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Avesil Review- Does This Weight-Loss Supplement Work?

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By Summer Banks Jul 06, 2017

Don’t laugh, but well over 50% of diet products simply don’t work. So what about Avesil? We at DietSpotlight conducted a thorough review, investigating the ingredients, side effects, clinical research and overall customer service. We additionally looked at countless dieter comments and user experiences from all over the web. Finally, we compressed all of the facts and feedback we collected to give you the important information you need.

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What is Avesil?

First off, Avesil is marketed as a fast and safe weight-loss formula for women and men. This supplement assists by reducing appetite, boosting energy levels and burning off unwanted body fat. It contains four key ingredients, which include Meratrim (400mg), Green Tea Extract (200mg), Chromium (100mcg) and Natural Caffeine (75mg). This product aims to boost thermogenesis so your body burns off more calories and fat. One capsule of Avesil is a serving, and this product can be taken twice daily, 30 minutes before meals for maximum results. While it is not mandatory, you may see better weight-loss results if you follow a healthy diet plan and exercise at least three times a week.

Avesil was originally released back in 2008, and this supplement is readily available online through the official website and on Amazon. Furthermore, you can receive a 14-day trial of Avesil for only $5.95 if you fill out your name and address on the official website, but read on…

Mild Side Effects – “A Consideration?”

The first minor issue was with Avesil side effects. According to our Research Editor, “There have been a few minor complaints about mild reactions. For instance, some users mentioned stomachache, nausea and intestinal discomfort.”

“It seems to work, but it gave me a slight tummy ache,” said one user.

Another customer commented, “Definitely reduces my appetite, but causes a bit of nausea as well.”

Lack of Availability – “Not in Stores?”

Some dieters will be disappointed that Avesil is not sold in stores. It must be obtained online. One person stated, “It would be nice to see this product available in drugstores, but it’s apparently only sold on Amazon.”

“You have to buy Avesil online, which is kind of disappointing. I prefer when products are available locally,” mentioned another individual.

The extensive research we’ve done has shown if there is a certain facet of a diet program or product that is quite concerning or bothersome (mild side effects, lack of availability, bad taste) the probability of lasting weight-loss results is low. In other words, if the fact that Avesil is not found in stores does bother a lot of people, this could be a real problem.

Is There Any Solid Science?

At DietSpotlight, we need to see some real clinical research that supports the weight-loss product. Fortunately there are some solid clinical studies that back the claims regarding Avesil ingredients. The four key pieces of the formula are part of valid clinical studies, which is certainly reassuring.

The Bottom Line – Does Avesil Work?

So, should you buy Avesil? Well, first and foremost, we appreciate that Avesil contains clinically tested ingredients that are completely natural. On the other hand, it’s unfortunate that this weight-loss formula is not readily available in stores. Then again, we like that it is suitable for women and men trying to lose weight, and it’s easy to find on major websites such as Amazon. There are even some customer testimonials posted on the official website.

If you’d like to get rid of some serious pounds, we suggest you go with a diet product that is backed by solid clinical testing, does not cause any harsh side effects, based on user review, and is easy to use anywhere.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Dietspotlight Burn. Its formula is a unique but powerful blend of four key ingredients that have been shown in published clinical testing to help ignite metabolism and speed up fat loss. You should also be aware that we found few complaints of side effects and the customer feedback posted on the web indicates people are seeing solid results.

The makers of Dietspotlight Burn are so satisfied with their product they’re offering a Special Trial Offer, which is a good sign.

Previous Avesil Review (Updated May 1, 2014):

What You Should Know

avesil-bottleAvesil is an innovative new thermogenic weight control product designed to increase your metabolism and reduce body fat percentage. The first thing we noticed was that the company has clearly gone to a lot of effort and expense in research and development. Avesil’s primary ingredients include, Meratrim (recently featured on Dr. Oz), which is a metabolism booster, as well as the fat burner Chromium and Green Tea Extract which also speeds up your metabolism and helps you continually burn fat. Get started with Avesil today by clicking here. It was refreshing to see a weight loss supplement with product claims so deeply rooted in real science, instead of the usual fluff.

How Does Avesil Work?

Avesil has been formulated to work on the basis of thermogenesis - the process that increases the rate at which fat is burned. Currently, research on the process of thermogenesis within the human body has captivated the diet aid industry, and many see understanding this process as the key to developing effective weight loss supplements. With this in mind, the makers of Avesil have included only thermogenic ingredients backed by scientific data showing how the ingredients help support a healthy metabolic rate. The result is a formula which causes your body to burn food as energy, rather than storing it as fat. These ingredients also help suppress your appetite and break down stored fat, a process called lipolysis.Additionally, Avesil claims that it does all this while helping to preserve and maintain lean muscle mass. One of the issues users have found with many weight loss supplements is that they draw water off of the muscles, making it difficult to maintain a healthy overall physique. Avesil seems to do a good job answering this challenge.Finally, regarding our last review criteria -- company customer service -- our experiences with Avesil have been positive. Filling out the trial offer is simple- just enter your address in the "SHIP MY TRIAL TO:" form. With other products, we've had to wait on hold for 20 minutes or more, but several test calls to Avesil customer service were always answered under the 1:00 minute mark. We canceled our order easily, and got both an email and phone confirmation of cancellation.

Product Features

There are only four ingredients in Avesil, and the simplicity of the formula seems to work much in the product's favor. Many other diet supplements include lots of filler ingredients of questionable efficacy that accomplish little when it comes to weight loss. A trick favored by many manufacturers is to include literally dozens of individual ingredients, though in such small amounts that they don't actually produce any benefit, but still look impressive on the product packaging. In these cases, you end up paying for exotic-sounding ingredients that don't do anything except take up space. We were happy to see that with Avesil you are getting only proven dietary ingredients in exact dosage quantities which are consistent with dosages administered in the most significant published research studies that back up the product claims. The four dietary ingredients in Avesil are: Patented Meratrim, Green Tea Extract, O-polynicotinate Chromium, and Caffeine. Here are some of the highlights of how each ingredient works.Patented Nutraceutical Meratrim:1) It is a metabolism booster that has been shown in clinical trials to help people who followed diet and modest exercise programs lose 30 pounds within 90 days. 2) Supported by randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled human clinical trials.Green Tea Extract:1) Has been shown in clinical trials to product up to 3 times the weight loss of just a reduced calorie diet program when taken with a similar diet and moderate exercise program. 2) Has been shown in clinical trials to accelerate weight loss after 45 days 3) Increases energy. 4) Supports stabilized blood sugar levels, which can help those with both blood sugar and weight control issuesO-polynicotinate Chromium:1) Helps control blood sugar and glucose tolerance within normal levels. 2) Supports conversion of body fat to energy when working out.Caffeine (it should be noted that the modest amount of caffeine used in Avesil has been shown to produce the following effects without an unpleasant “jittery” feeling): 1) Increases production of ATP (adenosine triphospate), a key in energy production. 2) Stimulates the metabolism of fatty acids. 3) A mild stimulant, increasing energy. 4) Enhances neuromuscular coordination and motor performance. Want to get Avesil today?


  • Ingredients tested and proven in clinical human trials, often in university research labs.
  • Manufactured in the USA, in an FDA inspected facility that meets the strictest Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards.
  • Official product website makes no use of outrageous weight loss claims, phony before/after pictures or unsubstantiated claims.
  • Simple formula with only proven dietary ingredients. Not cluttered with useless fillers.
  • A trial is available for consumers to assess the effectiveness of Avesil for themselves before having to pay for a one-month supply.
  • Trial calls to customer service went through in one minute or less, and our orders of the product arrived in 3-5 business days.
  • Instant email confirmation with detailed trial instructions.


  • Avesil seems to be available only through the official product website.
  • Pregnant and nursing women are advised to consult with their health care professional before taking Avesil.
  • The manufacturer's trial is not available for orders outside of the USA (it seems you can call their customer service # at 1-866-730-3330 to place an international order.)


There are hundreds of weight loss products on the market that make a lot of promises. The Avesil formulation reflects a massive amount of scientific research to certify the product claims, all without added fluff ingredients that cost extra money and do nothing for you. By using only thermogenic and cortisol-reducing ingredients, Avesil appears to provide an effective, safe way to maximize the results of healthy diet and exercise. The manufacturers don’t claim that this will work without some effort on the user’s part, but it will certainly boost any weight loss efforts. In addition to its simple and well-researched product formula, Avesil seems to have superior customer support. All of our calls to their customer support center went through quickly, compared to 20+ minute hold times that we've experienced with other product's help lines. The $3.95 that you spend on shipping gets you a professionally mailed and packaged product; it's affordable and costs about the same as a latté-a-day habit. We tried three sample orders before writing this review and, two times, it took three business days (during the work week) and one time it took five business days (order placed over the weekend) to get to our office. The product's manufacturer references a large amount of published research to back up their product claims, and they also offer a trial for consumers to try the product without having to pay for it if they aren’t happy. We can’t find any other product capable of competing with Avesil on all of these levels, making it our top choice for a weight-control product.Click Here to Buy Avesil

Avesil Questions & Answers:

We picked apart hundreds of dieter comments about Avesil and then made this helpful FAQ.

What are the side effects of Avesil?

Some customers reported the Avesil side effects included mild stomach ache and headache.

What are the ingredients in Avesil?

Avesil ingredients include Meritrim, green tea, chromium, garcinia mangosteen and caffeine.

Does Avesil work?

There are some ingredients in Avesil that have been researched and have been shown to work, such as Meritrim, green tea, chromium and caffeine.

While the combination of ingredients is great, you may want to consider combining Avesil with a fat burner like Dietspotlight Burn, which contains some clinically-tested ingredients and has been shown to boost metabolism and accelerate fat loss.

How much does Avesil cost?

Avesil costs $89.99, but is available for a trial offer of $5.95 through some online retailers.

How should I take Avesil?

You should take one Avesil capsule, twice per day, about two hours prior to eating a meal.

Can I take Avesil if I have a health condition?

Women who are pregnant or nursing, those with health conditions, people taking prescription medications or anyone under 18 years of age should contact a healthcare professional prior to using any weight-loss supplement, including Avesil.

What do users like about Avesil?

We found that users liked seeing some changes in their weight while taking Avesil.

What do users NOT like about Avesil?

Some users didn’t like mild effects from Avesil, especially if their sensitive to caffeine.

How do I contact the Avesil customer service department?

Avesil is no longer available through an official website, so you can contact the customer service department on the website selling the supplement for details.

How much caffeine is in Avesil?

Each serving of Avesil contains 75mg of caffeine.

Do I need to diet or exercise with Avesil?

You don’t need to diet or exercise with Avesil, but the company recommends adding fitness and healthy eating to improve results.

Does Avesil come with a guarantee?

While there’s no Avesil with Avesil, some of the third-party retailers selling the supplement offer information about the return policy.

Do you know of any special deals or discounts on Avesil?

There are no deals discounts listed on Avesil. However, the last several months our readers have been thinking about losing more weight, so they’ve been taking advantage of Dietspotlight Burn’s Special Trial Offer, which is simply the cost of shipping and handling. Click here to give it a try.

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Summer Banks Dietspotlight Author
About the Author:

Summer Banks, a content strategist at Dietspotlight, has researched over 5000 products in the past 10 years. She has years of nursing training, experience as a manager responsible for 15 supplement brands, and completed coursework on Food and Nutrition from Stanford University. full bio.

Rating: 3.6. From 2964 votes.
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Avesil Review

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  is it safe to use with yogurt?
Amber (Verified User)

Hello, I have a hard time taking pills and either have to crush them or open them and put them in yogurt or small amounts of food. is it safe to do that with this product?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Amber,

We recommend to take the pill in its whole form as instructed so that the key ingredients can be released into the body in the time they were designed to be released. Consult with your doctor if crushing the pill would be safe for you if you absolutely cannot take the pill in its whole form.

  Can take avesil if I am breastfeeding?

Can I take avesil if I am breastfeeding?


Hi Mairyn,

We dont recommend to take our product while breastfeeding.

  Does this contain carrot root powder?

does this contain carrot root powde, green tea extract, and cocoa?


Hi Marian,

The four ingredients of the product are Meratrim, Green Tea Extract, Chromium, and Caffeine.

  Does this product promote energy level too?

Does this product promote energy level as well?


Hi Desar,

One of the ingredients is caffeine and it will help with giving extra energy.

  Is this available in US and/or Canada?
Musaddiq Ijaz

Is this available over the counter in US and/or Canada?



Unfortunately our product is only sold online.

  Does this work for women in menopause?

Does this work for women in menopause?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Gail, Avesil is actually a thermogenic weight control product; it is not designed to treat or help with menopause.

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water ionizer

I have a challenge that I’m simply now working on, and I have been on the look out for such info.

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  Great read!
Hubert Martelli

Outstanding post! It is very well put together and very instructive. kudo for your great work!

  Avesil safe for diebetice and bloodpressure patients?

I’m 70 weigh 184 5 ft. Has diebetice and high blood pressure will I be able to take this diet product


Hi Virginia,

We recommend to ask your physician first for any pre-existing condition.

  How i get Avesil in India? help

Hi Avesil Customer care,

Where can I get this product in India. What I have to do for the international order?


Hi Sandy,

For international order please contact us at 866-730-3330.

  What is the ingredient that lowers cortisol?

What is the ingredient that lowers cortisol?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Sandy,

The four ingredients in our product are Meratrim, Green Tea Extract, Chromium, and caffeine. These all play a role to help reduce cortisol.

  Is Avesil safe for breastfeeding mom?

I’m breastfeeding mom and we’re trying to have 2d baby. Can I get Avesil?


Hi Samantha,

We dont taking Avesil while breastfeeding.

  How i get Avesil in Singapore??

Hi, there,

I am here in Singapore ; and would like to try this product.

May i know if there is any other way ? Thank you.


Hi Julie,

For international order please contact us at 866-730-3330.

  Does Avesil have B12 in it?

Does Avesil have B12 in it? I’m just wondering because I was taking B12 as a supplement and got a bit too much. I have a little higher than normal range in my bloodstream right now. So I am avoiding it for the time being. Thank you.


Hi Samantha,

Avesil does not contain B12.

  Is Avesil safe for blood pressure patients??
donna psaltis

i have high bloodpressure and take toprilxl.50 6 daily nortriptilene .20 at night vivelle patch .01 colodine patch o.1 will any of these meds have a problem with your product thank you donna


Hi Donna,

We recommend to ask your physician for any existing condition.

  Can I take Avesil with diabetic medication?
miriam medina

question is this safe to take with my diabetic medication?


Hi Miriam,

We recommend to ask your physician for any existing condition.

  What is the daily dosage for Avesil?
rahela (Verified User)

What is the daily dosage for this product and how many weeks supply is in each bottle? Number of pills and when they must be taken.


Hi Rahela,

The product is taken twice daily, each bottle will come with 60 capsules which is a 3o day supply.

  can this product help reduce belly fat?

I just want to get rid of my belly fat that’s all,can your pill do just that?


Waiting for a reply in regards to the above question

  Hi Tillie, We recommend to ask your physician

Hi Tillie,

We recommend to ask your physician for any existing condition.

  I am diabetic, is this safe???


Avesil Customer Care

Hi Bonnie,

We recommend to ask your physician for any existing condition.

  This product available in Australian?

Were is the easy place for Australians to get this

Avesil Customer Care

Hi Troy,

For international order please contact us at 866-730-3330

  Birth control affect effectiveness of Avesil?
Sarah B

Hi there, I am currently on birth control (Tryclin-Lo). So I am wondering if there will be any possibilities of your product having effects on it that could make it less effective? And vise-versa, could my birth control affect the effectiveness of your product?

Thank you 🙂

Avesil Customer Care


We recommend to ask your physician first.

  How many Days take to lose weight?

How many Days does it take to lose weight?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Aviwe,

Weight loss will vary with every person. However, one of the key ingredients in Avesil is Meratrim which is a metabolism booster that has been shown in clinical trials to help people who followed diet and modest exercise programs lose 30 pounds within 90 days.

  For international orders please call 866-730-3330.
Avesil Customer Care


For international orders please call our customer service number 866-730-3330.

  This product is caffeine free??
Chris cooper

I have congestive heart failure and have been advised to limit my caffeine intake or drink decaf . You first stated it was caffeine free then list the last ingredient as caffeine.mwhich is it? Caffeine or decaf

Avesil Customer Care

Hi Chris,

Our product does contain caffeine, we recommend customers with any pre-existing condition to consult their physician first.

  Avesil safe for blood pressure and cholesterol patients?

what are the interactions with blood pressure and chloresterol medications



We recommend customers with any existing conditions to ask their physician first.

  Can Avesil purchase via check as well?
Donna Kirk

I don’t own a credit card can I send a check?



Unfortunately we only accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.

  Is Avesil available in South Africa?

Is Avesil available in South Africa?

Avesil Customer Care


For international orders please call our customer service number 866-730-3330.

  I ordered Avesil and waiting.
Danalyn Kummert

I ordered Avesil on Feb. 10, 2015 how long does it take to get to me? any way to know if it has shipped? I never received an e-mail confirmation.

Avesil Customer Care

Hi Danalyn,

We are sorry for the inconvenience, the tracking number for your package is 9400110200793456752106.Please email us at customercare@avesil.com if you any further questions.

  Avesil is safe for pregnant women?

hi, is it safe for women who are trying to get pregnant?



Victoria (Editor)

Hi Sheryl,

Avesil should not be taken while pregnant.

  Read the terms..

read the terms

  Price of avesil and flexbelt in Namibia?
martha ekandjo

can you please tell me about the price of avesil and flex belt im from NAMIBIA. i would like to order trail,how do i go about?

julie trussell

curious thought it was hypnosis


Hi Martha,

For international orders please call our customer service number 866-730-3330.


Hi Martha,

Unfortunately we dont send the trial to international countries, to know the specials we offer please give us a call at 866-730-3330.

  I just had to order the trial!
Danalyn (Verified User)

After reading all the reviews I just had to order the trial! I am very excited, I ordered the flex belt as well

  How do I get Avesil in India?
Smita Soni

i stay in india… how do i get this product …

Avesil Customer Care

Hi Smita,

For international orders please call our customer service number 866-730-3330.

  I'm thinging of ordering this product
Clorinda Porchetta

I’m thinging of ordering this product can you tel me what kind of diet a aft to do and is it ok for debits, and what is it pils are dropes thank you Clo

   this product in India

where do we get this product in India? Truely does it works? Please tell. I want to use

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Soundar,

For international orders please call our customer service number 866-730-3330.

sally shoemaker

how many times a day do you take this product and do you take it with food and when do you take this product in the morning

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Sally,

Avesil comes with 60 capsules which is enough for one month. Two Capsules per day. We recommend to take it with food if possible.


How much will u lose in a week

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Darlene,

Weight loss will vary with every person. However, one of the key ingredients in Avesil is Meratrim which is a metabolism booster that has been shown in clinical trials to help people who followed diet and modest exercise programs lose 30 pounds within 90 days.


What is the age limit?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Shelby,

We recommend to ask your physician if Avesil would be a safe fit for your age.


I’m on Type II oral medication and heart medication. Does Avesil interfere with any prescription type drugs?

Victoria (Editor)

HI Walt,

We recommend for you to consult with your health care professional before taking Avesil.

  I am very happy with this product.

I just received my trial offer. Only took 3days. I’m on my second day, and there is no jittery symptoms. So far, I am very happy with this product. Will review later to tell about any weight loss.

Delores E. Batts

Is Avesil safe to take if you have high blood pressure and are taking medication? Will this product raise your blood pressure?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Delores,

We recommend for you to consult with your health care professional before taking Avesil.

  i need yours products
Gloria Faria

Hello,i need yours products,send price and catalogo.

  order to cancel

What do I have to do in order to cancel and stop the 14-day free trail? Just send the bottle (empty or not) before 21 days of having the product? Or 21 days since you have put in the order for the 14-day trial? Thank you soo much please anyone update me with info! I appreciate it dearly!

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Antonette,
If you love our product which we’re sure you will, you can continue the subscription after the free trail is finished. Avesil is in pill form and the bottle contains 60 capsules. Two per day. You can call our customer service line at 866-730-3330 and cancel at any time and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.
Best wishes!

   health food store

I want to know if this product can be purchased in a health food store or pharmacy or is it offered online

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Angela,

Our product is available exclusively online. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

   belly fat from stress
Charlene Gadient

Is the diet calorie counting?and cortisol works on the belly fat from stress?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Charlene,

Cortisol is a life sustaining adrenal hormone essential to the maintenance of homeostasis. Called “the stress hormone,” cortisol influences, regulates or modulates many of the changes that occur in the body in response to stress including, but not limited to: Blood sugar (glucose) levels.

   weight loss

Hi everyone,
It seems that a lot of people have had success in losing weight with Avesil, but I was wondering what happens when you stop taking it. To maintain the weight loss achieved with Avesil do you have to keep taking it indefinitely? Being an appetite suppressant, I have to wonder what happens to your appetite when you stop taking it.


Your appetite will increase. In saying that. Make sure you pursue healthier choices and eat more regular smaller meals. That is what I did. Good luck

  pill or liquid
Laura Tobias

If I like it and want more, how much is it?
Is it a pill or liquid?
How often do you take it?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Laura,

If you love our product which we’re sure you will, you can continue the subscription after the free trail is finished. Avesil is in pill form and the bottle contains 60 capsules. Two per day.
Best wishes!

  come up positive
moe (Verified User)

I was wondering if this would cause a drug test to come up positive? I have random testing all the time at work.

Victoria (Editor)

Hello Moe,

Avesil should not cause your drug test to come up positive.

   price of avesil and flex belt
Mona galal

Fine can you please tell me about the price of avesil and flex belt im from Alexandria .Egypt thanx

Osman albakri

Really I don’t know If is the truth today lot of slimming things will see ,

   inderactive thyroid

Can I use avesil with an inderactive thyroid?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Elanie,

We recommend for you to consult with your health care professional before taking Avesil.
Best wishes!

  super pumped!
Kim (Verified User)

I just ordered my trial today! I am super pumped!
I am 19, 5’2 and 200lbs. That is not okay. Crossing my fingers this helps me.
Wish me luck!


Kim, Have you started the using Avesil? If so, how are your results?




Good luck sweet girl


Please email me let me know.


Rock it!! Hope it all goes well.


Kim, have you had any luck with this product?

jone chiari

I am diabetic, Is this product safe ? I n eed to loose weifgt because I have 2 hips and 2 knees replaced and I have to containe my weight. Thanks


Hi I notice you bought a month ago. Has avesil worked


Any results with the product?

  thinking about getting this

Okay so I’m thinking about getting this.
But I have a question
Let’s say I want to stop buying them after paying for one months supply after the trial how exactly would I do that before getting charged again ? Since it says it does it automatically.
(I don’t know how I feel about having it done automatically) is there any way that it doesn’t have to be automatically payed for

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Estefany,

We’re confidant that you won’t want to cancel after seeing your results one month into using the product! However, you can call our customer service line at 866-730-3330 and cancel at any time and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.


I am from India .Karnataka .bangalore. what is the amount

   heart problem.

do it work with someone with High blood pressure or heart problem.

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Jackie,

We recommend for you to consult with your health care professional before taking Avesil.

   rapid heart beat
Phyllis Busick

I have Mitral Valve Prolapse and at times have a rapid heart beat. Will the caffine in the Avesil make this worse.

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Phyllis,

Avesil will affect every person differently; however, caffeine can increase heart rates. We recommend for you to consult with your health care professional before taking Avesil.

  Good Luck everyone...

I just ordered it to take my workout’s to the next level…Let see…I will let everyone know… I have 30-50 lbs to lose…..Good Luck everyone…


good luck im really thinking about getting product but its also good to have a support system


How are u liking your Avesil subscription…


Keesha, can you give us a progress review of how these worked (or are working) for you?


Can u share ur experience with this product Keesha, does it work???
Waiting for ur reply to place an order!!!


Hi has it worked

  sign up for the trial

I’d like to sign up for the trial how can I do that?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Kathy,

You can click on the green button above in the article to begin your journey with Avesil!


i want to know of this price


It states that it has the meratrim in it but meratrim says not recommended for those with diabestes as it lowers the blood sugar and Avesil states that it helps control sugar and glucose tolerance within normal levels, so then Avesil is safe for type 2 diabetics to help lose weight. I am a60 yera old female recently told 1 year ago have type 2 diabetes and take metformin and need to lose menopausal wieght gain of at least go lbs. I’m 5’3″ at 205 lbs, help?!

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Russell,

We recommend for you to consult with your health care professional before taking Avesil.

   fat blockers

Does this product cause increased bowel movements Ike most fat blockers ?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Jackie,

Avesil will affect every person differently. However some of the ingredients in Avesil such as caffeine are known to cause increased bowel movements.

   feeling great.
Deejay (Verified User)

Read many of the reviews…..feeling inspired. Willing to try….am pre-menopausal and have gained waaaay too much weight. I’m 49 and really want to hit my fabulous 50s looking and feeling great.

   blood pressure
pat brown (Verified User)

i am 75 yrs. old taking blood pressure meds. will Avesil affect this in anyway, ? like raise bp. level or interfer with my bp, med.so they wont be as effective?thank you

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Pat,

We recommend to ask your physician if Avesil would be a safe fit for your age and condition.

  My makeup

My makeup is 205 lbs hope Avesil melts my weight away—-lets see



Victoria (Editor)

Hi Suzanne,

We recommend for you to consult with your health care professional before taking Avesil.

  Hypertension and on maintenance

Is it safe for people with Hypertension and on maintenance medication?

  product cost

How much dows this product cost?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Patrice,

If you love our product which we’re sure you will, you can continue the subscription after the free trail is finished. The bottle contains 60 capsules. Two per day.
Best wishes!

  remaining pills back
yuliya (Verified User)

I’m wanting to order this product but kinda iffy about the full price of it. I don’t have the Extra $90 a month to spend on diet pills so my question is if I get the trial package and cancel within 2 weeks would I need to mail the remaining pills back or just keep them after canceling? And how secure is the purchase? If anyone can answer my questions and help, thank you in advance!

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Yuliya,

We’re confidant that you won’t want to cancel after seeing your results one month into using the product! However, you can call our customer service line at 866-730-3330 and cancel at any time and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.


I take med. for rapid heart beat and heart palpations. Would Avesil be a good option for me? I need to lose 150lbs.

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Pam,

We recommend for you to consult with your health care professional before taking Avesil.


I just ordered my trial…… I’m really excited! I’ve tried countless diet programs or pills and nothing works, so I’m hoping this will help me. I’m 39 premenopausal and have fibromyalgia so I’m praying this will give me the energy to get going so exercise is easier for me. Just getting out of bed is hard for me…… Wish me luck & prayers needed!


Is there any way you can let us know the progress that you are experiencing with Avesil ? Does it work? please update us the information, I would really appreciate it.

Crystal S

Just ordered my trial, looking to lose some weight to become healthier. I am currently 5’3 and 210 lbs. According to my doctor I should lose 40-50 pounds, I want to lose the wieght for me, not for looks but to avoid health problems that do run in my family. Hopefully this works! I do plan on dieting and working out.


Gained some weight over the years and want to lose about 30 pounds or more. Ordered my trial today and starting my workout this weekend. Let’s see what this product can do.


Did it work? How much weight have you lost?


I just placed an order for the trial offer and am very excited to receive it after reading up on many reviews. I am not excessively overweight, but it wouldn’t hurt to lose a few pounds. I started a basic workout regimen about two weeks ago, and I am hoping that adding avesil will aid in toning my body. Wish me luck! If anyone wants to follow my progress, feel free to email me.(:


Hi Kaitlyn

Let me know if the product works and if you have any problems.


How did this product work for you? How long did you use if for?


Hello kaitlyn

Am just curious to know if you experienced the benefits of a edit yet?
Please let me know



Hi kaithlyn where you country from?can i have your email address?


How is it going for you? 🙂


How did Avesil work for you? How old are you just curious?


Good luck and ill be placing a trial order as well.


Just ordered Avesil today, waiting patiently to see how it goes. Have tried to loose weight unsuccessfully for awhile now.

  wish me good luck

Well everyone is talking about how good this product works so I’m in. Just place my order,I am 55 and weights 209lb, 5’9 so wish me good luck

Is it safe to use this product

I m 57 years old . Female . My weight is 80 kilos
Is it safe to use this product ?

Best regards

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Ffss,

Based off just the age and weight you described taking Avesil should be fine but we recommend for you to consult with your health care professional before taking Avesil in case there are any other health hazards.

  Hope this work
kay (Verified User)

Just bought trial 3/14, after one week will give results! I’m 52,5″5′, weight is 170. Goal:125-130lbs.Hope this works!


Is this tablets? How often do you take this product? Is it safe with Lipitor and blood pressure medicine? What is the cost per bottle and quantity per bottle? Only need to loose about 40 pounds. Have tried all the over the counter products which after about 5 days stomach starts to hurt and then get the shakes. What side effects does your product have and guarantee? I do eat healthy, no junk and very little sugar. Being almost 65 yrs. of age, that stubborn weight just will not budge.

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Karen,

If you love our product which we’re sure you will, you can continue the subscription after the free trail is finished. Avesil is in pill form and the bottle contains 60 capsules. Two per day. We recommend for you to consult with your health care professional before taking Avesil.
Best wishes!

Eloise Gutierrez

I would like to know the cost. There is no Cost anywhere on the web site.

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Eloise,

If you love our product which we’re sure you will, you can continue the subscription after the free trail is finished. Avesil is in pill form and the bottle contains 60 capsules. Two per day.
Best wishes!

www.google.com (Verified User)

Hey there, You have done a fantastic job. I’ll certainly digg it and individually suggest to my friends. I’m sure they’ll be benefited from this website.

  Similar results
mike kelly

Many of the reviews are from women – does the products have similar results for men?


Victoria (Editor)

Hello Mike,

Avesil affects every person differently however it is not targeted specifically for women. Men can use it too! Best wishes!

Brittany Brenner (Verified User)

This is such an amazing product.

  High blood-pressure
Connie Harper (Verified User)

Can you use this products if you are taking high blood-pressure meds?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Connie,

We recommend for you to consult with your health care professional before taking Avesil.

TLC (Verified User)

I was very close to ordering the trial on this product, until I read the terms and conditions. Unfortunately, while it sounds like it could be successful, I simply can’t afford paying over $90 by time all charges included, per month.


I have high blood pressure can l take this product.

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Carol,
We recommend for you to consult with your health care professional before taking Avesil.


I would like to order a trail. How do I do so?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Marissa,

You can start your trial and begin your journey with Avesil by clicking on the green button located in the article above! Best Wishes!

  I reduce my weight with your product.
gurpreet (Verified User)

Just want to know about your product. Does its really work. And in month how much i reduce my weight with your product.

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Gurpreet,

Weight loss will vary with every person. However, one of the key ingredients in Avesil is Meratrim which is a metabolism booster that has been shown in clinical trials to help people who followed diet and modest exercise programs lose 30 pounds within 90 days.

  Side effects
Donna (Verified User)

Had aortic heart valve replacement last year–it was congenital. Everything is good, heartwise, but does this have any side effects that could effect your heart?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Donna,

We recommend for you to consult with your health care professional before taking Avesil.

margot kitchen (Verified User)

can you tell me is this is safe for people on heart medication? It has grapefruit and green tea both of which are contraindicated for heart challenges.

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Margot,

We recommend for you to consult with your health care professional before taking Avesil.

  Too bad the trial samples are not available in Canada.

Too bad the trial samples are not available in Canada via online order completion.

  How does one use this product?
Joanne Mandeville

How does one use this product? Is it a protein drink or is it used as a drink itself or put into another drink or maybe some yogurt?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Joanne,

Avesil is in pill form. The bottle contains 60 capsules which is enough for one month. You’d take two per day.

  I'll try to post after a week! hopefully see some results!
college student (Verified User)

Just order because I’m starting to gain weight here at college. i was 140 and about 5’8” now I just feel bloated all the time(haven’t been able to get to a scale) but I’m just hoping to feel better and look less bloated! ill try to post after a week! hopefully see some results!

  Is it safe to take if your on depakote for seizures?

Is it safe to take if your on depakote for seizures

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Jennifer,
We recommend for you to consult with your health care professional before taking Avesil.

  Can someone please tell me after te trial bottle how much does it actually cost?

Just curious. Found this site and am really excited to try this product. Can someone please tell me after te trial bottle how much does it actually cost?

Victoria (Editor)

If you love our product which we’re sure you will, you can continue the subscription after the free trail is finished. The bottle contains 60 capsules. Two per day.
Best wishes!

  I have a fatty liver, is it safe to take?

i have a fatty liver, is it safe to take

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Brenda,
We recommend for you to consult with your health care professional before taking Avesil.

  Just ordered my first trial.

Just ordered my first trial avesil hope it works my weight now is 190lbs..wish me luck

  Can I get the free trial in Canada?

Can I get the free trial in Canada?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Sunny,

For international orders please call our customer service number 866-730-3330.

Send me some of the details.

send me some of yhe details

  Can it works for indian people with indian diet? Whats its price? How to get it in Bangalore?

hai, i am from india. can i know this product works for indian people with indian diet and can i know the price for the product. can i get in bangalore amd where?

Victoria (Editor)

Hi Saritha,

For international orders please call our customer service number 866-730-3330.

  I am happy to be down to almost 175.
Manny (Verified User)

Started taking Avesil in July and to date I have lost 48 lbs. After bobbing up and down at 220-225 for 2 years I am happy to be down to almost 175. Not too much caffeine for me but did give me a nice boost in energy ^_^ thanks Avesil


Do you exercise or diet? How much weight have you lost so far? I am 5’6 and weigh 194 lbs


Do you exercise or diet

Jennifer (Verified User)

GREAT RESULTS!I started Avesil on August 12th(156.8Lbs)and Today my weight was 150.0 lbs!!!! so I lost 6.8lbs!!!!!!!!!!! in only 7days. Im also doing Focus T-25 and eating healthy. NO dizziness, headaches or any other sides effects.

Fadwa Idelah

What is focus T25?and how does it work? Just started Avesil this weekend hope it works for me!


Hi, t25 it’s a awesome work, similar 2 insanity. I just completed my 30 days ( it’s a 60 day program) & it has toned me everywhere! I love it. I want to take something else to get this 20 pounds left off faster 🙂 hopefully this works.


I am 31 years old, mother of an 8 year old, 5 year old, and 15 month old….after baby #3 the weight packed on and I can not get it off!! I lost weight easily with my first two kids but now I’m just stuck!! I have never taken anything in my life to lose weight but I am the only overweight one in my whole family and it taking a toll on me since I was always the ” Skinny” one……


Excelentes resultados! Comencé Avesil el 12/08 pesando 156.8 lbs, hoy pesé 150.0lbs!!! Perdí 6.8lbs en 7 días!!! También estoy haciendo Focus T-25 y comiendo lo más saludable posible. No he tenido ningún efecto secundario hasta el momento.

  it really didn't affect me much.
jennifer montano

I took this product for about a month i am in the army so i work out daily i didnt see much of any weight loss. My husband likes this before PT for the jump start it gave him but for me it really didnt affect me much. Besides it does suppress your appetite.

Raul Garcia

The fact that you said PT means your a real person lol Im a navy corpsman
, same thing with me .. same run every muster , same routine .. have you heard of men taking these? Im in good shape , just would like to decrease fat % with my workouts

  I just ordered my trial of Avesil and will update this forum about results.

I just ordered my trial today (7/31/13). Look forward to seeing what happens. I will update this forum because I believe feedback is helpful to so many women and it helped me make a decision.


Cannot wait!!!

  Its really good but it taste is not.
jonathan (Verified User)

its really good it tast like nothing

Leo Air Force

From all the reviews I’ve read, This seems legit. Is it geared towards females only? 90% of the reviews came from women…


I think the reason that most reviews are from women is that, more of them are concerned about physical appearance than men are.

  It's been a waste of my money.
Lanny (Verified User)

Okay! I have used OLAX product Energybolizer for 13 years. Now I’m told I can no longer get it. I used it for energy as weight is not a tremendous problem these days. I’m dying here without my boost. It particularly helped in leg energy as I have grown older. I have tried others, forget it! It’s been a waste of my money. I have never, till now heard of this product. What will this product do for that need? Thanks, hate to be a pain. Oh! Speaking of pain, it helped with that also.

  just ordered for the 1st time, wish me luck guys!!

just ordered for the 1st time, im 38 had my last baby 1 yr ago im 5’2″ and weigh 190…wish me luck guys!!!!


had my second baby at 39 and lost the weight. You will too. Good luck


How much weight you lost? I also had my second baby I’m 4″11 and weigh 149 very depressed tried everything can’t seem to loose it : (


Good luck !!!!

  I've just Avesil today with some hope.
marie sisk

I am 65 and so depressed about my weight.I have tried everything else so I am going to try this. Just ordered today.


Marie, you ordered this on my dad’s birthday. He died 5 years ago with a heart attack. Do this for you and your family. I’m looking at all the testimonials and may be ordering today myself.

  After research chose this product, I just ordered trial.

I just ordered the trial. I am 50, 5’7″ and 184. The most I have ever weighed. I gained my weight during chemo, never beenable to drop it and after research chose this product. I’ll keep you posted.

Tina Wilson

I ordered the Avesil and it works for me. I am very leary of products. I am 55, 160 and 5’1″ and I wanted to lose 40 pounds. I have lost 7 pounds to date and that gives me confidence to lose the additional pounds. I would recommend this to others. I also make myself walk uphill to get into the office and park at the far end of the parking lot. I also started doing Zumba. I am determined, weight loss with movement to me isn’t good.


Thank you for your real results. No one else really says anything after ordering. I plan to order it today.

  Avesil is working for me.
Vernessa (Verified User)

I ordered Avesil last week and it arrived this afternoon (7/1/13). I will take my first dosage tomorrow morning. I weighed in at 161-lbs. I used to be quite slim at 125lbs. Now I do not quite as sexy slim as I did before. More plumpy in the midsection. Makes me look more like a big “Madea grandma” instead of the young me. I hate the fact that my 11 year-old daughter can wear all of my sexy jeans and I have to wear extra large or spandex to fit around my stomach. I know the weight gain is probably due to approaching menopause, hormones and the fact that I snack a lot while I study for exams. I just want to be the old me who could wear cute shorts and sexy swim wear. I will weigh-in every Monday and I promise to eat healthier and put the books down for a while to exercise. Will post new weigh-in next Tuesday.


It’s been a year for you did abseil work for you


How is the product working for u?

  I just ordered Avesil.

I, too, just ordered and plan to start as soon as it arrives. I have 20 lbs to lose and am 100% committed to do the necessary exercise and healthy eating necessary to accelerate the Avesil. I know there is no ‘miracle’ pill but if this is something that will help me feel more energized and see results faster, I will try it! I plan to post updates weekly (at least), so look for me to log back in and comment under this post in about 10 days or so after I receive the trial and start taking it.
Best of luck to everyone!


Any feedback?

  I think I will give it a try.

I am a 26year old a I have always been over weight I don’t remember a time where I was a good weight, I am currently at 256lbs, I have tried a lot of things since I was little and nothing seems to work for long which then makes me feel depressed and I make it worse for myself but I was reading a lot of statements and I think I will give it a try, have tried a lot of other things so have nothing to lose, but the weight.


Omg,I’m the same always been overweight and I’m 290lbs 25years old….i must loose all the possible weight….have u lost any lbs? Best of luck


Aww Cmoon, this is almost my story as well…You can do it because you have the desire…stay determined, eep positive surroundings, and push through…good luck!

  Does anyone know how much I can expect to lose from 1st month?

After reading the comments here, I ordered my free trial. Hope it works. I used to be skinny, but I always had a problem growing up. My weight went away in High School and I was a size 2-4 throughout college and later. I guess my sedentary life style and lack of exercise (don’t have anyone to go with and everyone who goes to the gym is so skinny that I am just ashamed to even walk in) had something to do with it. I am not sure what my weight is, but my guestimate put me at borderline on BMI. I am about to hit 30 in August. I wear size 8-10 depending on the store. Well, let’s see what happens. I put down my email to receive a notice every time I get a reply to this posting, so I will check in every now and then, like maybe weekly. Doe anyone know how much I can expect to lose from 1st month? Also, I am not big on sweets, but my biggest enemy is cheese most likely. So I will try to watch what I eat, cut my portions (worked wonders in HS for me but it is harder to lose weight with age) and try to exercise at least a little.


Everyone who geos to the gym very much started like U and I. Never be ashamed. Cuz everyone in the Gym began with one goal and is the same we have…. My money is on u!!! go for it!!!!!


I will try this also. I’m older than you so I can tell my past experience. I weighed 117 for many years as a waitress. Then started gaining as I got older and switched to office. I too have to go alone to gym but it is ok. I also walk alone. It’s either alone or dont go. Dont stay home. You are not fat and Im sure people would like to meet you if you go alone. Hope this product works but I still need to walk with it. Skinny isn’t always beautiful, it’s what’s inside that make people beautiful plus a smile. I need to lose for health at my age.

  I've just took my pill today, wish me luck!
Nikko's Mom (Verified User)

I received my bottle yesterday 06/17/2013. Weighed in this morning 06/18/2013 at 199lbs. Took my first pill today @ 7:30 am. Wish me luck! I’ll try to follow up weekly.


Nikko’s Mom June 25th, 2013

Weighed in this morning 06/25/2013 at 198lbs

Nikko’s Mom, if you see this what’s the latest with your weight loss…


Thanks for the comments.


Good for youuu!!!!

Nikko's Mom

Weighed in this morning 06/25/2013 at 198lbs

Nikko's Mom

Weighed in 06/30/2013 at 193lbs

Janet M.

That’s amazing!!! Keep up the GREAT work!


How much have you lost to date


Wow, please keep up with the comments.


Did you change any of your workout and eating habits?

  Just started will update later.
Marlene (Verified User)

I’ve was 140 lbs my whole life until menopause hit at 50. I’m 58 and 210lbs now and really never have been on a ‘diet’. I need to lose weight so this product piqued my interest. I ordered it today and hope it works to jump start my metabolism since walking and starting to eat breakfast has not helped it. I was looking at Slim4Life but it’s expensive. I’ll keep ya’ll posted.


Hello Marlene. I have my doubts about ordering any diet product. They all seem unhealthy. I will like to know how much you have lost so far. I see you stargted on June 6. I am 47 years old and I am almost reaching menopause. I feel my body slowing down and I am gaining weight. I want to know how if this product works for someone like me. Best of Luck!!


I’m the same as you Marlene, age and weight, maybe a bit more in lbs. however. I’m thinking of giving this a try. Would love to know how you do with it and what you think of it. Please post in a month how it’s going. Wishing you all the best and much success!

  Just ordered the trial will update later.
Louise Kathy (Verified User)

I just ordered some and am excited. I tried sensa…got it from Costco…the only had month 1 and 2. Never anything else. That bombed. Funny because I decided yesterday that I would stop eating sweets. Now that seems kind of weak. I just want my appetite to be toned DOWN. Menopause has also done a number on me!! It’s an ugly beast! Will keep you posted also!! Good luck everyone! I’m going in!


Thanks for sharing Louise — reading all of the comments (for the first time on this site) is great energy! I’m in that same boat of pre-menopause / mid-late 40’s / yet still want to look/feel good with pride! I’m going to order and “going in” with you!


thanks Louise Kathy Im going in too,I hope its work.

  Just started will update later.
Dominique (Verified User)

I just started Avesil today. I am weighing in at 176 lbs. I am 27 and I need to lose about 30 lbs. I will post an update in 1 week.


can u tell me what comes with this?? is it just a bottle or do you have to follow a strict diet? im willing to follow a diet ive all ready cut out sodas and im makin my portions smaller and tryin to limit my sweet intake. just some additional info would b greatly appreciated.thank you


How are things going for you now? Are you still seeing results?


Hi Dominique, Like several others, I am looking for an update. Is the product working for you? Are you experienceing any side effects? Are you sleeping okay?


Hi Dominique, I was excited reading about your experience with Avesil and wanted to get an update from you on your status to date with the product


I have lost 6 lbs so far. I am 170. Update in another week.


Great News! I am looking forward to losing some lbs too!


How are things going Dominique is it still working for you?


How are things going Dominique is it still working for you?



Lover of Jesus Christ

I’m sorry that person called you a jerk! !! I knew exactly what you were saying by saying, “really?” You like me were just excited and amazed this worked…. that is why we are reading the reviews. God bless you and the other anonymous who called you jerk.


Whoever posted “really?” = is a jerk! “YOU GO Dominique” 🙂 There are too many negative energy souls out there – you CAN DO what you desire and put your mind to!! Stay focused and positive – keep a journal – have FUN!


I’m 16 yrs old, 5,2, weigh 150, I have a little sister who can eat anything and gain nothing. I would like to lose 30lb in 2 1/2 month.


word of warning to your little sister….i was the same way when i was younger…i could literally eat anything and never gain an ounce…i was 5’2″ and weighed 110 lbs until i was about 18 yrs old. since then my weight picked up drastically regardless of anything i did to stop it…i am now 30 yrs old…still 5’2″ and weigh 172 lbs….just because you can eat whatever you want…doesn’t mean you should…it WILL catch up to you….


Paloma, did you try Avesil? Because your comment up there is almost exactly the same as my situation and I’d like to know if this product worked for you…


I’m 14 weigh 150 pounds do u think I should try this?

  No side effect but not good result.
Hofferadam (Verified User)

I’ve been using this product for a month now and I have lost 3 pounds. This is after trying to lose weight for over a year with no success. This seems to cut down on cravings and suppresses my appetite a bit. I have had no side effects but not great results.

Ann Nicholson

Please let me know how you are doing and of your progress? I ordered my Trial offer to day. I feel I am at the end of my rope and I desperately need help.Nothing seems to work.

  Going to start the product.

After reading all this feedback I think that I will give it a try, I am 44 and I am 32lb overweigth I have tried everything under the sun, I hope that this will help.


I have lost on average 2 lbs per week. I have lots of energy and never feel hungry or short changed. Go for it.

  Just ordered the trial will update later.

Hi, I was researching OxyElite and came across this. Read a lot of comments and the feedback sounds amazing!! I’m 21, I started out at my heaviest of 276 in less than a year I have lost down to 216!! But now I’m at a plateau): I NEED to lose 30 lbs by July. I’m in a bet with my mother that if I am down to 185 by the time we go to the beach I will wear a bikini or tankini. Just ordered my trial offer, really hope it works!!!


Great job Shelbysh! Aug 2014 I started at 255lbs(I’m 5’2″) and partially disabled(extremely limited exercise ability), so all without exercise. Today I’m 199 by my own dieting plan(low-carb, Green Tea, no drinks with artificial sweetener unless Stevia. I’m at a plateau and feel I need a jump start, My goal is lose another 55lbs. This product sounds interesting to give it a try, many other products have hormones which I’m not allowed to take. I’ll probably have to give up my favorite drink, coffee(don’t want too much caffeine, but I do enjoy a nice cup of flavored decaf Green Tea. We can do this! Good luck to you for your weight loss success!


How are you doing? July is around the corner. Is it working?


Hi, I was doing a research on ACE and came across this site. I noticed the date when you wrote your comment. Are you on the Avesil program. What are you thoughts? I was on Bella Vi but did not feel good on this product. Our daughter is getting married in September and I would like to lose some pounds.

  Just started will update later.
Mer (Verified User)

I just ordered, can’t wait. I have been working out for three weeks now and no luck. I have been watching what I eat and drinking allot of water, can’t wait to see if this is the added boost I needed. Will let you know.

  Thinking to start it.

HELP! I’m 66, was super thin till I was in my 50’s! After various meds and pills for neuropathy, Im up to 170 and I’m only 5’4!!! Having a super hard time losing a lb!!! Does anyone out there have a similar situation. I’m thinking of trying this product!


Hi Fran, I’m a 56 year old female and have been working out for 3 years now, 4 to 5 day a week….Menapause has taken over my body and every week I see the scale going up and down… I’m going to order this product to see if this will help…Let me know how it works for you…Cindy


I am 46 and upset about my weight. I have gain close to 40 lbs in a year. I try to stay away from carbs and still the scales keeps going up. Uggggggh….menopause leave me alone!


None-I also have a lazy thyroid and was gaining weight at an alarming rate. My doctor put me on Synthroid and I stopped gaining weight. Then I walked from my office to the post office Monday through Friday (10 minute walk one way) until I finally lost the weight (it took a while. Good luck!!


Are you sure yours isn’t thyroid instead of menopause? I have gained 30 pounds in the last year also but I know mine is thyroid. So very frustrating because nothing helps when your thyroid decides to quit working!


Same here, 56, working out three years and weight gone up and I am post menapause. bummer.


I am post memopause also, and have gained a 90lbs. I am ordering this product today. I sure hope this is the answer. nothing else has worked. it is a yo-yo since I hit 50.


I am 60 years old, and its hard to loss weight. Im 5’4 also . But I need to loss at least 15 lbs.


I am 55 and I need to lose about 15 lbs. I have a very physical job which makes it frustrating as to why I can’t lose weight. I’m 5’1″ and weigh 150. I did’t weigh that much when I was pregnant with our 3rd child!! This menopause is a whole new and frustrating part of a women’s life.

  I am not good at taking pills
Ryan (Verified User)

It’s my first day after ordering this months ago (I am not good at taking pills). So far I feel great and am not having that after lunch crash. I am 33, F, and 160. I work out regularly, but I do like to eat and lately have had a sugar craving (just a bite 🙂 ) Great to see that this product has worked for so many. Good Luck all!!


I’m 36 and 170 I have always been thin but the past year and a half the pounds just keep coming !! How is it working for you ? And are you just using the products or are you selling them too? If so does the making money part work too??? Thank you for your time !! Gina

  There are no magic pills
Terry Graham (Verified User)

Avesil is probably one of the better Thermogenics on the market – great for extra energy and burning calories… the bottom line with losing weight is “lifestyle change” and metabolic reset. My wife and I lost 183 pounds together in 11 months; her: 103 and me: 80 due to just that – lifestyle change and resetting our metabolism. There are no magic pills – it takes time, commitment, and staying-away from the bad foods…


how does this work – do you take it before meals, in the morning????

  Just ordered the trial

I ordered my trial today and I look forward to seeing some amazing results.


Seems to be working. I sure do feel a difference in my appetite.


Hi Joyce,
I ordered mine and got it today. Tell me, how long did it take for you to see a difference in your appetite? I am so looking forward to this?


I know the feeling. I am a delivery driver for UPS and work my butt off. When I get home I mow 12 yards and clean houses on the side. I can’t possibly work out any more than I do, but I continue to put on weight. I just turned 47. I live in south Texas. It’s HOT, HOT, HOT and I still can’t sweat off the pounds.


not sure why you are gaining the weight but if you eat junk food/ fast food you won’t loose the weight no matter how much you work out. Plus if your not eating enough your body will go into starving mode where it thinks you are not giving your body enough food so its going to hold onto anything you take in hence gaining the weight.


Hi Dawn
I’m no medical professional, but can I suggest that maybe you see your doctor about having your thryroid checked? You are doing a lot of physical work and still gaining weight. Thyroid issues is one of the most common weight gain/loss problems.

  This stuff works WONDERS
Katie (Verified User)

10 days, 7 pounds! This stuff works WONDERS on my appetite and helps me eat more sensible portions. I haven’t been working out a whole lot and I’ve still lost the weight. I will post back with an update in a week or two. WOOO!


Update: 10 lbs, 17 days! My energy level is great and my appetite is under control. Love this stuff!


really envy you!!! Do you make exercise or controll your food on purpose?

  Ordered the trial and looking for progress

OK Gang! After reading all your comments I just ordered my trial. I will be 57 in July, have battled my weight most of my life, and am more than ready for a change. I found this product while looking at another one and decided to join the rest of you. I am looking forward to posting my success with this and reading about all of your progress. So lets do it!


Claudia………It’s been since March 27th, 2013 since you’ve posted. It would be greatly appreciated if you let us all know how this has worked for you. I’m thinking of getting some but am waiting to see some long term positives on this page. Please let us know……..thumbs up or thumbs down…….in your experience with this. Thanks so much.


Claudia, how’s it going? I’m thinking of trying this myself. I’m quite overweight and having trouble losing too. An ongoing battle for many years! Please let me know how you’re doing with it and if you’re exercising and dieting as well.


I am 58, 5 ft 3 in, up to 187 lbs (Ugh). I feel horrible. Have high blood pressure and don’t want to take a product that will raise this.

  Loved the product
Pat (Verified User)

Avesil gave me the jump start I needed to get back in the diet ‘zone’. However, I had trouble sleeping so cut back to half the dosage. It still controlled my hunger. I believe it does what it claims.

  Since taking Avesil I have dropped 20 lbs
Sandy (Verified User)

Like everyone else there New Years resolution was to loose weight and get fit- however, I have been trying to do that for over a year. Since taking Avesil I have dropped 20 lbs. I do and have for the past year been working out. I have always been cautious about what I eat but I am not one to say no to my favorite foods. I have noticed since taking Avesil I do have more energy for my workouts, and that places on my body are getting firmer! Always a good thing!


Thank you this is what I have been looking for something to help to firm up my body as I loss weight. I will be ordering this product. Thanks Sandy!!!

   I hope this works

Ordered my sample today. I stopped smoking 2 years ago this month and now I can’t keep the weight off. I hope this works.


I was wondering if its helped Crystal. I quit smoking as well and have gained 10 pounds. I exercise and follow a strict diet since I quit, but am only maintains my weight and not loosing any. I hope to hear good things.


Good for you on stopping smoking. Glad to see you are doing something to help lose the weight instead of starting back up with the cigs. Most people give in. Stay strong.

  Loved the product.
robg (Verified User)

I lost 50 lbsthrough diet and exercise. It took me 2yrs and is a constant battle.Bottom line…it can be done. Oh I almost forgot I am now 63 yrs young


look at you! way to go! some people dont get motivated, but its good to know that it can be done!

  Loved it very much.
Emily P. (Verified User)

These are great! I took them for about 3 months (suggested on package) back in June. Lost 36 lbs. in 3 months with some exercise, jogging and Zumba 3-4 times/ wk. Went from 178 to 142! I have kept the weight off after i stopped taking the pills. Xmas and thanksgiving were hard but I only gained a few. I do still exercise the same. I am thinking about another 3 months since I really want to get down to 130, or even 120..

mother of 5

Emily, your post has been the most helpful one. Thanks 🙂

  Hope this works for me

I consider myself lucky if I lose a pound a week. When I was 35 I had a high metabolism and could eat anything. Then I went on massive steroids for a medical problem and jumped from a healthy 140 lbs to over 210 in less than 4 months. My thyroid tanked and now I’m on Synthroid & fighting very hard to lose 1pound a week with diet & exercise. I’m going to try the trial program and will do a happy-happy dance if I hit 3 pounds a week.

  Kindly provide your age

well, how old are you? Most of us over 40 can’t lose 10 lbs. in 12 days even if we starve ourselves.


I totally agree! I have been working out for 3 months, have been watching what I eat and the weight is not coming off. I am so frustrated, but I am not giving up. I think I am going to try Avesil. Since I have had my hysterctomy it has not been easy, I do wear a patch to control my hormones but it is just not enough. I need to get this weight off to feel better. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

  Don't feel jittery
Samantha (Verified User)

Received my trial on 12/01 and started it right away. 3 days later and I’ve lost 2.2 lbs. I’ve cut down on my coffee intake to just one cup in the a.m., and drink water the rest of the day (about 4 16-20 oz bottles). I work two jobs; but I try to work out at least twice a day. My night job I’m on my feet and moving for 4 straight hours. But I still try to do something when I get home. I’ve cut down on my portions and carb intake. I’ve stopped snacking in the middle of the day (chips) and I don’t miss it at all. I need to lose a lot of weight and think I’m off to a pretty good and healthy start with this product. I’m looking forward to seeing what the next few weeks will bring.

Just another note–I was a big coffee drinker, but this has curbed that as well. I don’t feel jittery and have no withdrawal from lack of caffeine. And I seem to sleep a lot better.

  Having problem using the product
violet (Verified User)

how did you do with this product? I am the same age and I”m struggling.

  Hope this works!
Gabby B

Just ordered my trial-

I’m excited by the overwhelmingly positive responses…I’ve been on many different diet pills, but I dumped them after I OD’d in order to ‘look my best’ for a boyfriend, and I had to call poison control…

I’ve stayed away from them since then, and dropped 10 pounds just eating clean and working out 2-5 times a week, 30 minutes-2 hours, time allowing.

I’ve plateued HORRIBLY, however, and my eating is uncontrollable.
I’ve managed to keep most of the 10 pounds off, but I feel like I’m still slowly gaining back.

Let’s see if this can throw me over the hurdle.

I’m 5’6 and 138; goal weight is 125.


2-5days a week? 30min-2 hrs? Sounds like you either over work yourself at times or underwork yourself. 3-4 rimes a week… 45min to an hr is what you need.


You are in a healthy range of weight. Why do you want to be under weight?


Doesn’t sound like you need to lose weight. 5’6″ and 138 is great.


I Totally Agree

  Great testimonials
Editor (Verified User)

Hi All, we’ve been getting some great write-in testimonials. Sounds like it’s working for a lot of readers, check ’em out: http://www.dietspotlight.com/avesil-testimonials/

  Mental issues
Holly (Verified User)

I am going to give this a try! I have been dealing with a lot of mental issues and I have a mental illness so I fear the meds are doing it. I am not sure I had blood work done everything came back normal so I know no thyroid issues. I am 5’1 230 the last I checked.I really don’t know how this happened but its time to get back in control! Will post updates, if anyone has any advice let me know!

Believe IT ! Encouraging FACTS

I started reading about Avesil when a friend started on VPX RedLine…some synthetic stuff…reading on Avesil is stated best..etc I am skeptical about taking something not plant based yet the reviews are incrediable and will try. FYI: I believe in females hormone changes and stress( high cortisol levels) equal weight gain. In reading those who work out alot and still can’t lose is amazing. I did take a job where I walked a ton and so bsy I eat less , not eating after 7 pm and I lost inches.
Eating raw is a great recommendation. Veggies/milk if into dairy. I KNOW THE FOOD THE GENERAL PUBLIC purchases is grown with chemical fertilizers, pesticides etc and the seed is more than likely genetically modified…not good for us. I know stress has adverse effects on many. SUGAR or REFINDED flour, sugar, WHITE ingredients are not good for us, trans fats not good, all these factors make it harder to lose or maintain weight. BACK to basics. Yes small amt of food more often is good. The meat or no meat…i AGREE ON THE BOOK “eaT RIGHT 4 YOUR BLOOD TYPE” YET IT IS WHAT WORKS FOR EACH PERSONS METABOLISM….depends on your BLOOD TYPE.
i JUST KNOW MORE REGULAR EXERCISE, EATING MORE RAW FOOD-VEGGIES, DON’T EAT AFTER 6-7PM, DRINK ALOT OF WATER DAILY, CUT OUT SALT, SWEETENERS( USE AGAVE OR XYLITOL -NON-GMO)will help stablize metablism issues but meanwhile this product sounds like the starter most need to drop some pounds….I haven’t heard or missed comments on losing INCHES with this product. Either way I will send for trail and be back with my review…I will try to stick to the above guidelines…lots of water, eat before 6pm, sm portions (grazing) lol , more raw and chemical free foods as much as one can. ( Much of the food for sale in Wally World and many super markets is grown with chemicals and THIS is part of the can’t lose weight equation!! Believe it.
Just because it’s on the shelf for sale doesn’t mean it is good for us.

Ever wonder why so many have diabetes, guten issues…all about how food is grown. Educate ones self on nutrition, farming methods, food storeage farm to market.. etc is recommended. Farmers Markets -locally grown organic, is highly recommended. Really.
again will get trail for Avesil to drop 10 stubborn lbs.


how did it work so far?

  170 lbs weight goal

I am a College student, and I have become overweight. I use to weigh a healthy 170 and now I see I am near 240. I am trying to find something that will help me with stress and my excess weight. I would love to be back down to 170 so I could do ballet again.

  Hope Avesil works

I am 43. Struggled with extra 20lbs for about 3 yrs. I have a bad back so excersise is limited. I can do some, but not extreme. I hope this works for me and the excersise I can do.

  Truly hope this work

I just order my trail package today and I am very excited. I have been trying to lose for so long. I am 35, single parent, in college with four kids and the weight is very hard to lose so i need some help.I truely hope this work.

  Can't wait for it

I can’t wait for it to come in the mail!


Just ordered my trial. Excited to get started. I lost 20 lbs last year on the Six Week Body Makeover and gained a little back. Want to lose that plus an additional 15 lbs. Being 55 it is HARD to lose weight. Good luck to all of us!

  Worth getting a trial offer
Mandy (Verified User)

I have been on the trial offer for about 3 1/2 days now. Here is what I have experienced: first drink a lot of water! I didn’t the first day and got a bad headache (which never happened to me before). Once I drank more water it went away pretty quickly. Second: I get full on about half the amount of food I ate before and stay full longer. I have lost almost 3lbs so far.
I am also on weight watchers, which almost works against this because I have a hard time eating enough points now!
I haven’t fully decided if its worth the price to continue after the trial offer but I am fairly happy with this product. Definitely worth getting trial offer!


I just ordered this product I am really starting to miss the old me. After having my baby ot has been so hard for me to lose weight but I ‘m still hopeful and I will be walking 3-4 days a week until I can go 6 days a week and reach my goal.

  Encouraging comments

I loveeee how everyone is sooo encouraging in the comments section to people they dont even know:) yall r too sweet

  Wish me success

Just ordered my trail offer. I’m 65, 5’5″, 180. In 2005, following the South Beach plan and working out regularly, I was down to 150. Looked and felt great. Then life happened! Now my daughter getting married in March 2012 and I am committed to looking good and making her proud. Will get back on South Beach (it works) and hoping Avesil will give me energy to work out again. Wish me success!!!!

  Excited for the results!
Sarah (Verified User)

From reading everyones comments and looking over the comments on the Avesil site, I reeeaaaallyy want to buy this product. I’m 30 years old, a gym rat and love going. It all started with the love of Cardio Kickboxing. In 2006 I weighted 173 (I’m 5’8″) and in 8 months I dropped down to 134. I cut out soda and fast food. Well, 2 years ago I broke my healthy habit and now I weigh 167. I do NOT want to go back up to 173 and I’m well on my way. I’m totally gonna try this product along with working out again and cutting fast food and soda all together. I’ll let you all know how I do in a month or so. I’m excited! =)


Wow, our experiences are identical with the exception of the weight numbers. I did exactly as you in all areas but was also using Phenermine for about 3 months. I was looking and feeling great, but fell off a plan that I know was working. When I tried to use the Phentermine again, it did nothing at all and I’m steadily gaining. After reading all the comments, I’m convinced to give this a try. Gotta find my mojo again. Good luck to both of us.

  Effective for stress?

Does this product also really reduce stress? I have serious issues with stress and anxiety. I would say they play a bigger role in my health issues than being overweight (but I am sure the two go hand-in-hand). I am on medication for anxiety as well as IBS and other health issues. I am hoping to get off all the drugs and thinking losing weight might help. Has anyone particularly noticed any changes in reaction to stress while on this pill?


Jessie – I hear ya. I got rid of MY gerd, ibs, migraines, sinus probs, and a whole lot more going as organic and gluten free as possible. I am 55 and on NO meds for a thing. My weight is good. BP good. Cholesterol good. Going more raw (salads/fruit). I do take iodine/iodide, B vites, D3, magnesium – looking into a little calcium. GREENs drinks. Filtered water ONLY. No fragrance – NO chemicals in home. Just a suggestion. Good health to you! 🙂

  Hoping for great result
Linda (Verified User)

I’ve started the trial today, lets hope I will see some results. I’m 38, 157lbs I run 2 miles a day and try to keep it to 1300 calories. I’ve been doing this since september and the scale hasen’t moved. I’m hoping Avesil will give me the little thing I’m missing so that I can lose some weight. I’d love to lose 15-20 lbs

  Hope everything works well

Just ordered my trial!! Excited. I was running, but broke my foot and feel like I am going backwards until I can get moving again. Hope this helps!!

   I'm loving it
Kristi (Verified User)

Took my first pill this morning. I am not hungry AT ALL!!! So far I’m loving it!

  About to order and hope it works
Jim Marsico

I want to lose 40 lbs. I am ordering this based on what you recommended on your study hope it works.

  Will try it and will update later
Sally Cade

After reviewing a few programs I have decided to give this a try. Have about 50 pounds to lose! Hopefully it works, I will post back a week after I’ve been on the pills.

  Hoping this product will work

I just ordered my trial. I’m 6 feet tall, a police officer and I’m overweight. I now weigh 270lbs and I need to lose about 45lbs. Believe it or not, I used to be a body builder back in the day. Guess I just got lazy in working out. Now it’s time for a change. I need a new transformation. Can’t wait to get my product and get started. I hope it works.

  I'm excited and hoping this works

I am taking the plunge. I am starting out at 220lbs at 56 years old. I can’t wait to finally lose the weight after trying so many fake diet programs. LA Weight Loss was the worst. I actually gained weight on their program. I am excited to finally find something that works for so many people.

  Good read and I'll try it

Thanks for all the great feedback. I am convinced. I will be starting at 220lbs at 56 years old. My goal is 150lbs.

  Hoping this will work

Just ordered my trial, I have always been overweight I recently loss 45lbs with Jenny Craig but the moment I stopped taking care of myself it all crept bak on 🙁 can’t wait to get my product to give it a try I hope it works

  Wishing for our success

Hey guys: I have spent about three hours reading all your comments and also did a little research on the product. I’m going to order the trial tonight. I am 5.9 and weigh in at 220 lbs. My goal weight is 165… so I have about 55 lbs to loose. I will post back the first week after receiving this product. I’m really looking forward to receiving this product. I truly wish all of us the success we desire.

  Just ordered a sample

I just ordered the Sample to try after researching on the Net, looking at different products. I am 49 6’1 and about 270 and have been rollercoasting between 190 and 270 for 30 plus years . Hope this helps. Thanks

  I will give this a try

I think I i’ll give this a try. I lost 15lbs last year and have kept it off for about 8 months now but I want to lose, like, another 25-30lbs.

I really don’t eat that much but I’ve had over active thyroids since I was 17 years old and I’m in my 20’s now. I’m looking to drop this weight. I’m not fat but I am thick and not really happy with my legs. I’m fine with my top half because it’s small.

  Hope this product works!

I just ordered trial and really hope it works. I’ve been on low carb for months and it works some, but I need to lose around 40lbs by Nov. I have a 40th Ann. cruise and I want to be in better shape by then. I have a low thyroid issue and it is hard to lose weight after 50 but it always has been an issue for me. I have tried every kind of diet and the only thing that has ever really worked is nearly not eating and walking 6 miles a day. I really hope this is different and works.

  Hoping for good results

Just ordered a trial. Need to be 10 lbs lighter. I visit the gym about twice a week for 30 min. Unfortunately, my busy schedule doesn’t let me visit the gym more often. Hope Avesil will help.

  Will share results in a few weeks!
Peppermint Patty (Verified User)

Sadly, I am menopausal and have developed a muffin top that is disgusting! I now look like the freaking Michelin man! I’m 5’6″ & 150 lbs. No weight problems in my past, always in shape, active & toned, eat healthy-now the weight is piling on! Will blog after a few weeks on effectiveness of Avesil on the muffin top!


I’m currently experiencing the same thing. How are you doing do now?

  Hoping this will work and loose weight

I’ve had the perfect metabolism all my life. I eat a vegetarian diet, exercise, and stayed wonderfully slim…until I hit 50. Without changing anything about my life, I’ve gained 30 pounds. I’ve been on a 1,200 calorie diet (with exercise) for a month. I lost eight pounds–put on two pounds–and have been gaining and losing the same two pounds for two weeks now. I’m at the end of my weight-loss rope. I ordered this product today. I’m hoping that it will be just what I need to jump start my metabolism. I’m beginning to suspect Adrenal Fatigue, and I’m hoping that this product, with it’s cortisol regulating ingredients, will help me to lose weight and start sleeping again. I’ll be sure to report my results.

  Getting up my endurance

Well I gained about 10lbs over this harsh winter. Gotta get this off me and a little help won’t hurt especially while in the gym and getting my endurance up! So I’m going to give it a go!

  Just ordered the product

Just ordered it, I’m competing in 3 weeks and want an extra edge on top of everything else I’m taking to look my best! I’m 18 years old 5′ 4″ 130 straight muscle, just a few pinches of fat left we’ll see what this does for me!

  Will give it a try

Wow, I have not seen this many review on a diet product before, so I decided to place my order today. I am hoping to be as successful as the Avesil folks here.

I have the same issues: turning 40, can’t loose weight, job issue, etc., you know it all. Like others I have tried Alli, Smoothies, Fruit drink, Low Carb, Nutrisystem and, lastly, Sensa. Wow, all just gave me short term results.

I do it all, exercise, eat right, no junk/fast food/deep fry/bread…you get it right!

Anyways, I am really hoping to lose the 30lbs and get down to 150, my ideal weight. I don’t care too much about dress size, I just want to see the inches shrink. I have curves and I’d like to keep them but gain back my toned body.

Thank you ALL for such motivating reviews and positive comments, which are very encouraging to anyone thinking it’s the end of the world when comes to loosing the extra pounds.

  Looking forward to try this product

Looking forward to trying this product. I desire to loose 50lbs. Will let you know what transpires in a month from now. (June 10, 2011)

  Just ordered the trial
Irma (Verified User)

I just ordered my trial after reading all of your stories. I too have tried everything and took everything but yes, I lose a pound here and there and then give up after taking a product for a couple of months. I will be posting my results in a couple of weeks, wish me luck. I need to lose at least 25-30 pounds.

  Want to loose weight will try this
Jodi (Verified User)

Well I think I am going to try this stuff. I was 315lbs and started to lose weight. Now I’m down to 269. So I think I need a little help now. Wish me luck!!!

  Have severe postpartum depression

I am getting ready to order the trial of Avesil! I almost ordered Sensa, however, after reading the comments I decided not to even waste my time or money. I need to lose at least 50lbs. I used to be very active as a high school and college basketball player. After college I became pregnant with my daughter. I only gained 28 lbs during my pregnancy (she was 11 lbs of that!) And so I thought I would be great after having her. Unfortunately I have severe post-partum depression and have now gained more weight than I did while prego! 🙁 I’m really hoping this can help me out!

  Just ordered and will try it

Just ordered Avesil today. It seems most everyone has good comments about the product. I am 47 and have gained about 35-40 lbs. I was never over 125-135 so guess what? Time to lose it! I am 5’8″ and now weigh between 150-165 YIKES!!!
Will let ya’ll know if it is working. Good Luck And Blessed Be

  Will try this product

I ordered my trial today after reading such inspiring stories:) For the last couple of years I was taking SoloSlim (it was the BEST thing ever-grouped with my exercise) and it helped me go from 240lbs to 178lbs! I hadn’t felt so good or looked so good in years! Well, they took it off the market and I did fine for a few months b/c I had been faithful with cardio and weights at the gym. Well, winter hit and as others have said. I also am an emotional eater!! Needless to say, I began to eat anything and everything and quit going to the gym for a few months…ugh!! That has caused me to put on 20lbs and almost looking at 200lbs again! But, I have already been back to the gym, making it a priority to cook healthy, and now gonna add Avesil in! I’m ready to give it a try! Thanks, everyone, for sharing your stories–it is very encouraging! I will report back with my progress 🙂


I am going to order this one. I hope it works. I need to lost 100lbs. I have had some health issues and gained that much weight in 2 years. I need something to get me back on track.

  Want to loose more weight
Lori (Verified User)

I started working out 3 years ago. Lost 100 lbs, but still have that last 30lbs to take off. I am positive after reading all the comments on here that this is the ticket to getting the last 30lbs to go away. My husband is gone for work until the middle of June!! So I’m hoping this takes it away by then. I want to give him a wonderful homecoming present!! Good luck to all of us!!!

  Just received the product and will start
Dalia (Verified User)

Hola from sunny Spain! 3 years ago I was breaking scales at 295lbs! I got that situation under control with a Gastric Balloon and after six months I was down to 190lbs. Until recently, I’ve pretty much managed to keep it all off, but I have now crept back up one full dress size. I’m freaking out at the thought of those 22+ sizes coming back again! I’ve just received my 3-month supply of Avesil and will start taking them today. Will keep you posted on my progress, and wish everyone the very best of luck 😉

  Ordered trial product will see the result

I just ordered my trial today. I need to lose 30 lbs by mid July. I hope I can do it. I try everything. I just bought a bicycle and plan on biking to work when the weather gets a tad warmer. (Going to snow tomorrow in NJ)

I really don’t eat junk. I am going to try smaller plates though. I read that in the comments just before. Wish me luck.


How is yours going? I just ordered my trial and am wondering how soon I will see/feel results?

  Doing the trial of the product
SOPHIA MEDLEY (Verified User)

Today I ordered my trial. I am currently at 170 lbs and I am dying to get back to 145 lbs. Reading all your post helped me to make the decision to try Avesil.

  Product trial

@ Rubel you just need to the motivation to become a cop. I hope that Avesil worked for you!

I am about to try these pills out.

  I pray that it works

I was just in a terrible car accident Dec 31,2010–we went out with a true BANG. I was very active and have now gained 25 pounds since the accident. I cant fit any of my clothes. I’ve been reading the different comments and I’m now ordering this product. I pray that it works so I can get back into my clothes soon.

Thanks for all the uplifting input. Congrats to all, and those trying keep up the good work!

  ordered my trial offer
DJ (Verified User)

52 yr old male. I am a severe stroke survivor 13 yrs ago. I’ve put on 40 lbs in the last 12 yrs. I just ordered my trial offer and will keep you posted.

  Well I hope this works
Carol (Verified User)

Well I hope this works. I am getting remarried in May on a beach in Miami, then we set sail for a cruise. My fiance bought me 2 bikinis, they look fair on me, but I would like them to look mucho better. 15 pounds would be ideal. I have been working out and doing Zumba classes, and I hope this added ingredient will work for me as well. Congrats to all who have succeeded!

  I am going to try it
Vlucky (Verified User)

I am going to try it. I broke my ankle 3 years ago and started gaining weight due to having to stay off my leg. Gained about 30lbs! And I wasn’t even eating all that much. Hopefully, this will help with weight loss.

  Have seen great results immediately
Judy (Verified User)

I’ve spent the last hour reading through all of your comments and will now go to order the trial.

I’m 40 years old, 5’2, and 211 lbs currently. I’ve struggled with my weight since having my kids and have never gotten back to a normal weight. I’ve pretty much given up on weight loss but I am willing to try this since so many of you have seen great results immediately.

  Hoping this works
bluerose (Verified User)

I’m 23 years old, 5’2″ and 175 pounds. I have been going to the gym about 3-4 times a week and have been eating healthy. I cut pop out completely and drink only water, with one cup of coffee in the morning (powdered creamer to save on some calories.) I have already lost 10 pounds by doing the gym thing, but I have plateaued. Hoping to lose some extra weight before my husband gets home from his deployment! I want to be the hottie he met 3 years ago. I’d like to be down to about 135. Hoping this works!

Yaya (Verified User)

I am 60 years old, do not have a thyroid, work out 2-3 hours a day, eat only healthy foods, and have tried EVERYTHING except surgery. I have struggled with this for 30 years, have not been able to lose one single pound and gain an average of 6 pounds a year. I just ordered the trial. If it will work for me it will work for anyone.


I know how you feel……I’m in the same boat.

Victoria (Editor)

Best of wishes! Please let us know how Avesil worked for you!

  It's so frustrating
Diana (Verified User)

Just ordered the trial, all the comments give me hope! I’m 24 and trying to lose the last few pounds before my wedding in 5 weeks. But since I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism it’s been so hard to find the energy to exercise, and the weight just won’t go away no matter how well I eat and how much exercise I do! It’s so frustrating!

   I hope this works
HandEJune (Verified User)

From the comments it seems to be working. I have fought my weight my whole life. I carry a lot of muscle mass and it makes it so hard to lose weight. I turned 50 this year and decided I wanted to be the best I can be again. I have gained about 60 pounds in the last 10 years. I hope this works.

  Gained the weight back
Depressed (Verified User)

I just ordered it and I’m hoping it helps me. I Tried P90x and it was great. I lost 35lbs. But I stopped. Gained the weight back. It’s depressing.

ordered the product

It has been 30 days since I ordered the product, and I have to say that I wasn’t prepared for how full it makes you feel. I am an emotional eater so for the first three weeks I was still eating while taking this. I’ve had to learn how to listen to the full signal for this to work.


Glad to see your experience in particular! I just ordered my trial and I am also an emotional eater. I have 40 lbs to lose that I put on the last year and 1/2 from emotional eating. I will be sure to tune into my fullness cues if Avesil works for my appetite like it has for yours. Thanks for posting!

  I am ordering Avesil

I am female, 48, 5’2″, and as of 1/2/11 weighed 200 lbs. Got an eliptical, changed my bad eating habits, and backed off the evening relaxing “cocktail hour” with my horses. I’ve lost 10 lbs since 1/2/11, but my energy level is really bad and I am tired of the afternoon Diet Mt Dew pick me up. So I am ordering Avesil today.

  decided to order this product

Hello, my name is Erica, I just turned 29, and I’m married with two kids. Over the last year I’ve been at the gym working hard to get back to my pre-baby weight. I got pretty close, and I was content with my results. I work in retail and always have to work holidays. So the holiday that just passed was brutal for me, because of the hours, and so much food was always in front of me. My weight before the holidays was 180 (not my ideal) but after the holidays I was 195!!! I came across this website and read all of your comments and decided to order this product. I want to do a triathlon this year and have to be around 165-160, so wish me luck guys : )

   I decided to order this trial product

Well I am soon to turn 43 in March and I have 3 adult children and 3 grand children. I am soon to be divorced and my weight has been holding at a grand 175 pounds. I need to weigh 125 pounds considering I’m 4’11”. I decided to order this trial product with the hopes that it will do what it says. Good luck to us all.

  I'm hoping Avesil will help
Bhealthy97 (Verified User)

I’m 27 going through a divorce. I have a 4 year old and an almost 2 year old , like most i never lost the weight from my second baby, and I went through depression from relationship issues. I moved away from my family to try to make things work with my husband without his judgment, but ended up falling deeper into depression and finally decided to leave. I moved back with my parents on the 1st of Jan 2011. I’ve lost 25 pounds to date, I’m happier, I eat healthier, and work out hard on my Tredclimber everyday at least 1/2 hr, plus 20 min. of yoga for stress relief, 1hr of abs or strength training and, after dinner and kids are down, 20 min of cardio with Jillian’s 30 days shred (love her!), turbo jam, or zumba. So, about 2 hours of exercise daily, plus I never sit down until 9 at night unless I’m eating a meal since my kids keep me going all day! I wonder how many calories we burn just being a stay home mom?

The problem is, I still get stressed over my ex. It can be motivation to exercise hard, I know, but I won’t loose weight with a stomach in knots. I’m hoping Avesil will help with that and I’m so glad to hear everyone’s success stories! I want to loose 40-50 pounds by May, I want to feel good in a bathing suit this summer since it’s been two years since Ive been able to. Also I plan to get a tummy tuck once I reach goal of 130–that is my reward for the weight loss. I think that is another motivation for working so hard at this. Hopefully by 28 I’ll get another chance at the old me, but wiser this time;) Good luck to all, if we stay focused we will get there!!!!

   I wanna get back to 140

The comments look promising so I placed an order for the trial. I sincerely hope the comments here are real and not from the manufacturer. I’m 5’9″ and 170, I wanna get back to 140 but would be happy with 145 or 150.

  I've tried many products

Hi There.. I’m 36, 190lbs and I have been trying to lose the weight for about a year now. I would like to lose 50lbs by the end of the year. I’ve tried many products and after reading the testimonials I believe I did something right by getting the trial of Avesil.

   I'm 5'9 and 240lbs

So I just ordered my trial 5 minutes ago. I’m 5’9 and 240lbs, and it’s been hell trying to lose it. I have tried several diets and may lose a pound or so here and there but this is the first pill I am going to try.

  ordered my trial

I ordered my trial today. I want to lose 25 lbs by the end of April. I have been working on it and so far have lost 8.

  Since no one can see me
Nicole (Verified User)

I ordered my trial today. I’m 5’0, 163lbs, yikes, crazy being honest but I guess it’s easier since no one can see me :(. Good luck to all!

  I'm tired of carrying this weight

Hi, thanks for all of the comments and positive feedback. I am 48, 5’7, and weigh 205. I’m tired of carrying this weight. I’m going to order the 14 day trial.

  I am hoping Avesil can help me achieve my goal
Jaycee (Verified User)

HI EVERYONE! I am 35, 5’3 & 145lbs with 2 kids; I gained the extra 35lbs post pregnancy. I have been working out, cardio, running, pilates, strength training & eating healthy. Although, I lost 8 pounds after 3 months of doing all that, I feel desperate to see more results. I hope to lose 35lbs, gain more lean muscle, get more energetic & try to lessen my appetite post work-out. I am hoping Avesil can help me achieve my goal. Will try that trial pack & see if it helps. Good luck to all of us!

  This stuff sounds great

Hi all, I’ve been reading all of your great stories and I would like to say congrats to you all :). I live in Australia, and have been trying to lose weight, but it’s just not working. I quit smoking about 7 months ago and have put on 12kgs which I cannot get rid of. This stuff sounds great, I wish they did the trial for Australia 🙁

  extra push

Hi all, I am 26, 5’4, and 192 pounds. Due to medical problems during the last few years I gained a lot of weight. I never thought I would look at myself and hate the person i was looking at. I have decided to make some major changes. I am eating a lot healthier, along with going to the gym 4 times a week, 2 times doing cardio, and 2 times working out with a trainer. I have 3 weddings that I am in this year and I just want to look and feel good. I just ordered my trial and I hope this, along with a diet plan and exercise, can help me reach 130 pounds in about 6-8 months. Nothing comes without hard work and I am putting that in, but i think I need the extra push. After reading all these testimonials I have requested my trial.

natalie (Verified User)

I’m 5’5″ and I’m currently at 178lbs. I was previously at 198, and I have lost the weight through some serious, very restrictive dieting, yoga five times a week (three classes are hot yoga) and working out at the gym. But I still have a very long way to go. I’d like to be at 125 or 130. It’s really challenging and i think this product will help. It has taken me a year and a half to get here and I’d like to finally see some real results. I’m hoping this is going to be the thing that pushes me to where i want to be.

   Thank you
Lu (Verified User)

Hi everyone just wanted to thank you guys for all your comments. I am 5’4 female and weigh 206 after 4 children. I cannot wait to get started on this.

  Really motivated.
blossom (Verified User)

Hi, my name is Blossom and I want to lose 50lbs before the spring break. Hearing these testimonials has made me really motivated.

  Really hoping this works

I am 5″3 and weigh 165 pounds. Really hoping this works for me. Would like to lose 15-20 pounds. I have been the same weight for several years, I don’t eat much, but I can’t lose any weight. Hope this works. Just ordered today 1/4/11.


Ok so I’ve been reading these chats for the last few days and I think I’m going to go ahead and give it a shot! I’m 31, F, with 2 kids. I did weigh almost 290 but I dropped down to 230’s. I found out I had diabetes, anemia, and a vitamin D deficiency so needless to say I have NO energy to keep up with my little monsters. I want to get down to 175 (the smallest ever in my whole life!) My doc said if I lose more I might even be able to “reverse” my diabetes and get off meds.

La Lady

You’ve inspired me. I have tried everything. Lost some weight due to change in medications but now I am off that particular one and the weight is coming back. I am getting anxious. Started working out with a dance routine but this may help even more. High five to us!


Hi Sally, I am 30, 5.6″ and 170 lbs. I am ordering the trial today. I would like to lose 30 lbs. in the next three months. Good luck!


I just ordered for New Year’s-I’m 5’3″ 170lbs and big-boned (ankles have never been able to fit anklets) and hope to get down to 140. I am a bit skeptical-but after 4 months of eating whole, healthy foods and walking/jogging 2mi a day and not losing weight-then reversing and totally pigging out and not gaining weight-I know I need something to make my body burn fat.

  We are going to try this!
Carrie RO

Okay, I’m convinced and just texted my friend. We are going to try this!


Hi All. Happy New Year! I’m 53, 5’7″, 220lbs. I’ve spent the last hour reading your comments and now I am taking the plunge. I’m getting my trial and starting out fresh. I’d like to loose 70lbs! OMG! Can’t wait to get started. I’m going to take control & get fit! Wish me luck!

  I need to get my money's worth
ChaylaLiz (Verified User)

Hey guys! I am 28, 5′ 6″, and 185 lbs. I will be ordering my trial today hoping to end this cycle of having successful gain with fad diets and supplements, but gaining the weight back when I am finished with a particular program. My ideal weight is 145 so I am shooting for that goal to be reached by my 29th bday June 10th. The next 5 months are major so wish me luck! I will make it a priority to use my 2 year gym membership I have only gotten minimal use out of. I need to get my money’s worth and get my health back on track. The holidays have made my clothes sooo tight! I need to get back on track.


ChaylaLiz, Good Luck! I just purchased my trial. I myself have a goal to loose 20 pounds. HAPPY NEW YEARS TO ALL!

  Track my order
wadze (Verified User)

Hey folks! I ordered my Avesil Dec. 02 and did not receive my bottle until Dec. 07 (they ship from FL and I’m in CA). I spoke to their customer service and asked them to track my order. Their CSR was very helpful. Anyways, I am 27 y/o female about 5’5″ and 207lbs. I am hoping this helps me lose weight and gives me the energy I need to work out consistently. Good luck to everyone else!

  I just ordered my trial supply
Janice I (Verified User)

I have read nearly every comment posted here and I am encouraged. I just ordered my trial supply. I’m 45, 5’4″ and weigh about 175. I have been too afraid to actually get on the scale and see. I lost 50 lbs. a few years ago and have gained it all back. I’ve been doing the HCG diet and hate feeling so hungry all the time. I have tried Weight Watchers, Jenny, NS, Slimfast, Optifast, Medifast. I lose a little and then get stuck. I’m hoping this can shake loose the pounds and get me back to a healthy weight. I’ll keep you posted.


So I just ordered my Avesil 🙂 hope it works. I am a full time student and work full time and super stressed! so my cortisol levels are always high…Can’t wait to see results…

adictiveqd (Verified User)

I’m 5’ 8’ and I weighed in at a disappointing 266lbs on November 17, 2010. Losing weight is very challenging. For those of you who have lost weight, keep up the good work and congratulations. I have read the reviews and have ordered my trial.

  I love this product.
Monica (Verified User)

I’m a healthy–at least one 15 min. walk per day–52 yr young woman with 10 to 15 lbs. extra weight that hasn’t been easy to get rid of. I tried Avesil because I trust this web site, and happy I did. I easily am losing the extra pounds and taking only 1 capsule per day, sometimes two. It definitely reduces appetite and increases sustained energy, I love this product. I’m not in a hurry to lose, since I get how that can work against me once I’m all the way down. I’m liking going slow and steady and expect to maintain loss with Avesil help as needed. Thanks Dietspotlight for all the insights of products out there! Monica


Thanks for telling us your experience with using the product.

Ashley (Verified User)

Hey guys! So after reading all the comments and success stories I decided to try Avesil. I am 5’5 and 160lbs. I have taken Solo Slim before and lost 50lbs. I went from 190lbs to 140lbs and went from size 14 to size 6. Obviously, I have gained 20lbs back after being off Solo Slim for the past year:( Unfortunately, Solo Slim is NOT the same as it used to be, so I am forced to try something different!


Hi, I just spent a lot of time reading these posts. I’m 61, 5’3.5″ and weigh 150. I never had a problem with weight untill the last couple of years. I want to quit smoking; exercise is difficult with a bad back, so I’m giving this a try! I’m going to be a grandma soon and I want to be able to enjoy it! Good Luck to us all!

  a pretty blue pill I found
EJ (Verified User)

I’m 5’4″ currently weigh 165. I’ve lost 20 lbs so far working out doing my own thing, without any weight loss supplements. I stopped working out for 3 months now and the lbs have started creeping back. My goal is to lose 30lbs–considering the reviews, I’m going to try this. BTW, I stumbled across this product researching Orlistat–a pretty blue pill I found, and was curious what it was. Avesil seems to have great reviews overall!

edith dulce

i just ordered my trial today. I weigh 170 and I’m only 5’1. I need to lose a lot of weight. I used to be 110, but after 4 kids I just don’t know what happened.

  I just ordered today

I just ordered today. I lost weight with Nutrisystem before around 4 years ago and I have been doing it again to try and lose a stubborn 30-40 pounds. The problem with me is I’m solid — I’m 5’7 and weigh 185, but don’t look it. However, my sister is getting married in April and I want to look my best. I’m doing cardio (around 45-60 min) 3-4 times a week as well as doing ME classes, Cardio Kickboxing, Zumba, and Ab Solution classes within those same weeks. I’m not really even concerned about seeing weight come off as long as inches do. I think everyone should know their body type and know how they lose weight. And usually I don’t lose a lot of weight but I do lose the inches and that makes all my clothes fit the way I want them to, as well as getting smaller sizes. I do believe, however, that my downfall is stress right now and that’s causing me not to lose the weight. I’m eating right and I’m exercising but nothing is coming off! After reading all the reviews, I believe Avesil will help me reach my goal. Slow and steady is how I want to lose weight. Good luck everyone.


I am trying to lose at least 20 lbs. Wish me luck I just started my 30 day trial.

Lil' Nina

I am 25 years old and had my second child 9 months ago. I ordered my sample today. Wish me luck everyone lol!

  I am very sad.

I am very sad. The trial is not for us South Africans….. ;-( I also want to lose weight.


I think for international orders, there is a contact number or email, check post 227

  I just ordered my trial.
KyKy (Verified User)

I just ordered my trial. I want to fit in my pants again – 20LBS, that’s all.

  I ordered Avesil.
kerrie (Verified User)

OK I’m going to turn 40 on Feb. 18th. I weigh 215 and I want to weigh 165. I’m 5’9. I tried the 2 Day Diet and it worked OK, I lost 30lbs, but I stopped and now I’ve gained it all back. I ordered Avesil.

  I ordered this today.
Paula (Verified User)

Hi everyone. I ordered this today. I currently weigh around 226. I will also be starting Jackie Warner’s program at the same time, I just got her book today, “This is Why You’re Fat, And How to Get Thin Forever”. I watched all of her “Thinervention” show on Bravo, and in 6 weeks those people had AMAZING results, so I had to get the book. I’m only into a couple of chapters and even though she’ll tell you diet pills don’t work, she had a chapter on hormones and how cortisol affects you, and that was one of the things this pill helps with, so I had to go for the trial. Good luck to you all, I’m very excited to finally be doing something about my weight. I LOVE food and I LOVE to eat, and drink beer, but after reading some of her book I’m feeling differently about that.

I think I can really do this. I’ve been overweight now for about 5 years. I used to wear a size 5 and, after 4 kids, I was a size 7. Then I was with a man for 8 years who made me feel bad about myself, and I think that’s what most of the weight gain is from. He’s been gone for almost 2 years, it’s time for the weight to go with him!

  I am going to order my trial.

Ok everyone, here is my info. I am going to give this a try.

I am 32. After my 3rd child in 97 I was not able to lose the weight like most can. I have since slowed down on working out and with the winter it’s harder anyway. I DO eat out on the weekends with hubby but mainly salads and soups, he helps me stay away from the bad things. I do eat out one time a week as a family, we do the pizza thing. During the week at work I eat only soups, any type of soup, as long as it is soup. OJ for breakfast or oatmeal and almond butter. So it’s not like I am pigging out. I have no injuries and no health issues other than needing to lose some weight before I actually do have some. I wish I can tell you my current weight but I don’t know it to be honest, last time I checked I was 186 and I am only 4ft 10. I go from 180-186. So I need some extra energy and a kick start to lose some weight. I have been successful in life and just don’t want the only thing that I was not able to achieve to be losing weight. I am going to order my trial and I am also going to go try to get back to the gym, wish me luck all.


Ok, first day, already took my first pill, and I feel fine. I was VERY scared to take this because this is the first time I’ve ever taken any type of diet pill. I also don’t drink any caffeine at ALL. I still feel fine with this.

  Just signed up for the Avesil trial.

Just signed up for the Avesil trial. Been trying to get my weight under control since January 2010. I went from 169 lb to 155 lb. by May on my own cutting calories and walking when I could. However, since I have a back injury and doing any activity let alone exercise is difficult, I can’t budge the weight at this point. I used Hydroxycut to initially lose my weight but they changed the formula. So, hopefully this thermogenic helps. I’m hoping to get down to around 145 lbs. I’m 5’8″, btw.

  I am going to give it a try!

OK!!! I am going to give it a try!!!! I am 5’9” 190 lbs. I would love to go down to 175. I do aerobic one day and strength exercise the next 5 to 6 days a week for about an hour.

  now i am going to try Avesil.
margarita (Verified User)

Well, I read through everyone’s comments and saw how this worked for them, and I’m definitely going to try it as well. I’ve tried SoloSlim and Suprexin, but now i am going to try Avesil!

  I just ordered my trial sample.
Laura Clark (Verified User)

Hi guys! I’ll begin by saying that I’m a skeptic by nature, and although I like to research the latest trends, I never end up trying them. However, I’m impressed with the background of this product, as well as the overall positivity of everyone’s comments. I just ordered my trial sample. I’m 38, 5’3″, and approx. 145 lbs. I’ve never had a weight issue until the past couple of years, but I’ve put on about 25 pounds since age 35. Admittedly, I’ve not changed my eating habits as I’ve aged, nor do I exercise regularly due to work/family/stress/chores/fatigue–you name it and I’ve used it as an excuse! So, today is a turning point – I ordered Avesil and the Power-90 workout system, and I feel really good about trying them both. Good luck to everyone!!!!!

  but 2 days after starting I had lost 3 pounds
Nicia (Verified User)

I got the trial offer a couple months ago, sent the empty bottle back to them and never ended up taking it because diet pills have always scared me. But I am going to Belize for almost a month in December and REALLY need to lose at least 30 pounds, (I’m 5’8″, 195 lbs) so I have been taking them for the last couple of days. They definitely give me more energy, seem to make me think more clearly, and also put me in a great mood! One negative though, I accidentally took my last dose too late the other night (didn’t take it until 10 pm when i got off work, whoops!) and wasn’t able to fall asleep until 5 A.M! I haven’t weighed myself today but 2 days after starting I had lost 3 pounds. I eat a low carb vegetarian diet and I am also doing the P90x workouts a couple of times a week.

  I didn't think it would have any effects (positive or negative.)
Amy (Verified User)

I came across Avesil through a friend’s advice. I didn’t think it would have any effects (positive or negative.) However, I was pleasantly surprised. Feeling like a million bucks when I work out and afterward. My goal is to lose weight before my wedding! I have 1 month to go, wish me luck 🙂

  Not feeling any jitters or anything.
Kasey (Verified User)

I just took my first dose of Avesil about an hour ago. Not feeling any jitters or anything. Thinking about drinking my morning cup of coffee. I had my usual oatmeal for breakfast and also a banana. Au revoire, fellow Avesil users!

  Read above post from "Roy."

Read above post from “Roy.”

  Hopefully Avesil can help me lose the weight faster.
Nutty (Verified User)

I am on my second day and I can tell you the cravings absolutely stopped. The days go faster and I’m just busy at work. Before I would be working and nibbling on anything. I am also on Weight Watchers and Boot Camp, but the weight loss is very slow. Hopefully Avesil can help me lose the weight faster.

  How often do you take it?
moose (Verified User)

How often do you take it? I have been taking only one a day for now because I keep forgetting during the day and then it’s close to bed time so I don’t take it.
The instructions say 2x a day but not within 4 hours of bedtime. I usually eat dinner around 6 and go to bed around 9. Would you take it around 5? I wonder if it will keep me up?
Thanks for any advice.


Hi Moose (great name), I’m hyper-sensitive to caffeine late in the day, and I have taken Avesil as late as 5pm and it has not kept me up, if that helps.

   I'm ordering it today!

I’ve heard alot of good comments about this product. I’m ordering it today! Wish me luck! 🙂

  Does anyone know if this product is too intense for someone trying to get a bit more lean muscle?

I don’t need to lose weight, I just want to get a little bit leaner. I’m 5’5 and 125lb. I’m also doing the P90X program which helped me get back in shape after having a baby. Does anyone know if this product is too intense for someone trying to get a bit more lean muscle? I want those leg muscles to show.


I worked with a female bodybuilder and she did something interesting before competing. FREEZE a gallon of water overnight and take it everywhere during the day. Of course she also had split routines with tons of cardio, but thought that might help with your P90X.

deby yokley

I believe food can harm us if we don’t eat right. I also beleive food can heal. I too just started a raw food diet, I am using the nutri bullet, drinks are a little yucky but I know I’m being good to my insides. If I don;t see results soon I will give Avesil a try. comments all sound great, thanks everyone, aloha from Hawaii, Deby

  I hope this works for me
Kasey (Verified User)

I guess I am taking the plunge as well. I am 5’6 and weigh 160. I am looking to lose about 25-30lbs. I hope this works for me :/ Wish me luck.

  I am hoping this product will help me
Rosie (Verified User)

Hi, I am 5’1″ and 65 years old, weighing in at 223. I need to lose 93 pounds, and I’m hoping to do that by this time next year. I have been on a 1200 calorie diet for the last two weeks lost two pounds, so I am hoping this product will help me. Good luck to us all.

  Does Avesil works for weight loss?

I am a 28 year old woman, who has a 4 year old. I am a single mother, and I am hypothyroid. Along with the thyroid, I also suffer from depression (comes with the thyroid issue.)

Anyways, before my son I weighed 160, and I was not happy. Now I am at 209, so we can see I am really not happy. LOL. I am going to order the trial and me and my son will start walking (he is a runner already, he’d rather run than play bikes!) I have recently taken red meat out of my diet, as well as white rice and pasta, so hopefully… If anyone has anymore ideas, I want my body back. Oh, I am 5’4.

  Just started my plan.
April (Verified User)

I am 38 and mother of 4. Changing my eating habits has not helped much and after work and “mother duties” I am just too tired to do any real excersising. 5’9″ at 290. Once upon a time 145 but would be happy with 160. Let’s see how it goes, ordered today.

  I'm interested in this product.

Hi, I’m an 18 year old senior in high school. This past summer my boyfriend of two years dumped me. Since then I’ve been in a pretty deep depression and i went from an average of 120 to 148 within 4 months. This weight gain has definitely made me feel even worse about myself.

This last week I’ve been running every morning for about an hour and I cut my meal portion size in half, but nothing seems to get this extra weight off. So, I’ve decided to try the trial, i want to be that sexy looking girl I used to be instead of a discouraged lumpy mess. Wish me luck!

  How to purchase it in Australia?

I live in Sydney, Australia and have done some research on this product. I am really super keen to get my hands on some Avesil. Can anyone suggest how I can get it apart from ringing since I do not have international calling on my phone? Emails in reply would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance. 🙂


Hi Phil,

I too live in Sydney and wanted to get the Avesil, how did you get on with the email to their customer care? Regards.


Hi Helen, I’m a Sydney resident, were you able to purchase Avesil locally? I’m in Smithfield NSW.


Hi Phil, glad you like our site. We’ve gotten a lot of international inquiries about Avesil lately. I just asked them, they say you can email customercare@avesil.com. Good luck!

  I just purchased my trial bottle.
Clarissa (Verified User)

I just purchased my trial bottle. I’m 31 years old and just developed hbp, so this is a make it or break it thing for me. I really don’t want to get the lap band, so I’m trying these pills. I am at the heaviest I’ve ever been. I hate looking in the mirror and seeing what I see… hopefully i can do this!

  Avesil works.
Lora (Verified User)

Here’s some hope and encouragement…I started taking Avesil July 20, 2010. I don’t have a scale, so I don’t know how much I weigh, but my last official weight (at the the doctor in June) was 240 and I’m 5’8″. What I noticed right away was that I wasn’t hungry all the time without the jitters- so it was easier not to snack. About 3 weeks went by before I noticed any size difference. what is obvious is the reduction of my belly fat. You need to know I am not a faithful exerciser, but I do drink a LOT of water and have mostly cut out salt completely. I am also able to fit into my size 14 clothes much easier now and put away the 16-18’s. This is pretty easy and doesn’t require lots of thought. I just received the new formula, so if it’s an “improved formula” with taking less pills–all the better. Good luck to all…I’ll post from time to time and actually get a weight reading eventually.


Hi! , so glad it’s working for you. Anyways hope you continue with your success story, I loved it and will try the product myself. Thnx for your input


I believe that we can get enough salt in our diet without even trying, so if we try to avoid “added” salt it is a good thing to do!!


Good advice, however, Sea Salt or eating Kelp are much better sources of Iodine as replacements for iodized table salt, which increases blood pressure. Eliminating the salt is a good thing, but for your necessary Iodine, try sea salt, which has no effect on your blood pressure, or Kelp.


You are my inspiration Lora. I will get it right now. Wish you much and more success.

  I will be ordering my trial.

I have looked at all of the posts about Avesil, and mostly everything was good so I will be ordering my trial. I really do need it. I have tried a lot of things and nothing ever worked, but this one looks different.

  Again, I am VERY hopeful.
Roni (Verified User)

I too would like to thank each person who posted a comment; I just placed my order this morning (Sunday, September 26, 2010 @ 9:59am). I am VERY hopeful.

I must admit that:
1) I don’t own a scale, but will purchase one before the week is over.
2) I weigh over 200lbs–I will give an accurate weights once I purchase a scale.
3) I look ok when dressed but I have not liked how I look naked for some time — I need and want to change this.
4) I have high blood pressure and as result I am unable to use any supplement with heavy stimulants.
5) I now suffer with congestive heart failure because of leaky valves.

I am 46 years old and my metabolism is shot — I work long hours, barely eat during the days and eat too heavy meals at night. SO I REALIZE I NEED TO CHANGE THIS. My plan is to eat more regularly during the days and to walk home from work beginning at least 2 days during the week; the distance is 4.44 miles. I will begin walking along the bus route in the beginning, and if I get too exhausted I will get on the bus for home — I live in NYC so this is possible. I am also a Veteran of the United States Army (Medical Discharge in 1988 for my feet — so I am unable to run for long distances.)

With the assistance of Avesil my goal is to walk all the way home from work, 4.44 miles at least 3 times during the work week, and to incorporate other exercises into my routine as soon as possible. I don’t mind working out, but the sense of sheer and utter exhaustion afterward is not something I look forward to. However, with the Patented Nutraceutical Sensoril in Avesil that is proven to reduce fatigue (see JANA articles — yes I did some research) along with the other 3 dietary ingredients I am hoping that my fatigue will be reduced to a minimum.

Again, I am VERY hopeful.

  I need to lose weight.

Ok so you have all convinced me to do the trial. I need to lose weight. I’ve just been in college and not worrying about my weight. Time to change that!

  I not used it yet but it works.

I would like to know through what mechanism does the Patented Sensoril reduce stress and fatigue, effectively lowering levels of the stress hormone cortisol? I googled this “ingredient” and found relatively no scientific research to back these claims. If someone could post a link for me, I’d like to know more about this substance. As for the other three main ingredients in Avesil: Caffeine/Green Tea Extract/Chromium, these are all extremely common in supplements used for and intended to aid in weight loss. If you are asking yourself “does it work?”, I can give you my opinion, which is yes, it most certainly does. I take a 200mg Caffeine/ 150mg Green Tea extract (standardized) pill and a Chromium Picolinate/Cinnamon pill to (for blood sugar control/metabolism.) I started my diet at 200 and through exercise, proper nutrition (supplements included), and rest I have dropped to 179lbs with results visible in the gym and the mirror. It is fair to say that Avesil is convenient because it does have some of the best proven weight loss aids all in one pill. Although I have not used it yet I would find it hard to give credit to anyone saying it doesn’t work.

  Today, I ordered Avesil
Mike (Verified User)

Today, I ordered Avesil. I am looking forward to this new experience. I will update you with my progress.

  only had an appetite for 1/2 of it
Virginia78 (Verified User)

I ordered last week and got it in about 4 days later. I saved it to start on Sunday. I started at 211, took the pills twice daily yesterday and today and I can already tell the difference in my appetite. I tried to eat regular portion meals and couldn’t do it… only had an appetite for 1/2 of it… couldn’t even fatham forcing it down either… I’ll let you know how the first week goes next week!

  I have lost 20lbs
loolou (Verified User)

Just ordered really staying positive about it. I just turned 30 and have been fighting weight issues since I was diagnosed w/hypothyroidism at 22. Nothing has helped, synthroid sucks. Finally I have lost 20lbs after seeing a weight Dr. after 9 years of waiting. Anyhow, I am 5’6 180 (not all fat though), I’ll keep you posted.

  I just ordered my trial.
Yvette (Verified User)

I just ordered my trial, I am excited. My problem is not what I eat. My eating habits are very healthy but my metabolism is very low and I am unmotivated.

  I decided to order my trial.
Geovanna (Verified User)

After reading all of the comments I decided to order my trial. I am 26, about 5’1” and have recently gained weight. I am at 152 now. I would like to lose about 30 pounds!

   I didn't want to try Alli due to side effects.
anne (Verified User)

I just ordered my trial offer for $1.50 shipping! I have been working out 4x/week (most weeks) since January, and I have lost inches but not much weight. Down 2 pant sizes, but I have a long way to go. I didn’t want to try Alli due to side effects.

  I have placed my trial order today.
Vicki (Verified User)

I discovered this site as many others did while doing research on a different product. After reading what everyone had to say, I decided to try Avesil and have placed my trial order today. I’m in a challenge with a friend and need to lose at least 20 lbs by the end of November. I eat healthy and try to exercise at least 4/5 times per week, but the weight just isn’t coming off. Hopefully this will give me the boost that I need to get headed in the right direction!

  I just ordered Avesil.
wilmer eugene mcbride (Verified User)

I just ordered after reading the testimonials and was wondering, are there any men using or ordering Avesil besides me?

  Does Avesil works for weight loss?

I need to lose about 25lbs, But I love my diet coke. Can I still drink it since I only drink caffeine free? I drink about 32 oz a day or less.

  Just ordered my trial.
Lisa (Verified User)

Just ordered my trial. From the comments I’m seeing, I’m hoping to drop 50 lbs. My husband is a chef and his food is irresistible. He’s cooking healthy meals for me now and I’m exercising more regularly. I have tried and tried to lose with diet and exercise and have NOT been successful. I’m just tired of seeing Jabba the Hut in the mirror. Wish me luck!!

  Hope Avesil will work for me.
Shine (Verified User)

Ordered today. 42 years old, 158 lbs – can’t seem to lose with rigid diet and exercise. Hope this works by November – would love to get back down to 130-135!

  How to order Avesil?

I live in Utah. Tried to order, but couldn’t. Found out it’s not yet licensed in Utah. Darn!

  I just ordered my trial supply
Cindy (Verified User)

I just ordered my trial supply. I am 5’5″ and weigh 218 more than I have ever weighed in my life. Going thru the big M. Sure was encouraged by the comments.

I am interested in buying Avesil
Newme4 (Verified User)

Ok, going to try this after reading through these comments. Some postive feedback that it works, and lots of hopefuls out there. Am 5’3″ and weigh 150#. Would love to get down to about 125#. Have tried anything and everything. The one thing that seemed to work was Weight Watchers. Got down to 113# back in 2001, but have yo-yo’d up and down and up to my highest of 160 about 2 years ago. So wish me (and us) luck!

  just placed my order for Avesil
Kimberly Raiser (Verified User)

I’ve been on Weight Watchers for three weeks now. I started at 213 pounds and am down to 206, but the weight hasn’t budged in over a week so I’m trying this new product. I just placed the order. I’m 45 and have fibromyalgia and had a hysterectomy last September, so things have slowed a bit and I want to be the hottie I was six years ago!!! 50 pounds to go!!!!

  I just ordered my trial Avesil.
Cassie (Verified User)

I was looking up something else and stumbled across this. Just ordered my trial. I am 26, 5’3″and 195 lbs. I hope to lose at least 55lbs. I have yoyo’d for years, but recently gained 25 lbs after going from a retail job to an office job. I’m going to use this in conjunction with slim in 6 and a new diet. I just learned that many of my heath problems are due to a food allergy to wheat and peanuts, so those are getting cut out. 🙂

  I believe Avesil will work out.
JR48 (Verified User)

I just ordered today and we shall see. When I say I have tried everything, I mean that I have really done it all except for surgery. My husband had a gastric bypass, but he had lots of health issue. I’m healthy, just overweight. I am encouraged by many of the comments and I believe this will work out.

  all the posts from August get deleted?

Is it just me or did all the posts from August get deleted? Why are there no current updates?


Hi Ally, it’s not just you! We had a programming glitch that deleted many August comments. We managed to recover most of them, but very sorry if yours got lost.

  a lot of energy all day
Jen (Verified User)

Ordered mine on Tuesday…got it today….I have had a lot of energy all day…I sure hope this works. I have been doing weight watchers for 3 weeks and working out 4-5 times a week for 30 minutes and have not lost a single pound. 🙁


Jen, I’ve been doing Weight Watchers since December 2009 and so far I have lost 25lbs. It works, but one needs to really stick to the tracking of the points. I still need to lose 30lbs and I want something to help me, along with the WW program and exercise 5xs/week. I will try this pill. Hopefully it will work! 🙂

  "Avesil" I love it
LMF (Verified User)

Started Avesil a week ago–and I love it. I am a serial dieter. I have tried numerous diet pills in the past, all to no avail. None have worked. However, within a week I can tell that Avesil is different from the others. I have no bad side effects. No jitters, no headaches and I have so much more energy. I have tried to eat healthy with it, and exercise a little each day. I have not weighed myself yet and, as of now, I am not focusing on the scale. I already feel more confident because I can visually see the difference. I will recommend this to everyone. Some people in other posts have said it did not work. Everyone’s body’s are different, so what may work for one person may not work for another. I would recommend that people limit caffeine intake when using it.

I used to drink a medium coffee every day and if I didn’t I would get a caffeine withdrawal headache. I haven’t had caffeine since last Wednesday and have not had any soda with caffeine. I can tell these pills already have enough caffeine in them to satisfy me because I have not had any caffeine withdrawal headaches.

Good luck everyone who tries it…so far so good for me!


Sounds good, R U hungry at night or during the evening?


LMF – this was really helpful. I started drinking a large 1/2 and 1/2 (decaf/caf) 1 and 1/2 yrs ago when I quit smoking. (they recommend you reduce caffeine when you quit.) So I was concerend about the caffeine ingredient. Your advice was helpful because I definitely feel the effect of a wee bit more caffeine when I happen to ingest it.

After quiting, I was able to walk for the first 6 mos but then my bad knee went south fast. Gained a bunch of weight. Just had knee surgery recently and so now need to concentrate on getting off the weight.

Thanks to all for your posts! I’m going to order the trial immediately!

  So far so good.
Debbie (Verified User)

I am on day two of taking Avesil. So far so good. It does help with the appetite. Don’t get me wrong, you will still want to eat throughout the day, but this definitely helps.

  I just ordered my trial today

I just ordered my trial today, I can’t wait to see results!

  I start taking Avesil and lost 7 lbs
Sneakyboots (Verified User)

Well, I’ve been taking Avesil for 4 days and have lost 7 lbs so far. I’m impressed. I’m having to eat a lot to get above 1200 calories. My goal is to lose 35 lbs. I will check in on Tuesday to let you know what I’ve lost in a full week.


Hi Kim,

I didn’t exercise for those results, but since I last weighed I started powerwalking 3 miles/day and doing pushups just because I don’t want to stall out and get discouraged. So, it’ll be interesting what the next 7 days bring….I started out at 147 and dropped to 140. Goal weight is 115.


Great! 7 lbs in 4 days. How much did you weigh. Are you exercising? How much? I think I’m going to try this. Your results are fantastic.

   I lost 45 lbs in 4 months.
Kathy (Verified User)

I weighted 189 back in October ’09. Started going to Beverly Hills Weight Loss and Wellness, eating healthy foods and taking protein supplements. I lost down to 154 easily enough, but have been stuck between 152 and 154 since early May. I was looking for something that might help me get past this plateau and found this website. After reading all of the comments, I decided this might be the thing to do it for me, so I went to the website to place my order. After keying all the pertinent shipping info, but before the credit card info, I clicked on the back button to be sure it was a 30 day supply. When I did that, I got another window that gave me the chance to place the order and only pay $1.50 shipping. I’m really hoping this will do the trick for me. I still want to lose another 15 – 20 lbs., but being stuck for so long has really gotten me discouraged.


I got Avesil from reading this site after trying Quick Trim. I was looking for Quick Trim reviews to see if it made anyone else feel sick like it did me (looks like i wasn’t the only one!) I’ve lost 24 lbs on Avesil in two months. Solid. I like this product.

  I will order the trial.

Thanks everyone for posting your comments and results. I am 44 yrs old and have gained at least 35 lbs over the last year. I am sick and tired of keeping 3-4 set of different pant sizes in my closet!! This is the worst size so far but your positive comments have motivated me to order the trial. I will keep you posted. Good luck everyone:)

  Thank you for sharing your experience.
Let (Verified User)

Thank you for sharing your experience with this pill.

  Just ordered my trial.
Pamela J.

Just ordered my trial. I’ve been doing the yo-yo thing for years and I will be interested to see how this works with my new exercise plan. I am 46 and had a hysterectomy and gained as much weight as I had when I was pregnant. Right now, I’m hating the extra weight.

   I just joined the group of happy Avesil
Cece (Verified User)

Hi everyone, I just joined the group of happy Avesil weight loser! I order my trail today 6/24/2010. Hope to be as successful as everyone here, keep losing and God bless. Good luck.

  I lost 36 lbs in 3 months
Joanie Castner (Verified User)

Wow, I posted back in January after new year’s resolution time and i forgot about this website, but I was just researching an omega 3 supplement and I found it again– I wanted to report that i used Avesil for the recommended 3 months (Jan-March) and lost 36 lbs, along with healthy diet (blah blah.) I stopped the pills but kept up the diet and I am still down 30. The exact # on the scale changes with water weight. of course, everyone is different but it definitely worked for me at least and I have recommended it to a girlfriend. Hope that helps you all with your weight loss. I cant believe how many comments there are now!

  I too am getting ready to order this trial.

I too am getting ready to order this trial and will be “blogging” my progress on a regular basis. I’m 48, female, 5’3 and currently around 145 which ticks me off because up until 2000 I weighed around 200 pounds; then I crash dieted it off and hit 108 pounds in 4 months. Foolish, I know, but I sure was light on my feet! LOL. Anyway, stayed pretty skinny until last year when I got laid off from my job and went hog wild on the food. Anyway, my goal is around 115 so we’ll see.

  I like that Avesil
Sarah (Verified User)

Hi everyone, I wanted to post because I have been reading all the reviews and want to share my experience. I’ve been on Avesil since Sunday June 20th. I weighed in at 188.2 and today I decided to jump on the scale and I am at 186.4! Avesil has helped with keeping my in check with what and when I eat. I stopped eating after 7pm. I am usually a good exerciser but this is my “woman” time of the month and have 0 energy to work out at the moment.

I like that Avesil doesn’t give me a ‘crash’ feeling at the end of the day and with the caffine in the pills, I’ve noticed that I don’t crave pop and coffee.

I used to weigh in at 267. I started out by taking Alli and got down to 196 – then for over 6 months, I stayed at 196 and I quit taking Alli, but def don’t have the same effects as Avesil has on me. I got down to 188 and that is when I learned about Avesil… so far I am liking how I feel.

  I am ordering today.

Well, hearing all the positive feedback I am ordering today. Hope it works for me. I have tried EVERYTHING – all the pills, expensive diets – my husband lost 32 lbs and I lost 7!! I am 45 and 5’8″, and I have dieted my way UP to 250#. I used to be 150. Bad back, knees, shoulder and thyroid. No energy or willpower and on antidepressants!!! IS THERE HOPE FOR ME??? I’m telling myself that this is the last pill that I am going to try. Wish me luck!

marie sisk

marie july10,2013

Hi,huskernurse, you sound just like me..Has it worked? I want to try this one.


Well, huskernurse, how is it going? After reading almost all of the comments, I chose yours to respond to now. I feel that you are most like me. I am a bit older, 52, and I am about 5’6 and 220. How is it working? I lost almost 100lbs, kept it off 3 years, and I have now gained back about 30 this year. I am getting married next summer and we enjoy outdoor activities together. Unfortunately my new 1.5 hour each way commute has taken its toll. Inspire me, girl!


Hi everybody, I too have read all the comments up to here; huskernurse and gatormom04, so far you two sound the most like me except I am ancient next to you guys. I’m 68. I have the bad knees, the aches and pains, the untreated depression, etc. I need to lose weight. I feel bad and look worse. I am going to try this product–and will keep my hoped for good results up to date. I am encouraged by all the kind comments and good wishes everyone has–there are so many nice people out there! It makes me re-evaluate this non-positive attitude that creeps into my day every so often. Good wishes and thanks to all.

  I ordered and will start the 30lb

Out of 316 comments and reviews I have only noticed one that said “this product is not for me”. I ordered and will start the 30lb. plunge as soon as I get the product. I’m 5’4, 170, menopausal, 60 years old, and I have 14 pairs of pants I can’t fit into and will not give up. Consistent exercise will be a challenge during grading season. To all who have ordered recently….best wishes for your success.

  I tried it and I like it!!
princess24 (Verified User)

Well I tried it and I like it!! I wasn’t big in the least really, 5’5 and 135 lbs., but I went to 145. I lift a lot of weights and do kickboxing. I found I was gaining weight in my midsection which is weird because I don’t eat meat or fried foods, and I haven’t since I was 9. Now I’m 25 and I was seeing this bulge. I’m the mom of a 5 year old and I haven’t seen this much mid-section since my son was born. So, that being my background, I have been taking Avesil for almost two weeks now and lost 3 inches! I have not gotten on a scale but, seeing as how I can fit into my jeans and shirts without that dam bulge, it works–and 3 inches is a lot. If you are overweight, I suggest you do a body cleanse also to get rid of all of that waste. Oh, and Avesil makes you not want to eat, but you should force yourself to eat a little something or you will feel drained.

  I just ordered my trial!

I just ordered my trial! After reading all these reviews I thought I would give it a try.

I’m 25 5’4 and weigh 177. Yikes! My goal weight is to be around 130. I really hope this works.

I will keep you posted 🙂


Congrats Cathy!

I’m new to the site. I am seriously considering ordering my trial as well. I am 25 years old and 220. I am definitely looking for a change. Good luck on your weight loss!

  I want to try this product.

Just wanted to thank everyone for contributing. Your comments have been really important and have encouraged me to try this product. Good luck to you all.
Like Maria, I will post my progress immediately my shipment arrives.

  Just ordered. I have 17 lbs to lose

Just ordered. I have 17 lbs to lose, wish me luck !

  I just ordered my trial!

I just ordered my trial! I am a 29 year old mother of 2 kids, a 5 & a 2 year old. I still have the pesky 20lbs of pre-baby weight that I just can’t seem to get rid of! I excercise daily and eat right, so I am looking for a safe way to shed these last 20!

   Very pleased with this product.
Deb (Verified User)

Reporting back! I’ve been taking Avesil to lose weight for two months now. I wanted to drop the fat before I hit the beach this summer. I’ve gone down two sizes!! Very pleased with this product. Like everyone else, also watching what I eat very carefully while trying to lose – this is important. Going to stay with it for another month and then probably stop.


Congrats Deb, I’m starting today!!!

  Just ordered my trial.
Cathy K

Just ordered my trial. I’ve tried many things (including diet & exercise) but I lose hope after a week or so. I would LOVE for this to work so I can shed this weight and see the beautiful ME that’s underneath it all!!! SO EXCITED!!!!

   I just ordered the trial.

Hi, I am a 30 year old mother of 2. I am 5 ft 2 inches and I weigh 165 lbs. I am not happy at this weight. I would like to get down to 120 lbs. I am also looking into Zumba classes. I am an Italian and I love food. I am going to eat half as much and try to do some exercising and I just ordered the trial.

  I just ordered my trial
SarieSweety (Verified User)

I just ordered my trial, I am usually pretty skeptical about pills but after reading these reviews I have to try. I’m desperate. I was working so hard to lose weight and drop sizes and would lose one but gain two, it was so frustrating I was in tears a lot. Hopefully this will give me the results need to get my motivation back.

  Received my order today

Received my order today. Starting 5’6″ 220#. We’ll see how it works! I’m going to start tomorrow, and I’m doing it in conjunction with Weight Watchers.

  These pills were not for me.
Annon (Verified User)

These pills were not for me.

  I just ordered my trial!

Ok I just ordered my trial! After reading all these reviews I was convinced!

I’m 23 years old and I just had a baby 4 months ago. I’m 5’2 and weigh 165. Yikes! My goal weight is to be around 125.

  I am a diabetic, but this is working
MGD (Verified User)

Hello everyone I don’t see many result messages so let me tell you I have lost 35 lbs. I am 61 and do moderate exercise; weight loss is difficult because I am a diabetic, but this is working. I bought some new summer clothes and went down 3 sizes. I am so pleased. Hope this gives some inspiration!


How long did it take you to lose the weight MGD? Did you see results quickly or did it take a while?


It was faster the first two weeks, then it slowed down, and right now I am only losing about a pound a week, but that’s ok. I am not what you would call dieting. We eat out a lot because it’s only me and the husband now. I ask for a take home container right off the bat and only eat half.

I get double veggies instead of potatoes. At night, if I’m hungry, I’ll either have fruit or a lollipop! At this point after countless diets I am trying to really make a lifestyle change so I don’t put the weight back on. I feel good,

My sugar is good and I can comfortably cross my legs–sounds silly, i know, but baby steps!

Good luck Laura.


MGD, you are a very smart “cookie”.. a pound a week after a faster first 2 weeks is great!! Smart choices for that lifestyle change, not that it is easy all the time but I think we need to believe we can be successful with any good changes that we make for the better!! Thank you & continued success 🙂


Thanks for the update, MGD!! A pound a week is super! I have never used any diet supplements and am reluctant to take anything. I’ve read a lot here, and will probably try some Avesil.


MGD, thank you for your follow-up. There are a lot of people on here who say they ordered their trial and then did not let us know. However, there are a few that have, you being one of them. I am 5’4″ and 218 this morning. I had never heard of this until I was doing some research on Sensa (not good feedback on this btw) and I think, due to testimonials like yours, I will try this. Thank you again.

  Just ordered my trial.

Just ordered my trial, I really want to loose 40 lbs.