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Apidexin Review - 16 Things You Need to Know

Apidexin is a pill that is supposed to boost your metabolism and help you feel less hungry. Advertisements for the product claim that by taking the pills, you can see fast results with absolutely no side effects. We doubt the claims about the effectiveness of the product and are concerned by the possible side effects due to the list of ingredients.

Due in part to the fact that caffeine is one of the primary ingredients in Apidexin, we do not believe that taking these pills has any greater impact on the health of your body than any other weight-loss pill. By examining the ingredients closely, our research team has determined if this is a pill worth trying. Our full summary is outlined here for you.

Apidexin can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What is Apidexin?

Apidexin used to be one of many weight loss pills sold at your local pharmacy. Available without a doctor’s prescription, it was meant to lead to lost weight amongst individuals who were obese and could not lose weight by any other conventional method. As an appetite suppressant, Apidexin worked by limiting the number of cravings that people taking the supplement would have during the average day. It also is reported to have excellent fat burning capabilities to accelerate the weight loss process. When available, you can get this brand of diet pills at your local pharmacy.

Apidexin is a weight loss medication that grew extremely popular quite quickly. It was meant to be a cheaper alternative to other types of prescription diet pills available on the market. Many people try to buy drugs online that are meant to reduce weight, but this is not always the safest way to go about it. Buying diet pills online is something that doctors do not advise, which is one of the reasons why Apidrex was so appealing. Used in conjunction with a diet that is low in calories, Apidexin is believed to help people lose weight. While it was available in both generic and brand named versions, these weight loss pills were not generally covered under insurance. As this weight loss medication was being sold, many pharmacies did offer coupons to help offset some of the costs.

Apidexin Competitors

Garcinia Cambogia
Oxyselect Pink

How Did Apidexin Start?

Apidexin was introduced in 2008 by NutriPharm. While the manufacturers claim that the pill works to reduce weight, suppress hunger and boost metabolism, there is no definitive evidence to support the claim because the diet pill has received mixed reviews from customers since it was introduced.

The product can be bought from the official website, however there have been issues with payments, contacting the suppliers and pricing. These issues started as soon as the product was launched in 2008.

The fact that people have to pay bills without receiving pills is also among the factors that affect the image of the product. Apidexin is also available on Ebay and Amazon.

The safest option to buy this supplement is through the official website, but due to the fact that it is very difficult to approach the suppliers at their official website, people usually end up buying supplement from either Ebay or Amazon.

Additionally, the official website offers some information and research, but nothing linking to their formula.

Apidexin Customer Testimonials

Apidexin Claims

Apidexin claims to suppress hunger while boosting the metabolism and reducing fat quickly. They also claim to have a “famous” 90-day money-back guarantee.

The manufacturers also mention that there is a possibility the supplement may not work for 2% of the people who try it.

In addition, the majority of the reviews from customers point out that the pill does not work as it claims. The official website of Apidexin highlights that the supplement works when a diet is changed but no guidelines to the diet plan or diet plan itself are provided on their website.

The website also does not allow outsiders to post their reviews on the website, which does not add up well with the reputation of the supplement.

The packaging of a supplement is that of a pharmacy product, although it is merely a diet supplement with no evident proof that it works.

How Does Apidexin Work?

The supplement works by regulating the blood sugar level within the body while working to boost up the metabolism.

The combination of regulated blood sugar levels and increased metabolism supposedly decreases the appetite and burn the stored fat into energy.

The regulated sugar levels help the body to burn fat faster thus leaving the body with lesser fat.


Apidexin Ingredients

Apidexin is a combination of numerous ingredients that combine to deliver the weight loss effects that its users have come to rely upon. For people that are considering any drug, nevertheless, one that impacts their metabolism and mechanism to lose weight, it is important to understand the very ingredients that go into the supplement. With that in mind, following a description of some of the main ingredients contained in Apidexin.

Update July 2019: The new ingredient list is:

  • Garcinia Cambogia
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Purple Tea with GHG
  • Natural Caffeine
  • Theobromine
  • Higenamine


This is a polysaccharide that is water soluble. It is commonly seen as a dietary fiber and forms a key hemicellulose part of the cell walls inherent in a variety of plant species. The reason why it is added to Apidexin is that it is commonly used as an additive to many foods and is used as both an emulsifier and a thickener. While no definitive studies have been published, Glucomannan is believed to help contribute to lost weight on the part of its users.

The components of this ingredient that are so effective are related back to the effect that soluble fibers are believed to have on the weight loss process. Glucomannan will help to absorb the water that collects in the stomach, which therefore contributes to its overall satiety. It is also believed that Glucomannan helps to promote a reduction in caloric intake, which will lead to weight loss over time and when used on a consistent basis. In addition to leading to weight loss, this particular ingredient has been shown to be effective as a natural prebiotic, relieving constipation, and lowering cholesterol.


This is a plant endemic to the Amazon region of Brazil. As it provides energy and caffeine-like benefits to those that ingest it, guaranteed forms the main ingredient in Apidex. This ingredient is an aid to the weight loss process, while also providing the additional benefit of an improvement in mental health. Guarana is believed in helping ward off the effects of fatigue during the weight loss process. As a result, it effectively boosts energy in many users and is a powerful antioxidant. Many users have also noted that guarana improves their skin tone, while doctors note that it can be used as an antibacterial agent. Finally, guarana is believed to help the heart and can act as a blood thinner as well.

Green Tea

The many benefits of green tea have been well documented for centuries. This is a particular variety of tea that comes from the Camellia sinensis leaf. These leaves do not take part in a withering and oxidation process that is common when making an oolong or black tea. Green tea has long been known to provide the added benefit of being an antioxidant. It also possesses some nutrients that have positive benefits for the human body. Green tea is also believed to improve the function of the brain. Green tea helps in the weight loss process because it aids in digestion, increases energy, and suppresses the appetite.


This is an ingredient found in green tea that also has made its way into Apidexin. L-Theanine is an amino acid that has long been used by humans to treat symptoms of anxiety and high blood pressure.


This is an ingredient in Apidexin that acts as both a diuretic and a stimulant for the heart. At the same time, it helps to produce urine in the human body, which ends up aiding in the weight loss process as well. It provides a similar function to that of caffeine but goes a step further by helping to smooth muscles.


This ingredient comes from the guggul plant. Specifically, this comes from the sap located in the Commiphora Mukul tree that is found throughout India. It is proven to be helpful in the treatment of arthritis and as an aid in lowering the cholesterol level of those that take it. It is also documented that it helps in the weight loss process, which makes it ideal as an additive to Apidexin.

Hoodia Gordonii

This ingredient is also commonly referred to as a Bushman’s hat, primarily because of how the spiny and leafless plant looks. Grown in the natural surroundings of South Africa, Botswana, and Namibia, Hodeida Gordonii has long been used in traditional folk medicine because it contains a variety of therapeutic properties. It has recently shown a great deal of promise regarding helping obese individuals lose weight, and this is why it forms a basis for being included in Apidexin.

Cha de Bugre

Many individuals have reported that cha de bugre acts as a natural weight loss ingredient. It is a fruit that comes from the Cordia salicifolia tree, which is grown throughout the tropical rainforest of South America. It is commonly roasted and then placed in tea, but can also form the core ingredient of many weight loss supplements such as Apidexin.

Maca Extract

This is a root that, when dried, can be ingested in its powder form. It is also commonly available as either a capsule or a liquid extract. It is believed to effectively increase energy levels, overall stamina, and the vitality of individuals that take it. It has long been a core ingredient in the Apidexin weight loss supplement.

Does Apidexin Work?

The product has received mixed reviews from customers. While people have claimed that the product works, a majority of people have also claimed that Apidexin did nothing for them.


Also, there is no supporting evidence from the manufacturers that the product really works. We like to see some scientific research behind the formula – which isn’t posted anywhere on the website.

The makers have highlighted the fact that supplement has to be accompanied by a diet plan to show results, but no additional information or guideline to any plan is provided.

Benefits & Results

Apidexin Benefits and Results

The official website does not let outsiders post a review for the product, which is a bummer. However, we poked around online to find customer reviews from other sources.

  • The product has worked for people accompanied with workout and diet plan.
  • But there are also those customers who say that the supplement has not worked for them.
  • The manufacturers have used clinically certified products which are usually used in weight-loss products.
  • They provide no supporting evidence that supplement really works.

While we like what we see from a couple of their ingredients, that’s unfortunately where the buck stops. There’s no linked research to the formula or anything concrete backing up the claims being made by the manufacturer.

Details on Apidexin and Weight Loss

Since Apidexin hit the market in 2008, despite mixed reviews, the product has stayed afloat for a long time.

All the ingredients used in supplement have a long history of being used in weight-loss products, and some are actually shown to be effective. However, we have to circle back around to the lack of research and studies on this formula.

Another red flag is the “miracle weight-loss ingredient” Garcinia cambogia. There’s just no solid evidence that this ingredient works.


How To Use Apidexin

A person can take a maximum of three capsules per dosage. Every dose should be taken thirty minutes prior to breakfast and lunch. A person can take two doses daily before breakfast and lunch only. It is not to be taken before dinner.

Side Effects

Potential Apidexin Side Effects

It is always recommended to consult with your doctor before starting to take any supplement.

Though the manufacturers of Apidexin claimed to have it tested and approved, there have been some issues reported related to using Apidexin.

These issues range from minor ones such as anxiety and headache to some potentially bigger issues such as lack of sleep and increased heart rate.

Mild jitter episodes are also reported by the users whereas the claim that Apidexin makes you feel less hungry is also disputed.


Garcinia Cambogia

Some of the more common side effects of GC according, in part, to Case Reports in Hepatology:

  • Fuzzy or weak feeling
  • Dry mouth
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Skin rashes

African Mango

According to, in part, the journal Lipids in Health and Disease, there are a few unwanted side effects associated with African mango.

  • Headaches
  • Sleep issues
  • Gas
  • Allergic reactions

Apidexin Product Warnings

Based on the side effects from Apidexin ingredients; people who have heart or liver problems should not use this supplement.

Also, those who have sleeping issues are recommended not to use this product as the reviews from customers have highlighted these common issues from using Apidexin.

If a person is aiming at losing a few pounds, talking to a doctor first is the best option before starting to use this weight loss supplement.

Studies on Apidexin Ingredients

For people who want to learn more about Apidrex and the ingredients contained in the weight loss supplement, the following scientific research studies are a great place to begin.

Safety and Efficacy of Glucomannan for Weight Loss in Overweight and Moderately Obese Adults

This study looked at the effects of Glucomannan on adults who were moderately obese. It followed participants for a total of eight weeks and concluded that this ingredient is safe for human use. However, the study did not conclude that Glucomannan contributed to any significant weight loss.

Effect of Glucomannan on Obese Patients: A Clinical Study

This is a study that looked at Glucomannan and how it affected a certain population of obese patients. The conclusion was that regular use of Glucomannan did contribute to lower cholesterol levels and enable participants to lose weight as a result.

The Effect of Glucomannan on Body Weight in Overweight or Obese Children and Adults: A Systematic Review of Randomized Controlled Trials

This was a study published by a reputable nutrition journal that uncovered that Glucomannan helped participants to lose weight. However, BMI results were not affected in adults who were overweight and obese. More research is also needed to determine the effects that Glucomannan has on children.

Glucomannan and Obesity: A Critical Review

This study concludes that Glucomannan can result in weight loss amongst users. It does this by acting as an effective appetite suppressant and laxative.

A Review of the Efficacy and Safety of Banaba and Corsolic Acid

According to this study, consuming banaba does not appear to have any adverse effects in humans.

Antioxidant Effect of Lagerstroemia Speciosa Pers (banaba) leaf extract in Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Mice

This is a published study that reveals the banaba leaf and assists in the regulation of safe antioxidant levels within the human body.

Guarana: Toxic Behavioral Effects in Laboratory Animals and Antioxidants Activity in Vitro

As a result of this study, Guarana is considered to be safe, even when as much as 2000mg is taken daily. The study was conducted on laboratory animals.

Guarana Provides Additional Stimulation Over Caffeine Alone in the Planarian Model

Guarana can have additional benefits over simple caffeine use alone. Using both in combination tends to result in even more stimulation and positive effects in users.

Guarana: Revisiting a Highly Caffeinated Plant from the Amazon

Guarana can have additional benefits over simple caffeine use alone. Using both in combination tends to result in even more stimulation and positive effects in users.

L-theanine, a Natural Constituent in Tea, and its Effect on Mental State 

This is a study that uncovered L-theanine leads to increased levels of mental alertness. In can also lead to feelings of arousal in certain individuals.


Pros and Cons

Apidexin Pros and Cons

As with any weight loss supplement, certain pros and cons should be considered before deciding if this is the solution for you. Consider the following as a guide to help you in making your decision.

Apidexin Pros

  • Researched ingredients
  • Cost-effective

Apidexin Cons

  • There is not a great deal of information available regarding this product at the current time. That could be concerning to many individuals, particularly those who like to do a great deal of research before beginning any weight loss regime.
  • The nutritional information relating to Apidexin is lacking as well. It is simply difficult to determine that positive and negative effects of the ingredients contained in this supplement.
  • At the current time, Apidexin is not easily available even with a doctor’s prescription. Even if you were able to start using it, you might find it difficult to keep up with a steady supply to support your weight loss efforts.
  • If you are not satisfied with this supplement, you are still stuck with it. There is no offer of a money-back guarantee if you find that Apidexin just is not working for you.
  • The Facebook page for Apidexin is currently blank and inactive. This can be a bit frustrating and concern for people interested in the supplement.
  • Because information about this supplement is so hard to come by, that also means that there are very few customer reviews and subsequent comments to gauge the effectiveness of Apidexin.
  • There is no information related to directions for taking Apidexin.
Where to Buy

Apidexin Cost

One container of Apidexin costs $49.99, if one is purchasing from their official website. But different retailers offer varied prices of the product. The recommended usage is 2 capsules daily, so one container lasts a month.

Apidexin can be purchased online through the company’s official website.

  • 1 bottle (30 day supply) $49.95
  • 2 bottles (60 day supply) $79.95
  • 3 bottles (90 day supply) $109.95

The company encourages customers to purchase more than one bottle at a time by offering a “free” detox cleanse product when you purchase two or more.

The website also claims a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

Where a lot of the cost is going to come in is with shipping. Buyers will have to pay shipping and handling including extra for the “free” item and even with the money back guarantee, you won’t get back what you paid in shipping costs.

Where to Buy Apidexin

Currently, Apidexin is not available for purchase either online or in person. In fact, it appears that the product may have been recently taken off the market. Keep in mind that this product is only available with a physician’s prescription, so it is best to check with your doctor to determine current levels of availability. When the product first came on the market, prescriptions were only granted to individuals with a history of obesity and who have demonstrated that they cannot lose weight by traditional methods alone. If you are interested in trying to purchase Apidexin, you might want to look at other brand names that it might be marketed under today. Researching this online could yield some positive results.

Apidexin Refunds

The manufacturers of Apidexin commit that “if you are unsatisfied in any way, return for a full refund.” This is the main commitment on the behalf of the Apidexin manufacturers.

According to the makers, you can get a full refund on the product. however, with customer reviews pointing out how hard it is to reach the service department, we’re not completely sold here.

Apidexin Alternatives

There are quite a few alternatives to Apidexin. If you are looking for Apidexin as a solution to reaching your weight loss goals, you might want to take a look at some various options until Apidexin comes available on the market once again.


This is perhaps the most logical alternative to Apidexin, as it is available over the counter in many local drug stores. This is a weight loss supplement that is rated as natural and safe, so you can rest assured that you will be taking a product that has been proven to be effective in clinical trials. Phentermine is designed as a weight loss aid that does not require a doctor’s prescription to begin using it.


This particular weight loss supplement acts similarly to amphetamines; it provides a stimulus to the central nervous system. It is available by prescription only to individuals who are clinically obese and is meant to be used only for a short time. It functions as an appetite suppressant, causing the user to feel less in the way of hunger pains in between meals. For those looking for benzphetamine, keep in mind that it is also sold under the brand names of Didrex and Regimex.


This weight loss supplement is also sold under the brand names of Xaxenda and Victoza. It works by simulating a hormone that naturally occurs in the human body. It assists the body in its regulation of insulin, and it acts as a digestive aid. This supplement is available. Only with a doctor’s prescription, which will only be granted to individuals who are clinically obese and have demonstrated that weight loss by other means is not effective.


Also sold under the brand names of Xenical and Alli, Orlistat is a weight loss supplement that has a unique ability to block a bit of the fact that users eat on a daily basis. It also prevents this fat from being stored in the body as excess and unnecessary fat, which contributes a great deal to weight gain over time. As a result, this supplement prevents much of that fat from being absorbed by the body, which can lead to lost weight.


This particular supplement is a sympathomimetic amine, which means that is has a similar chemical composition as amphetamines. It helps in the weight loss process because of its ability to stimulate the central nervous system noticeably. This is an FDA approved medication created specifically for weight loss, and it is only available by prescription. Popular brands names that market the Phendimetrazine supplement include Adipost, Melifiat, and Bontril.


This is a stimulant based weight loss supplement that is based on a type of anorexian medicine. It is most commonly available by doctor’s prescription only, and it is most effective when combined with a strict diet and exercise regimen for a short time only. The brand names of Tenuate and Tenuate Dospan are the most common forms of Diethylpropion marketed today.

Contrave (Bupropion and Naltrexone)

This is the most popular supplement on the market that is designed to be an alternative to phentermine. It is marketed as a type of combination drug that contains a variety of ingredients, including bupropion and Naltrexone. Bupropion has long been used as a weight loss aid because of its ability to suppress appetite. For its part, Naltrexone has been effective in treating addiction problems. One of its side effects is the blocking of various food cravings, which is desirable to the weight loss process. This makes the combination of these two drugs to be ideal for use in a weight loss supplement.

Lorcaserin (Belviq and Belviq XR)

This is a weight loss supplement that is sometimes prescribed by physicians to help clients treat obesity-related conditions that often result in high cholesterol, or high blood pressure. Belviq and Belviq XR are the two most commonly cited substitutes to Lorcaserin and have proven effective for weight loss.

In summary, there are some available alternatives to Apidexin. Each of them has their advantages depending on the unique situation of the person using them. Benzphetamine is useful for reducing appetite and providing users with a feeling of satiety. For its part, Liraglutide is shown to have been helpful at enhancing the digestive process and at maximizing the influence of insulin. It is marketed under the brand names of Saxenda and Victoza. Orlistat is a weight loss supplement that is meant to block the digestive process and help with the absorption of many of the fats that have been consumed. It is currently being marketed under the brand names of Xenical and Alli.


Alli is available over the counter and has been approved by the FDA as a weight loss pill. These diet pills online are also available. It is advised that individuals looking to lose weight begin to take Alli from the outset of their program to jump-start the weight loss process.

Hydroxycut HD

This is a weight loss supplement that is also promoted as a way to increase mental focus and provide hours of extra energy. These are components that are essential to the weight loss process. When you look to buy drugs online, this might be an option for you.


Meratrim is a brand of weight loss supplement that comes in several different forms. You can take either pills or tablets to jump start the weight loss process, or you can drink one of their shakes that comes in a variety of flavors. The shakes are meant to be a meal replacement, giving individuals the essential nutrients and vitamins that they require from a meal, but at a fraction of the caloric intake. What this then enables is the speeding up of the metabolism, while users are meant to stay full longer, thereby minimizing the urges that come to snack between meals.


This is a dietary supplement that is marketed by Obesity Research Institute. There have been numerous clinical studies conducted with Lipozene, producing quite a few mixed results. The main ingredient in this particular dietary supplement is glucomannan. This is a type of dietary fiber that is water soluble and can be fermented. It is extracted from the root of an elephant yam and is rumored to have the effect of burning fat and speeding up the metabolism in the body.


This is a brand of weight loss pill that is marketed as being a thermogenic fat burner. Some different ingredients within each pill combine to speed up the weight loss process. Like many other dietary supplements on the market today, PhenMax is meant to speed up the metabolism and to help the body burn off excess fat much more naturally.


Slimquick is marketed as a dietary supplement that can help users shed weight more quickly than via traditional methods alone. This particular product is marketed specifically to women, as it targets the water retention that often causes females to gain weight. Slimquick has several other ingredients in it that are meant to focus on a woman’s biology and to help increase energy levels and speed up the metabolism.

Apidexin Ingredients

The Bottom Line on Apidexin

Will Apidexin help you lose those extra pounds? Well, it’s nice to see it contains some natural ingredients, and that we located a few positive comments. But, we’re concerned about the lack of research used to support the claims. Also, there’s an issue relating to users talking about the high price and side effects.

Living a healthier life with strong lifestyle changes can be difficult, especially when attempting to keep up with those changes after weight loss gets hard.

One diet product we found that’s backed by solid weight-loss studies and encouraging user comments is Noom. Just check out what people are saying about the results.

Right now the company behind Noom is offering a 14-day trial just to prove to you how effective it really is.

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Apidexin Review
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What are the side effects of Apidexin?

Some potential side effects for Apidexin include headache, nausea, vomiting, loose stool, diarrhea, belching, bloating, hiccups, skin reactions, increased heart rate and elevated blood pressure.

What are the ingredients in Apidexin?

The ingredients in Apidexin are garcinia cambogia, green tea, GreenSelect Phytosome green tea, purple tea with GHG, natural caffeine, theobromine, higenamine, gelatin and olive oil.

Does Apidexin work?

There are no clinical studies proving Apidexin works. There’s research into the effectiveness of green tea and caffeine, but not specifically into this formula. When you purchase these ingredients individually you’ll pay less than you would for this supplement. Several customers on the web reported less than stellar results.

How much does Apidexin cost?

Apidexin costs $49.95 for a 30-day supply, $79.95 for two bottles and $109.95 for three.

How should I take Apidexin?

You should take Apidexin as one to three capsules 30 minutes prior to a meal or exercise. The website recommends taking with 12 to 16 ounces of water. You should not exceed three pills per day and taking within seven hours of bedtime could hinder sleep. One bottle lasts between 10 and 30 days.

Where can I buy Apidexin?

Apidexin can be purchased using their Official Site.

Do I have to exercise with Apidexin?

Apidexin results are optimized with a healthy diet and exercise program. There are no details about how often.

Is there a guarantee for Apidexin?

Apidexin offers a 90-day money-back guarantee. You only have the option of returning one used bottle. The others you received must be unopened for a refund.

54 Apidexin Reviews

  • I'd recommend it.
    Linn (Verified Purchase)

    Well, Apidexin did not make me feel sick, dizzy or anything else for that matter. I lost 7 1bs in about 10 days I guess. Others must be “allergic” maybe to one of the ingredients. It does not make me jittery or anything else. I have no side effects from Apidexin. I don’t eat breakfast or lunch, I never have but I eat supper and work in the yard alot. I’d recommend it. Incidentally I got 60 pills for 50.00

    • Anonymous

      Where did you get your apidexin at

      • Christina (Editor)

        Hello. For product ordering inquiries, please refer to the apidexin official website.

    • Katie

      I have been taking them for a few months now. I have not had any side effects and have lost almost 25 pounds. They are working great for me.

  • I just purchase Apidexin
    Neli (Verified Purchase)

    I just purchase Apidexin and well todays my first day. I have not felt any dizziness or side effects. I’ll posted again in a week and see if I’ve actually lost any weight… which I hope I do =)

    • Courtney

      So did you end up losing any weight?

  • product just wasn’t for me
    Jodi (Verified Purchase)

    I bought these pills, they do not work. Do not waste your money!!!!

  • Apidexin
    Christina (Editor)

    Hi Becky. Please consult with your physician and have him do an analysis of the ingredients to see if they would show up on an exam.

  • Feeling bad after taking it.
    Andres Aquino (Verified Purchase)

    Oh my lord, Took this pill today and it was horrible I sdtarted shaking in class , and was terribly moving. Also I had a slight pain in my chest close to the heart . My heart rate was also very accelerated. Thought I was going to die… Hopefully I dont lol.

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hi Andres. Please stop taking apidexin and consult with your physician about your side effects.

  • Can take one a day as 18 years old.

    hi. is it okay to take apidexin once a day? i’m just only 18 years old and i’m not that obese. thanks! 🙂

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hi Anne. For detailed product use instructions, please refer to the apidexin official website.

  • Does this make you feel wierd?

    Does this make you feel wierd and not in control of yourself?

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hi Tina, some users have claimed to have experienced dizziness and nausea, but if you side effects continue, please make sure to consult with your physician.

  • What could happen for two a day?

    What would happen if i take more then two a day?

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hello. It is not recommended to take more pills than indicated on the bottle.

    • janira

      I am not sure what would happen but I dont think you should take more than 2 a day,it makes your heart race and you feel lightheaded and off, also it makes your stomach queezy, so it may not be safe to take more than 2. I started off taking 1 a day then I just started taking 2 today. I didn’t think I could handle 2 a day at first now I think my body is getting used to them so I went ahead with 2 today.

      • deeds

        they say on the site that your only supposed to take 2 and that if you take more you will “lose an unhealthy amount of weight” never overdose on diet pills, theres a reason they say to take as much as they say to take.

        • Anonymous

          I also came across that statement on the bottle….but when I did call in to speak to a rep. They said 2pills in the am and 1 pill in the pm….i was scared so I only took 2 pills a day then up it to the 3pills as directed…..i didn’t have any side affects at all but remember everyone is different…..good look

      • mat

        I been taking pills for 1 week and I dont see a change in my energy levels or appetite control, I am taking 2 for breakfast and 2 for lunch and I an still hungry and ready for a nap!!!

  • Didn't liked it.
    Shari (Verified Purchase)

    Hi i purchased apidexin about 3 weeks ago after months of research…it is nothing like i thought it was going to be..i have to take an tylenol everytime i take one or else i get a headache..i do not feel very well on these pills..i have not lost a pound yet and i exercise 6 times a week….do not take any other source of caffeine with these pills or you will be really sick…i can’t take two a day either or i feel like absolute crap..

    • KristinaLA

      may be u feel sick, cause u exercise too much? =) lol

      • T

        I agree. 6 times a week is pretty steep. You have to allow your body to have some down time. I haven’t had a headache yet and this is my 2nd week.

        • stephanie matte

          I started taking this a few moths ago. I lost weight right away, but it stopped after the first month. (I was 250lbs) I stopped taking the pills for a while but tried again after a few weeks. I get headaches and sometimes my vision slants to the right while I always feel dizzy. I keep getting nose bleeds in the afternoons usually after the 2nd pill. Also, when I take a pill my tummy will feel cold, but not my skin. It’ll creep through my upper and lower body then go away after a while. I stopped taking the pills again two days ago but I can tell that my body was depending on something in it to stay awake. I think I may just pop one in when I am shutting down.

          I know there is a forum out there about this pill. I’m not too impressed with the lack of info available to us. What are they hiding?

        • Anonymous

          i have only been taking these pills for 3 days now, i felt fine the first day and since then i have not been feeling to good. I have had a nose bleed and actually gotten sick 3 times already. i also get light headed. im not to sure if taking the pills are worth feeling like this

    • coltonk

      You’re most likely gettin headaches cause you’re either, not drinking enough water like it tells you to, or am not eating enough. You have to keep hydrated an actually eat. It also says on the site, that you will not lose a lot of weight right away as it converts fat to muscle before losing weight. Some people take longer and some will lose weight in a week.

      • Anonymous

        I agreee its not got good to starve yourself while taking any diet pills. N n

      • Anonymous

        just to clarify no substances actually convert fat to muscle. we all have a predetermined number of adipose (fat) cells, and muscle cells. we loose weight by decreasing the fat content in these cells and also gain muscle by using muscle cells allowing for hypertrophy (getting bigger) but it is genetically impossible to change fat cells to muscle cells and visa versa. Good luck selling a product when you can’t get simple physiology correct.

        • kama

          that is so true

      • Fariha faizi

        November 21th, 214 I started taking abidexin a week ago. I am 65 lbs I feel dizzy

    • cynthia hagans


      • Stace

        I ordered 3 bottles of Apindexin and three bottles of the detox needless to say I took as directed and never lost any weight I maintained the same weight but no change. I never changed my exercise routine or eating habbits. I did space my pills out though so my last dose I took at 3:00pm that way I wasn’t gorging myself at night. I read the pro’s and con’s before ordering this just did not work for me. Hopefully this does not discourage anyone from trying the product.

    • Anonymous

      I feel the same way…. I feel jittery, and my heart feels funny. This is my last time talkin these pills

      • L

        I am so glad to hear this. I have been taking the pills for about three weeks. I have not lost any weight but do feel a little leaner.The drawbacks: I feel very nauseous sometimes which I can deal with. I have been having headaches too but the scary part is that I have been having really bad chest pains. I didn’t think it was the pills but I am stopping them now. I just feel very bad.

  • Is Apidexin safe to use?

    I have a goiter which causes me to have a thyroid problem. I gain weight and find it almost impossible to lose weight. Is it safe to take apidexin?

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hi Deloris. Please consult with your physician to make sure this product is safe for you to take.

    • Lynne

      DeLoris, if you have a thyroid problem, you need to consult your physician before you take any over the counter supplements such as Apidexin. People with low thyroid hormone levels (hypothyroidism) gain weight, and when a doctor corrects that medical problem, the weight may come off easier.

  • Is Apidexin safe to use?

    I have a goiter which causes a thyroid problem. I gain weight and find it impossible to lose. Is Apidexin safe to use?

  • is it safe to drink alcohol beverages when on the apidexin pill?

    my question is I go out with my girlfriends on weekends and we like to have a few drinks. is it safe to drink alcohol beverages when on the apidexin pill?

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hi Jazz. Please make sure to consult with your doctor to make sure you can drink while taking this product.

    • KristinaLA

      i think it is perfectly safe. the only thing is that this pill might not be that effective when consuming with alcohol. . .

      • Lola

        how old do u have to be to take this

        • Christina (Editor)

          Hi Lola. This product is recommended for individuals 18 years and over.

        • Anonymous

          18 years old

    • amanda

      i’ve been taking apidexin for a couple weeks and i’ve noticed if i take the second pill and have a drink w/ caffeine in it (jim and coke) then i wake up in the middle of the night and cant sleep…so maybe take one pill if you are going out for drinks

    • Christina (Editor)

      Hello. Please refer to the apidexin official website to contact their customer service about your order.

    • Optimistic

      itz alwayz like that if u phone ne company.it iz faster if u order online but u need 2 b sure that the website is official such as making sure it has a mailback resource,or a callbk#. but most orders are done online so that could be a reason why the had u on hold 4 so long

    • cheryl

      I have been on Apidexin for about a week now and i’ve GAINED 2 pounds….No Im not eating more just cuz im on this, Im actually eating better and walk for 30 minutes everyday plus more. I going to finish the bottle and hope for results but at this moment Im disappointed and frustrated.

      • Anonymous

        You’ll gain muscle which is what is looking like your gaining weight, don’t panic it will level out 😉

    • Anonymous

      Totally same issue no one picks up the phone or calls back !!

    • Lawton1972

      I ordered and received my in less than a week, and I am oversea (Qatar). Have not start using yet..

    • Guy R.

      I have been taking Apidexin for 7 months and have lost 50 pounds! I started taking one capsule in the morning and one in the afternoon, but started to forget to take the afternoon capsule. I then began taking two capsules in the morning and have been doing so for around 7 months. I did not lose any weight for about 5 to 6 weeks and then I started to lose weight like crazy! I started at 295 lbs and now I am down to 243 lbs! The only side effects I have are having to urinate alot and having very dry mouth. I have not been excercising that much and I still eat whatever I want, just not as much. I highly reccomennd this product to anybody that wants to lose weight!! GR

      • Anonymous

        So u only take the 2 tablets in the morning……cause I keep forgetting the afternoon one,…..im looking to loose 40-50lbs I’m excited…..

      • Anonymous

        Hello I just started taking apidexin on Jan 31 n I lost 9lbs in a weeks time of m very happy……i started with 1pill in the am then 1pill in the pm…..i up it to 2 pills in the am and 1in the pm…..i have no side affects at all like other ppl proclaimed…..i haven’t started any exercise….eating habits are the same……i have to say this really does,works well worth the money I spent for a 3 month supply….ill keep you posted……