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Burn Bullets Review - 20 Things You Need to Know

Burn Bullets says that it contains a “host of ingredients” to help with weight loss, but is it different from the competition? We spotted the first issue when we looked at its individual components. Caffeine is useful in weight loss, but too much can cause jitters and nausea to people sensitive to it.

Our research team then turned to science to see if Burn Bullets’ formula as a whole works, but they had trouble finding evidence supporting the company’s claims. Here’s the bottom line on these “fat-burning” capsules.

Burn Bullets can be purchased through their Official Site.

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What is Burn Bullets?

Burn Bullets is a very effective fat-burning supplement. It helps to speed up metabolic functions and aids in shedding weight, and will ultimately help you achieve that perfect body you’ve always dreamed of having.

Additionally, the supplement can control or suppress your appetite to achieve your desired weight loss goals.

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How Did Burn Bullets Start?

Grilla Fitness makes burn Bullets; one of the most recognized companies in the health and fitness market.

It was founded by twins Dino and Georgio Georgiades. This company is constantly developing new and different products, which can aid in weight loss and improve health.


Burn Bullets Claims

Burn Bullets is claimed to be a powerful weight loss supplement that helps:

  • Burn fat
  • Promote weight loss
  • Support metabolism
  • Support energy
  • Maintains blood glucose levels

Unfortunately, the supplement has not offered any studies to back up their claims.


Burn Bullets Ingredients

Burn Bullets ingredients include:

  • Chromium
  • Caffeine
  • L-Carnitine Tartrate
  • L-Tryptophan
  • Citrus Aurantium
  • Green Tea
  • Narigin Extract
  • Bioperine

burn bullets ingredient

Details on Burn Bullet Ingredients

Burn Bullets (Ingredients)

  • Chromium – a trace element and nutritional supplement, chromium is being studied as a weight-loss supplement due to its effect on glucose tolerance. (Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine)
  • Caffeine – boosting your metabolism and, thus, fat-burning probability, caffeine can be found in coffee, sodas, tea, and even energy drinks. (Office of Dietary Supplements)
  • L-Carnitine Tartrate– produced by amino acids in your body, L-carnitine tartrate is a naturally occurring nutrient in your body critical for energy production and fat burning.
  • L-Tryptophan– linked to serotonin, L-tryptophan, aka 5-HTP, is an essential amino acid the body needs to synthesize proteins. Though it has been used for weight loss, the evidence doesn’t support this use. (International Journal of Obesity)
  • Citrus Aurantium – also known as bitter orange, extracts of citrus aurantium is linked to appetite suppression and weight loss by affecting liver metabolism when administered in the correct dosage. (Molecules)
  • Green Tea – catechins are natural antioxidants found in green tea and highlight all the positive results green tea provides, although weight loss is still the least beneficial.
  • Naringin Extract– found primarily in citrus plant extracts, naringin extract is a flavonoid that assists patients with Metabolic Syndrome by improving visceral obesity. (Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine)
  • Bioperine – derived from the fruit of the black pepper, Bioperine is a catalyst nutrient absorption.

How Do Burn Bullets Work?

The ingredients utilized in Burn Bullets supposedly give users energy and increase metabolic rate to help burn more calories. However, results vary from person to person.

Do Burn Bullets Work?

There are many mixed reviews about Burn Bullets. Numerous people are satisfied with this product, yet others find the supplement harmful. Many users have claimed that Burn Bullets have helped them lose weight; but, at the same time, they weren’t too happy that they had to consume so much caffeine to achieve these results–an action which isn’t healthy whatsoever!

Consuming an excess amount of caffeine can eventually lead to anxiety, nausea, and insomnia, among other nasty side effects. Other customers have claimed that the product is quite effective and has helped them reach their desired weight goal and develop the figure they’ve always wanted.

These users were also content with the supposed healthy ingredient complex Burn Bullets is comprised of. To sum it up, it can be said that the product leads to different results in different people. For some, it is quite effective, while for others, it is not.

burn bullets questions

Research Conducted on Burn Bullets

There has been no research to support the formula used in this product, and there is no evidence to show that the supplement helps in weight loss. Moreover, the main ingredients of this supplement are caffeine and green tea.

According to the product label, Burn Bullets contain 100 mg of caffeine a capsule, meaning a daily dosage will contain 200 mg. However, the product contains other ingredients that could contain more caffeine, like green tea.

There is a good possibility of experiencing nervousness, restlessness, vomiting, and increased heart rate at these caffeine levels. Guarana, another ingredient in Burn Bullets, is also well known for its weight loss supplements.

burn bullets ingredients

Some research posted by the Journal of Ethnopharmacology shows guarana is a “highly-caffeinated plant,” which stimulates energy; which may promote weight loss. Burn Bullet is made of several different ingredients that have benefits and adverse side effects.

It has also seen that the supplement is made from a well-balanced list of ingredients, such that one ingredient might relieve a side effect of the other. For instance, caffeine may cause jitters, whereas guarana reduces it.

However, there is still no compelling evidence available to suggest that this supplement is effective for weight loss. Research has only concluded that a benefit of caffeine is the energy boost it provides, like that found in Burn Bullets.

Benefits & Results

Burn Bullets Benefits and Results

The supposed benefits from Burn Bullets are as follows:

Weight loss

Burn Bullets contain ingredients that help in boosting the metabolism and lead to desired weight loss goals.

Suppress appetite

The formula used in this supplement helps to burn fat, but it also helps control food cravings between meals for a better and more controlled diet.

Increase energy

Ingredients like caffeine help to increase energy levels and make you feel active for the entire day. It eliminates drowsiness to make you feel more awake and refreshed.

Improve health

There are several ingredients in this supplement, such as guarana and green tea, that help to improve overall health and may reduce nervousness.

Boost metabolism

This product helps increase metabolism which promotes overall fat burning in the body.

Benefit the brain

Burn Bullets contain ingredients like guarana, which is good for the brain and helps it function more efficiently.

Improve mood

Guarana also improves mood by giving a very relaxed and soothing feeling to the body and brain.

Burn Bullets and Weight Loss

Many customers’ reviews have supported the use of this supplement, as it has yielded positive results for them.

Also, it contains weight loss ingredients that have been tested and proven to produce effective results. However, Burn Bullets has yet to be scientifically proven to reduce weight.

Side Effects

Potential Burn Bullets Side Effects

To date, no major side effect of this supplement has been noted.

burn bullets side effects

However, the manufacturers still warn that some of the Burn Bullets ingredients may cause side effects, including:

  • Nervousness
  • Sleeping issues
  • Itching
  • Sweating
  • Rashes
Product Warnings

Burn Bullets Warnings

Users are warned that taking more than two capsules could be dangerous.

Also, Burn Bullets should not be given to children below 18 without consulting a doctor first. Excessive use by anyone could lead to any number of physical problems.

Additionally, it is advised that the capsules should be kept in a cool, dry place to help keep them fresh.

Water intake should be higher than normal, otherwise dehydration may occur.

Finally, taking medication for a pre-existing condition should avoid using Burn Bullet until they consult their doctor.

Is Burn Bullets Safe?

It has not been proven whether Burn Bullets is safe or not, as many different people have cited varying experiences with the supplement.

However, it does seem that excessive use of the product is not advisable, since caffeine in large amounts is not very good for your health.

It should therefore not be assumed that this supplement is perfectly safe.

Where to Buy

Where Can You Buy Burn Bullets?

You can buy Burn Bullets from the authentic Grilla Fitness website. It is also available online at Amazon.com since it is distributed worldwide.

However, beware when buying from third-party sellers, as the counterfeit market is saturated with scam artists looking to make a quick buck.


Price of Burn Bullets

The price of Grilla Burn Bullets, which contains 60 capsules, is approximately 29.99 pounds, or $32.20.


Recommended Burn Bullet Dosage

According to their packaging, the recommended daily dose of Burn Bullets is a maximum of two pills per day. You should take one in the morning and the second no later than 2 PM. This is due to the high caffeine content.

You should take the capsule about 20 minutes after you eat. It is also recommended that they be taken with a lot of water to stay hydrated. Additionally, users are advised that this additional water will help maintain proper sweat levels and increase urination rates.

To test your tolerance, only use one capsule for the first four days.

Burn Bullets Alternatives

Alternatives to Burn Bullets include:

Burn Bullets Real Reviews

Burn Bullets is considered a very effective fat burner, as it has solved weight loss issues for some. Because it contains caffeine and provides energy to the user, helping to keep them active the entire day.

It is economical in price and has many capsules per bottle that can last for either 60 or 30 days. However, some reviews are not supportive of the product because of the high caffeine levels.

Certain reviews also suggest that it is not as effective as so many people claim it is. They have tried the supplement for months with little to no results to speak of.

Some reviews also highlighted the fact that all such weight loss pills have some side effect which can affect the body.

So, the reviews are mixed about this product, as it works differently for different people. Therefore, it is hard to say whether the product is effective or not.

burn bullets pros cons

Pros & Cons

Pros and Cons of Burn Bullets

Some of the pros and cons of Burn Bullets are as follows:


  • Low price
  • Free diet plan when purchasing
  • Natural ingredients


  • Mixed customer reviews
  • Not readily available
  • No money back guarantee

What Users Are Saying

“So far so good. Definitely suppressing the appetite. Not feeling any adverse reactions which some products high in caffeine can give.”

“Not feeling any adverse reactions which some products high in caffeine can give.”

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line on Burn Bullets

So, should you run out and buy Burn Bullets? Well, we like that this weight-loss product contains some natural ingredients and the presence of a few positive comments. We’re concerned about reports of side effects and lack of availability, though.

If you’d like to drop more pounds, then we suggest choosing a product that is easy to purchase online and is clinically proven to help you lose weight and keep it off.

Among the best products we’ve seen this year is a product called Noom. Noom works with human coaching, personalized meal plans, expert articles and nutritionist support to get you on track and keep you on track for the long haul. Lose weight and keep it off for good.

Also, the company is utterly confident you’ll see the results you want with Noom, so they’re offering free trial offer, which is a good sign.

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Burn Bullets Review
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Burn Bullets

What are the ingredients in Burn Bullets?

Contained within Burn Bullets products are Brazilian Coca extract, caffeine, cayenne, hops, green coffee and tea, and niacin.

What are the side effects of Burn Bullets?

Users with caffeine sensitivity may experience side effects such as jitteriness.

Does Burn Bullets work?

Yes, many users report losing large amounts of weight with ease when taking Burn Bullets products.

What is the price of Burn Bullets?

The U.S. price of Burn Bullets equals $35.25.

Where can I buy Burn Bullets?

Burn Bullets products can be purchased online from Grilla Fitness.

Where can I buy Burn Bullets?

Burn Bullets can be purchased using their Official Site.

How should I take Burn Bullets?

Burn Bullets should be used according to the directions on the product’s label or in accordance of a doctor’s advice.

How do I contact Burn Bullets customer service?

Questions and concerns can be addressed to Grilla Fitness via request submission on their website: https://help.grillafitness.com/hc/en-us/requests/new.

Can I return Burn Bullets?

Gilla Fitness allows returns provided they meet their return policy.

What are the most common complaints about Burn Bullets?

Many customers are upset by Burn Bullets lack of availability.

17 Burn Bullets Reviews

  • Sarah

    Been using burn bullets for 2 days now and I’ve had a headache since and feeling sick. Is this normal?

    • Anna (Editor)

      Hello Sarah. Throughout our research on this product, we haven’t noticed any comments from users experiencing headaches, but it’s best to consult with your doctor if you continue to experience them.

  • Awful!
    Katherine (Verified Purchase)

    I’ve just recently bought this product, I took one of these just as I started work. Ever since I’ve been shaking, sweating, feeling nauseous, faint, like I need the toilet. Wouldn’t recommend, wanting my money back for sure!

  • weightloss
    victoria (Verified Purchase)

    How long before you notice weight loss

  • Stay Away
    Louise (Verified Purchase)

    Bought burn bullets and tried twice and both times my body became inflammed head to toe with a rash all over me , along with this I had a terrible pain in my stomach and felt like I was going to faint. Would not recommend

  • Wish I could return
    C (Verified Purchase)

    Day 2 (one capsule with breakfast)… stomach cramps and actually vomited!! I’ve tried loads of other burners, these are by far the worst I’ve reacted! The directions of use are also different on the website than stated on the bottle

  • Macy (Verified Purchase)

    I’ve lost three stone in two months on burn bullets.
    Experienced Auden heart burn feeling every time I took one though which passed after 10minutes

    Cathryn (Verified Purchase)

    Worst ever stomach cramps after taking one of these along with sickness and sweat!! Felt like a space cadet all day, never again!!!

  • Side effects for men?

    Obviously all products have some kind of side effects, however does or can this product make men infertile. My wife and I are planning on having a baby and I would like to know if I can still use this product if I decide to purchase it. Thanks

    • Anna (Editor)

      Hello Mark. We have not come across any comments from users about any fertility interactions, but we would recommend speaking to your doctor to make sure none of the ingredients in this product would cause fertility issues.

  • Jess

    Worst product I’ve ever used. I had such a bad reaction to the amount of caffeine in them. to consume that much caffeine in a day is not safe and very harmful.

  • Mary

    Is is safe to take these burn bullets when also taking a contraceptive pill?

  • natalie

    would taking this interfere with my birth control pill? thanks 🙂

    • Yedy Torres

      Hi Natalie,

      We recommend to consult your physician to see if this is the right product for you.

  • Not recommend''n
    Kayleigh (Verified Purchase)

    I truly believe these things need testing and should not be sold when things like this are happening and I will not be palmed off with being told I could be allergic to an ingredient….The first tablet I took after receiving I had terrible stomach cramps 15 minutes after taking and I put it down to something I had eaten but it happened the day after and the day after that,the cramps was so bad it felt like labour pains.I stopped taking them and this morning I thought i would try it again as I didn’t think it could be the tablets as it’s all over social media etc.So I took one this morning with breakfast and 10-15 minutes later I started having the usual cramps but this time was different,my heart started racing and I couldn’t catch my breath,I couldn’t breathe my heart was coming out of my chest and then everything went black,I came around and couldn’t find my phone so struggled next door.It lasted for 10 minutes until my heart rate slowed down but it was the scariest 10 minutes of my life.

    • Victoria (Editor)

      Hi Kayleigh! We’re sorry you had a bad experience with Burn Bullets! Have you researched other fat burners on the market? You should check out !

    • Elisha

      I’ve had the stomach cramps too, they are so painful. I’ve been taking lansoporazole to ease the pain, seams to work. I do want to give the product a go as they were expensive and I don’t want to waste them, however I’m not sure the pain in my stomach is worth it.