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Botanical Slimming Review - 11 Things You Need to Know

Botanical Slimming is a trendy soft gel supplement that claims to help with weight loss. They claim their products will help users get rid of excess fat to look more trim and healthier. However, can a natural product with no research to support its claims be useful for users?

Though the individual ingredients have been shown to aid in weight loss, there have been no real studies to examine the effectiveness of the products themselves. Our research team decided it was time to investigate the product’s formula to determine whether or not it will work. Here’s what our team found out.

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What is Botanical Slimming?

Botanical Slimming, also known as Meizitang Botanical Slimming or Botanical Slimming Meizitang, is a soft gel supplement that’s supposed to aid in weight loss.

Made from natural ingredients, it reduces appetite and burns fat in the body. It is suitable for both men and women and is available globally.

Botanical Slimming products come packed as a gel, capsule, pills or Meizitang Botanical Slimming soft gel. All these products are produced from highly modified and advanced technology, and they are all extracts of natural plants.

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Botanical Slimming Claims

No clinical research or documentation is proving that Slimming Botanical pills will rid you of excess fat, leaving you looking trim and healthy. However, the ingredients used to make up the product do have some support with weight loss and fat burning, as you’ll see below.

The company offers free samples that they encourage users to take for two weeks to ensure efficiency and the lack of side effects.

Botanical Slimming Customer Testimonials

Botanical Slimming Ingredients

All the ingredients that make Slimming Botanical pills supplements come from natural plants. All the plants are from their natural environment. The ingredients for the soft gel, capsules, and pills are:

  • Psyllium Husk
  • Xianxian Cao
  • Bamboo Shoot
  • Cassia Seed

Details on Botanical Slimming Ingredients

Psyllium Husk

Psyllium husk is a soluble fiber. It is commonly used as a laxative. Psyllium husk is known for its ability to regulate blood sugar and reduce cholesterol levels.

Bamboo Shoot

According to research published in Comprehensive Reviews in Food and Science, bamboo shoots are high in fiber and other nutrients. There is some evidence to suggest bamboo shoots may promote weight loss and prevent certain cancers, but more research is necessary.

Cassia Seed

Cassia seed, also known as Jue Ming Zi, comes from East Asian evergreen trees. There are several purported health benefits of cassia seed, but there is no evidence to support cassia as a treatment for any medical condition.

Does Botanical Slimming Work?

The ingredients that make up Botanical Slimming soft gel pills are widely used in many other supplements today.

Some consumers that have successfully used Botanical Slimming say that the soft gel capsules can make you lose up to four pounds a month.

The Botanical Slimming capsule claims to curb your appetite, which prevents you from unnecessary cravings and binging in between meals. This could be a result of the psyllium husk, a fiber that tends to slow down the digestive process.

botanical slimming claims

The rate at which the Slimming capsules and Slimming pills bring down weight varies from person to person.

Benefits & Results

Botanical Slimming Benefits and Results

Using Botanical Slimming makes claims about many benefits including:

  • Fat burning
  • Detoxifies the body
  • Skin replenishment
  • Revitalization
  • Better sleep
  • Boosts self-esteem
  • Botanical Slimming And Weight Loss

botanical slimming weight loss and results

Meizitang Botanical Slimming soft gels may work well with your everyday diet to give your weight loss a boost, but that’s not proven with clinical evidence.

If you combine a healthy diet and a few workouts and light exercises daily with the Botanical Slimming pills, then you’re more apt to reach your goals.


How To Use Botanical Slimming

The Meizitang Botanical Slimming soft gel is for us in those aged 18 and 60.

Users should take one pill daily before or after breakfast.

Store all Botanical Slimming products in a cool, dry place away from the reach of children or pets. Do not store in places with too much light. The 12 soft gels are in one foil with three foils per box.

Side Effects

Botanical Slimming Side Effects

Like with every supplement, Meizitang Botanical Slimming soft gel has its disadvantages and side effects.

Though meant for weight loss, it does not necessarily work well with everyone. Some complaints from some people reveal that even after taking the pills for a few weeks, there was no change at all.

Some thought the pill was fake and this takes us back to 2010 when FDA said one of the ingredients used by Botanical Slimming was undeclared. This saw the supplement, which contained sibutramine, taken off the shelves.

Product Warnings

Botanical Slimming Product Warnings

Consumers should be aware that Botanical Slimming is a highly plagiarized product with many fakes being sold on the internet. You can decipher the authentic supplement from the fake by in several ways including:

botanical slimming product warnings


  • On the soft gel, there is a laser mark with the letters MZT for Meizitang Botanical Slimming soft gel MZT on it
  • When you touch the laser mark, it feels a bit rough
  • All ingredients read very clearly
  • Free shipping details
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Meizitang Botanical Slimming official site is clear and easy to read


  • The laser mark MZT or Meizitang Botanical Slimming soft gel MZT mark is removable by either using alcohol or other liquids.
  • Promises of fast and wild weight loss
  • A very poorly written Botanical Slimming site
  • Ingredients of the fake Meizitang Botanical Slimming soft gel not stated
  • Very many fake testimonials of how wonderful the pills are
  • Details of the company making the products are not clear

Real Botanical Slimming products come with a 100% money back guarantee and sell for $24.99. Every bottle has 12 capsules that last for six days.

Botanical Slimming Alternatives

Like all supplements, Botanical Slimming isn’t for everyone. If you are nervous about purchasing Botanical Slimming or Botanical Slimming Gold pills, there are numerous similar formulas on the market including:

botanical slimming alternatives

Teami Colon

Teami Colon is one of the best Botanical Slimming alternatives when it comes to weight loss. Teami tea suppresses your appetite preventing you from unnecessary snacking during the day that helps you to fight that extra fat. It also reduces sugar cravings, and you do not have to change your diet completely or do vigorous workouts for Teami tea to work.

Take your normal breakfast, and then end it with a cup of Teami tea. You can also add water to your tea and sip it throughout the day.

End your day with another cup of Teami tea, and within a short period, you will start seeing the changes. You can order your Teami tea online today, add anything that pleases you to your cup like honey or lemon and watch your weight go down.

Caralluma Fimbriata

If you are looking for another wonderful way to lose weight without giving up what you love eating most, then try Caralluma Fimbriata. The instructions are easy to follow and do not require much.

They include paying closer attention to the food you eat, drinking more water daily, why it is necessary to eat your meals slowly, and why you should always get a good night sleep.

Caralluma is not very old in the market, but it is gaining a lot of popularity as a good appetite suppressant. The plant extract that makes the main ingredient in Caralluma is so strong and effective and does not cause any side effects.

The plant is clinically tested, and there are no additional ingredients in the formulation of Caralluma Fimbriata. This could be one reason why it is gaining popularity over most of the other weight loss products.

Bottom Line

What Users Are Saying

“Ok this is %100 honest. I used this product for about 6 months. Did it work? Yes it did. My cousin and I used it at the same time and it worked faster on her then it did on me. It took me 3 months to see results. It really slimmed me down, I even stopped taking them because I looked too skinny (my opinion). I’m not to sure if it is a healthy route, it’s not FDA approved and I don’t know if it has long term side effects. While I was taking them, I did have a dry mouth so I had to drink tons of water, I also had to force myself to eat because it really does curb your appetite. Hope this helps!”

“It didn’t work for me. I have always struggled to lose weight and tried many pills and this one of the many that didn’t work at all.”

“Love these. It’s all natural. No gitters. Control’s hunger. No fillers. No dyes. No chemicals.”

The Bottom Line – Does Botanical Slimming Work?

Still thinking about Botanical Slimming? Well, we like that it seems affordable and that it contains some natural ingredients, but we’re skeptical about this one because there’s no published research supporting the weight-loss and fat burning claims. We’re also concerned about the FDA warning and customers talking about negative side effects and not seeing results.

If you’d like to drop those pounds, we suggest going with a program that’s backed by clinical research and shown to be effective at helping users lose weight for good.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is called Noom. This program works with doctors and nutritionists to support your weight-loss journey from start through lifestyle changes and beyond.

Also, the company is so confident in their program that they decided to offer customers a free trial, which is a good sign.

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Botanical Slimming

What are the side effects of Botanical Slim?

The side effects of Botanical Slim or Botanical Slimming, according to customers, include dry mouth, dizziness, dehydration, constipation, nausea and jitteriness.

What are the ingredients in Botanical Slimming?

The ingredients in Botanical Slimming are Job’s tears, artemisia dracunculus, bamboo shoot, psyllium husk, lotus leaf and sibutramine.

Does Botanical Slimming work?

There’s no clinical research supporting the effectiveness of Botanical Slimming. We did find one active ingredient in the supplement, sibutramine, has been pulled from the market due to potential negative side effects.

How much does Botanical Slimming cost?

Botanical Slimming costs $24.99. Each bottle comes with 12 capsules and lasts six days.

How should I take Botanical Slimming?

You should take one Botanical Slimming capsule in the morning and another one in the early afternoon.

Do I need to exercise or diet with Botanical Slimming?

No, you don’t need to diet or exercise with Botanical Slimming, but eating healthy meals and adding fitness to your weight-loss plan is recommended.

If I take more than the recommended serving of Botanical Slimming, will I lose more weight?

No, taking more than the recommended serving of Botanical Slimming will not cause you to lose more weight.

Does Botanical Slimming come with a guarantee?

Botanical Slimming does come with a 100% money-back guarantee. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t state how long customers have to return the supplement.

27 Botanical Slimming Reviews

  • I really do recommended the product.
    lizzy84 (Verified Purchase)

    I started taking this product Botanical Slimming like almost 2 months ago. Yes I did loose 6 lbs the first week, and we all know that’s water retention we are losing! After the first week I did loose the weight more slowly @2/3 lbs a week. Of course you need to watch your diet and do some exercise. I’ve known of people with Diabetes and hypertension who taken the product and actually got of their meds prescribed by their Dr!! As we know People with chronic conditions like the ones I just mentioned, do have to take a diuretic almost all the time. I really do recommended the product, and recommended it to all. Just remember that once you reached your weight loss goal, keeping your healthy eating habits will also keep the weight off!!

    • dianna

      I took this pill the first time and I lost about 6 pounds in two weeks, the atfter I got to my goal of 126 I stop taking them every day and cut down to one or two per week. after my pacage was finish I went to buy a new one . However, they not working at all for me I’ve been taking them for more than two weeks and I see no change. I don’t know what is that
      Please help

      • Liz

        Where did u buy your help please.

    • ROSITA

      where do you order this pill to make sure its the real ones?



    • Roxana V Diaz

      Yes they work until your 65 according to the official website

  • Would it come out a drug test?

    Would this pills come out in a drug test?i was taking them but I stopped cause I get ramdon drug test at work, I drank them for two weeks and I lost about 15 pounds I was 320lbs now im 305lbs i havent gained more weight every since i stopped taking them,and its been about a month.

    • jose

      I think it does

  • How much Sibutramine is there?

    They have Sibutramine thats why u are losing weight they are not natural Sibutramine was taken off the market and keep in mind they were only available by prescription and another problem is that there is no way of telling how much Sibutramine is in them so you could be taking way more than what would be prescribed.

  • Can us with high BP
    diana d.

    Hello i want take the.pills botanical smilling but i have the high blood presure ,so can use or no.

    • denise

      Do not take this pill. It has a supplement that has been on re call.

  • Hope this works
    Nita (Verified Purchase)

    Hello, I’m willing to try anything at this point. A friend gave me some. I hope they work.

  • I tried this last year
    Rue (Verified Purchase)

    I have to agree with MarieG. I also tried this last year and I regain the weight plus 15lbs and I diet change my diet any. I knew that it was all the water wt initially but it did feel good. I also had issues after taking it a few week with my blood pressure and getting dizzy.

  • Did not like the product
    MarieG. (Verified Purchase)

    I don’t recommend this product. I initially weighed 154 and now after I stopped making them weight 179! Yes, it makes you loose weight initially…but it all comes back and then some!

    • AlissaR.

      I took like 2 packs of them a year ago and lost more then 30 pounds. so i stoped taking them and i probably gained like 10pounds but not because of the pills but because i eat what i want and dont workout. so i do recomend them

  • Need information about effects in internal organs
    Monic@ G.

    Do you believe this botanical slimming can damage any organs? specially the kidneys,that’s what am worried about.

  • How much weight can you lose?
    rebecca soto

    how much weight can someone lose in one month taking this diet supplements…

  • Wanted to know about the product
    LOuie (Verified Purchase)

    IVe took botonical slimming mtz softgels last year.. I took 1 1/2 packs and lost 15 lbs.. So I burly started again with them bout to finish my second pack I lost 21 lbs already.. So is this product bad? Or deadly? Can u please let me know everything about yhem so I can stop taking them.

    • Edna Jackson

      Hi LOuie-

      Where did you buy your mtz softgels from, because I’ve been reading on-line and they be sure and not get the fake ones, so can you send me the address of where you brought yours so I know they are not fake and how much did you pay for your packs.

      • yolanda

        how do you know if they are fake or the real ones?

        • Liinette

          Hi I got some off of eBay I hope they are the real one

    • kimy

      Hi louie
      could you tell me where you brought them. i dont wanna get the fake one. and there r so many cites that cells them. too many… dont know what to do. please help…

    • Nancy

      I am diabetic should I take this product.

    • Roxana Diaz

      How many pills would you take a day?

  • Want to get some more
    Lydia S. Cantu (Verified Purchase)

    has being taking it and would like to see how can get some more I have lost 16 pounds but this or the 100% natural soft gel

    • Hugo

      Ok so I’ve been taking these botanical slimming pills for quite a while now on and off to learn about the side effect such as constant dehydration , dizziness… well Im not saying they are bad during my first try by working out and eating right i managed to loose 78 pounds in 3 months they were very amazing results. I had stopped taking them but my biggest mistake was changing my eating habits again I did gain the weight back in less then the 3 months it took me to loose but I had only learned what was needed to be done for better results I am taking them now same routine as always but nevertheless you will know when they are fake because you can feel the change once you take it

      • Cleotildegarcia1966@gmail.com

        Hello I’ve Bennett taking them for three months alredy but not losing eny what at all and stared having broblomes with my blood be for I took this pill arwn one year go and thay wer working I lost 30 pounds but the lady wer I us to by them told me they thier was a chains man from from his curry us to sent them to her but not no more an she strded buying them hear in California for a shipper price and I just don’t lose no what at all with the ones she salsa now wer can I get some that work on me aguien