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BodyChoice WeightLoss With Hoodia Review - Does This Concentrate Work?

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By Summer Banks Mar 27, 2017

Bodychoice Weightloss with Hoodia company employees, have you ever used your own product? Well, we at DietSpotlight did one of our in-depth reviews, looking closely at the ingredients, side effects, clinical studies and overall customer-service quality. We additionally read countless user comments and experiences from around the web. Then, we summarized and compacted this information to give you the facts you need.

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What is Bodychoice Weightloss With Hoodia?

First of all, Bodychoice Weightloss with Hoodia is a concentrated liquid formula that is claimed to control appetite, boost immune system health, manage blood sugar levels, promote healthy digestion and aid with weight reduction. The core ingredient in this product is Hoodia Gordonii, which is a South African cactus plant extract that is supposed to suppress appetite. It also contains Caffeine, Guarana, Kola Nut, White Kidney Bean, Banaba Leaf, Chromium, Green Tea, Green Coffee Bean and Yerba Mate. In order to use this liquid, you simply take two tablespoons (one fluid ounce) 1-3 times daily.

Bodychoice Weightloss with Hoodia has been available since at least 2012, and it was sold online via stores like Amazon (does not appear to be available any longer). This weight-loss liquid is made without artificial flavors, colors and sweeteners, but read on…

Fad Supplement Ingredient – “A Concern?”

The first concern we had with this diet product is the primary Bodychoice Weightloss with Hoodia ingredient. “The supplement relies on Hoodia to reduce appetite and food cravings, but there is no clinical evidence supporting this cactus plant extract as an effective,” says our Research Editor.

“I have used this product for over a year. It does not cause you to loose weight. It is just a drink,” mentioned one customer.

“I don’t see/feel any different, but the outrageous gas it gives me! I haven’t lost any weight and I still crave sweets and still have an appetite,” said another user.

Customer Complaints – “Another Concern”

We found a number of customer complaints posted on the web, including some about Bodychoice Weightloss with Hoodia side effects. One person stated, “I took about 3 sips. It hit my stomach like a bomb and I didn’t sleep well for about 48 hours. I became VERY dehydrated within 2 hours, had heart burn, and muscle spasms. Then when the effect wore off on the second day, my joints ached and I felt like I’d been in a car accident. I would never buy or use this product again.”

“Causes nausea and gas. Not going to drink it again!,” commented another individual.

Our research has shown if there is some particular part of a weight-loss supplement or diet program that is especially problematic (fad supplement ingredient, too many customer complaints, steep price) the odds of long-term success are not good. Therefore if Bodychoice Weightloss with Hoodia does lead to a lot of unhappy people, this could be a serious dilemma.

The Science – “Is There Any?”

Unfortunately we did not locate any documented science that supports Bodychoice Weightloss with Hoodia and its claims. While this liquid formula does contain some stimulants to boost energy levels, the key ingredient Hoodia is not backed by any solid clinical research. For us at DietSpotlight, we need to see some real support before we get behind a product.

The Bottom Line – Does Bodychoice Weightloss with Hoodia Work?

So, should you run out and buy Bodychoice Weightloss with Hoodia? Well, we appreciate that this diet beverage is free of artificial colors and flavors and it does provide a good amount of fiber. On the other hand, we have some doubts because it’s not backed by solid science. Moreover, we’re concerned about the negative customer reviews we found online.

If you’d like to shed more pounds, then we suggest you choose a product that is backed by solid clinical testing, is easy to use anywhere and is supported by plenty of positive customer reviews.

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Previous BodyChoice WeightLoss With Hoodia Review (Updated August 22, 2012):

What You Should Know

Body Choice Weight Loss with Hoodia is one of a number of liquid supplements offered by the Body Choice Nutrition company. These products indicate that they aim to promote overall health by providing vital nutrients and mineral, combined with alternative and herbal remedies. The claims made by The Weight Loss with Hoodia formula are simple - its proprietary formula will increase metabolism, build lean body tissue, help manage cortisol and stress levels and curb cravings. By combining use of the Weight Loss with Hoodia formula and following the "Lifestyle Program" on the official website, consumers may realize the Body Choice goal of "Building Better Bodies for Life."


Concord Grape, Pomegranate, Blueberry, Apple, Green Tea, Hoodia Gordoni P57, Prune, Guarana Seed, Caffeine, Kola Nut, White Kidney Bean, Banaba Leaf, Magnolia Bark, Taurine, Yerba Mate, Scutellaria Root, Schizandra Berry, Chromium Picolinate, Vanadyl Sulphate, Chromium Picolinate andVanadyl Sulfate.

Product Features

The Body Choice Weight Loss with Hoodia liquid supplement is part of a wave of products introduced to the market which claim that users can lose weight by reducing stress. They claim to do this by targeting the stress hormone cortisol. This weight loss theory is based on the theory that our modern lifestyles cause almost constant stress, forcing the body into "fight or flight" mode. In response the body releases cortisol which raises the body's energy needs, increases hunger and causes us to eat more and gain weight. The makers of this product claim by controlling cortisol the user of BodyChoice WeightLoss with Hoodia can control food cravings and lose weight. The theory is slightly confusing and when you factor in that Kola Nut, Yerba Mate and Guarana (ingredients in this formula) are all stimulants that contain caffeine and would increase cortisol production in the body. The featured ingredient, hoodia, has shown promising results in regards to appetite suppression. However, it is difficult to tell exactly how much hoodia is in BodyChoice WeightLoss as no amount is listed. The fact that hoodia is part of a proprietary blend causes a bit of concern because those type blends generally contain very little of the listed ingredients. BodyChoice WeightLoss with Hoodia can be purchased on the official website for $24.95 per bottle. However, there is no information on this site telling the consumer how much is in a bottle or the dosage amount, so getting an accurate cost per dose is not possible.


  • BodyChoice WeightLoss formula contains hoodia, which in significant amounts has been shown to be an appetite suppressant.
  • The BodyChoice Nutrition official website offers a Lifestyle Program which can aid users by providing tips in eating healthfully and managing stress.


  • There is no dosage or product amounts listed for BodyChoice WeightLoss with Hoodia, therefore it is difficult to calculate the actual costs per dose.
  • It is unclear as to how much hoodia the BodyChoice WeightLoss formula contains.
  • BodyChoice Nutrition does not offer any type of free trials; returns are on an individual basis making any satisfaction guarantee vague.
  • Although there are success stories on the official BodyChoice website, it is unclear which of the company's products are being referenced.


There are a number of products in the BodyChoice Nutrition line which address various areas of health and may provide vitamins and minerals often missing from the average diet. However, as far as a weight loss product goes, their WeightLoss with Hoodia formula doesn't appear to be promising. Although hoodia is a known appetite suppressant; some of the other ingredients in the formula raise cortisol level's in the body and run counter to the theory behind the product. There is enough confusing information concerning diet and weight loss, so the wise consumer would be better off not adding any more uncertainty to their routine. It is best to pick a product you can trust. Look for a supplement with a short list of ingredients that include a proven fat burner, metabolism booster and appetite suppressant. Make things even simpler by choosing a pill or supplement which has clear cut pricing, positive customer reviews and offers a money back guarantee.

BodyChoice WeightLoss With Hoodia Questions & Answers:

We boiled down hundreds of customer reviews for BodyChoice WeightLoss with Hoodia and then wrote this FAQ for you.

What are the side effects of BodyChoice WeightLoss with Hoodia?

Some customers complained of BodyChoice WeightLoss with Hoodia, some of which include nausea, stomach pains, joint pains, dehydration, gas, heart burn, and muscle spasms.

What are the ingredients in BodyChoice WeightLoss with Hoodia?

BodyChoice WeightLoss with Hoodia ingredients include soluble fiber, wild crafted hoodia, green tea extract, caffeine, guarana seed extract, green coffee bean extract, white kidney bean extract, kola nut extract, banaba leaf extract, taurine, l-theanine, cocoa extract, yerba mate extract, acai juice, concord grape juice, blueberry juice, pear juice, pomegranate juice, raspberry juice, and strawberry juice.

Does BodyChoice WeightLoss with Hoodia work?

BodyChoice WeightLoss with Hoodia contains some stimulants that can boost energy. The green tea is backed by some research, as well. However, the hoodia is a concern because it is considered a “fad” ingredient. We found no proof this product works better than others with the same beneficial ingredients.

If you are looking for a product with clinically tested ingredients, you may want check out Leptigen. Dieters are thrilled with their progress.

How much does BodyChoice WeightLoss with Hoodia cost?

For a bottle with 32 servings, BodyChoice WeightLoss with Hoodia costs $32.54.

How should I take BodyChoice WeightLoss with Hoodia?

It is suggested that you consume one serving of BodyChoice WeightLoss with Hoodia three times daily: one in the morning, one in the late morning, and one in the afternoon.

Can I take BodyChoice WeightLoss with Hoodia if I have a health condition?

Before consuming any weight-loss product, including BodyChoice WeightLoss with Hoodia, make sure you consult with your physician, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, under 18 years old, or suffering from any health condition.

What do users like about BodyChoice WeightLoss with Hoodia?

Customers of BodyChoice WeightLoss with Hoodia enjoy the availability of the supplement.

What do users NOT like about BodyChoice WeightLoss with Hoodia?

Users of BodyChoice WeightLoss with Hoodia do not enjoy the lack of weight-loss results, taste, and lack of clinical studies.

How do I contact the BodyChoice WeightLoss with Hoodia customer service department?

There is no information on the BodyChoice WeightLoss with Hoodia customer service department available as they do not have an official website.

Does BodyChoice WeightLoss with Hoodia taste good?

Some customers have complained of BodyChoice WeightLoss with Hoodia having an unsavory taste.

How many calories are in a serving of BodyChoice WeightLoss with Hoodia?

Each serving, which is two tablespoons, contains 40 calories.

Does BodyChoice WeightLoss with Hoodia come with a guarantee?

BodyChoice WeightLoss with Hoodia does not come with a guarantee.

Do you know any deals or discounts on BodyChoice WeightLoss with Hoodia?

BodyChoice WeightLoss with Hoodia does not come with any special deals or discounts. However, if you are looking for an awesome deal, try the Special Trial Offer for Leptigen. The ingredients have been clinically tested and dieters are going wild over the results. Click here to learn more.

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Rating: 4.2. From 5 votes.
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BodyChoice WeightLoss With Hoodia Review

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Your NameSheil

I loved this product!!!! I am so up-set that it is no longer on the market. I have low blood sugar and this helped my stay stable all day and it also gave me energy.

Your NameDeAnna

Love this product had great results and no bad side effects. It gave me a great energy boost wish they would put it back on the market.

Your NameSheila

I too loved this product I took it for about seven years an d to be truthful I have been lost without it. It keep my energy up and my weight down.

Your NamDeAnnae

I feel your pain sad I miss it too and have been trying to find something else to replace it, no luck

william couch

Best product!!!!!! Trying to order more
Please advise via e-mail. I am a returning customer

joanne bevilacqua

i have been taking hoodia and love the results however i started having problems, checked the label and found sulphar in it and i allerigc to sulphar and had to stop taking it. do you have another type of hoodia that works as well but does not condain sulphar. please respond


opened bottle lasts as yr certified demo person