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Boresha Skinny Review - Does This Fat-Burning Coffee Really Work?

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By Summer Banks Mar 09, 2017

I paused before I hit the “publish” button on this one, because my conclusion was a bit of a shocker. We took the time to write an in-depth review on Boresha Skinny coffee, focusing closely on the side effects, ingredients, clinical research and overall customer care. Plus we sorted through countless user remarks and comments from around the web. Finally, we compressed all of the facts and details in order to give you the info you need.

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What is Boresha Skinny?

Firstly, Boresha Skinny is a weight-loss coffee. The ingredients include 100% organic AA Arabica coffee, vitamin C, buffered caffeine and chromium. This product is advertised as a fat burner for both men and women. It comes in packet form, which is simply added to a cup of hot water. It’s claimed to provide sustained energy, combat stress-related eating, burn off fat and help you preserve lean muscle mass. It can be consumed daily. There is no special diet plan needed.

From what we gathered, Boresha Skinny coffee was first released around 2011. It is made by Boresha International. This company once offered a few different tea and coffee products. However, the official website is no longer available. This coffee product provides some antioxidants to help combat harmful free radicals. Also, it may help improve focus, but read on…

Boresha Skinny Unpleasant Taste – “Something To Consider?”

One concern we have is the unpleasant taste. “There are several customer complaints regarding the actual flavor of Boresha Skinny coffee. The problem is if you can’t handle drinking this product, it will not help you increase energy or lose weight,” says our Research Editor.

One customer said, “It tasted really bad and have not noticed anything improved with weight-loss or energy. Just bad tasting coffee.”

However, a different person stated, “Been using this for about four weeks. The taste is alright. Not bad.”

“Not sure about any weight-loss or performance benefits. It’s just a cup of coffee,” reported another.

Minimal Results – “Another Issue”

Another issue is minimal results. For example, one customer revealed, “I’ve been drinking 2 cups a day for a month and haven’t lost any weight.”

Then again, a different user commented, “Seems okay. Did give me somewhat of an energy boost. But it also causes headaches.”

Another posted, “This coffee is decent. Increases my energy levels some. Can cause some Boresha Skinny side effects though. Have had headache and nausea from this.”

Our extensive research has revealed that if there’s a certain aspect of an energy and weight-loss supplement that’s bothersome (unpleasant taste, minimal results, side effects) the likelihood of long-term success is minimal. Therefore, if Boresha Skinny coffee does in fact have an unsavory flavor to a lot of people, this could be a deal breaker.

The Science – “Any?”

Here at DietSpotlight, we like to see some actual science that backs up the product we’re investigating. Sadly we could not find any clinical studies regarding Boresha Skinny coffee. However, this beverage does contain some caffeine, which may help increase energy levels and improve focus to some degree.

The Bottom Line – Does Boresha Skinny Work?

So, should you pull out your credit card and order a pack of Boresha Skinny coffee? Well, to start, we like that this product provides some antioxidants. It’s also nice to see that it’s available on dealer websites like Amazon. But we have some reservations about this energy beverage because it’s not supported by any solid research. Also, we’re concerned about the less-than-savory taste some customers have reported.

If you really want to boost energy and improve your chances of weight-loss, we recommend you select a product that’s supported by published research, does not have an unpleasant taste and is backed by encouraging user reviews.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is one called Leptigen. This powerful supplement contains four key ingredients, which are shown to help spark metabolism and fat loss, while decreasing appetite. We have not found any negative user comments at all, and customer feedback posted online reveals people are seeing solid results.

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Previous Boresha Skinny Review (Updated October 15, 2012):

What You Should Know About Boresha Skinny

Boresha Skinny is a coffee that claims to burn fat 800% faster than jogging. There is an official website, but this claim is the only information published on that website. There is no pricing information, contact or about us page or detailed description of the coffee. Upon further investigation, it seems the Boresha Skinny coffee is offered online by distributors, which accounts for the lack of information on the website. Other distributor websites offer more information and direct ordering, but the only ingredient listed is Arabica coffee.

List of Ingredients in Boresha Skinny

AA Arabica Coffee, Buffered Caffeine, Vitamin C and Chromium.

Product Features of Boresha Skinny

Traditional coffee may cause fat storage leading to increased body weight, according to some experts. To get around this claim, Boresha Skinny combines AA Arabica coffee with fat burning and appetite suppressing ingredients to inhibit fat storage and help the dieter lose more weight. To achieve optimal benefits, the dieter should drink 24 ounces of Boresha Skinny coffee every day. This could lead to jitters, nausea and sleeplessness, if consumed at night. Coffee is a natural source of caffeine, but Boresha Skinny adds even more caffeine to the mix increasing the risk of stimulant side effects. The ingredients in Boresha Skinny include buffered caffeine, vitamin C and chromium. We have no idea the total caffeine content of the coffee after buffered caffeine is added, so dieters sensitive to caffeine should start out with less than the suggested dose. Vitamin c may help boost the immune system, but it has no effect on fat storage. Chromium is added to control blood glucose levels in an attempt to stop fat storage and hunger. Chromium is one of the few proven weight loss ingredients with positive clinical results backing claims of glucose control. We have no idea how much chromium is added to the Boresha Skinny coffee. Boresha Skinny is often combined with Boresha Cream and Boresha Sweetener. If the dieter wants to order all three, they can expect to pay $70 for a 10-day supply. The 30-day supply of all three retails for $125 per month plus shipping and handling. Boresha Skinny coffee sells for $30 for a 10-day supply without the other added products.


  • Coffee contains caffeine.
  • Caffeine is proven to boost metabolism.
  • Added chromium may help control hunger.


  • No ingredient lists on distributor websites.
  • Much more expensive than other AA Arabica coffee.
  • Boresha Skinny makes weight loss claims without clinical support.
  • May be a part of an auto-ship program.

Boresha Skinny Conclusion

Boresha Skinny is a fat-burning coffee that is outrageously priced. No dieter should pay more than $100 for a coffee kit that claims to burn 800% more fat. As the old saying goes, "If it seems too good to be true, it probably is."

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Boresha Skinny Ingredients and Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 Packet
Serving Per Container: 30
Amount per Serving % DV
Proprietary Blend 215 mg *
Buffered Caffeine * *
Green Tea Extract * *

Other Ingredients: None

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Rating: 4.1. From 49 votes.
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Boresha Skinny Review

How Does Boresha Skinny Compare?

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Love the tea wish cost less
They Got Great I teams


I love this product. It does work differently for everyone. I personally prefer the coffee and drink it twice a day. It provides a consistent energy level and I have lost inches drinking it. My husband prefers the tea, for convince and taste. He has also lost inches on the tea. With these you are not supposed to drink any other caffinated beverages or add other sugar or creamer.


I have been in a hurry and figured I’d just drink both cups back to back.Bad idea.Never did that again figured my bad for not following directions.So for a year now I followed the directions and have lost 92lads.I have lots of health problems so I do not exercise.My waste went from a tight 42 to a loose 36.Huray!!!


love your story! what a great feeling to find a product that works for you!


I just starting drinking Boresha. Does this product cause nausiating feelings. Because that is how I am feeling today. Just checking for side effects.


It can have a that side effect if you don’t normally drink caffeine. Also make sure you follow the amount recommended. I personally am growing to like the Boresha Fit. Have you tried that?


Can you drink your normal coffee, while also drinking boresha tea?


no they recommend no regular coffee, sugar or creamers are to be mixed with it. You can drink up to 3 cups a day of the Boresha Coffee.


Has Boresha products helped everyone except me? People I know on FB have been using it and singing it praises, talking about all the weight they’ve lost. I haven’t had any success at all. The only thing Boresha products have done for me is cost me a lot of money and give me very dry lips. I’m getting very discouraged hearing people talk about the weight they’ve lost. I’m following it as directed, but no weight loss. Is anyone else discouraged with Boresha products?


I have ms and on a list of meds will this effect the results of the tea working the way its suppose too. I want to know how well this works I don’t want to spend the money on something that is a joke. I want something that will help with my MS and give me engery and help with the being tired ALL the time. HELP


My question is what other ingredients are in boresha coffee. I spoke with a member, who claims that the coffee has , lead in it.

Faizah Davis

cant wait to start….


will it affect anyone who is taking medicine for High Blood Pressure or for Epileptic Seizure medications such as Trileptal and Keppra

Your Name

This has not effected my Aunt at all and she is Diabetic. She said her doctor liked the fact that the sweetner was diabetic friendly as well as the coffee..

don perry

lost 50lbs and 6 inches on my waist, it works if you follow the program.


I have not lost any weight. But I am having leg cramps….still taking the coffee twice a day and hoping it will work. Starting my 3rd week.


I was sceptical when I started the coffee and amazed at how effortlessly it worked when properly used.1st 30 min d4 any food waite apx 4hrs 2nd cup 30 minutes b4 food.


ok iam trying the coffee can i reduce the package it come in i don,t need alot of coffeee can u help me pls .

Julie W

I use about 1/2 a package to make a pot of coffee…it helped me loose 20 in about four months. It’s a bit weaker that way, but I don’t like real strong coffee, pluss, I sipped it most of the day.


hi everyone,

I have been drinking the tea for at least 2 weeks now and i do not see any changes to my body or weight loss results. Does anyone know anything about this or can you help me out? Should I keep drinking the tea? Thanks.


I’ve been using it for 1 1/2 years. I love the Tea. Works great I lost 30 lbs within the first year. I try to watch what I eat but really that was with no diet or exercise. I drink 2 teas a day sometimes 3.


they recommend you stay on it at least 3 months everyone burns calories and fat at a different rate, don’t give up


My husband has been drinking this coffee for a few weeks now. One day I noticed him licking his lips often and his jaw clenched tightly. He had drank about 4 cups of coffee after getting up too early and needing extra energy. I tried it and also found that it causes you to feel dehydrated, makes your lips chapped and your tongue raw. This is after drinking just a cup per day. Has anyone else found these side effects?


You need to drink water, along with the coffee. It is a diarrhetic, and will cause you to lose liquid. If you feel like you’re dehydrated, then drink something. Potassium is in the coffee, but you will probably need to supplement with a banana or an orange, to avoid muscle cramps (if you’re dehydrated).


Drink water


yea it make me super thirsty i think its a good thing ive been drinking 10+cup of water a day lost 5lb in 3 days of drinking tea


I have been drinking the coffee for six weeks now and no change. Can you give me any advice>


what are you eating? and do you exercise?
I like the tea better and it works the coffee works too but you still need to watch what you eat and you always need to exercise

Gloria Villarreal

I have been on Boresha for ten months, I gone from 158 lbs. to 132 lbs. I just had a physical and I was border line diabetic, with high blood pressure, but now they have leveled off. All other blood tests are now normal, Cholesteral, you name it and I feel great. By-the-way, I am 63 years old and I have been able to stay off of ADHA meds. This coffee also heals, ADHD and ADD. Don’t give up. Boresha Coffee is here to stay. Also, now that I have been on Boresha, I do not drink regular coffee. I cant’s stand the taste of regular coffee.


Their Products are Good and work !
I burned 20lbs on the Tea.
My friend Burned over 50 lbs
The more U drink the more u loose.


I have used many of the Boresha products, but the coffee I used for over a year, I lost about 40lbs. I didn’t have to work out either. While drinking the coffee I didn’t have any cravings for sweets, and it gave me great focused energy. It is expensive, but I justify it, because it is about the cost of joining a gym and taking a supplement. One other thing is, there was a few months I couldn’t afford it, the coffee did something to me, because I didn’t gain the weight back after I stopped drinking it. I was even eating icecream and still maintained the same weight. I absolutely love Boresha. They do have a program where you can get your coffee free every month, since it works great, it’s not hard to find others to try it.


I had 2 of the teas yesterday and had no sleep and legs cramps. Has that happened to others?

Julie W

not as familiar with the tea as the coffee, but I do know you still have to drink at least 8 – 8ozs of water a day to flush out the toxins, and stop leg cramps.

Buddy LaFevers

Contact me for full details–I burned 28 lbs of fat with these products. Skeptical at first I researched it and can share this with you.


I have been taking the products for 3 weeks now and have not lost any weight. My son is starting to sell this product and I agreed to purchase a month’s worth. I would appreciated reading the research. thanks