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Bios Life Review - 17 Things You Need to Know

Bios Life is a dietary supplement used to maintain healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels in the body. Bios Life is made with natural ingredients, but is this product as harmless as the company claims?

There is a lot of research backing the effectiveness of the ingredients used in this product, but our research team is concerned about the reported side effects. Our research team investigates the ingredients used in Bios Life to see if this product is worth using. There are no known risks to using Bios Life, and the side effects are not detrimental to the consumers’ health.

Bios Life can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What is Bios Life?

Bios Life is a nutrient and fiber drink mix, which helps in achieving a healthier life. It is also known as Bios Life Complete or Bios Life C. It helps in maintaining the cholesterol and blood glucose level in the body.

Not only this, but it is also considered quite beneficial for other biological functions.

Does It Work?

Bios Life Competitors

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How it Started

How Did Bios Life Start?

Bios Life was first initiated in 1989, and then it was modified with time. It is one of those formulas which is still evolving and has become one of the essential medications in recovering cholesterol. Unicity is the parent company that acquired Bios Life in 1990. Unicity is a multi-level marketing company, despite the fact that you can buy theproducts directly from the official website and other online retailers.


Bios Life Claims

bios life claims

Bios Life claims that there is minimal risk involved in its consuming complete natural solution, and it is one of the best remedies for high cholesterol and blood sugar levels. It also claims that it even helps in the reduction of weight and helps you slim down.

Moreover, the manufacturers also note that this is one of those products that those who have a family history of heart issues should be used, as it can help that.

Additionally, it has also been claimed by the manufacturers of Bios Life that this product is beneficial in controlling bad eating habits. Another preeminent claim by the manufacturer is that this product is made up of all the traditional ingredients, which makes it harmless.


Bios Life Ingredients

Bios Life is a soluble fiber drink and tastes like orange. It includes ingredients like:

  • Guar Gum
  • Gum Arabic
  • Pectin
  • Oat Fiber
  • Locust Bean Gum

All these above ingredients are claimed to be harmless by the manufacturers, as they believe that these are very beneficial for the health and can help several issues.

Where to Buy

Where Can You Buy Bios Life?

bios life where to buy

Bios Life is available worldwide through online stores and their official website. It can quickly be delivered through eBay or Amazon.com.


Price of Bios Life

The price of Bios Life Complete’s 60 packet box is $105. Bios Life Slim packets cost $120.

A 13-ounce canister of Bios Life Complete costs $95, while a canister of Bios Life Slim costs $120.


Recommended Dosage of Bios Life

It is suggested very strongly that Bios Life should be consumed twice a day for useful results.

Moreover, it is recommended that 200 to 350 ml of water or juice be used to mix this product. It is advised that only non-alcoholic liquid should be used to combine the powder.


Instructions to Use Bios Life

Bios Life is a powdered form mixture, which requires water or juice to take the shape of a drink. It is instructed that alcohol should not be used instead of water or juice, as it can be very harmful, per the Bios Life Slim website.

Furthermore, it is also instructed that a consumer or user should use it 10 to 15 minutes before taking a meal, as only then will it show its proper result. No carbonated drink should be used to mix it, as it can cause damage to health.

Moreover, users who want to get thin quickly or want to reduce their cholesterol level immediately should use two packets simultaneously before all three meals a day.

Additionally, it is also advised that the users should use it for at least three months without taking a break to see a good change in their life. This is because it requires at least three months to control your appetite, cholesterol, and blood sugar level.

Lastly, it is also suggested that if a user is on any medication, they should take those medicines one hour before the consumption of Bios Life.

Can You Take More?

Can You Take Bios Life More Than Once a Day?

Yes, Bios Life can be consumed more than once a day, which depends entirely on the consumer’s situation. If they want quick results, this product can be used twice or thrice a day with every meal.

This is because the manufacturers claim that the product is harmless and is made with traditional ingredients. Moreover, it is clinically proven, so there are no risks involves.


Research Conducted on Bios Life

bios life research

Researchers have mostly shown the positive side of the product, as they have proved that there are no such harmful side effects of this product, and it cannot cause any significant or serious issues.

This product has helped many users control their appetite and has even helped maintain their cholesterol and sugar levels through research.

Research has shown that it has improved the cholesterol problem by 85%. Additionally, researchers have also discussed all the ingredients used in Bios Life. One of the components used in making this product is “Gum Arabic”; this is a beneficial product or ingredient as it helps release pain and irritation.

It can even heal the wounds quickly and easily. Also, it cuts the body fat and helps you in losing weight. This ingredient has other essential benefits, which involves a reduction in blood loss and treatment for a cough and sore throat.

Another ingredient used in the production of this formula is the Guar Gum. It also has several uses to eliminate obesity, says Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition.

Pectin is also used in the making of Bios life, and it is very rich in fiber, which aids in the weight loss and reduction of cholesterol as per PLoS One.

Locust bean gum is also used in Bios Life. According to the Journal of Nutrition, it helps improve sugar digestion, which eventually controls the sugar level in the blood.

Policosanol from sugar cane is also an ingredient for Bios Life, and it also reduces cholesterol produced by the liver. Lastly, vitamins and calcium are also used in it, and it helps people in a lot of ways. It also provides energy to the body and also helps people in curing any deficiency in the body.

Thus, through all this research, it is clear enough to say that Bios Life is an excellent and sufficient product, which has helped many people curing different issues and is even recommended by doctors. This means that it is a clinically proven product with lots of benefits and few side effects.

The research also highlighted that its side effects are mostly harmless, like any other regular medication, which means that it is not risky, and anyone can consume it. However, it is suggested and is evident through the research that if a person is on some medication, then he or she should avoid drinking Bios Life with those medicines. There should be at least a gap of one hour so that no reaction or side effect can be created through both the items’ immediate consumption.


Bios Life Alternates

There are several alternatives available for Bios Life in the market, and some of the popular ones are:

  • Dermacut
  • BodyKey
  • Sensa
  • Plexus Slim
  • Herbalife
  • Metamucil
  • Epicatechin

All the above alternates are also very popular in the market for the same purpose.

Bios Life Vs. Epicatechin

Both of the products are used for the same purpose, and both of them are available online for delivery throughout the world. Both of them use Amazon.com and eBay as a medium to reach its valued customers. However, there are mixed reviews about Epicatechin, as there are some complaints found related to it. In contrast, nothing of that sort is noticed in the case or consumption of Bios Life.

People have shared their views about both the products, and it has been noticed that they liked Bios Life more as they feel that it is more efficient and works more quickly. On the other hand, Epicatechin is not that effective, as many people have complained about it that they did not feel any difference.

They believe that it is not of any use. However, some people oppose this view.

So, overall, it can be said that while comparing both the products, it is clear that Bios Life is much more in demand than the other product.


Bios Life Benefits

There are several benefits of Bios Life, and some of them are:

  • Improves cholesterol level
  • Weight loss
  • Problems like diarrhea and sore throat
  • Less risky
  • Balances blood glucose levels
  • No or very few side effects
  • Can be used more than once a day
  • Traditional ingredients are used.
  • Digestion problems are resolved.
  • Helps in controlling bad eating habits/controls your appetite
  • Easily available
Side Effects

Bios Life Side Effects

bios life Side Effects

There are very few side effects of this product, and all of them are not very dangerous. They are common side effects that vary from person to person. These side effects are the type of side effects that can be caused by any medication.

Some of the side effects are:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Lightheadedness
  • Tiredness

All the above are not very dangerous for health. Thus, it proves its manufacturers’ claims that it is not a dangerous product, and you can consume it without any doubts.

Product Warnings

Bios Life Warnings

If a user is on medication, they should use the product one hour after taking the medication, just to be on the safe side. Carbonated drinks or alcohol should not be mixed with the powder, as it can be very harmful.

Thus, only water or juice is allowed. Do not stop taking the product for three months, as it takes some time to show its proper results.


Is Bios Life Safe?

Yes, the product is very safe, as there are no risks involved in it, and the side effects of this product are infrequent. So, using this product cannot affect the body in any harmful or dangerous way. In fact, it keeps you active for the entire day, and you feel relaxed after taking it. Moreover, it heals wounds heal quickly, so instead of taking massive medications, this product can help.

Moreover, it is safe for everyone. Even children can use it, as it contains vitamins and calcium, which is very healthy for them, as it helps in reducing or eliminating deficiencies.

Above is the image of this product, and it shows how the product is being packed and delivered to the users. The color of this product and its packaging makes it look more attractive overall. Hence, it persuades more customers to buy it.

What Users Are Saying

What Users Are Saying

“Vitamin supplements plus added fiber.”

“It gives me diarrhea badly! I have only used a 1/3 “dose”. This stuff is killer on the digestive track. I stuck with it for nearly two weeks. Had bad diarrhea the entire time. BAD. Beware!!!!”

“It did not work.”

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line on Bios Life

Bios Life drink mix may indeed help with high cholesterol levels, which is great for improving heart health. On the other hand, we have reservations recommending this supplement for weight-loss. After all, fiber research is not as strong as that with other fat burners and metabolism boosters. You also have to consider the price. This is a high price to pay for a product you could mimic for less than $10 at your local pharmacy.

If you’re interested in reaching your weight-loss goals, we suggest partnering a supplement like Bios Life with a program that’s clinically tested and shown to help dieters lose more weight. Check out the reviews before you buy – that’s where the truth is.

Among the hundreds of reviews we’ve completed, we found one called Noom. This weight-loss program doesn’t follow the traditional methods of support. Rather, the clinically-proven program combines the app with one-on-one human coaching, customized meal plans, food logging and more. This is everything we think a dieter should be looking for.

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Bios Life Review
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Bios Life

What are the side effects of Bios Life?

Bios Life side effects may include nausea, vomiting, lightheadedness, and fatigue as a result of the body’s detoxification process, if you go on some dieter reviews.

What are the ingredients in Bios Life?

Bios Life ingredients are:

  • Guar Gum
  • Gum Arabic
  • Pectin
  • Oat Fiber
  • Locust Bean Gum
Does Bios Life Work?

Though some users have reported success with Bios Life, it is a fiber based weight loss supplement made with no clinically proven safe and effective weight loss ingredients. Though it does contain some vitamins, you can get these much cheaper at a local pharmacy.

How should I take Bios Life?

Add one packet to a bottle of water and consume daily.

Are there stimulants in this formula?

No, this supplement does not contain any stimulants.

Where can I buy Bios Life?

Bios Life can be purchased using their Official Site.

Do I need a blender?

No. Blending this product could make it too thick.

194 Bios Life Reviews

  • I've been using Bios Life Slim and its works
    Robert (Verified Purchase)

    I’ve been using Bios Life Slim for about a month and a half. My weight’s dropped from 218 to 202 (I’m 5’11”, male, 57). It took about 3 weeks to get started, then dropped quickly. I’m averaging a little over 2.5 lbs. lost per week to this point. We’ll see if it keeps up, I’ve got a ways to go (183 is my BMI target, under 180 is my aesthetic target). No unpleasant side effects so far. No magic involved here. I think this product just helps you ingest fewer calories, perhaps in a more healthful way. Maybe it helps metabolism too, but that’s hard for me to tell.

    • Felicia

      Robert, I didn’t see any other updates on your weightloss progress, how much closer are you to your target BMI? I’ve taken the product and noticed that I was full almost immediately after drinking it so I ate less food which resulted in inches and pounds lost!

    • Heather

      Despite eating right and exercising, I can’t lose weight. Because this comes in small quantities, I’m worried about how much I’ll need to buy to get started – and see results. Often, I’ve tried a product and find out that a serving is 3 scoops, so I only have enough for 10 days… I’m curious to find out how those of you who are trying to lose weight are doing, and how much product you’ve needed to get results. Please advise!

    • David

      Please give me an update on your general health results.
      I am considering for help w cholesterol.

      • Aisha

        David, there’s alot of testimonies on Bios Life C (previously known as Bios Life Complete) in goggles, yahoo and hotmail. just type Bios Life C and read all about it. You can look for me in my facebook too – Aisha Rapsen as I have my own friends taking Bios Life pdts and it helps to decrease the bad cholesterol while maintaining a health glucose level and boost your good chlolesterol too. I am one of the consumer too as I have high cholesterol history. Bios Life help me to lower my bad cholesterol. Cheers.

  • Is this product okay for diabetes?

    Is this product okay for those with type 2 diabetes?

    • Adrian (Editor)

      Hi Brian, it is advised to consult your physician before you continue using any weight loss products to better assess your side effects or health concerns of using Bios Life.

    • VDV

      I believe it is, as long as you keep taking your medication. This is my third day taking it… I have been losing 1.6 lbs every day. I’m amazed.

    • Michelle

      It is absolutly ok for type 2 diabetes. It actually helps those on meds reduce or eliminate their meds. however, continue with your meds until your doctor reduces them or takes you off.

  • Want more information.

    As written above. May I get more information.

    • Rovan

      I am distribution manager in Dubai .Any help towards the use and benefits of the product we would give you as it was launched 3 months back here and there are so many testimonials .Wonderful product to be used properly for proper results .

      • alin

        hi rovan can i have ur contact # i live in dxb and would like to purchase bios life

  • How to use & what's the ingredients.

    Hi! i would like to get more information on the Bios Life Products. i am looking at the company and considering getting involved. I would like to kow more aobut the products and how they are used, ingredients, etc.
    Much Thanks!

    • Cheryl

      Hi Dale,
      I am a nurse and have been using Bios LIfe Slim for over 18 months. I used it to lose weight and lower my cholesterol and now I take it daily for maintenance. My weight has stayed off and my cholesterol is just where it needs to be!! I would be happy to answer any questions.

      • Judy Pichon

        Which products have you used?

      • Serin

        I’ve drunk the bios life slim for 2 weeks now. Since I am a student, I study until late night usually. Therefore, during the time, it is really hard for me to resist eating sweet things. At that time, can I drink slim as a snack like 2 hours or 1 hour before i go to bed?

        • Adrian (Editor)

          Hi Serin, it should be okay, just add one packet to a bottle of water, it can be consumed daily to your best convenience.

        • RobertaLatiner

          Yes taking another glass of slim is a perfect option for late night studying. It will stop those late night cravings.

      • Teri Boneno

        I have been on bio slim 4 weeks I have not lost any weight When should I notice a weight loss?

        • Adrian (Editor)

          Hi Tery, Though some users have reported success with Bios Life, it is a fiber based weight loss supplement made with no clinically proven safe and effective weight loss ingredients. So, all users experience different results.

        • Jade Viktoriyann McClain

          Are you using the product properly and following the 4-4-12 rule?

      • Dira

        Hi there I have a 4 month old baby and i am breastfeeding. Is bio life slim safe to take while nursing? i wouldn’t want to harm my baby.

        • Adrian (Editor)

          Hi Dira, it is advised to consult your physician before you continue using any weight loss products to better assess your side effects while using this and any weight loss porduct.

        • Rovan

          hi Dira ,
          As per company peoples advice all pregnant woman and nursing mothers should take doctors product

      • becky abeyta

        how long did it take to see some results. did you have to eat small portions of food

      • nadeem

        hey plz content me this produced pakistan’s entcont

    • Lisa S

      I have just been introduced to this by a friend of mine who has had wonderful results for herself on weight loss and her mother-in-law for lowering blood sugar. My supply of product is being shipped to me right now. Please e-mail me if you want to discuss the opportunity to be more involved with the company.

    • jay

      ahhh….but i wana gain weight does bios life slim have a product?

      • Syazzy

        Yes… you can take Bios Life C AFTER meals

      • Your Name


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