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By Summer Banks Mar 12, 2017

In the weeks that led up to this review, I figured out whether or not Bodyblade actually works. Our in-depth look focused on the side effects, components and clinical research. Furthermore, we studied hundreds of user comments and remarks. Then, we summarized and compressed all of the facts to give you the info you need.

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What is Bodybalde?

To begin, Bodyblade is a fitness tool suitable for men and women. This device is based on inertia training, which helps create vibrations that treat the muscles and joints. It may also help improve definition, rehabilitate the body after injury and enhance physical fitness. You simply hold it in the center and proceed with mild movements.

Bruce Hymanson, PT created Bodyblade in 1991. The official website sells the product individually and in kits. We like that there are available videos and that we located some favorable customer comments, but read on…

Is Bodyblade Expensive – “Maybe”

The first concern is the high price tag on Bodyblade “The base model sells for $99, the Pro kit is $159,” said our Research Editor. “That’s quite expensive, considering you only receive the product and one fitness routine.”

One customer commented, “I would love to buy the 5ft Bodyblade Classicbut I just can’t afford it.”

Another person stated, “Too overpriced, especially when there are Bodyblade YouTube videos out there for free.”

While there are complaints about the price, we did located reviews of Bodyblade telling a different story.

“The Bodyblade workout is cheap, compared to a gym membership,” reported a dieter.

Lack of Results – “Seeing any Gains?”

Based on user reviews, lack of results while using Bodyblade was concerning. “Not really good for exercise…nothing there to make a difference,” said another user.

“Followed the exercise schedule and didn’t see any changes,” commented a customer.

Although results vary by user, we did find some that did notice results.

One customer said, “I find it to be only mildly effective. A marginally good tool for your arsenal.”

Our research has shown if there is a specific aspect of a fitness tool that’s concerning, like not producing results, the chances of real success for the long term are slim. So, if Bodyblade doesn’t help you build muscle, this could be a deal breaker.

The Science – “Validated?”

There are some studies supporting inertia training. Unfortunately, the official website doesn’t provide any details backing the claims. Also, the company claims that you’ll transform your body by using Bodyblade just six minutes per day. At DietSpotlight, research is a critical part of the research process. When there’s no solid-science used as evidence, we become concerned.

The Bottom Line – Does Bodyblade Work?

So, what are our final thoughts on Bodyblade Classic? Well, we like that we found some positive customer comments, and that the creator has a strong foothold in the industry. We are concerned that there are no studies supporting the claims. Also, we have an issue with the lack of results and high price reported by customers.

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What You Should Know about Bodyblade

Bodyblade claims to be “the next step in exercise equipment.” Instead of relying on weights and bands for resistance training, the Bodyblade design creates vibrating tension to activate muscle and improve balance and posture. Bodyblade claims to work the arms, legs and the hard-to-target core muscles. In just one minute, the ends of the Bodyblade move back and forth up to 270 times. It’s up to your muscles to resist, allowing for a complete workout in minutes. Bodyblade is designed to increase muscle and joint mobility, shape and tone muscles and boost endurance and strength.

List of Ingredients

Not Applicable

Product Features of Bodyblade

The Bodyblade was invented by California physical therapist Bruce Hymanson while working with patients who suffered sports injuries. He created an exercise regimen that would train muscles around the shoulders without forcing the joint to go through a wide range of motion. This routine and the Bodyblade, a flexible ski-like device, were incorporated into more than thirty exercises designed to provide a workout for individuals of all ages and abilities.

The ends of the Bodyblade flap like wings when shaken, creating a rapidly vibrating motion which is then resisted by the body. As the user works to remain steady and balanced, major muscles of the body, including core muscles, must contract so the user can maintain balance. The Bodyblade comes in a variety of lengths from just under three feet to five feet.

The best part of the Bodyblade is the ease of use. Anyone young and old, normal weight to overweight can use the Bodyblade as part of an exercise program. You can use the Bodyblade from a sitting or standing position. The program comes with a workout chart offering more than 30 exercises to tone and train the entire body in about 15 minutes each day. You can use the Bodyblade for longer periods as you increase endurance with regular use.

Advantages of Bodyblade

  • The Bodyblade weights less than two pounds.
  • Can be used by people of all fitness levels.
  • Perfect for beginners and people with joint injuries.
  • Can be used from a sitting or standing position.
  • Affordably priced.
  • Takes up very little space.

Disadvantages of Bodyblade

  • None.


The Bodyblade is the perfect addition to any diet program. Exercise can be hard and sticking with an exercise plan can feel like a chore for some dieters. With Bodyblade you are engaging all major muscle groups without intense exercise so you get the workout without the pain.

Bodyblade Questions & Answers:

We read hundreds of customer reviews about Bodyblade in order to write this FAQ for you.

What are the side effects of Bodyblade?

Bodyblade side effects may include muscle pains and aches.

What is included in Bodyblade?

When you buy a Bodyblade Classic Kit, you will receive one Bodyblade, an exercise DVD, and a wall chart. However, different kits may contain a variety of products.

Does Bodyblade work?

Bodyblade provides lots of links to articles and scientific studies about its comparability to other exercise equipment. There is no evidence on the website to show its ability to help you lose weight.

If you are looking for a supplement to take while using an exercise product like this, you may want to check out Pronabolin. It’s made with clinically-tested ingredients and users are thrilled with the results.

How much does Bodyblade cost?

A Bodyblade Classic Kit costs $99.00. Other packages, however, can cost up to $159.99.

How should I use Bodyblade?

Bodyblade is an exercise product that helps with resistance training. The website provides PDFs and exercise DVDs that can show you different ways to use the blade.

Can I use Bodyblade if I have a health condition?

Before starting any weight-loss program, consult with your physician, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, younger than 18, or suffering from any health condition.

What do users like about Bodyblade?

Customers like that they can use Bodyblade for rehabilitation exercises.

What do users NOT like about Bodyblade?

Customers do not like the lack of scientific research available connecting Bodyblade to its weight-loss capabilities.

How do I contact the Bodyblade customer service department?

You can contact the Bodyblade customer service department by calling them at 1-800-772-5233 or by filling out a customer service form on their website.

What is Bodyblade made of?

Bodyblade is made of all rubber based materials.

What different models of Bodyblade can I buy?

You can buy three different Bodyblade models: Bodyblade Pro, Bodyblade CXT, and Bodyblade Classic.

Does Bodyblade come with a guarantee?

Bodyblade comes with a 30-day guarantee.

Do you know of any special deals or discounts in Bodyblade?

Bodyblade does not offer any special deals or discounts. However, our readers have been going crazy over Pronabolin’s multiple-bottle discounts and 120-day money-back guarantee. Click above to learn more.

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My Bodyblade is about 20 years old and I still use it two times per week. The only issue I’ve ever had with it is eventually the weights on the ends slid off from the original glue losing its strength. I used a typical super glue that you can get from any store and that took care of the problem. I use it after running to work my upper body. No, it won’t give you big muscles if that’s what you’re looking for, but it is a challenging workout that really tightens up your muscles. I especially notice my abdominal area being tight the day after I do a Bodyblade workout. I paid $100 for it about 20 years ago from this company called Health For Life, which no longer exists, but the Bodyblade itself has been going strong and has outlasted the company that I bought it from. Great investment and a great workout tool. Also, don’t be afraid to experiment with making up new exercises rather than just following the videos or instructions. I do specific exercises that target my chest, lats, shoulders, arms, abs, and back and my Bodyblade workout lasts about 30 minutes. I wouldn’t be using it for 20 years if it didn’t produce results.


I have had and used the Bodyblade for approximately 15 years. I use it on a portion of my morning walking routine. My philosophy is to work my upper part of my body when I walk. With the Bodyblade, I walk with it approximately two-three times per week for approximately 1 mile. Compared to walking at the same rate without the Bodyblade, my heart rate is elevated, I sweat more and it fatigues various muscles as I do approximately 8 routines with the Bodyblade as I walk. I am 70 years old and am reasonably fit for my age group. I recommend the Bodyblade for use to people when they walk–work your upper body as you exercise your lower body. Use Bodyblade for exercise. improve fitness, build or maintain muscle. While I saw very muscular men using the Bodyblade on their website, I do not believe they got their large muscles from the use of Bodyblade but from lifting weights. As far as weight loss, In order to control one’s body weight, Bodyblade can be a component of a larger exercise program and a sensible diet.


How many times a week should I use my body blade?


I’ve started using the Bodyblade and when finished with the 6 minute workout, my arms and legs feel like water as if I had been lifting weights. Will the Bodyblade build muscle? I don’t have to look like a circus muscle man, but if I can get at least an average build from it I’ll be happy.

Your NameJACK



I’ve had this about 2 years. Think it’s great! I do the arm and stomach exercise. I find the stomach one works better for me by turning my body left to right, and also moving my legs up and down sometimes. I think it’s easier, and also gives a better workout. My arms, legs and back always feel better after using this product. You can work at your own pace. I use it 3 or 4 times a week. My daughter laughed when she saw it, but I let her try it, then she bought one, too.


I have used this product for two years; and recently purchase a second ‘classic’ model to use simultaneously with the first. while it takes some effort to master the results are incredible. and it will improve strength and flexibility. simply put, the best rehab-strengthening device you will ever use.

Tony Cap

I used one in therapy for an extremely arthritic shoulder and was impressed so I bought one.I ordered the Bodyblade classic from Costco website for $59.If you don’t like it You can always return it to any Costco store.


Just started using Bodyblade classic and it appears to be quite effective, but I’ve notice an uncomfortable thudding or jarring effect from the handle…is this normal. I have used another make of vibrating rod and never noticed this problem. Thanks for any replies.

John Starkie

I understand the ‘thudding and jarring’. It happened to me.
Rotate your hands very slightly until the oscillations are smooth.


I use the body blade pro as follows. Day 1 alternate bbp for 1 min then 15 push ups x 10 sets with no breaks. Quite simply it is the most impressive chest & arm pump i have ever had, period! Pecs are on the verge of cramping! Day 2 bbp while wearing a 63 lb weight vest for 8 min & walking all at once. After 8 minutes i’m spent and soaked, most impressive workout amp i haver owned. Day 3 break then start over


In response to the person that switches body blade exercise for 1 minute then switches to push ups and repeats for 10 sets. What exercises are conducted when using body blade.

Tami Lowery

The body blade is great. At first its a little hard. Once you get it down it fatigues your muscles fast, gives you a great work out with little effort. My arms and sshoulders look great. You can make every excerize as easy or hard as you want. I just do every exercize for about a minute at a time. As soon as it starts to get hard its time for the next excercize. If it starts to get to hard in that minute you can just change the positionof your arms just a little its great.


Have a bulging disc in my neck. Bodyblade is amazing for rehab and for keeping my whole body strong. Great piece of equipment. Workout time is minimal. Mix cardio(walking) with bodyblade…good to go !!!


I’ve had my bodyblade about a week and can already feel added strength and stability in my bum shoulder.


will this help my SUPPER flabby arms?


I am 68 yrs old. What size or model would be good for a senior. also, will it firm my flabby arms??????


I have recently had a total hip operation and am hoping to be able to use the body blade , will this form of exercise be any good for me and will it be safe as I’ve already had the top of my greater trochanter fracture off 11 days after surgery


Hi I have had two major back surgeries. Can you please let me know if the body blade is safe for me to use

Karen (Editor)

Hi, Tina. it’s best that you consult your doctor to ensure this product’s safety for your body’s chemistry.


lost 185# years ago. Flabby arms now and big legs. Will this help my legs to tighten up as I have a smaller waist but have problems finding pants still because of width of legs. Help

Laura Rosario

My question is will the body blade tighten my core where I can see results anyone please reply b4 I order!!


I have a black pro model. I have what looks like stress risers showing up around the handle.Is this normal?

sheila bonbright

My blade is no longer working one side has way more wiggle than the other it feels loose now on the right side. the blade is 8 months old. I used it everyday for an hour or more throughout the day. I don’t want to get another one just to have it break. No visable signs of breakage are seen but it feels as though it may have cracked under the handle and that is why it’s so loose on that side. Wondering if anyone else has had this happen to them. The company won’t return my calls I assume they could care less. Not good customer relations.


will the body blade work for someone in a wheelchair?

Your Name

Yes you can use the body blade from a seated position.