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Ascenta Review

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By Sean McNamara May 23, 2017

What You Should Know

Ascenta, located in Nova Scotia, supposedly leads worldwide in production and distribution of Omega 3 and fish oils and is passionate about these products. The company reportedly also leads in product innovation. Omega 3 and fish oils are said to help heart and brain health, improve your physical appearance through creating stronger hair and nails and purer skin, and may possibly increase weight loss in overweight individuals.

The official Ascenta website claims that they meet rigorous, often self-imposed, purity standards. These standards are met through oxygen-free equipment and following the GMP standards. Ascenta says that their products are the purest and highest quality products of this type available.

List of Ingredients

Ascenta is a nutritional supplement company. Therefore, no list of ingredients is available. Many of their supplements, however, contain fish oil and/or Omega 3. For a complete list of a particular product, check out the official website or contact the company.

Product Features

The majority of Ascenta’s products were designed to improve the health of the heart and brain and beautify skin, hair, and nails. Ascenta also produces Ascenta Canine Omega 3 for pet health.

Although Ascenta products can be a bit pricey, they are now available at reduced prices on various websites. Prices range from $15-$30.


  • Official website makes finding and ordering a product simple.
  • Ascenta claims that their products meet tests for quality, purity, and label claims.
  • Evidence of these tests is supplied on the official website.
  • Supposedly, their products are naturally preserved.


  • Ascenta products may be out of the price range of some individuals.
  • Their products are not targeted towards weight loss.
  • Although some research claims fish oils, one of Ascenta’s main products, will assist in fat loss, research on this is unproven.
  • One study shows that over-consumption of fish oil may weaken the immune system of older men.
  • Fish oil may lengthen the time blood takes to clot.
  • Fish oil thins the blood. This thinning may harm those with existing medical conditions.
  • Those with shellfish allergies may react to fish oil supplements.


According to various research, fish oils may have many health benefits. Ascenta claims to provide some of the highest quality oil available. Those interested in improving their heart and brain health, improving their physical appearance, and possibly losing weight may want to look into Ascenta oils. Just like any supplement, though, fish oils have their disadvantages. Individuals who wish to take Ascenta fish oils should be careful to not take too much. In addition, they should do their own research on fish oils and on the Ascenta line in particular. And remember, no new health regimen should be started without the okay of a trusted doctor.

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Rating: 2.8. From 5 votes.
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I take a liquid iron suppliment because im anemic and birthcontrol thats all the medication i take. I fidn the consitancy of the spark horrible but i can take buckleys so i can do it. My stomack doesnt seem to agree with it as yesterday i puked shortly after… Should i continue… I just took some an hr ago and my tummy feels weird but thats it…

John Markowitz

Is this product safe for an 84 year old man who is on B/P medicine.