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By Luis Miguel Apr 13, 2017

The Belly Fat Cure promises 4 to 9 pounds of weight-loss after one week. Is it too good to be true? We had to jump right into the scientific research, side effects and ingredients. We then rushed to look over handfuls of customer reviews. Finally, we gathered all our information to bring you the truth.

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What is The Belly Fat Cure?

To begin, The Belly Fat Cure is a diet guide. This diet claims that it could help you shed 4 to 9 pounds of fat per week by limiting sugar to 15g and carbohydrates to 120g per day. The Belly Fat Cure diet says that it’s not calories that make us gain weight; it’s the combination of sugars and carbohydrates that causes the excess fat. The book presents the Carb Swap System, which is meant to reduce the body’s insulin levels, making it harder for hormones to convert fat into fat cells.

The diet guide was written by Jorge Cruise. The diet is said to be a “simple guide that makes smart eating effortless and affordable.” You can pick up the book online. We like the idea that you could lose 4 to 9 pounds per week, obviously, and we do like the fact that it’s a diet guide and offers healthy eating instructions instead of impossible workout regimens. But you should keep reading…

Information – “Not a Whole Lot”

The first problem we found with Belly Fat Cure was lack of information in the book. “With a diet book or health guide of any kind, readers expect a certain amount of helpful information,” said our Research Editor. “Based on customer reviews, a lot of individuals expected a little more.”

“I was hoping to learn more about sugar, carbs, fiber and insulin, but the book is only about 40 pages long and dumbed down,” wrote one customer, “…the majority of the book is recommended food, recipes and menus.”

Another unhappy customer wrote, “This is basically a recipe book with the first few chapters describing why too much sugar and carbs wreck your system (I already knew about this from other books, so this was really nothing new…..)”

But there’s always another side to everything, right? One satisfied patron commented, “This book is highly informative and makes complete sense.”

Price – “Too Much!”

The second issue with Belly Fat Cure was the price. The book itself isn’t the issue here, rather the price of foods for your daily diet as the book suggests. For The Belly Fat Cure foods are the main component to the diet. If the foods are too expensive, that could be a problem.

“Unreasonable, expensive, and a boring read,” one customer wrote. “I think it is way too expensive to buy ingredients online and for me, this was a bust.”

Another dieter wrote, “I couldn’t find half of the foods he listed and if I did they were super expensive.”

On the other hand, not everyone found the foods to be all that taxing on their wallets, “The recipes (with photos) are delicious. I’ve already tried several.”

With the years we’ve put into this business we can honestly say that it only takes one minor setback to ruin the chance for real results. If Belly Fat Cure really isn’t providing enough information or suggests foods that are just too expensive, that could be a huge red flag.

The Science – “Anything Supporting This?”

The short answer is no. You can find research on low carb diets, but there isn’t any scientific research supporting this exact diet or the meal plans within the book.

The Bottom Line – Does Belly Fat Cure Work?

Are we suggesting you hop online and order this book today? We like that the diet allows you to keep eating great foods and claims quick and easy weight-loss to boot. We also don’t believe the price of the book to be unreasonable, but we’re still hesitant to support it. There seems to be a lack of real useful information in the guide, as well as the cost to keep your fridge stocked with the suggested ingredients.

If you really want to lose weight, we suggest a product that’s straight forward, easy and affordable.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is our product called Leptigen. It contains a proprietary formula which blends four ingredients. All clinically-tested with results often found in publications such as the Journal of Medicine.

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