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Biotin Review - Does This Vitamin Really Work?

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By Summer Banks Mar 16, 2017

Diet products either work or they don’t. Period. Let’s find out which on Biotin is. Our detailed review focused on the ingredients, side effects, customer service quality and scientific research. Moreover, we checked out countless user comments posted on the internet. Then, we summed up all of the facts to give you the information you need.

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What is Biotin?

To start, Biotin is a vitamin that is found in foods such as carrots, almonds, halibut, milk and walnuts. [1] It is also known as Vitamin B7 or H. It helps break down substances in the body such as carbohydrates, proteins and fats, which is likely the connection is has with weight-loss. While there is no set recommended amount for daily use, typically 10-100 micrograms per day is suggested. [2]

Biotin has been available in supplement form for many years now. It’s easy to obtain online, as well as in local drugstores and supercenters. It is a natural vitamin that you can get from your daily diet and it may help with overall health, but read on…

User Complaints – “What’s Up?”

The first concern we have about Biotin ingredients is the fact that far too many dieters have complaints. “You’d think because this vitamin is commonly found in foods that there would be no problems,” says our Research Editor. “Surprisingly, we found more than we expected.” [3]

According to one customer, “It caused these dry skin rashes all over my body, on my scalp, and my lips. My lips are so dry they’re bleeding.”

“After about 2 weeks of taking a full capsule, my skin started to break out, my breasts were extremely tender, and I noticed no change in my hair or nails,” said another user.

We found some positive customer comments. “I take 2 tabs daily and my nails are no longer soft and tender. My hair feels better as well,” said a user. [4]

Insufficient Results – “Another Concern”

There is simply not enough evidence to link Biotin to weight-loss, something you can clearly see in numerous reviews.

In fact, one dieter commented, “Haven’t seen any effects yet in the past four weeks since I began using the vitamin.”

Another user stated, “Have not noticed any weight-loss, but a lot of acne breakouts.”

On the other hand, one customer stated, “I take 5000 mg Biotin daily on the advice of my dermatologist. It has helped a lot – it is subtle.” [5][6]

“It takes several months to see results. Now my hair is coming in like crazy,” commented another.

Our research has revealed that if there is some particular part of a diet supplement or weight-loss program that is very problematic (insufficient evidence, too many user complaints, a fat price tag) the probability of long-term success is rather minimal. So, if Biotin does not work to help you lose more, this could be a serious problem. [7]

The Science Behind Biotin – “Valid?”

There have been some studies and research conducted with Biotin supplements. However, according to WebMD, this vitamin can help with conditions such as thinning hair and skin rashes. [8] On the other hand, there is not sufficient evidence that it can help with weight-loss. For us at DietSpotlight, we need to see published science that supports the supplement and that’s not available. That’s an issue because there are clinically tested supplements out there we strong results and even stronger customer testimonials. [9]

The Bottom Line – Does Biotin Work?

Should the dieter add this to their morning routine? [10] While we appreciate that Biotin is an important vitamin that is healthy in small quantities, but we do not feel comfortable giving this one the green light because it is not associated with weight-loss. You should also note that too much of this vitamin can lead to side effects which can include skin irritation, acne breakouts and body pains. No one should ever settle for adverse reactions.

Those who need to slim down and trim off excess body fat, we encourage you to select a diet supplement that contains clinically tested key ingredients, is backed by excellent customer service and is supported by positive user reviews.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Leptigen. It contains a proprietary blend of four ingredients, which have been shown in documented scientific testing to help accelerate fat loss and ignite metabolism. Also, we have not found many discussions of unpleasant side effects and customer feedback on the web shows people are seeing amazing results.

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Previous Biotin Review (Updated September 20, 2014):

What's the Deal With Biotin?

It's important to understand that there are many ways to shed excess body fat and numerous key ingredients that can assist with this process. Take Biotin (used to be called Vitamin H) for instance. This is basically a "b-class" vitamin that can be found in a number of foods and supplements. The intestines produce Biotin in small amounts regularly. This substance has been linked to weight loss because it aids the metabolism of carbohydrates, protein, and fats. Common foods that contain Biotin are poultry, rice, vegetables, beef, spinach, oatmeal, nuts, and egg yolks. All aside, Green Tea Fat Burner, is another thermogenic supplement with many tea ingredients for boosting the metabolism and weight-loss.

Not only has Biotin been linked to weight reduction, but it has also been associated with hair maintenance, bone strength, and the health of finger/toe nails. This means that brittle nails and hair loss can be attributed to a lack of Biotin in ones diet. In regards to weight loss this vitamin is claimed to aid the body with processing food and utilizing energy more effectively. This is why some people believe that Biotin boosts energy levels and leads to a slimmer figure. Some supplement formulas that offer Biotin are Country Life Biotin capsules, Natrol Biotin tablets, Twinlab Biotin capsules, and AST Multi Pro 32X http://www.dietspotlight.com/biotin-review/caplets.

Product Features

Biotin aims to increase energy levels by assisting with food digestion. Those that lack this substance in their diet can experience afflictions such as dry skin, hair loss, mental depression, nausea, fatigue, and brittle nails. With these side effects in question, Catalyst falls into consideration. Embedded with amino acids, it helps muscle growth and recovery all the while helping users improve strength and endurance.

Advantages of Biotin

  • Biotin is good for the human body and may assist people with having healthier skin, nails, and hair.
  • Biotin is a natural substance.

Disadvantages of Biotin

  • There are no documented clinical studies which heavily support Biotin as a weight reduction ingredient.
  • Biotin does not aim to suppress the user's appetite.

Biotin Conclusion

Studies have shown that this substance can benefit the user's hair, skin, nails, and overall health. In efforts to improve total body appearance, many users, when starting a new weight-loss program, also begin a skin-care routine. Products like Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair and Ponds Age Miracle claim to help with the signs aging. However, when it comes to issues like real weight-loss, whether or not Biotin supplements will assist dieters with shedding excess body fat is not certain. It's probably a good plan to investigate a number of products before giving Biotin supplements a shot. After all, there are a number of others that are better supported by studies. Although Biotin is naturally made, Vinpocetine is a man-made chemical derived from a periwinkle plant and is used to promote cerebral metabolism and concentration, acting similar to Biotin's susbtance.

Biotin Questions & Answers:

We dissected hundreds of user comments about Biotin and created this helpful FAQ.

What are the side effects of Biotin?

Some of the Biotin side effects reported in customer reviews include skin irritation, irregular bowel movements and constipation.

What are the ingredients in Biotin?

There’s no Biotin ingredients, considering it’s a vitamin. Some supplement containing it could possibly include additional ingredients. [1]

Does Biotin work?

There’s research showing Biotin works, but not necessarily for weight-loss. The studies state the vitamin may be effective in treating vitamin B7 deficiencies.

If weight-loss is your goal, you may want to take a second look at Biotin and consider a supplement like Leptigen, which contains some clinically-tested ingredients and has been shown to work.

How much does Biotin cost?

The cost of Biotin varies, based on the company selling the supplement. We found several retailers offering the product for less than $5.

How should I take Biotin?

You should take Biotin according to the directions on the label or according to the advice of a healthcare professional.

Can I take Biotin if I have a health condition?

Women who are pregnant or nursing, those with health conditions, anyone taking prescription medications of any kind or people under 18 years of age should contact a healthcare professional prior to using dietary supplements of any kind, including Biotin.

What do users like about Biotin?

Users liked that Biotin is available in common food items and seems to be affordable.

What do users NOT like about Biotin?

Some users didn’t like that Biotin didn’t help with weight-loss.

How do I contact the Biotin customer service department?

You can’t contact the Biotin customer service department, considering it’s a vitamin, not a company. If you have concerns about a supplement containing the ingredients, reach out to the service department offering it for sale.

How much Biotin should I take per day?

There’s no specific amount of Biotin to take per day, but the U.S. Food and Nutrition Board recommends taking a minimum of 30 micrograms per day. [2]

Does Biotin come with a guarantee?

Biotin doesn’t come with a guarantee. Contact the company selling supplements containing the ingredient for details about the return policy.

Do you know of any special deals or discounts on Biotin?

We didn’t locate any deals or discounts on Biotin, considering the vitamin is sold at multiple retailers. However, the past several months have been off the rails with our readers taking advantage of Leptigen’s Special Trial Offer, which is just the cost of shipping and handling. Click here to give it a go.

Biotin is a vitamin that claims to promote hair growth.

Biotin Ingredients and Supplement Facts

Serving Size: *
Serving Per Container: *
Amount per Serving % DV
Biotin * *
Dicalcium phosphate * *
Vegetable stearic acid * *
Vegetable magnesium stearate * *
Cellulos * *

Other Ingredients: None

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Rating: 3.8. From 114 votes.
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Biotin Review

How Does Biotin Compare?

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I’ve been taking Biotin for over a month now. My hair is falling out even more and what is left is very brittle and dry.

saeeda fadhel

I need 6 boytles of biotin. How fast can I get in pune

Hi! For more information purchasing this product, please refer to Biotin’s official website.


Been taking 5000mcg biotin for several months. Notice nails much healthier and hair somewhat better. I have unexplained bruising on legs. Any connection between the two

Hello. All users are different and can experience different results; please make sure to consult with your physician before continuing this product to make sure its safe and effective for you to use.


My dermatologist just prescribed me to start taking the boitin.kind of scared of taking it after some of these interviews I definitely don’t need nothing putting more weight on me but I could benefit for my hair and nails


i have been taking 5000mcg a day in the morning after meal. but i see no results in hair growth.i am suffering from tremendous hairfall and even if i touch my hair 5-6 hair strands are coming out,am losing over 100-150 hair strands everyday.i dont know when biotin will start its magic! i am afraid am gonna be bald by 2-3months.


it is normal to lose 100 hairs per day

Hi. Please make sure to consult with your physician before continuing to take this product and let them know about the side effects you were experiencing.

Hello. All users are different and can experience different results; please make sure to consult with your physician before continuing this product to make sure its safe and effective for you to use.


So i wanna buy a biotin but im too scared i have read the comments and i am confused ,will it work on hair or not?
And which is better 5000 biotin or 10000 ? I’m 16


hi….iam using biotin about 1 week…i heard that if we use biotin 10000mcg we got pimples….but i dont….iam taking 1 tablet everyday after a meal…..


Which brand of biotin r u sing. ? N r u gaining weight with ?


I am taking biotin 10000 MCG past two month and it really good my head full of hair but I have also gain weight. I don’t want to gain weight.


I’m 25 and I’ve taken biotin 10000 for a couple of months now. My scalp is very very dry now, which I hate.It’s an issue.It used to be really oil but this is too much.

Your Name

am taking Biotin in just 5days Now and am noticing that my urine is bubling.. please what is rong

Devon (Editor)

Please seek the tailored advice of your regular health care professional.


Is there any classification / types of biotin?? I badly need this information.


Hi Mukim. For detailed product classification and information, please refer to the product’s official website to learn more.


I m taking solgar 10000mcg one a day .. Does it hav be effects like weight gain? Pls let me Knw

Hello Samara. All users are different and can experience different side effects; please make sure to consult with your physician before taking this product.


I have been taken Biotin for almost two months now. At first I started to break out a little with pimples. Now its all gone and I have noticed my hair is growing, my appetite is less. I always had nice nails and skin. However, I drink lots of water like 5 or 6 bottles of water a day. This is the key. Lots of water. Yes your peeing a lot but your hair is growing, less appetite and your on the road to beautiful hair now. This pill has worked amazing for me. Good luck peeps! smile

Your Nazueme

Tell ui hv been taking natrol biotin 10000mcg for 3 last 3 weeks but no good results were seen i hv lots if hairfall bald patches r dere n hairfalling is continued now i hv strtd natrol biotin 1000mcg 2 tablets in morning n thnkng to take 2 tablts at night but want to no is it ok if i take 4 tblts a day of 1000mcg in a day?

Stephen (Editor)

Typically 10-100 micrograms per day is suggested.


I’m on day one of Solgar BIOTIN 5000mcg. I have been taking Perfectil Original Triple Active for 9 days now and I have noticed my hair is thicker. Will take the Biotin for 9 days to see the difference. Fingers crossed.


I’ve been very under weight for the last two years from stess and I look I’ll. My friend told me to take biotin and it will help me to gain my weight back quickly. Has biotin saved Anyone else’s life by causing weight gain?


i am taking biotin (solaray 5000mcg) and i really want to gain weight with. i will will post updates if that happens.


I’ve been taking the biotin 5000 mcg for 2 weeks. Haven’t noticed much yet except this one problem, dry patch on my face disappeared. Nails are still not stronger. I have to keep them short so can’t comment on the growing of them. I really hope it would help my hair which is so dry and dull despite everything I do with it: conditioning, deep conditioning, co washing, masks, oils etc.. So far nothings happened with that either. By the way, this stuff will make you break out if you aren’t drinking enough water.

Stephen (Editor)

From what we’ve gathered, Kimberly, biotin isn’t designed specifically for weight gain. We recommend looking around our site for suitable alternatives.


Does biotin really help you lose weight? Some recommendations?

Karen (Editor)

Hi Jessica. We feel there are more effective products on the market. If you are still looking you might want to consider Leptigen, a more proven fat burner.


Can I take 2 tablet a day? The brand of my Biotin webber natural 300 mcg? need thia for my thinning hair?

Hi! For detailed product and usage instructions, please refer to the official website where you purchased your product for more information.


I havnt been taking it long but im having bowel problems is this normal

scared girl

Een taken biotin for 1 month now and before that I was having a mormal menstrual since biotin its been late has any one else experienced thisbkind of change in the body. Btw I know im not pregnant I have been tested numerous of times. Im also taking a b12 vitamin with the biotin


I took Biotin for 6 months – 7500 mcg – and I feel it made a noticable difference in my nails (no peeling and splitting)and my fine thin hair felt thicker with more volume. I ran out for 2 months but am back on it, I might increase to 10,000 mcg a day as I saw no ill effects.

Your Name

Are you still taking it and did you increase your dose?

Betty T

I am now taking biotin as a hair regrowth product. I have taken it at least 1 week today and I do see a in my appetite, my energy level and to me, my skin looks a lot better. Right now I would give it 5 stars. My hair feels softer and that leads me to believe it is starting to work. Will get back with an update as the time goes on. Most importantly it is easy to take. I was really excited to know it assists with diebetics as that is running rapid in my family although I do not have it.

Rosemary Fischer

Can Biotin cause nausea or side effects taken with medication’s

lisa j.

can biotin 10,000 cause your stool (poop)to turn green?

Your Name

I have been taking 10,000 mcg for three days and my stool was also green.


I just took 5000 today and had green diarrhea. I have been taking 1000 twice a day for months but heard of people taking 5000 once a day, so I tried that. I’m wondering if it could be the cause of the green poo.