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Avant Labs Review - Does This Product Line Work?

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By Summer Banks Mar 16, 2017

Don’t laugh, but well over 50% of diet products simply don’t work. So what about Avant Labs? We dug through tons of information on the company, including the ingredients, side effects, clinical research and customer service. We read every testimonial we could find. Finally, we summarized it to give you the bottom line.

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What is Avant Labs?

To begin with, Avant Labs is a supplement company that offers products like Lipoderm Y and Lipoderm Ultra. Some of the ingredients used include caffeine, yohimbe, hordenine, evodiamine and tyramine. These will differ from one formula to the next. The main aim of all is to help you lose weight or look thinner.

Avant Labs is the company, but there is no official website and, thus, no history. We know products can be purchased on Amazon and other less popular vitamin retailers. We like that the supplements are easy to find, but read on…

Sweating – “Good or Bad?”

Firstly, one of the most common reports is that Avant Labs product ingredients caused sweating. “We’re not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but we know the user thinks it’s a sign of effectiveness,” explained our Research Editor.

“Cannot tell if product worked or not. I guess it doesn’t work,” said a person who saw no benefit.

Another felt the same, “I did this routine for about a month. I did NOT notice any reduction of the fat tissue on my pecks whatsoever.”

There are, however, positives. This is where the sweating comes into play.

“I used this product with morning cardio and hot yoga in the evening. I sweated a lot more than usually. I had to increase my water intake,” a dieter said.

Another experienced similar, “This product makes me sweat more, give me a small energy boost.”

Side Effects – “Burning and Jitters?”

Two of the more common Avant Labs side effects reported by users were burning and jitters. It’s interesting because the company admits there could be issues. The official website says of one product, “Begin with 4 pumps and increase daily. Stop if side effects become apparent.”

As a user said, “This did not work for me at all. It just burned like hell and smells bad.”

One other shared, “I tried to put some on only a few hours before bed, and wound up a bit wired for a while and couldn’t sleep.”

We also found one who thought the side effects were just fine, “The sensation is a little weird if around your chest area, but not a big problem.”

We’ve been researching for years and during that time we’ve noticed it takes the tiniest things, like a burning sensation, to keep a dieter from continuing to use a product. If Avant Labs formulas cause side effects, it won’t take much for the user to hit the road.

The Science – “Any Honest Claims or Proof?”

We cannot find a single complete ingredient list for Avant Labs products, so science is out of the question. Here at DietSpotlight, we look for proof in every case and when we don’t find any that’s a big red flag.

The Bottom Line – Do Avant Labs Products Work?

Have we hit Amazon looking for Avant Labs formulas? Well, not exactly. The few products we did find were not explained well enough to trust and that gave us pause. We don’t like the reports of side effects and without specific ingredient lists to research, we can’t give a solid recommendation.

When weight-loss is the top priority, we suggest leaving behind a company like Avant Labs for one that offers an official website, complete list of ingredients and a formula that’s been clinically tested.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Leptigen. There are four ingredients in a proprietary blend and all have undergone clinical research. They’ve been shown to assist with metabolism and fat loss. Plus, users from all over the world are reporting some amazing results.

Also, the makers are so confident in Leptigen that they’re offering a Special Trial Offer for all new customers.

Previous Avant Labs Review (Updated November 15, 2012):

What You Should Know

The line of products produced by Avant Labs include muscle enhancers, bodybuilding supplements and fat burners. Although some of the products contain thermogenic fat burners which have demonstrated weight loss capabilities, others contain diuretics and dangerous stimulants such as caffeine and yohimbe.

Avant Labs claims that their products will increase fat loss, build muscle faster, and prevent excess water retention. They offer topical spot reducers, liquid supplements and gel capsules all of which are intended to help you increase your aerobic performance and lose weight more efficiently. Their product line makes use of some of the latest innovations in weight loss technology as well as some of the most popular weight loss ingredients. LipoDerm is a also another family product of Avant Labs that is used to remove excess water.

List of Ingredients

Sesamin, yohimbine hydrochloride, unspecified diuretic, caffeine, salvia miltiorrhiza, guanidinopropionic acid, green tea, hordenine, evodiamine, alpha-yohimbine, and tyramine.

The above list of ingredients are the only ones available on the Avant Labs web site. None of their products provide a full list of ingredients, and some products do not specify any of the ingredients included.

Product Features

Products available include fat burner and muscle mass formulas Lipoderm Ultra and Lipderm-Y, antioxidant formula Sesathin, fat burner Phenogen, thermogenic fat burner Heat Stack, and metabolism booster/appetite suppressant Leptigen Rebirth.

Lipoderm Ultra and Lipoderm Y contain yohimbe and caffeine. They are topical spot reducers that claim to reduce fat in a targeted area as well as reducing water retention for a leaner, more toned look. Sesathin reportedly increases fat burning and decreases fat storage while also providing anti-inflammatory qualities. Manufacturers say that Phenogen will mimic aerobic activity by encouraging fat burning and discouraging fat retention. It contains no stimulants. Heat Stack is a thermogenic fat burner which claims to burn fat by raising body temperature and burning more calories. It is also intended to be a hunger control agent. Leptigen Rebirth is targeted toward the overweight dieter and claims to suppress hunger while stimulating the metabolism and reducing cravings.


  • Avant Labs uses popular fat burning ingredients, some of which demonstrate effectiveness in the proper dosages.
  • The company emphasizes exercise as a means of weight loss.
  • Products are affordable for most people.


  • Contains yohimbe, an ingredient which poses risk to heart health.
  • Contains caffeine, which can be a dangerous stimulant.
  • Uses diuretics to stimulate weight loss.
  • Does not provide before and after photos for evidence of product effectiveness.
  • Does not provide a full list of ingredients for products.


While Avant Labs makes use of thermogenic fat burners and has some evidence that its products are effective to a certain degree, they do not stand out from other similar products. Consumers should seriously consider the company's use of dangerous ingredients, including yohimbe and caffeine, before using the products. Because of these considerations, Avant Labs cannot be recommended as a reliable supplement for long term weight loss.

Avant Labs Questions & Answers:

We boiled down hundreds of user comments about Avant Labs into this helpful FAQ.

What are the side effects of Avant Labs?

Avant Labs side effects, according to customer reports, include upset stomach, nausea, diarrhea, jitteriness, sleeplessness and irregular bowel movements.

What are the ingredients in Avant Labs?

Avant Labs ingredients include sesamin, yohimbine hydrochloride, unspecified diuretic, caffeine, salvia miltiorrhiza, guanidinopropionic acid, green tea, hordenine, evodiamine, alpha-yohimbine, and tyramine, among others.

Does Avant Labs work?

There’s no scientific research proving Avant Labs supplements will help you lose weight. There are studies backing the effectiveness of ingredients like green tea, but the findings don’t point toward this formula.

Take a moment to think about you want out of Avant Labs supplements and consider a supplement like Leptigen, which contains some clinically-tested ingredients and has been shown to help boost fat loss and accelerate metabolism.

How much does Avant Labs cost?

Avant Labs supplements range from $34.95 to $61.15.

How should I take Avant Labs supplements?

You should take Avant Labs supplements according to the directions. You will spray the solution on the skin throughout the day.

Can I take Avant Labs if I have a health condition?

Women who are pregnant or nursing, those with health conditions, anyone taking prescription medications of any kind or people under 18 years of age should contact a healthcare professional prior to using any dietary supplement, including Avant Labs products.

What do users like about Avant Labs?

Some users liked that Avant Labs supplements seemed reasonably priced.

What do users NOT like about Avant Labs?

We found that some users didn’t like the side effects caused by the Avant Labs supplements.

How do I contact the Avant Labs customer service department?

You can contact the Avant Labs customer service department by mailing correspondence to the corporate headquarters are Avant Labs 2831 S Douglas Blvd. Oklahoma City, 73130.

Why did the FDA send letters to Avant Labs?

The FDA sent letters to Avant Labs relating to the ingredient profile. The company claimed the formulas contained undisclosed ingredients.

Can Avant Labs still sell supplements?

Yes, Avant Labs can still sell supplements, just not through their official website.

Does Avant Labs come with a guarantee?

There’s no guarantee with Avant Labs. The supplements are sold through third-party sites. You’ll need to contact the seller for details about the return policy.

Do you know of any special deals or discounts on Avant Labs?

There are no deals or discounts on Avant Labs, considering the supplements aren’t sold through an official website. However, the past several months have been off the rails, considering our readers have been taking advantage of Leptigen’s Special Trial Offer, which is simply the cost of shipping and handling. Click here to give it a go.

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Rating: 5.0. From 2 votes.
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