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Body Slim Review - 5 Things You Need to Know

It’s been a long journey, but I feel I’m now qualified to tell you whether or not to take Body Slim. We did some research and wrote an in-depth review, looking at the ingredients, side effects, clinical studies, and overall customer care. We also read plenty of user comments from all over the web. Finally, we summarized this information to give you the bottom line.

Body Slim can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What You Need To Know

To begin, Body Slim ingredients are guarana seed, cha de bugre, damiana leaf, and yerba mate. This diet pill is natural. It’s supposed to help boost metabolism, increase energy levels and control hunger. To use this supplement, you take two capsules each day on an empty stomach (in the morning). People from age 16 to 68 can use this weight-loss product.

We don’t know when Body Slim first showed up, but it’s been for sale since at least 2012. This diet pill contains natural ingredients, but read on…

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Side Effects

Side Effects – “Concerning?”

Our first concern is the Body Slim side effects. “This diet pill contains stimulants that can cause jitters, stomachache, headache, fast heartbeat, and trouble sleeping,” says our Research Editor.

One user said, “I took this Body Slim at the first part of July 2012 and after about four days I had swelling in my hands and feet and had feelings similar to the flu, fever, chills and my temp was below normal. I stopped taking it, and the symptoms slowly went away, it took almost a month….Don’t use this product!”

“Makes me very shaky and nauseous,” offered another customer.

Not everyone experienced side effects. One person commented, “Did not help me lose weight, but no bad effects either.”


No Real Results – “Something Else to Consider”

Many customers complained of no real weight-loss. One person said this, “Product is a complete waste of your time and money. Furthermore, when you try to get a hold of customer service, you are lucky to speak to a live person, and when you do, they do not know the product they are selling.”

“Did not help me lose one pound!” stated another user.

Then again, some people had minor results. This customer said, “I think it helped me drop two pounds.”

After doing plenty of research, it’s clear that if there is a single part of a diet pill or program that is especially troublesome (side effects, no real weight-loss, low Amazon star rating) the odds of lasting effects are slim. So, if Body Slim does not produce results in a lot of people, this could be a serious problem.


The Science – “Yay or Nay”?

It’s always reassuring to see some actual proof that a weight-loss product works. At DietSpotlight, we need to see some real science that backs the supplement. Sadly, no clinical research supports the Body Slim advertising claims.

What Users Are Saying

The Bottom Line – Does Body Slim Work?

So, should you pull out your credit card and buy Body Slim? Well, we like that this supplement uses natural ingredients, and it’s good to see a 100% satisfaction guarantee. But we have some doubts about it because it’s not backed by any science. Also, we’re concerned about the side effects this product can cause. Some people have even complained of no real results.

If you’d like to lose more weight, our suggestion is simple – use the technology that’s available to lose once and for all.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Noom. It’s all about support with this program. You can one-on-one support from real human coaches, a personalized weight-loss plan and customized meal plans – and that’s just the start.

The makers of Noom are so confident in their product they’re offering a free trial offer, which is very encouraging.

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Body Slim Review
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Body Slim

What are the side effects of Body Slim?

Some customers have complained of Body Slim side effects, which may include jitters, stomach pains, headache, accelerated heartbeat, and insomnia.

What are the ingredients in Body Slim?

Body Slim ingredients include vitamin C, calcium, vitamin B6, pantothenic acid, magnesium, green tea, citrus aurantium, ginger, guarana, l-tyrosine, yerba mate, Advantra Z, and grape seed.

Does Body Slim work?

Body Slim contains ingredients like green tea and caffeine. These have been tested and shown to help spark metabolism. However, we are concerned about the citrus aurantium. This one has been associated with side effects that may affect the heart.

How much does Body Slim cost?

Body Slim costs $49.99.

How should I take Body Slim?

It is suggested that you take four Body Slim capsules a day, twice in the morning and again in the afternoon.

Where can I buy Body Slim?

Body Slim can be purchased using their Official Site.

Can I consume caffeine while I am on Body Slim?

Body Slim contains a significant amount of caffeine, so you may want to refrain from consuming it while on the supplement.

7 Body Slim Reviews

  • How do I get a free sample of body slim?
    Esther Brinas

    How do I get a free sample of body slim?

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Hi Esther! We didn’t find mention of a free sample, but we’re not affiliate with the company.

  • free sample of body slim
    Basu Singha

    How do I get a free sample of body slim?

    • Maribel (Editor)

      Hi Basu! We didn’t find mention of a free sample, but we’re not affiliate with the company.

  • Love this pill
    Olinda (Verified Purchase)

    I’ve taken body slim n never had a problem went frm 236lb nw I’m at 138lb n still goin down . Love this pill I get nothing but compliments…..

  • Don't use this product
    JEANINE MARTIN (Verified Purchase)

    I took this body slimmer at the first part of July 2012 after about four days I had swelling in my hands and feet and had feelings similar to the flu. fever chills and my temp was below normal. I stop taking it and the symptoms slowly went away, it took almost a month….Don’t use this product

  • This product really works.
    Melissa (Verified Purchase)

    This product really works.. only fall back if you take it more than 3 months your body gets addicted to it.. and you ahve to stop taking ti and u gain all ur weight back..