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BIOptimax Review - Does This Diet Pill Really Work?

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By Summer Banks Apr 05, 2017

Looking at some diet products can be painful, especially if there’s no scientific backing for the formula. Let’s find out if BIOptimax is in this group. We decided to conduct an in-depth review, scrutinizing the ingredients, side effects, clinical studies and level of customer care. We additionally examined countless dieter comments from all over the web. Lastly, we compacted all of the facts to give you the info you need.

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What You Need To Know

First off, BIOptimax is marketed as a “24/7 nutritional supplement” that suppresses appetite and burns off excess body fat. It can be taken one to three times a day and is suitable for women and men of all body types. As for the key ingredient used in this diet product, it is hoodia gordonii. According to the bottle, you can shed up to four pounds in only two days. There are no stimulants used in BIOptimax pills. This is a South African cactus plant extract that contains P57 (a molecule that is supposed to make you feel full). The cost is $50 per bottle.

This weight-loss product was first released back in 2010 and it does not contain any harsh stimulants. Some customer reviews are posted online for this diet pill and no prescription is needed to acquire this supplement, but read on…

Fad Diet Ingredient – “Be Aware?”

The first thing we look at with supplements like this is the formula. BIOptimax ingredients may not be as strong as the dieter would like. “BIOptimax only contains hoodia gordonii,” says our Research Editor. “If you are waiting to lose weight with this one, you may be disappointed.”

According to one customer, “I have been taking it almost a week now and have not lost a pound yet. I think it is a scam!”

Another user commented, “Sorry guys, I have been on this for a month and have lost ziltch! nada! don’t waste your money.”

Customer Complaints – “Too Many!”

We found quite a few user complaints and negative responses posted online for BIOptimax pills. One dieter stated, “I have also gained about 7 pounds in 5 days after taking this product. Do not buy this.”

“I have taken it for about 5 days now and have gained about 9 pounds…it is ridiculous. It increased my hunger,” said another customer.

After doing plenty of research, we’ve concluded that if there is an individual facet of a diet pill or fat-loss program that is very difficult or concerning (a painful/difficult exercise routine, too many customer complaints, fad weight-loss ingredients) the real chances of long-term success are very little. This means if BIOptimax causes disappointment, this could be a big problem.

The Science – “Effective?”

While doing some online research, we have realized that there is no real science provided to back BIOptimax diet pills. No clinical studies are presented at all. We at DietSpotlight need to see some published support that proves BIOptimax actually helps with weight reduction or we simply can’t recommend the supplement.

The Bottom Line – Does BIOptimax Work?

Well now, are we racing around trying to find this on shelves? Although it’s nice to see that BIOptimax uses a natural key ingredient, we wouldn’t feel comfortable encouraging you to purchase this supplement for weight-loss. First off, it has not been proven to help with fat reduction. Secondly, there is no longer an official website found for BIOptimax pills. Also, you are very unlikely to get a refund if this diet aid does not work as claimed.

If you want to shed more pounds and see faster weight-loss results, we recommend you select a diet formula that is both safe and contains key ingredients that are backed by clinical studies.

Among the best products we’ve seen in 2016 is one called Leptigen. This weight-loss formula uses a blend of four proven ingredients that have been shown in published scientific studies to help ignite metabolism and enhance fat loss results. We can’t pinpoint any negative discussion of side effects and customer reviews posted on the web express people are seeing excellent results.

Also, the makers of Leptigen are so confident in their product they’re offering a special trial offer, which is a good sign.

Previous BIOptimax Review (Updated January 14, 2014):

What You Should Know

BIOptimax 24/7 Nutritional Supplement claims to burn excess fat and suppress the appetite. BIOptimax 24/7 Nutritional Supplement can be used by both men and women of almost all fitness levels.

List of Ingredients

Hoodia Gordonii.

Product Features

The weight loss supplement boasts weight loss of up to four pounds in just forty-eight hours with the potential to lose up to eighteen pounds of fat in twenty-one days and then keep it off in the long run. Hoodia Gordonii is a powerful appetite suppressant and boosts energy. This weight loss supplement helps users lose weight without any diet and exercise routine. Hoodia Gordonii used in this weight loss supplement safely works on the hypothalamus gland to help users' burn fat throughout the day.


  • Eliminate only pure fat from the body.
  • BIOptimax 24/7 Nutritional Supplement includes the ingredient Hoodia Gordonii and Hoodia Gordonii is boasted to be a powerful appetite suppressant.
  • Hoodia Gordonii may increase energy levels without the side effects of caffeine.


  • BIOptimax does not encourage users to develop a healthy eating plan nor does it encourage exercise.
  • This product is not FDA approved.
  • The complete ingredients of this weight loss supplement are not disclosed.
  • Shipping may take a long time. (See reader comments.)


There is no absolute evidence to prove that this product will work for everyone. Users will need to assess their health and fitness goals and decide if using BIOptimax is right for them.
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About the Author:

Summer Banks, a content strategist at Leptigen, has researched over 5000 products in the past 10 years. She has years of nursing training, experience as a manager responsible for 15 supplement brands, and completed coursework on Food and Nutrition from Stanford University. full bio.

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BIOptimax Review

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i would like to opt out of the program. my name is ervin forbes and acct # is 35616. kindly email me back to confirm. thank you EF

harry Joseph

Please stay away from this company !
They just another of the rip-off companies that are out to take advantage of the elderly and the sick but they do it with a smile. BIOptimax sent me a leeter explaining the benefits of their Krill oil capsules. They pretented to be this progressive company that was only trying to help me out. Suffering from severe arthritis i fell for the line so I ordered an initial introductory bottle of krill oil. Next thing I know they billed me 2 months later for a three month supply of krill oil. The next month they billed my credit card again. I wanted to stop this madness so i returned the package hoping for a refund that never came. I called Optimax customer service more than 10 times but each time I would get the run-around from. This tell allot about a company when they are hard-pressed for a refund of a measly $50. I say STAY AWAY. They are another oone of the Mafia backed companies that are out to take adantage of the sick and the elderly, beware.

pauine green

iam interested in ordering this product. need more information please.


i need this weight loss product, i weigh 132kg and i want to come down to 65kg. I live in Lagos, Nigeria and i want to get the product.Help me out please.


is there any other method of paying other than credit card system

Syed husaini

I am living in Kuwait so how can get Bioptimax acai berry capsule please give me reply


I have been taking it for almost 5 days and lost almost 5 pounds. It curbs my appitite and also I try to drink the recommended water. Shipping was very fast.


hey well i started taking bioptimax 5 days ago and im surprised to say tht i lost 6 pounds already. The shipping was super fast i got them in 3 days. I dont really need to loose that but so far im happy with the results, i barely eat maybe 1 or 2 times a day and when im eating its like my body doesnt really want it im just eating because my body needs it.


Just checking to see how it went for you after posting this. I am getting ready to order and your post is the only positive one! If you don’t mind telling me . . . Thanks.


hi im from kerikeri, new zealand and was just wondering if there was any chance of being able to purchase/sample the product?


Hi guys can see pro s and con s to all this however fancy having a go at it anyhow, how can i get it shipped over to the UK not yet over here ??? Any ideas please


i am reading Life&Style jan.4,10 copy and found an article on BiOptimax ACAI ultimate cleansing & thermogenic weight loss formula. can i try the risk free trial package? i wanna loose 40lbs, im 150lbs and only 4’11”. im here in northern mariana’s island.


i’m diabetic and i was wondering if i took this if it would mess up my blood sugar? do you keep takin the pill after you’ve made it to the weight that you want??


does bi optimax acai berry kames you go to the bathroom frequently


I have been taking the bioptimax acai product for over a month. I have been eating more salads and fruit and hula hooping on top of being a stay home mom and watching twins-I haven’t lost one pound!!! I am VERY disappointed!! I’m about to call to send it back! DO NOT ORDER!!!!!!


I have not lost a pound, in fact I am constipated and gained at least 3lbs, I am sending it back!!


It took 7 days to receive the product. I have been taking it for 4 days. I lost 2lbs. the second day and have also been constipated for the last 2 days. I have gained 3lbs. since I have been constipated. It is no longer eliminated waste. I am concerned and am thinking of returning the product. A cleanser is not suppose to cause constipation and now I am experiencing stomach cramps. I am not sure if I want to return it just yet. I am going to try to lighten my diet to see if the constipation will be eliminated.


To all who gained – what did you expected? To stuff yourselves with junk and fried food and magically lose weight? If you have even a small amount of common sense, you would understand that if everything would be the way they claim, there would be no Biggest Loser, Weight Watchers, LA Weight Loss or Jenny Craig. BiOptimax can HELP you lose weight but it’s not going to lose it for you. You have to do some work too, in fact – a lot of hard work. Watch what you eat, how much you eat, try to fit some exercise in your schedule, and if you do all this then you will succeed with or without BiOptimax.


I ordered this and it took a very long time to be delivered. When it finally came I was very excited to try it since I believed I would lose 2 lbs in a day. I have taken it for about 5 days now and have gained about 7 pounds…it is ridiculous. It increased my hunger. I am so disappointed in this. Do not buy it.


sorry guys, i have been on this for a month and have lost ziltch! nada! don’t waste your money.


I have ordered this product and have not yet received it. It hasn’t been that long yet though. I just want to remind everyone that we all need to add healthy diet and exercise to any weight loss program. That is the bottom line. Anything that “makes” you drop weight suddenly will also allow you to put it back on if you haven’t gone about it the right way. Also, I am very educated on the Acai berry and it is NOT to be marketed as a weight loss ingredient. It is the super food and is for overall better health. I would not bite on any of these other products that are promoting the Acai for weight loss.


Don’t bother. It doesn’t work. I actually gained weight AND was eating sensibly and doing tons of work in the garden for a week.


just got the pills after about a month wait. i stated today .little confused about how many to take …it says to take one before each meal u r supposed to eat 6 little meals or three large …so how will 63 pills make it a month? i am going to give a try ..let u know how it goes .i am also eatting right and exercising ….it does say that on the bottle….