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By Summer Banks Sep 07, 2017

Can you lose weight in 12-weeks, while following a low-carb diet? That’s what Bodytrim claims, but we’ll take a closer look at the ingredients, side effects, scientific research, and customer service. Then, we evaluated user testimonials and experiences. Then, we compiled the facts to give you the details you need.

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What is Bodytrim?

To begin with, Bodytrim is a weight loss program offering recipes, meal plans, and products. The company advertises itself as being different from other programs because it doesn’t require any extreme dietary guidelines or difficult workouts. They claim people can achieve success by eating real food and engaging in regular low-intensity exercise. The ingredients in the Bodytrim cookies and other products vary based on the flavor chosen.

Geoff Jowett founded Bodytrim in 2007. It’s also a part of Viaco Health Australia Pty, located in North Ryde, New South Wales. It is a firmly established brand in Australia. The official website sells Bodytrim products. We like the focus on overall health. Will it work Read on…

Results from Bodytrim – “Long-Term?”

Our first issue relates to long-term success with the Bodytrim program. While people often see initial results, there are on-going concerns about lasting results. “When a weight loss program claims to help people cultivate a new and sustainable lifestyle, our interest peaks,” said our Research Editor. “But, there’s an issue if this doesn’t happen.”

According to a customer, “Look, the diet works if you follow it. I looked great, and I was lean. But, it’s not sustainable.”

Another noted, “Most of the weight slowly crept back on. Depressing and hard to become motivated again!”

Others found the program to be beneficial long-term for people who could follow it safely.

This client offered, “While there have been many people praising the effectiveness of Bodytrim, please be aware that it isn’t for everyone. I would warn anyone with a history of IBS and especially diverticular disease with a tendency to episodes of diverticulitis, to be very careful with this program.”

Customer Service- “Disappointing?”

There were several serious concerns about the disappointing lack of customer service.

This dieter revealed, “I feel that Bodytrim works, I just need help more with the mental stuff and support. I would love to know more! Desperately unhappy.”

One customer said, “Disappointing customer service. Had some questions about the Trimsition stage, couldn’t find the answers on the website, so I called to ask those questions. No response after three days of calling and a promise of someone calling back.”

Others were able to get a resolution to their issues.

This customer explained, “When I rang about money being taken from the account, I asked to stop payment, and they said ‘Yes I can do that no for you’ but no offer of a reimbursement, but I didn’t ask.”

According to our research, sustainability and phenomenal customer support are the backbones of an effective weight loss program. It is important dieters for dieters to learn how to implement and maintain a new lifestyle if the program is going to be effective over the long-term. When they have questions or concerns they need to have quick and reliable access to a professional, polite, and well-trained customer service team. When these components are lacking, the program will frequently fail to be effective for dieters.

The Science – “Confusing?”

At Dietspotlight we know that a healthy diet and regular exercise are important components to a successful weight loss journey. The official Bodytrim websites seem to be in line with these principles at first glance. There is a low-calorie meal plan with snack ideas and low-impact workouts. Unfortunately, the diet plan itself is fairly restrictive, and while the company claims to promote eating real food, there are numerous prepackaged products. The company advocates avoiding artificially sweetened beverages yet one of the ingredients in the Bodytrim Apple and Cinnamon Slice, and virtually every other product offered is Maltitol, which is an artificial sweetener. The simultaneous recommendation to avoid heavily processed foods filled with artificial sweeteners while offering them in their product line is concerning.

The Bottom Line – Does Bodytrim Work?

What’s the real deal with Bodytrim? The program itself is likely to produce some weight-loss effect simply because decreasing the number of calories consumed while also increasing one’s level of physical activity produces that result to some degree. However, there is nothing extraordinary about the program and the ingredients in the products themselves are questionable. The potential difficulty for dieters to maintain the regiment and the lack of customer support makes it difficult to justify spending time or money on this method.

If you’re ready to lose weight, we suggest a diet and exercise plan used with a supplement containing ingredients backed by research.

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