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Avesil Review - 11 Things You Need to Know

Don’t laugh, but well over 50% of diet products simply don’t work. So what about Avesil? We at DietSpotlight conducted a thorough review, investigating the ingredients, side effects, clinical research, and overall customer service. We additionally looked at countless dieter comments and user experiences from all over the web. Finally, we compressed all of the facts and feedback we collected to give you the important information you need.

Avesil can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What is Avesil?

Avesil is a weight loss supplement that was popular in the online market. This diet pill acts as a fat burner.

Using Avesil as a part of your diet enhances your body’s natural ability to burn fat and curb appetite, primarily due to its natural ingredients.

This is a process called thermogenesis. It works by increasing the body’s temperature, which burns more calories and revs up your metabolism.

Essentially, it attempts to imitate cardiovascular exercise, that way, you can burn calories throughout the day – even while sitting on your couch.

Does Avesil Work?

  • Nutrients — “mostly inconclusive evidence that the tested bioactive phytochemicals [green tea, coffee bean, capsicum] are effective in suppressing appetite/hunger and/or increasing satiety/fullness.”
  • Lipids in Health and Disease — “The study findings suggest that Meratrim is well-tolerated and is an effective ingredient for weight management in healthy overweight subjects.”
  • Food and Chemical Toxicology — “These results, combined with the tolerability of Meratrim in the human clinical trials, demonstrate the broad spectrum safety of Meratrim.”

Avesil Competitors

Garcinia Cambogia
Other similar products: Leptigen, , ,
Company Info

The Company Behind Avesil

Avesil was manufactured by a United States-based company nine years old and is well known in the supplement industry.

The company is not accredited by the BBB, also known as the Better Business Bureau, but it does show positive information on the company.

Avesil Customer Testimonials

Avesil Ingredients

The old formula for Avesil included chromium, caffeine, decaffeinated green tea extract, and ashwagandha root extract. The current ingredient list includes:

  • Green Tea Extract
  • Meratrim
  • Chromium Chromate
  • Natural Caffeine USP

Although Avesil does contain caffeine, it has quite a few other ingredients that promote fat burning body temps.

A study published by the Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics shows that chromium reduces your insulin and promotes comparatively superior efficacy in glycemic and lipidemic control.

Caffeine is thought to boost metabolism, while decaffeinated green tea extract is usually consumed for its phytochemicals, antioxidants, according to AJAS. Ashwagandha root extract acts as a stress reliever, as claimed by research published by the African Journal of Traditional, Complementary, and Alternative Medicines.

So, the chromium keeps your insulin under control. The caffeine helps speed up that metabolism to get yourself into a fat-burning state. The green tea extract provides other needed nutrients (as well as some caffeine).

With some pros, the con of the product would be that it does contain soy, so anyone allergic to soy products should be careful when taking this supplement. If you are allergic in any way to any of the ingredients in Avesil, consult with your doctor before starting it.

Side Effects

Does Avesil Have Side Effects?

Avesil has a few side effects, such as sleepiness, jitteriness, and increased or rapid heart rate. These usually occur in individuals that may be sensitive to stimulants.

Some users claimed to suffer from mild gastric disturbance while taking Avesil. These are all trivial complaints, and there is no solid evidence found of any serious side effects.

A constant state of thermogenesis is safe. Users should not be worried about using Avesil for a long period, with physician permission.


Avesil Health Benefits

The major benefit of Avesil is that its short ingredient list. Additionally, it contains no fillers, which is a plus.

The chromium in Avesil can stabilize blood sugar levels, and the caffeine can improve motor functions.

With the combination of ingredients and when used in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle, the benefits seem to create a complete weight loss package.

Avesil also offers a free trial to its customers, which is very enticing for anyone hesitant to believe it works.

Where To Buy & Cost

Where To Buy Avesil and What Does It Cost?

The research found the price for a 30 day supply was $89.95, but unfortunately, the main Avesil website is no longer running, and we are not sure why.

On Amazon, the item is “currently unavailable.” The same can be said for the Walmart online listing.


What Are Avesil Alternatives?

Avesil vs. Garcinia Cambogia

Any metabolism-boosting product is going to be an alternative for Avesil.

Garcinia cambogia, in particular, has been endorsed by Dr. Oz and has shown to be popular amongst many dieters.

The science behind it claims that it “removes fat-creating bacteria” and provides you with good bacteria to assist your body with sugar control and digestion.

Although this is a different approach than Avesil, it is a weight loss pill and a get-slim-quick product.

Avesil vs. Hydroxycut

Hydroxycut is based on the same idea as Avesil.

It is considered an ingredient that creates a fast metabolism and gives you “fast-acting energy,” but like Avesil, it must be used along with a healthy lifestyle.

Hydroxycut only needs to be taken twice a day, which has shown to be popular when it comes to weight loss supplements.

Avesil vs. Herbalife

Lastly, there is Herbalife, which is a lot different than Avesil. While Avesil is solely a pill, Herbalife is an entire weight loss product line.

This can be overwhelming for some people because it is more towards a lifestyle change, overall. They offer protein shakes, snacks, vitamins, energy products, even skin and hair products.

Herbalife is a nutritional transformation type of program, not your average get-slim-quick pill.


Directions for Taking (Using) Avesil

The directions for this product show to be straightforward. There are 60 capsules in a bottle. Directions state they are meant to be taken twice a day, meaning one bottle contains a month’s supply.

With any medications you are adding to your diet, you should always consult your primary physician. Again, anyone with sensitivities towards stimulants should be careful and consult your doctor.

Women pregnant or nursing should not use Avesil, and if considering, you guessed it, consult your doctor.

Weight Loss

Avesil & Weight Loss

We know that Avesil is a weight loss supplement – in pill form – that claims to offer a safe and fast way to cut the pounds down.

With it reducing cravings, curbing your appetite, boosting your energy, and enhancing your natural fat-burning mechanism, we can say it piques interest in customers wanting all those things. As for when it will be back on the internet for sale, that we must wait for.

What Users are Saying

What Users Are Saying

“Two Thumbs Up – I have used this product in the past and have always had success. It is pricey but works for me.”

“Waste of money! – This stuff doesnt work!!!!!!”

“One Star – Doesn’t work.”

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line – Does Avesil Work?

So, should you buy Avesil? Well, first and foremost, we appreciate that Avesil contains clinically tested, completely natural ingredients. On the other hand, it’s unfortunate that this weight-loss formula is not readily available in stores. Then again, we like that it is suitable for women and men trying to lose weight, and it’s easy to find on major websites such as Amazon. There are even some customer testimonials posted on the official website.

If you’d like to get rid of some serious pounds, we suggest you go with a weight-loss program that is backed by solid clinical testing and is easy to use anywhere.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Noom. It’s made to help the user find a path to weight loss that’s based on healthy lifestyle changes. These changes work to help the user keep the weight off.

The makers of Noom are so satisfied with their product they’re offering a free trial offer – which is a good sign.

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What are the side effects of Avesil?

Some customers reported the Avesil side effects included mild stomach ache and headache.

What are the ingredients in Avesil?

Avesil ingredients include Meritrim, green tea, chromium, garcinia mangosteen and caffeine.

Does Avesil work?

There are some ingredients in Avesil that have been researched and have been shown to work, such as Meritrim, green tea, chromium and caffeine.

While the combination of ingredients is great, you may want to consider combining Avesil with a fat burner like Dietspotlight Burn, which contains some clinically-tested ingredients and has been shown to boost metabolism and accelerate fat loss.

How much does Avesil cost?

Avesil costs $89.99, but is available for a trial offer of $5.95 through some online retailers.

How should I take Avesil?

You should take one Avesil capsule, twice per day, about two hours prior to eating a meal.

Where can I buy Avesil?

Avesil can be purchased using their Official Site.

How much caffeine is in Avesil?

Each serving of Avesil contains 75mg of caffeine.

Do I need to diet or exercise with Avesil?

You don’t need to diet or exercise with Avesil, but the company recommends adding fitness and healthy eating to improve results.

Does Avesil come with a guarantee?

While there’s no Avesil with Avesil, some of the third-party retailers selling the supplement offer information about the return policy.

87 Avesil Reviews

  • It sounds very unique and I want to try it.

    It sounds very unique and I want to try it.

  • lakekiss

    I just ordered my trial today and I’m praying it helps me to get the results I’ve been looking for. I am currently 180 pounds and looking forward to being 145-150 again. I really need this for me, I have made a huge effort to help myself get there. Good luck to every one and their healthier lives!

    • Hope

      Ordered my Trial today!! I am 180 and I’m looking at 140 for a weight destination. I have a wedding in Nov. and one in Jan. 2012. Need lots of luck!

  • Going to start it.

    I don’t need to lose much, aiming for 20. I’m a former college athlete and I can still do some pretty intense workouts. This seems to help give me an extra boost. I used to use coffee for a similar effect, but this is easier and more concentrated. With NYears coming up, I need to step up my game!

    • Queen Creek Ranch

      I’m 5’5″ 140. I work out hard on a consistent basis & my body is pretty firm, but I desire to weigh 130 – can’t seem to lose any weight at all. I rarey eat red meat. I consume mostly fish, chicken and veggies. I believe I’ll give Avesil a try

      • Olive

        Get rid of the meat and dairy and take in only vegetable proteins and oils. I’ve eaten a balanced vegan diet for 3 years now and remember a very noticeable light feeling 2 weeks in and a drop in weight. My skin aged backwards about 5 years to boot! Other friends that try it always comment on the incredible lightness they feel as well. Animal proteins are heavy and harder for your body to digest, creating build up in your colon and other areas. Fish can’t do anything more than a little flax seed can do. Check out the China Study.

        • Sonia

          Hey Olive, I have been thinking about not eating fish or chicken at all. I don’t eat red meats or eggs. I eat more soy than anything. My problem is that I take 20 lbs off, then gain some back. In January 2010 I went to the doctor had my physical, cholesterol was high, weight was 171. I was so mad at myself. I got back on track, began exercising again, eliminated some foods from my diet and took up walking. I lost 21 lbs by May and my cholesterol dropped to normal. Over the summer I gained 8 lbs back, due to having the grand kids all summer. I got back in my routine, however, I would like to go full vegetarian and try this Avesil. Thanks for the info.

        • Trey

          Olive congrats on choosing to eat veggies, although you might wish to do some research since not all proteins are equal. Vegetable proteins are grossly inadequate and incomplete, and soy is the worst thing you can put in a human body. Chicken digests in 15-20 minutes and eggs are assimilated, which is true of all albumen protein. Red meat isn’t too good for you since the iron is tough. Fish is awesome for you since flax cannot give you the omega 3 oils that fish does, plus flax is loaded with omega 6 that cancels the effects of omega 3. Dairy is okay if it is raw dairy, not homogenized or pasteurized. All studies show that over 90% of vegans are very, very deficient in protein vitamins and necessary minerals. Balance is what our bodies need, we are made to eat meat and veggies as well as milk.

        • Gee

          Olive, good job. What other options for vegetable proteins are there, other than soy?

        • Jeff

          @Trey. Most of what you wrote is completely false. I have been vegan for over 15 years and am the poster boy for health and fitness. I am a personal trainer and recreational bodybuilder and am in no way deficient in any vitamins or minerals. I had blood work done last year and all my numbers were excellent. I’m 5’11”, 210 lbs, 10% bodyfat, 18 and 1/2inch arms, bench press 405lbs, and again, I am vegan. Do yourself a favor and do some more research before you post more false information. Oh, and you should read The China Study as Olive said. It contains irrefutable evidence supporting the efficacy of a vegan diet.

        • Irene

          Eat meat and dairy in small portions… severely minimize all refined products (bread, cereals) and starches and eat raw veggies, sprouts and protien can come from other forms, cheese, eggs, etc. If you eat carbs, eat them alone…never combine with fats (oils, butter, etc) or meat. Think primitive…we used to hunt and gather, eating more greens and very little meat. In any case, I am amazed at everyone’s results and will see if I can get a trial sample. No matter how much (or little) we lose, we improve our health by so much more! Peace!!

    • Kath

      Oh Trey, Humans were never intended to eat meat. Please do some research. We do not have canines or claws and our intestinal tract is much longer than a carnivore. We perspire through pores, we have well developed salivary glands and our stomach acid is 20x weaker. Furthermore, our saliva is alkaline, as opposed to acid. Carnivores take pleasure in killing animals and eating not only the raw flesh, but the entire animal. Have you ever passed by a recent road kill and feel like stopping for a snack? If humans were to eat like a carnivore, ie, ripping apart and eating raw animals, they would be considered sick and deranged.

      • Anonymous

        Get schooled son. Meat is good. Bears have sharp canines, claws, etc., yet they eat berries. Being omnivorous is something humans were actually made for, hence the canines (not too big, but still there) and molars and premolars for grinding up veggies, etc. True, eating fish is much better, but the occasional steak won’t hurt you.

      • Anonymous

        We are designed to eat both meat and veg, there is no one sided arguement. Without meat we would not have been able to evolve, our brains would not have grown, nor would we have had the energy. It may now be true that you can get your protein elsewhere but in the past this would not have been so easily done. Each to their own.

        • DrDeb

          You’re exactly right—we are OMNIVORES, as evidenced by both our dentition and intestinal tract. If we were “supposed” to be vegetarian or vegan, we would have teeth and intestinal tracts like rabbits, horses, cattle, sheep, etc. Ours are VERY different than theirs, and much more similar to that of carnivores. That’s a biological, physiological, AND anatomical FACT. The vegan who posted above that his numbers are “perfect” has a guaranteed deficiency of vit B-12 and certain specific proteins, which can be obtained NOWHERE other than eating meat. Unlike iron (which can be obtained thru supplements), there is NO supplement which will resolve the b-12/protein deficiency created by a vegan (even a less-strict vegetarian) diet. MEDICAL FACT. Irrefutable.

  • Great work done for metabolism
    Alecia Garzand (Verified Purchase)

    I took the leap and requested the trial sample. And even though I saw some internet comments about customer service problem, when I called to check my order, I was very happy with the help I received. I’ve suffered from chronic stomach upset for my entire life, but after taking Avesil my system seems to handle food so much better. I’ve been taking it for approximately a week and a half now, and along with losing five pounds already, I’ve noticed a huge difference in my metabolism.

    • Alecia Garzand

      Hey wow, I posted this last year and forgot about it, but this site emails you if you get a response… Yes, I am still taking the Avesil, my third month. My stomach has been calm with it and I’m down 17 lbs. it’s not a miracle pill but it is consistent. Good luck Clarence!

      • dthor

        Consistency sounds like what I’m looking for, especially for someone like me who is not overweight and who works out on a daily basis and eats healthy. My issue is stress, which I believe is keeping me from my goal. I just can’t seem to lose these extra 10 pounds, no matter how hard I work out, even with an extra 30 minutes of cardio every day! Will try Avesil, thanks!!!

        • Sherri

          That is my problem! I am not overweight either, and have never been. I work out and eat healthy, most of the time, but I can’t lose the 10 to 15 pounds for the life of me!!! My hubby started exercing and eating well and lost 25 pounds in 6 mos. I do the same thing and lose nothing, I am soo frustrated. I just want to use something that will tell my body it is okay to shed that hip/thigh weight.

        • Anonymous

          Sherri, men always lose weight faster than women. It’s unfair – the Farging bastages ! 😀

  • This one seems to be the most popular
    April Moore

    I’ve read a bunch of reviews here, and this one seems to be the most popular. Think I’ll check out their website.

  • Liked it very much.
    Daniela (Verified Purchase)

    Meh. Lost 3 lbs in a week. Could be better, could be worse.

    • Anonymous

      3 pounds in a week…that is awesome!! Keep it up!

    • William

      3 pounds a week sets you in the recommended range of 10 to 12 pounds max per month. Congrats!

    • terri

      Typical, Daniela. Instant gratification nation. Only someone with an eating disorder would think that is too little to lose in one week. Most of us think it’s amazing.

    • jodi~girl


    • Jean

      Are you kidding? I couldn’t lose 3 lbs in a month unless I fasted. 3 lbs in a week is fantastic, even if you weigh quite a bit. “Meh?”

  • Interesting

    Interesting review. I might try it.

  • Can i buy this in GNC?
    Jim Garrity

    Can i buy this in GNC?

    • Mabel

      Jim– I looked for it, I think it’s only available from the brand site online. But at least they’ve got a trial offer.

  • Lost massive weight
    Roy (Verified Purchase)

    I have been trying to lose weight for a year now with not much success. When I started taking the Avesil pills in the beginning of January 2009 my weight was 219 lbs. and after 30 days my weight was 190 lbs., now on the 9th of February I’m at 184lbs.

    • dude009

      That is amazing, and Feb. 9th is my b-day, sweet!!

    • Elizabeth

      Wow Roy, I’m really proud of you. Living a healthy lifestyle is a struggle for people all over the world. Here is a testiment to the the quote, “If you stay consistant in your actions then you outcomes will generally be positive” Again Roy, great job dude!

      • fatty

        OMG, my birthday is Feb. 9 too – and cool, I can’t wait to try this stuff! It sounds great.

        • Nancy

          My birthday is Feb 9 too, happy birthday!!

        • marie

          my birthday is Feb 9th also good luck

    • Anonymous

      Roy, that’s exactly where I am now. I have a thyroid issue and high bp. I’ve tried other products that have made my bp jump sky high though they did surpress my appetite. I’m 215 and need to lose weight within 3 months. Your results are what I’ve been looking for. Congrats!

    • Anonymous

      i know that these pills are an appetite suppressant, but do they help with your metabolism. My problem isn’t eating too much, it’s my metabolism.

    • Hazel

      Roy, that is wonderful I ordered the product before I used Phenocal which is similar to this product. I lost 10 pounds in about 3 1/2 weeks, but I also changed my diet and increased my exercise. I still have 30 pounds to go, but you keep up the good work.

    • john landers

      Way to go, Roy!! That’s what I’m talking about. And that is the kind of weight I want to lose in just that amount of time.

  • Good but not Best
    Sara T (Verified Purchase)

    I didn’t lose all of the weight at once, but over three months I dropped around 20 lbs! It def helped during exercising, I felt much more energetic for longer.

    • RayRay

      20 lbs in 3 months?????????
      I’ve been trying to do that for the past 10 years…..
      Good Show !!!!!

      • common sense

        If you cant lose 20lbs over 10 years you must be doing something wrong.

        • Anonymous

          Harsh! Ever stop and think of reasons she may not be able to lose that 20lbs? Maybe she is hypothyroid, suffers from medical depression, has had children, or maybe she has an eating disorder and is underweight and that 20lbs is an unrealistic expectation….

        • Anon

          I have been trying to lose 20-25 lbs for 5 years now. I have a low tyhroid and have had 5 kids. You are right – don’t judge someone until you are in their shoes….

        • Been There

          Come on, Common Sense! Where is your common sense? Until I turned 47 and began pre-menopause, I never had a weight problem. The menopause sent my metabolism into “non-existent” status. THAT was 10 years and 20 pounds extra ago and dieting, meal plan programs, exercising, starving, pills, colon cleansing – you name it, nothing has worked. So it is CERTAINLY realistic to have difficulty losing 5, 10, even 20 pounds over a 10 year period doing everything right!

        • Saly

          Common sense, you need some common sense. I’m sure she did lose 20lbs in 10 years, not all at once of course, 5lbs here 5lbs there, but gained it all back. Heaven knows, we’ve all done that!! I know I have.

        • sophia

          You are probably not obese. You don’t understand what a strong addiction to food we have. 10lbs is awesome. Congrats!

        • rn6564

          Really, Common Sense! How old are you? Just wait until you hit 40! It all changes! I’ve been fit and did bodybuilding and then… 40! Things start to happen and you can’t do much about it, so shut up and try to give support, not be an ass.

        • Sandra

          This is a similar thoughtless remark to someone not believing that someone can lose that amount weight in 3 months. Keep up the good work! 🙂

        • Peggy

          Do not judge until you have walked in the other person’s shoes. Many things make losing weight difficult. I am living proof. I was underweight for the 1st 20 yrs. of life then normal weight for the next 15+ yrs. Then two children, one mother with Alzheimers, a stressful job and multiple medical problems took their toll. I have been on steroids and other medications for 10+ yrs. for rheumatoid arthritis and find losing the gained weight extremely difficult, particularly when you also factor in the pain of the disease.

        • dz

          For 36+ years I have battled my weight. Steroids are my largest problem. I no longer take any meds for MS. I’m currently working at a gym with a trainer. Yes, discipline is key – but everyone has their own story and we can’t judge!! No matter what your age it is not anyone’s place to judge and make this type of comment public. Please think before you click submit

        • Patty

          It’s my experience that there are always a million “reasons” or “excuses” of why you can’t lose weight! I’ve heard and used them all at one point or another! I have had 2 children and underwent an emergency complete hysterectomy. I was 230 lbs, borderline diabetic, high blood pressure, and an under active thyroid. Through very hard work and proper nutrition, I am now 135 lbs with normal blood sugar, thyroid, and BP. No one ever said that losing weight was easy! YOU have to take control over your body and situation if you want to truly become thinner and healthier!

        • shawn

          You are rude and must not know what it is like to be over weight, losing even 5 lbs. can be difficult! Common Sense isn’t so common.

        • jeanette bishop

          Not every body is the same, I had no problem losing weight until about 5 years ago! I exercised over three times a week, ate and still eat really healthy but continued to gain weight, had my bloods checked, nada there. for some obscure reason, i still can’t lose weight and I am really active and eat a very healthy diet, no choccie, no alcohol, no fried foods. SO with that, I say, our bodies change for what ever reason and you can have the BEST will in the world and do EVERYTHING right, it doesn’t mean the weight will drop off. I still have a BMI at 28 @ 5’4″ and I am 66kgs which is too heavy for me. and I consider myself lucky I am not any heavier, fingers crossed for now. Hang in there, don’t listen to the people who are rude and nasty, life is never THAT simple because we are all different.

        • dgper

          EXACTLY, “Been There”. I’m absolutely floored by how impossible it has become to lose weight since I hit peri-menopause/menopause. Sensible diet and exercise used to do it every time, but in the last 5 years, NOTHING budges no matter what. I am even in a medically supervised weight loss program right now; I’ve been following their plan to the letter but no weight loss for 6 weeks. They just keep saying “exercise more”. I’ve had it and am going to give this a try.

        • Cara

          try Adipex,I lost 20lb in about 3 months as well. I’m gonna try this one now out of curiosity. Regardless, any pill must go along an exercise plan, and fiber/protein/lowfat diet for perfect results.

        • Jambo

          There is an epidemic in America with hypothyroid conditions unrecognized by traditional physicians. For years I was really slim and then my thyroid went bonkers at 50. I take synthroid, but it is still difficult to lose weight and all too easy to gain. We should never judge others by their ability to lose weight. It could be medical.

        • Nan

          You obviously are NOT in menapause!! I was always too thin, accroding to other people when I was younger….until I hit menapause!! All those horror stories I heard from older women when I was younger were now happening to me! No matter WHAT I DO the 20 lbs will NOT come off! It is Soooo frustrating! I think I’m going to try this….at this point, Anything is worth a shot…..and yes, I AM exercising as well and wathcing what I’m eating….what an ignorant statement!

        • nat_fit

          I actually agree with Common sense, if you actually work hard and stay committed its not going to take 10 yrs to lose 20 pounds. “watching what you it” is not always the answer, go on a clean eating life style, eat enough protein, healthy cArbs and healthy fats, do weight training and cardio and the weight will come off. Sometimes it’s for something so simple as not eating enough and not meeting you macros for the day. The rest are excuses, I had a thyroid problem, eating disorder, kids, you name it.

        • shelly

          hey idiot, shut up and be happy for the lady and get off the diet site you dont belong here!

      • Aloha

        Yes, weight gain is the result of many varying reasons. At the age of 46, I am finding that losing weight is not an easy task. I have been 100 – 125 pounds for the bulk of my adult life until 2 years ago. I am now overweight and needing to lose 30 pounds! My weight gain was caused by steroids given to me after my brain surgery two years ago. The operation was unsuccessful. I have been trying to lose this weight and get back into shape knowing that another surgery will be needed in the near future! Don’t get me wrong, my body is comprised of 50% muscle, however, the task is still not easily accomplished.

        I am ordering a trial and continuing with my exercise.

        • Aura

          If you’re going to have more surgery, and you’re about 155 ( don’t know your height, or BMI). I’d relax. Stress causes you to produce cortisones, which lead to weight gain (in the worst area the belly), or difficulty losing.

          So stress isn’t good for your immune system. Your metabolism, and blood pressure to name a few things.

          Having the extra weight can help going into a surgery. If you are at a low weight, then it’s hard to heal. The extra weight will be used as a ready source of calories.

          I see this is an OLD post, so I hope you are well, and all the medical problems are behind you. I wonder how your trial with Avesil went. I am thinking of trying it too.



      • Lori

        That’s good for you. I have incredible discipline. I stick to 5 arranged meals per day at 1200-1400 per day max and am lucky if I loose a pound a month. I have different exercise routines that cover 7 days a week. I’ve been doing this since LAST JULY and have lost a grand total of 20 pounds and 5 inches. So don’t talk to me that all you need is discipline. My phyisian told me that I had to increase my caloric intake last Nov because it was too low even though I was eating 5 meals a day. I have to properly balance proteins, carbs, fruits, veggies, and grains. You are an a**. I have a metabolic rate that barely shows up on tests – it’s genetic and I fight with it daily but continue on. So don’t tell someone it just takes discipline and eating less – for many eating less is not the issue – it’s eating the correct combination of foods to keep metabolism going. You must have a decent metabolism.

        • Anonymous

          Well said!!!!

      • singlemomma

        I’m a single mom who, in high school, could eat whatever i wanted. But now after my 2 year old was born its a different story. I’m ready to start dating again, and I’m hoping that this will help me out. Been running my butt off with little to show for it so wish me luck!!!

        • keepitUp

          Keep it up. It takes some getting used to (running) but you should be fine. Hope all goes well. I’m trying to lose 60lbs, that’s my goal. But I’m shooting for 20lbs 3x’s…

        • Anonymous

          I was same way. could eat anything and as much as I could, and never gained an ounce, that is until I hit the 40’s.
          Now I’m 55 and over weight about 30lbs. I just order the sample trial, and hope it works.

      • Anonymous

        BW, Why are you on the Avesil website if you’re not interested in this product?

      • mh

        What a bunch of drama queens so many people are. RayRay was obviously complimenting this person, not cutting at her. I have learned those people who point fingers at others are usually the ones with the most to hide or run from. People you should read what someone says and see the good in it, not the bad and save a whole page of wasted fingerpointing and shaming that none of us can really benefit from or cares to read anyway. We’re all here just to hear the reviews and the

        • ridiculousness

          Thank god someone sd it:-)..came on this page obv to see reviews of the product & get nothing but b*tching..complaining & fighting. I mean really lol!!!!

    • libra

      I’ve just ordered the trial and I’m praying that it works. I do aerobics 3 nights a week and walk my son to and from school every day. I have started eating healthier too, but I just wanted to try the pill to speed up the process I’m praying everything goes right.

    • cherry hampton

      I just ordered my trial offer of Avesil and will be waiting for it in the mail. I have had a weight problem for many years and I have even undergone gastric bypass surgery 3 years ago, October 26th. I was 307 lbs and went down to 162 lbs in three months. I was no longer a diabetic and taking pills. I looked pretty anyway, but was in a smaller body and down to a size 12 from a size 26-28. Then I lost my job and I started staying home and not exercising. Of course, I began regaining. I now weigh 235 lbs. I will keep it off this time, I promise. I am no longer too embarrassed to be small and healthy.

      • John

        You lost about 150 lbs in 3 months! Due to what? The “bypass”?

        • Mom of 7

          uh… she said it was a gastric bypass. Very typical results are 50-100 lbs in the first 6 months. More if you are sick after the surgery. If you don’t know anything about it, keep your comments to yourself. It’s a very hard decision to put your life in a doctor’s hands in order to SAVE your life. Not only that, but there are dozens of rules after the fact. Hundreds of possible complications. Gaining it back is one of the risks. I really hope you have succeeded. My best friend just had the surgery at 47 yrs of age. She’s back to her highschool weight. Yeah!!

    • James

      That is outstanding! I have been trying to shed a few pounds myself (put on 11 pounds being lazy and not watching what I ate), thinking about ordering this. To Rayray: My mother in-law has hypothyroidism, 5 kids and was recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. She weighs around 120lbs… I asked her about this just last week actually and she said to me “Calories in, Calories out”. A very healthy diet and simple calorie burning activities is all she does. I quote “When I am sitting around I will hold my feet off the ground, I dont rest my arms by my sides, I always make as many trips as possible to get what I need and I just keep moving.” take what you will from that, but don’t ever think you are trying as hard as you can and not getting results. The cold hard truth is something you have to accept, not the “Aww you poor thing, you are doing good” When they are not, you may be being nice, but you are severely crippling them and giving them a false sense of security. In 2002 I weighed 299lbs, in 2004 I ran the Indianpolis mini marathon in 1 hour 34 min at 189 pounds. Know what got me there? People not being polite, the truth. “You are going to die of a heart attack by the time you are 30 James” Now Rayray, when you listen to what you are doing wrong and find a better way you can think back to this (if you read it) and say to yourself “Wow, I was mad at that rude, mean, insensative, long winded none spelling *&^%*, but now I am glad I listended to him, now the truth is a compliment and I feel great!” Almost done… Want proof it works? How about he Army, or the Marine Corps? You think Drill Instructors/Sergeants are nice? Look what they do to those chubby boys in that short time. We all can not do that (some physically, some mentally) But that undeniable fact is that The COLD hard truth works a lot better than the “Hey, at least you are trying! You would be doing better if it wasnt for your “Insert problem here”” How about not accepting whats wrong with you, but accepting the things you have to do to overcome those problems. And no, I am not perfect, I have a slipped disk in my lower spine and nerve damage in my right leg and my genetics suck, dad has had 4 heart attacks and a tripple bypass all before the age of 60. Okay I am done now, I will shush

      • Steve

        I lost 45 pounds in 3 months just by eating less and exercising. Stopped drinking soda and cooked my own balanced meals. Went from 235 to 190! Finally back to the weight I was at in the Marine Corps.

        • Anonymous

          Good for you! I lost 90 pounds after I had my daughter doing the same. I’ve put some of it back on due to stress from graduate school & marital infidelity (my husband cheated several times). I may give this a try. It is often much harder for women to lose weight due to hormonal differences.

        • Debbie Baksh

          Would love to find out how you lost the 45 pounds in three months.

      • ConnyK

        Good for you James.

  • Curious
    Joanie Castner

    I think that I’m going to order the trial, I’m curious! I want to lose weight for the new year.

    • Deanka Grisham

      Ordered the trial, am on it, i don’t feel hungry at all – maybe because I ate a slice of pizza. Taking the pills as prescribed for three months, stopping after that.

    • Anonymous

      Same here, I need to lose, like, 30lbs by May. I just ordered the trial… good luck!

  • It's been absolutely amazing!
    Amanda Dickson (Verified Purchase)

    I began taking Avesil a little over two weeks ago and have already lost 8 pounds! I haven’t felt hungry or jittery from this product at all. It’s been absolutely amazing! Thanks, Avesil!!

    • Michele

      Well, I’m impressed after reading all the positive reviews. I am a 52 menopausal woman who does cardio and stregnth training 3-4 times a week. I eat healthy, have cut way back on carbs and sugar. I started taking GNC’s CLA combined with borage oil and lost 6 1bs in 5 weeks. Unfortunately for the past 3 weeks my weight loss is at a complete standstill. I’m going to stop the CLA/borage oil and try Avesil. I would love to lose 15 lbs. I’ll keep you all posted!

      • Sherry

        Michele – plateauing a state in which you neither gain nor loose pounds is a normal stage of weight loss. Depending on how much fat you wish to decrease, you may hit one or more plateaus during your caloric restriction. STAY on your diet and exercise program and you will drop off the plateau and resume loosing fat.

    • Anonymous

      IDK if you have to watch what you eat, either low carb or watching calories, you would lose weight regardless of pills. I did low carb for 12 days and lost 10lbs just like that..so my friends think about it…god bless!