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Boiling Point Review - 6 Things You Need to Know


I’m here to cut through the noise and get you the bottom line on Boiling Point. We looked carefully at the side effects, quality of the customer service, scientific studies, and side effects to create this comprehensive review. We then scrutinized consumer reviews. Finally, we narrowed down all of the information we had gathered to give you the facts you need.

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What is Boiling Point?

First off, Boiling Point is a thermogenic that claims to promote dramatic weight-loss by breaking down existing fat, preventing the formation of new fat, controlling appetite, and stimulating metabolism. Ingredients include cocoa extract, green tea extract, caffeine anhydrous, N-acetyl, L-tyrosine, raspberry ketone extract, hordenine, citrus aurantium extract, and black pepper extract. Each serving is two capsules and you get 120 per bottle.

Boiling Point is made by StarChem Labs. As far as we can tell the company does not maintain an official website. Information about their products is available on third party sites which offer them for sale, but read on…

Stimulants – “Interactions and Side Effects”

Our first concern is the heavy use of stimulants, which leads to potential Boiling Point side effects. According to our Research Editor, “There are warnings about taking citrus aurantium in conjunction with caffeine as it can increase the chance of adverse reactions; especially for individuals with any heart issues.”

One reviewer stated, “I had the worst headaches while taking this and my pulse was all over the place.”

Another claimed, “I got almost no sleep the whole week I tried to use this. I was anxious and jittery and a total mess.”

Some users didn’t mind, or even enjoyed, the effect of the stimulants.

One happy customer said, “I really like the little energy boost I get with these. I can skip coffee which means fewer calories too.”

A pleased dieter said, “I did have a little extra energy but not in a bad way.”

Customer Service – “Nonexistent”

Without an official website it was difficult for many customers to find someone to talk to when they had questions.

One frustrated consumer said, “I had some side effects I wasn’t expecting and I really needed to talk to someone but I couldn’t find anyone.”

Another complained, “I wasn’t sure if I could take this with some other meds my doctor has me on and he wanted me to find out. I couldn’t so he said stop taking it.”

Although there were some who didn’t seem to mind the lack of customer service.

According to one, “I used it and didn’t have any questions so I never tried to reach anyone.”

While another said, “I contacted the company I bought them from when I had a problem but they couldn’t help me because they don’t make it.”

According to our research, a small thing like an overuse of stimulants or a lack of quality customer service can really cut down your chance of long-term success. If Boiling Point is too much for some dieters, that is a problem.

The Science – “Lack of Clinical Evidence?”

At DietSpotlight, we understand the need to be thorough in the testing process before releasing a new dietary supplement. We want to see evidence that a company’s claims are valid. We just couldn’t find any resources to back up those made for Boiling Point. They do have some quality ingredients but the exact amounts aren’t available because they are listed as a proprietary blend, so even though some do have research behind them, there’s no way to know if it is an effective amount.

What Users Are Saying

"”Excellent read. A good self-help book for all, especially those entering into a relationship, or already in one whether this is an issue or not. It definitely makes clear the heart of the breakdown in a family unit, lack of spiritual leadership, co-dependency, and abuse situations.”"

"”Many men are burdened with anger and fear, and harm themselves and others as a result. Even professing Christians lash out at their loved ones, or hold their rage inside until they suffer a physical or mental breakdown. Why are men this way? What can the women who love them do to help? “Boiling Point” provides answers to these questions. It’s a Christian book, but non-believers will benefit from its insights and principles, which are applicable to men regardless of their beliefs.”"

"”At first glance Boiling Point appears to be written for a general audience of couples, but only one chapter in the reader quickly discovers it’s true intent is to teach women to take on the responsibility of diffusing their man’s temper.”"

The Bottom Line – Does Boiling Point Work?

Should I race out for a bottle of Boiling Point? Before you give it a try be sure to carefully review the warnings that can be found on the sites of third party retailers who sell the product. We have reservations about recommending this fat burner because of the potential side effects and unhappy customers.

If you are ready to lose weight we suggest looking for a supplement that uses ingredients backed by scientific research in safe amounts. It is also important to choose a company that has a responsive and easy to access customer service department who will quickly address any concerns you may have.

Among the best products we have researched this year is one called Dietspotlight Burn. It has four active ingredients that have been demonstrated via clinical testing to help boost fat loss and kick-start metabolism. During our extensive research, we didn’t find any negative consumer reviews. What we did find were a lot of testimonials from happy customers who’d lost weight.

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Boiling Point Review
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Boiling Point

What are the ingredient in Boiling Point (Diet Pills)?

The ingredients in the Boiling Point product are: Cocoa extract, Green Tea extract, Caffeine Anhydrous, N-acetyl-L-Tyrosine, Raspberry Ketone, Hordenine, Citrus Aurantium extract, and Black Pepper extract.

What are the side effects of the Boiling Point product?

The potential side effects of the Boiling Point product are but are not limited to: anxiety, heart attack, restlessness, a rise in blood pressure, muscle cramping, difficulty when trying to concentrate, and fatigue.

How do I know if Boiling Point is right for me?

Choosing the right product is the #1 question asked by DietSpotlight readers. We recommend trying any product before buying it and know that finding a product with a sample offer is near impossible - so we created our own product, Burn HD, with scientifically backed ingredients.

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Does Boiling Point work?

The active ingredients in the product boost metabolism and gives the consumer bursts of energy. The effectiveness of the product has a medium of almost 50%.

What is the price of Boiling Point?

The price of the product is listed at $60.00 for a single bottle.

Where can I buy the Boiling Point product?

Consumers can purchase the product on the official site of Arnold Supplements. With little-to-no research, consumers can also find this product sold by other companies to compare and contrast product cost.

How should I take the Boiling Point product?

Consumers should take the Boiling Point product with a glass of water.

How do I contact Boiling Point customer service?

Consumers can reach customer service representatives through the company in which the product was purchased through. A phone number and/or is available on the company’s website.

Can I return the Boiling Point product?

Consumers can return the Boiling Point product through the company the product was purchased.

What are the common complaints about the Boiling Point product?

The most common complaint resides around the fact that the makers do not offer a money back guarantee. Consumers also worry about the various side effects as listed above.


Previous Boiling Point Review (Updated December 31, 2008):

What You Should Know

Boiling Point by StarChem Labs asserts that it is one of the most powerful weight loss supplements available. The experts at StarChem Labs contend that they have formulated Boiling Point to promote rapid, dramatic fat loss in a variety of key areas - enhancing the breakdown of existing body fat, preventing the accumulation of new body fat, controlling the appetite, and stimulating increased calorie burning. Maintaining that the best formulas keep things simple, Boiling Point takes three primary ingredients synephrine, yohimbine, and caffeine and revs up the power by increasing the dosages over all other products on the market. BoilingPoint further intensifies the formula by including LipoLean, a thermogenesis product that combines raspberry extract, green tea extract, and tyramine. And lastly, Boiling Point has added a dose of Black Pepper Extract, which aims to boost the body's ability to take in vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants. All together this combination of powerful ingredients, which are said to be formulated at highly effective levels promises to surpass all other supplements on the market and make love handles, lower back fat and out of shape thighs a thing of the past.


Green Tea Extract, Raspberry Ketone, Tyramine, Caffeine Anhydrous, Synephrine HCl, Black Pepper Extract, Yohimbine HCl, Gelatin, silicon dioxide and Magnesium stearate.

Product Features

Boiling Point maintains that it is a weight loss tool, however almost everything about it points to its being more popular as a bodybuilding supplement. The packaging features a graphic which resembles a weight lifter, it is found most readily on Body building and Sports Supplement websites, and the manufacturer, StarChem, appears to deal primarily in weightlifting supplements. That being pointed out, it is interesting to note that there are a number of warnings online which state that "This product contains ingredients that may be banned by certain athletic organizations". Information regarding Boiling Point is difficult to come by, almost every site where it is available uses the exact same standard ad copy which leads one to conclude that even the retailers don't have any in depth information about what it does or how. There are no clinical trails sited in connection to Boiling Point. There are no customer reviews, although one particularly frightening article is posted online from a customer who took too many capsules and had an adverse stimulant reaction. It should be pointed out that there are several stimulants in Boiling Point, which by the makers own admission are in "mind blowing" amounts. This may be what leads to the numerous warnings cited concerning the use of this product with prescription or over-the-counter drugs, as well as specific cautions for those with a wide variety of medical conditions and allergies. Customers wishing to try Boiling Point can locate the product on a number of different Body Building and Sports Supplement websites, the best price and service we found was on evitamins.com.


  • Boiling Point contains green tea extract, a natural product connected to increased energy and reduction of appetite.
  • Boiling Point is readily available on a number of online sites.


  • Boiling Point seems to be marketed toward the bodybuilding community as a stimulant, weight loss does not appear to be its primary function.
  • This product makes the vague claim of providing "rapid, dramatic weight loss" for which no clinical evidence or research is offered.
  • Boiling Point contains high doses of a number of stimulants.
  • There are a large number of warnings regarding the use of Boiling Point in connection with allergies, prescription drugs, and certain medical conditions - read the label carefully before using.
  • There are no free samples available for Boiling Point, although at least one online site offers a 30 day money back guarantee.


When searching for a weight loss aid, safety is a primary concern. The consumer is wise to look for a product which thoroughly explains what it does and how it works. Boiling Point does neither. With the exception of a few claims of "rapid, dramatic weight loss" the makers do not appear to be compelled to let the consumer in on the specifics of the product. In addition, with the exception of a few natural extracts, most notably Green Tea, the primary ingredients seem to be stimulants in slightly frightening doses. For most people losing weight is a positive step toward better health, why risk that by using a product that is not backed up by research, has no customers willing to vouch for it and contains ingredients which may be potentially harmful? It is best to steer clear of Boiling Point and chose a product which has a solid reputation for healthy results.
Summer Banks Dietspotlight Author
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Summer Banks, Director of Content at Dietspotlight, has researched over 5000 weight-loss programs, pills, shakes and diet plans. Previously, she managed 15 supplement brands, worked with doctors specializing in weight loss and completed coursework in nutrition at Stanford University. full bio.

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