews, there’s an issue with Apidexin side effects. One dieter stated, “I just started taking these pills one month ago, but my heart has been feeling weird at times.”

Another said, “Took this pill today and I started shaking because my heart rate increased.” [3] [4]

Some dieters didn’t experience adverse reactions.

“Apidexin ingredients caused a boost in energy,” stated a dieter.

“No side effects to speak of,” reported another.

Our research shows a connection between side effects and a reduction in long-term success. There’s a concern if dieters report negative side effects while using Apidexin.

The Science – “Is This Legit?”

The company website offers information about the benefits of Apidexin ingredients. What’s missing are studies supporting the claims. There’s research into green tea and caffeine, but any findings don’t relate to this supplement. At DietSpotlight, we raise the red flag if there’s no science-based facts used as evidence.

The Bottom Line – Does Apidexin Work?

Will Apidexin help you lose those extra pounds? Well, it’s nice to see it contains some natural ingredients, and that we located a few positive comments. But, we’re concerned about the lack of research used to support the claims. Also, there’s an issue relating to users talking about the high price and side effects.

If you want to slim down, we suggest going with an affordable supplement containing ingredients backed by science and not linked to harmful side effects.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is our product called Dietspotlight Burn. The supplement contains four clinically-tested ingredients and the results are often found in publications such as the journal Obesity and The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Plus, we’re so confident that you’ll love our supplement, that we’re offering a special trial offer, which is a good sign.

Previous Apidexin Review (Updated May 8, 2014):

Apidexin: What You Should Know

Apidexin is a weight loss product that is described by the manufacturers as the "world's strongest fat burner." This dietary supplement was developed by the Apidexin Research & Development team and is claimed to be superior to most prescription weight loss drugs. Basically, it aims to assist women and men with dropping four to seven pounds in a week's time. A regular fitness regimen and healthy eating plan are encouraged with Apidexin supplements. While a single bottle lasts for 30 days time, this diet product is to be taken twice - 30 minutes prior to breakfast and again 30 minutes before lunch. For those concerned with the full makeup of Apidexin, this diet supplement is stated to be "vegetarian-based." Although this product sells for $99.95 per bottle for a one-month supply, there is a 100% money-back guarantee. We could determine that there are eight active ingredients offered in Apidexin capsules, which are Bioperine (helps the body absorb ingredients), Infinergy (boosts energy and mental awareness), Lipolide SC (assists with fat burning activity), ForsLean (increases lean muscle tissue), ThermoDiamine (Evodiamine), GuggulEZ100 (helps with blood sugar levels, boosts metabolic rates, and increases fat loss), Razberi-K, and Fucoxanthin (aids with thermogenesis and boosting the user's metabolism).

List of Ingredients in Apidexin

No full list provided on the official website.

Product Features in Apidexin

Apidexin is essentially a weight reduction capsule that aims to do everything from boosting metabolic rates, to increasing fat burning activity, to regulating blood sugar levels, to assisting with lean muscle tissue maintenance, and improving thermogenesis within the body. There are a few customer testimonials and success stories provided on the official website. However, it does not appear that any free trial samples of Apidexin are available at this time. In regards to clinical research, the official website does state that this weight loss product is "clinically proven." On the other hand, there are no clinical trials or research presented on the website, which are things that we like to see.


  • Apidexin can be acquired without a doctor's prescription and comes in a simple capsule form.
  • The eight key active ingredients are listed and explained on the official website.


  • At this point there are only a few testimonials provided on the official website from Apidexin users.
  • There is no actual clinical data presented on the website for review.
  • It does not seem possible to attain free trial samples of this weight reduction supplement.
  • Apidexin sells for $99.95 a bottle which may be too expensive for the average consumer.
  • A full list of all ingredients are not revealed for Apidexin capsules.
  • May cause headaches in some individuals. (See reader comments.)
  • There are no before and after photos provided to encourage dieters to choose this weight loss drug over the numerous others.

Apidexin: Conclusion

All in all, Apidexin does not really stand out a great deal from the deluge of other weight loss pills and supplements currently offered. On the plus side, this diet product does come with a money-back guarantee and the eight active ingredients are listed on the official website for review. Then again, there are no success stories or clinical trials offered to support the overall effectiveness of Apidexin diet capsules. This may raise a red flag for some potential users, especially since we feel there are other supplements out there that offer unique, cutting-edge formulations as well as testimonials.

Apidexin claims to help with suppressing appetite and increase energy.

Apidexin Ingredients and Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 Capsule
Serving Per Container: 60
Amount per Serving% DV
Vitamin B12345mcg*
Ivingia Gabonensis**
Raspberry Ketone**
Coleus Forskohlii**
Caffeine Anhydrous**
Malic Acid**
Guggul EZ 100**
Lipolide SC**

Other Ingredients: Magnesium Stearate, microcrystalline cellulose

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Summer Banks, Director of Content at Dietspotlight, has researched over 5000 weight-loss programs, pills, shakes and diet plans. Previously, she managed 15 supplement brands, worked with doctors specializing in weight loss and completed coursework in nutrition at Stanford University. full bio.

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Apidexin Review

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What are the side effects of Apidex?

Some potential side effects of Apidex, short for Apidexin include headache, nausea, vomiting, loose stool, diarrhea, belching, bloating, hiccups, skin reactions, increased heart rate and elevated blood pressure.

What are the ingredients in Apidexin?

The ingredients in Apidexin are garcinia cambogia, green tea, GreenSelect Phytosome green tea, purple tea with GHG, natural caffeine, theobromine, higenamine, gelatin and olive oil. 

How do I know if Apidexin is right for me?

Choosing the right product is the #1 question asked by DietSpotlight readers. We recommend trying any product before buying it and know that finding a product with a sample offer is near impossible - so we created our own product, Burn HD, with scientifically backed ingredients.

Click here to get your sample of our powerful fat burner today.

Does Apidexin work?

There are no clinical studies proving Apidexin works. There’s research into the effectiveness of green tea and caffeine, but not specifically into this formula. When you purchase these ingredients individually you’ll pay less than you would for this supplement. Several customers on the web reported less than stellar results.

You may be interested in replacing Apidexin with a product like Dietspotlight Burn, which has ingredients clinically proven to be effective.

How much does Apidexin cost?

Apidexin costs $49.95 for a 30-day supply, $79.95 for two bottles and $109.95 for three.

What is Apidexin’s BBB rating?

The BBB rating is a disappointing “F”. (This is the BBB rating for NutriPharm LLC, the business behind Apidexin.)

How should I take Apidex?

You should take Apidexin as one to three capsules 30 minutes prior to a meal or exercise. The website recommends taking with 12 to 16 ounces of water. You should not exceed three pills per day and taking within seven hours of bedtime could hinder sleep. One bottle lasts between 10 and 30 days.

Do I have to exercise with Apidex?

Apidexin results are optimized with a healthy diet and exercise program. There are no details about how often. 

Is there a guarantee for Apidexin?

Apidexin offers a 90-day money-back guarantee. You only have the option of returning one used bottle. The others you received must be unopened for a refund.

Apidexin Reviews

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I have done this in the past and it works really well. some tips- drink a full water bottle in the morning with your first pill , second with your lunch. that’s all …. make sure your drinking tons of water! and for me I work out 20 mins everyday, eat 3 meals a day , no snaking ! and I went from 150 to 132 very quickly I would say about 2 months or so. —- fast forward 2 years I need to start again, but this is my go -to.


tried it in college… Felt a little jittery but lost from about 138 to 118. Stopped at that point. Basically gives you enough energy to work a 40 hour job, go to class, study, and Go for a 5 mile run. I believe this what Cocain or speed would feel like… Trying again out of school now… Will let you know the results.

  Apidexin doesn't do anything for me.
Paulee (Verified User)

Apidexin doesn’t do anything for me. Also, when ordere the product I only ordered the one bottle and could get another for only $5 more. When It arrived in the mail. They sent me the whole 218$ worth of he product and I cant get a refund. I have tried the regular bottle, the pm bottle and the super shredder. Again, it hasn’t worked at all for me. Very upset.

  A reasonable price product
Karen (Editor) (Verified User)

Hi Shannon, it can be a bit expensive, but for a more reasonaly priced product you should look into Dietspotlight Burn.

  I'll keep you updated
Evelin (Verified User)

Hey guys/gals…purchased the product about 2 days ago, and just got the Apedixin right now! Will let you guys know if i lost any weight after this weekend. Keep y’all posted!

  Can Apidexin take with blood pressure medication

Can you take this if you’re on blood pressure medication I have taken it and am a little light headed

Karen (Editor)

Hi Pamela. Please consult your doctor before using any dietary supplement.

  I just start taking these pills

I just started taking these pills one month ago and haven’t notice a huge weight change, but lately my heart has been feeling weird at times. Has this happened to anyone else?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Tori. You might be having side effects to one the ingredients; some users also claimed to have experienced that as well when they took apidexin.


Took this product a little more than a month, and it made me gain 14 pounds.. I did not lose any weitht

willie ingram

I’m glad you said that I just gained 20 pounds.junk doent not work.you gain weight


I honestly haven’t had any problems with this pill, yet. Instead of taking 2 capsules, I only take 1 and I drink the water like it said, but I don’t drink it right away. I drink it throughout the day. If you don’t eat healthy food with this, obviously it isn’t going to work. It has cut back my appetite immensely. I weighed 270 pounds y months ago, and now I only weigh a little over 210. I feel much healthier. I feel well rested and that never happens for me, inbusually always tired. Yes, I feel a little jiterh but that is most likely the caffeine in the product. It doesn’t happen overnight or in just a week. You’re gonna gain weight at first from all of the water. Patience. And if you don’t work out at all with this product, you won’t lose weight either. Hope this helped! I guess it only works for certain people?

richard squires

how much is this after free offer

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Richard, Apidexin costs approximately $49.95 for a 30-day supply.


Taylor medina, maybe try more protein, I usually eat fish, chicken, or salad for dinner. Nothing heavy at night. Try not to eat past 6 it works for me. If your going to eat carbs do it for lunch, so your burning it off through the day. Good luck


I’ve been taking this product for three week’s now. I started at 222 im at 208 lbs. It def decreases my appetite. I dont really feel the energy that some have claimed. I take one pill in the morning and one around 2. I usually eat dinner around 6 and I have to force myself. I really feel full all day. I’ve had no side effects at all. I did do the 72 hour cleanse before I started it. So I could get toxins out and start fresh. I do eat pretty healthy but I do have my weak moments. I would recommend this product absolutely.


Please could you send me some information xx

  Loved the product.
Betty (Verified User)

I’ve been on them for 15 days now, I have lots of energy, I drink lots of water, eat right & exercise as I always have 4-5 times a week, I feel good but haven’t lost any weight. Hopefully I see some weight come off soon.

   i drank 4 bottles of water today
Taylor Medina (Verified User)

I received pills this Tuesday and first day i took 2 pills 30 min before i ate lunch today is DAY 2 i took 2 pills 30 min before breakfast and 30 min before lunch. I worked out ALOT today and don’t think that i drank enough water so i feel a little dizzy after my last work out i only ate special k cereal in the morning and a mango and yoghourt at lunch i drank 4 bottles of water today ? what do you think can be the problem ? if any one know please email me or just reply in a comment

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Taylor. These side effects your are experiencing might be because you are dehydrated and need to drink more water. If you continue to have side effects please make sure to consult with your physician.

   I would recommend one give it a try.

Honestly I was taking these pills for about a month or two and I lost a total of 25 pounds. I think it just depends on who you are. I’m 5’3 and weighed 198 and went down to 173. I excercised 5/7 days a week which I know played a role but I did feel my appetite get smaller and so did my stomach. I would recommend one give it a try.

Fran (Verified User)

I tried the pills for 30 days. The only thing I got was nausaua

   effecting my liver

Took abidexin for 30 days… Started having pains and dark urine.. Found out it is severely effecting my liver.. In a bay way..lost no weight.. Been trying to return it with no avail.. The number they. Give you to call has you on hold for about 10 min then bumps you to leave a MSG.. I have left multiple mssgs and no one has called back..


I’m reading all these comments and thinking I wouldn’t buy this product do anyone you check with your dr. Before taking any kind of diet supplement ? I found a great one that worked checked out all ingredients prior with my dr however one of them was affecting my kidney functions and I had to stop taking . These are all quick fixes we all know it ! Ultimately it comes Down to the old fashion eating and exercise. …

  Can I start taking the apedexin pills with the 72 hour cleanse pills or do I need to start with the 72 hour cleanse then start daily apedexin pill?

Can I start taking the apedexin pills with the 72 hour cleanse pills or do I need to start with the 72 hour cleanse then start daily apedexin pill?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Daniel. You can take Apidexin and the 72 Hour Cleanse Pills at the same time.

  Company is fake and there employers are liers.
Rachael (Verified User)

They are the biggest liters that there is. I bought it and tried 2 pills. Called them and they said for me to send the product back. I did, in its package and did not open the second bottle because I got sick after I took three pills. They won’t refund my money back because they said I opened the second bottle. It is a total lie. I did not open it. Talked to Jonathan the supervisor for 40 minutes and he was so mean and said there is nothing He can do. I asked him to send the bottle that he says I opened and he says they threw it away. So unfair.


yes right. i also threw my money.. the company is sucks.

  I ordered Apidexin today, I will post an update in 2 wks.

I am 5’5 and weight 195. I have baby weight that will not go away. I ordered Apidexin today and am looking forward to starting them. I will post an update in 2 wks.

Shamika Duncan

Latoya i to want to try apidexin but i am a bit worried to try. you and i were/are the same exact weight and height. I didnt see a follow up response from you. did the apidexin work for you? how long did it take before you saw results? please feel free to contact me via email to discuss your likes and dislikes with apidexin. Thanks!! 🙂


Hey I was wondering how this worked for you. I have wasted so much money on pills etc. Thanks for the input.:)

  The pill is awful.
Mary (Verified User)

I have been taking Apidexin for 2.5 weeks now and it has done absolutely nothing for me! I work out 3-5 times a week and eat a healthy diet! It has not once suppressed my appetite or boosted my energy. I first started one pill a day and now I am using 3 a day. Still nothing! I have even gained weight. I would not recommend this pill to anyone. If I could give it a negative rating I would. I am sending it back for a full refund of the price! I will go back to the diet pill I have used in the past that has given me great results! I decided to try this one because I read so many great results! Wow! I wonder if they are just people who work for Apidexin and get paid to write reviews! Ha! Cause this pill is awful!!!


what is the usual diet pill that worked for you

  I hope this product will work for me.

hey there I’m Hoggie I’m 58 yrs old at 344lbs I’m going to give this a try I’m a diabetic with high blood pressure I hope this helps me get this weight off if anyone thinks this is bad for me please let me know !

Deb H

Hello Hoggie,
Just wanted to find out if this Apidexin is working for you and what are your results as of today?

Victoria (Editor)

Hello. It is advised if you have high blood pressure to consult with your physician before taking weight loss supplements.

  14 years old can take it?

I’m 14 5’4″ 156lbs and my mothers friend gave me 2 bottles of her new adapexin pills suggesting I take them to lose weight. I did research on it and it says I have to be over 18 and I’m worried about how it can affect your heart. Should I take them? What’s the harm?


Amy Running will shed the pounds quickest. As much as it sucks to get started you will see results if you do it and gradually increase your distance. Start with running around the block. Once you can do that without stopping add a block and so on. Any progress is great progress. Pills won’t work at your age, trust me.


Don’t take the diet pills. I am a clinical exercise physiologist that specializes in cardiology. Taking diet pills at such a young age can cause nonreversible heart damage. According to the BMI you are right on the marker of being over weight but still in the normal range. BMIs aren’t always accurate due to the fact that they don’t factor in muscle mass. Enjoy your youth, exercise, and eat healthy. That is the best recipe for being fit.


WOW…. you are way too young… You still need to mature into your body. Im ten years older with about the same numbers… like he said… run,give it time, and watch your diet



Victoria (Editor)

Hello Amy. It is not recommended for a 14 year old to take this weight loss supplement.

  Hated the product.
Ann Blakely (Verified User)

I got no results from this product , took it the whole month of jan. Iam going to send it back for a refund , lost my receipt but have found it . Hopefully you will stand by your word , this product did absolutely nothing for me !!!

  Loved the product.
Betty (Verified User)

I have been taking them for 15 days now, I feel energetic, I drink lots of water, eat right, exercise like I always had 4-5 times a week, I feel great but haven’t seen any weight lose yet. Hopefully I see it soon.

  Loved the product.
Tasha (Verified User)

I have been taking apidexin for almost a month and I’ve only lost 3lbs. I just realized it may be harder for me because I have a thyroid disease. I did notice that if you don’t take the pill with the right amount of water you will feel sick to your stomach. It does however give me some energy.

  This should not affect your drug test
Tora Lanard (Verified User)

No this will not make you fell a drug test. I started taking these pills recently. I went for a job interview at Onin Staffing and I passed with flying colors.


Bought this product some months ago but just opened it bout 3weeks ago..the product does cut your appetite significantly but what i did experience was severe stomach cramps throughout the day and dizziness thought it would subside in a coupe o days but to no avail..


Waste of money!!! My mother took these pills for 3 days, and she feels terrible! It feels like it’s stuck in your trhout . We will be returning these soon; my family and i dislike these very much .

  Lost 10 pounds
shanece (Verified User)

I have been taking apedexin for 2 weeks and I have lost a little over 10 pounds. I do P90x, on a high protein diet, and take apidexin twice day…I started at 158.7 on July 18th, and today(july 29th) I am 147.4. Hopefully im not losing muscle. I wont know until I test my body fat% again on Aug 17…

  Suppress appetite
Carol (Verified User)

I have been taking Apidexin for 3 days now. I have no side effects – I have not lost any weight but have noticed that it does help in suppressing my appetite so I am making better food choices. Will post back in a week to let you know of the progress.


I’m in the same spot as you were when you posted this. How is it going Carol?