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Black Seed Oil Review

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By Summer Banks Apr 25, 2017
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What You Should Know

Black Seed Oil is an all natural item. It is used in homeopathic medicine to treat a variety of conditions, and some even believe it may be able to help you reach your weight loss goals. Read this review to learn more about what it is, how it works, and whether or not it will help before you rush to your nearest health food store to give it a try.

List of Ingredients

Black Seed Oil is an all natural product, made from Nigella Sativa seeds which are cold pressed to get the oil out of them. The exact ingredients in the product will vary based on the brand you choose to buy. Some brands may add ingredients to make a blend, while others will just give you pure Black Seed oil.

Product Features

Black Seed Oil is a rich source of essentially fatty acids, which have a variety of health benefits, and may assist the body in transporting fat out of the body. Too many fatty acids though, can lead to weight gain, whether they are good or bad fats or not. Traditionally, black seed oil is used to treat: headaches, toothaches, congestion, hair and skin issues, diabetes, allergies, and digestive/gastrointestinal issues. Having said this, there is not much, if any of a weight loss benefit to this option, other than that it may be able to improve your digestion, which will make your body more efficient at using nutrients and removing waste. It can help stop nausea and upset stomach, as well as diarrhea.


  • Black Seed Oil has many health benefits.
  • This product is completely natural.


  • Black Seed Oil does not really have a direct link to weight loss.
  • Since there are so many different manufacturers of this product, you never know if two are really the same or not.
  • There are no free trials of this product.
  • Though there are customer testimonials, none of them support the use of this product as a weight loss aid.
  • This is a costly investment, at nearly $20 for only 8 ounces of the oil.


Black Seed Oil is probably something worth having in your medicine cabinet, whether you are trying to lose weight or not. Even though it is not likely to help you shed more fat or suppress your appetite to support your diet and exercise efforts, it could help you with a number of other health issues you or anyone else in your family may experience at any given moment. In terms of weight loss however, we recommend you keep looking for a clinically proven safe and effective appetite suppressant or fat burner and use it with a balanced diet and regular exercise program.

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Rating: 3.4. From 50 votes.
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I’ve been using black seed oil for 5 weeks now. I’ve notice other benefits from use. I have better sleep, breathing, no more acid reflux, little more energy, and beer bowel movement. Far as high blood pressure, I haven’t seen any benefits from using oil. My weight pretty much been the same. Overall, there are good benefits from using this oil. It’s all natural it can’t hurt you…..

Ashley magee turner

My husband and i just bout a gallon of the black seed oil and started taking it a few days ago it does leave a nasty after taste in your mouth but it works i have high blood pressure migrain headaches. Depression axiety attacks and many other health problems and since i started taking the black seed oil i have not been having problems with the things i listed above i have more energy not staying tired all the time i feel 100 percent better than what i did before i started taking the black seed oil my husband ordered it off of ebay.the black seed oil is a very good product and i recommend it to other people i am not a doctor so u need to check with your doctor first before using black seed oil.you can also look it up in the bible the other name that is used for black seed oil is cummin if the black seed oil can help me i am shour it can help other people to


I honestly don’t know anything about , Black Seed Oil I am learning as I type and open for any information

Jeremiah James

I only wat to know where to buy it

Ashley magee turner

Ebay is cheaper for you to buy the black seed oil